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Where you can Lease to Own Laptops Online

Rent-to-own laptops offered by many online stores allow you to get any laptop with no upfront costs. The early pay-off option will also save you a lot on costs.

Renting a laptop can be a good solution if you need a laptop for work, education, or personal use but prefer a flexible payment arrangement.

Fortunately, this option is available across many popular shopping platforms where you can lease to own any model from top laptop brands.

Best Rent-to-Own Laptop Stores

Below is the list of some popular online stores where you can lease-to-own laptops:



  • Best if you want to buy the laptop after the rental period
  • All laptops are delivered directly from the Amazon warehouse
  • Many models from top brands to choose from
  • Monthly rental cost from $8 (varies depending on spec)
  • Save on rental costs when you use the early repayment option
  • Choose Acima as your payment method at checkout
  • You can also spread payments on Abunda using PayPal and Klarna


  • Best choice if you want to return the laptop after a few days to weeks
  • Its monthly rental cost starts from $49
  • Grover has different laptop models you can rent for a short time
  • Pay with your PayPal account, credit or debit card

Amazon Monthly

  • Best choice if you are a frequent Amazon shopper
  • Amazon monthly is based on eligibility and it is interest-free
  • If you are considering a rent-to-own laptop for your budget then, this is a good alternative if you are eligible
  • Spread payments monthly for up to 120 days



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Tip: Abunda acts as a gateway that enables you to rent-to-own laptops available on the Amazon marketplace. This is a great option if you want to own the laptop through leasing.


Abunda is one of the few channels that allow you to buy now and pay later seamlessly when shopping for products on Amazon.

It has an amazing inventory that is entirely aggregated from the Amazon marketplace hence, there are ample numbers of laptops to choose from that can be delivered from the Amazon warehouse.

Abunda’s rent-to-own laptop option is financed through third-party partners that include PayPal and Klarna. Through its integration with Acima, you can spread the cost of lease payments up to 12 months.

It has a user-friendly shopping interface that enables you to either directly search for the laptop you want or utilize its feature that allows financing by pasting an Amazon product link in its search field.


Read more about Abunda

There are different models of laptops aggregated on Abunda and you can browse through the categories to see which matches your choice specifications.

The platform has no requirement to start using its service hence, you can get started with no information.

But note that how much you can finance is determined by its third-party partners hence, you will be asked to provide some important details before you will be allowed to complete an order.

Klarna and PayPal Pay in 4 require minimal information when you are applying for a shopping credit but this is different when you want to use its leasing partner.

Acima is the lease-to-own service partner and can grant you up to $4,000 to buy any laptop of your choice on Abunda to spread the cost of purchases up to 12 months.



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Tip: Grover is the platform for short-term rental hence, you can use it to rent a laptop for a few days or weeks before returning it.


Grover stands out as a popular online tech gadget rental service, specializing in high-quality laptops from renowned brands.

Think of Grover as the ‘Spotify’ for devices, where your subscription fee depends on the value of the rented product.

This service is exceptional, especially if you only need a laptop for a short period, spanning from a few days to weeks. Grover’s business model revolves around the return of rented items, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.

One of the key advantages of Grover is its straightforward onboarding process. You can quickly get started without extensive requirements. Once your connected payment method is validated, which typically takes 24 to 48 hours, you will have access to your preferred laptop.


Read more about the Grover

To rent the laptop of your choice, navigate through the available selections and choose the preferred model.

Alternatively, utilize the search feature if you already have a specific type in mind.

Once you have made your selection, simply add it to your cart and proceed to create an account, which is a prerequisite for submitting your order.

Upon order submission, your connected payment method will be charged for the initial rental fee. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover this payment before the device can be delivered to you.

Amazon Monthly


Pricing From


Best For

Amazon Buyout

Tip: If you use Amazon very well, you might want to check its monthly payment service as this interest-free financing is available to frequent users and if there for you, using it to finance a laptop will save you costs on rentals.


If you are a regular Amazon shopper and your budget is not quite enough for an upfront laptop purchase, it is worth checking Amazon’s monthly payment service.

This feature allows you to finance laptops and other products from their marketplace and spread the cost over a maximum of 120 days, at which point the item becomes your own.

This service’s availability is determined by certain criteria, and if you frequently use Amazon, you might be eligible for this interest-free financing option.


Read more about the Amazon Monthly Payment


This service is applicable to specific products, and you may find that your desired laptop qualifies for monthly repayments.

To determine its eligibility, add the item to your cart and proceed to the payment page. If the device is eligible for Amazon’s monthly payment option, it will be clearly indicated on that page.

You can then proceed with the checkout process to see if this financing method works for you.


Best Buy

Pricing From


Suitable For


Tip: With Progressive leasing integrated, you can rent-to-own laptops on BestBuy provided the price is not more than $2,500.


BestBuy is one of the best destinations when it comes to buying electronics, including laptop models from top brands like Apple, HP, Google, Microsoft, Dell, and others.

It has multiple financing options with its store credit card, Zip, PayPal, and Apple Pay available for you to use when making payments for your purchases.

If you want the lease-to-own laptop option then, there is Progressive Leasing on the checkout page which can be selected to start the application process.

With up to $2,500 offered by this leasing service provider, you should be able to get top-quality laptops on BestBuy.


Read more about BestBuy

Once you select ‘Pay with Progressive’ as your payment method, a page will be launched where you will be required to provide application information.

These details are required for the provider to run a soft credit check to determine the purchasing power to be assigned to you.

It does not take time and this soft check is not one to be worried about as it will not affect your credit score.

If you prefer to visit a BestBuy outlet nearest to you, Progressive Leasing is also available to use at any of its physical stores.



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Tip: Curacao is a well-known department retail chain and through its online portal, you can rent-to-own laptops when you checkout with Acima.


Curacao operates an online shopping platform to complete its huge offline department retail chains spread across California, Nevada, and Arizona.

For its inventory, it is named in our top list of online stores where you can also rent-to-own furniture, and the same story for the number of laptops in its collection.

Its lease-to-own service is through its integration with Acima leasing hence, you are also limited to a total sum of $4,000 in shopping credit when approved.

The option is directly available on its payment gateway alongside its store credit card.


Read more about Curacao

If you live around any of its offline service areas, you may be able to rent-to-own laptops by visiting its outlet.

You can also take advantage of its amazing accessory items when shopping for a laptop.

Curacao has complementing products like laptop bags, speakers, external storage devices, and Microsoft365 software which you can finance through your Acima shopping credit.

P.C. Richard & Son

PC Richard and Son

Pricing From


Suitable For


Tip: P.C. Richard & Son is a popular retailer of electronics and appliances. You can rent-to-own laptops when you pay with Acima.


This provider has a good presence both online and offline allowing people access to buy electronics and home appliances.

It is one of the online stores that accepts Acima for lease-to-own purchases hence, a good destination you can also consider renting your desired laptop.

P.C. Richard & Son has an amazing collection of devices from top laptop brands with varying models like MacBooks, Chromebooks, Surface, to other groups like gaming laptops to others geared for business and personal use.

You can also rent-to-own laptops when you visit its offline stores as the Acima financing option is also provided.


Read more about P.C. Richard & Son

The platform has other financing options in case you are not approved for a lease-to-own offer.

Its buy now pay later payment method is powered through Affirm and with its store credit card, you can be eligible for up to $2,000 in credit purchases.

Using the Acima option, you can be eligible for a shopping credit to shop for items in its inventory for up to $4,000 in value.



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Suitable For

Finance for Credit Score

Tip: Fingerhut provides financing for any laptop in its inventory for up to six months with two account types, you could be eligible as a first-timer for a credit of up to $1,500.


Fingerhut has made a name for itself in the world of consumer product financing, thanks to its extensive experience in the credit industry.

This platform operates a marketplace that spans across a multitude of product categories, providing you with the opportunity to browse and shop for items under a “buy now, pay later” arrangement.

Often referred to as the “Amazon” of product financing, Fingerhut boasts a vast selection of products. If you are in the market for a laptop, you can explore their electronics category for potential financing options.

While it does not function as a traditional rent-to-own laptop service, Fingerhut offers a unique solution for those seeking flexible monthly payments and the chance to improve their credit profile. It is a valuable option to consider in this regard.


Read more about Fingerhut

Fingerhut offers two distinct types of accounts, each tailored to your credit history, with the common goal of facilitating product purchases through payment plans.

The first option is the Fingerhut Advantage Revolving Credit Account, which does not necessitate any upfront down payment when making orders through their platform.

Alternatively, there is the Fingerhut FreshStart Credit Account, which mandates a $30 down payment before your order can be processed and shipped.

The second account is there as a failover if you are not approved for the Revolving Credit Account. Nevertheless, you can switch to it from the FreshStart as you continuously use the platform for financing.

If you are looking at improving your credit score then, you might want to consider Fingerhut as an alternative to rent-to-own laptop providers.



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Suitable For


Tip: LeaseVille powers lease-to-own orders for laptops and other tech gadgets through its shopping platform. Once approved, an order will be created which can be delivered or you can pick it up at a nearby partnering merchant.


LeaseVille is another online platform that specializes in lease-to-own solutions for a wide range of products, including electronics, appliances, furniture, home improvement items, and more.

It is known to its audience for offering both online and offline options when it comes to how you want your orders delivered.

This provider works in a similar way to Abunda as its inventory is mostly sourced through third parties like BestBuy and Home Depot hence, allowing the possibility for its users to pick up items from any of their retail partners’ offline locations.

However, it provides home delivery and you do not necessarily need to opt for the in-store pick-up option when you request a rent-to-own laptop offer through LeaseVille.


Read more about LeaseVille

With a credit limit of up to $3,500, you can buy any laptop of your choice by browsing through the virtual inventory available on its website.

When using LeaseVille to apply for a lease-to-own service, it is important to note that a minimum monthly income of $2,000 is required. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate active employment within the last three months.

The application process is efficient, with eligibility status determined within minutes. Once the minimum requirements are met, LeaseVille swiftly processes your request, ensuring a prompt decision.




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Tip: FlexShopper also operates a fully online platform where you can rent-to-own laptops and other products which will be fulfilled through popular retailers.


FlexShopper provides you with another online shopping option, allowing you to rent-to-own laptops with flexible periodic payments.

As a lease-to-own service provider, FlexShopper extends credit lines of up to $2,500 to you, giving you the freedom to shop for a variety of products within its extensive catalog. You can explore categories such as electronics, furniture, fashion, and more.

What is particularly interesting about FlexShopper is its strategic use of BestBuy’s extensive network of physical stores for rapid order deliveries.

This means you might be able to receive your device or other purchases quickly by utilizing nearby merchant locations.

In addition to BestBuy, FlexShopper collaborates with various other retailers to source and deliver items for you. Some of these orders are fulfilled through Amazon, BlairTech, Adorama, and other trusted sources.



Read more about FlexShopper

FlexShopper operates in a manner similar to Abunda, as it also manages a virtual product inventory.

Through this inventory, you have the opportunity to acquire nearly any laptop of your preference, including renowned brands like Skytech, HP, Apple, ViewSonic, Dell, and more.

To get started, you can apply directly on their website. Within minutes, your eligibility will be determined based on the information you provide during the application process.

Upon approval of your application, you will receive delivery details. If your order can be fulfilled through BestBuy or any of their offline partners, they will also provide you with the nearest pickup location for added convenience.



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Tip: RTBShopper is an online retailer that operates as a lease-to-own service provider offering a credit limit of up to $5,000.


RTBShopper is another platform where you can rent-to-own laptops and request a pick-up at any BestBuy offline store closest to your location.

When you opt for financing through RTBShopper’s third-party partners, you may have the opportunity to acquire a laptop worth as much as $5,000, provided you meet the necessary qualifications.

RTBShopper boasts an impressive collection of computers and complementary accessories within its inventory. You can browse and select laptops from top brands, especially those designed for demanding tasks and high-performance computing.

What sets RTBShopper apart is its prioritization of delivery through BestBuy. This means that if there is a BestBuy store nearby, you may have the option to pick up your selected item on the very same day, ensuring a quick and hassle-free shopping experience.


Read more about RTBShopper

RTBShopper operates entirely online, which means you will complete your application via their website. Depending on the decision of their financing partners, they will assign you a credit limit.

This credit limit can then be utilized to participate in the rent-to-own program for laptops available in their inventory, up to your maximum approved amount.

Interestingly, RTBShopper, like many lease-to-own service providers, does not heavily rely on your credit score as a primary determinant.

This means that even if you have a less-than-stellar credit rating, you might still have the opportunity to acquire your desired laptop through this provider.



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Suitable For

Offline Lease-to-own

Tip: Aaron’s offers a good collection of laptops you can rent, available both online and at their physical store locations.


Aaron’s is another well-known platform that offers the option to rent-to-own laptops and associated products from their extensive inventory of computers.

Similar to Rent-A-Center, Aaron’s is considered a major competitor, boasting a significant number of physical store locations where you can conveniently collect your rented items.

You can manage your entire rental process through their online portal, and once your order is confirmed, delivery information will be provided to you.

However, if you plan to make your initial lease payment, which is typically due on the same day as your request, with cash, you will need to visit one of their offline stores to complete the transaction.


Read more about Aaron’s

Aaron’s is a platform that offers a robust selection of laptops available for rent, including those from renowned brands.

To apply for their rent-to-own laptop service, you will need to provide various pieces of information, including your Social Security Number (SSN) and proof of income, among other requirements.

If you happen to be missing some of the necessary details, it is worth considering a visit to one of their physical stores, as this may still make you eligible to qualify for a rent-to-own laptop as some details can be waved offline.



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Suitable For

Offline Lease-to-own

Tip: Rent-A-Center is a prominent player in the product financing industry, renowned for its vast presence with over 2,300 physical stores. You can conveniently use its website to apply for its rent-to-own laptop service which you can pick up offline.


When it comes to laptops, Rent-A-Center is a well-known choice for those seeking rent-to-own solutions. They have a broad network of physical stores, making it convenient for in-store laptop rentals.

Additionally, Rent-A-Center extends its services online through its website, where you can find a diverse selection of laptops available for lease.

As you browse through their laptop offerings, you will discover models from top-tier brands like Lenovo, Apple, HP, Google, and more, all open for ordering.

If you have a Rent-A-Center store nearby, you can visit during their operating hours to explore the possibility of rent-to-own laptops.

However, if convenience is your preference, their online portal offers a seamless way to request a laptop rental from the comfort of your home.


Read more about Rent-A-Center

Through this platform, you have the option to rent-to-own laptops at a nearby store, and if you meet the necessary requirements, you can have the device on the same day.

With a vast network of outlets spanning across cities in various states, it is highly probable that there is a store conveniently located near you.

This accessibility allows you to lease any laptop quickly, providing you with a temporary solution until you are ready to make a purchase.



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Suitable For


Tip: Buddy’s offers rent-to-own laptop service through its online shopping portal as well as its offline outlets.


Buddy’s Home Furnishings is a well-known rent-to-own brand that operates both online and through a vast offline network, including over 300 locations. It is renowned for its lease-to-own option, particularly for furniture items.

In addition to furniture, Buddy’s offers a diverse range of products, including kitchen appliances, televisions, computers, and more, all available for their rent-to-own service.

One standout feature is Buddy’s Express, a free same-day delivery service. If you submit your application on time, you can receive your rent-to-own laptop within 24 hours.

You can explore their online portal to find out which items are eligible for 24-hour delivery. Specify your zip code to identify the nearest Buddy’s outlet to you.


Read more about Buddy’s Home Furnishing

Buddy’s Bargains is an offering worth keeping in mind when you are applying for its rent-to-own laptop offer.

This deal includes a comprehensive range of previously leased merchandise available at discounted prices and ready for delivery.

Since new items are added on a daily basis, it is advisable to check if the laptop you need can be rented from there.

Note that Buddy’s Bargain has just old items hence, might not be ideal if you have an intention of buying the device at the end of the rent period. 

Nevertheless, it is a good option if you want to rent the laptop for a short time before you return it.



Pricing From


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Tip: Rent-2-Own provides leasing services for a variety of products including laptops, furniture, electronics, and others through its online store and offline outlets.


R2O is a popular rental destination with a good presence around Ohio and Kentucky offering lease-to-own services for varying numbers of product categories.

The provider offers flexibility without the need for credit checks. You have the option to rent products for as short as 90 days or extend your rental agreements for several months.

R2O boasts an impressive collection of computers and complementary accessories within its inventory. Here, you can find laptops from top-tier brands renowned for their exceptional performance in tasks that require high computing power.

If you live around its offline operational areas, you may be able to pick up your item the same day if there is an outlet close to you.


Read more about R2O

This provider has a loyalty program called the Reward Club that allows members to earn reward points with each on-time payment they make.

These accumulated points can be redeemed for gift cards, store credit, or merchandise, offering a valuable return on their timely rental payments.

The program includes accident forgiveness for rental products. This means that in case of accidental damage, members can benefit from added security, ensuring peace of mind during their rental experience.

If you will be considering their rent-to-own laptop option, joining the Reward Club could be a wise move towards saving long-term.


Growby’s RTO

Pricing From


Suitable For


Tip: Growby’s is one of the rent-to-own service providers with an offline presence serving residents within Indiana. You can rent-to-own laptops through its website.


This leasing platform is one of the names on our list of top choice places you can rent to own lawnmowers and it is good having it on this list for its laptop collection. 

Growby’s services are predominantly within Indiana where its offline stores are spread across hence, you stand a good chance to get your rent-to-own laptop request approved if you live within this location.

This company has the same day delivery for most of its requests which makes it an ideal destination to consider if you need the item to be delivered quickly.

It has one of the best same as cash offers offering up to six months to pay the exact price for the rented laptop at no extra cost and its competitor price-matching is one of its add-ons for service delivery.


Read more about Growby’s

It also has a reward program called the ‘Perks + Club’ to enable you to earn points that can be exchanged for discounts and other benefits.

The platform has a good number of models you can get on lease-to-own terms and one of the rent-own laptop options you can consider if you live in Indiana.

Points to consider before you lease-to-own laptops

Before you decide to use any of the rent-to-own laptop services, there are several important points to consider to ensure that it’s the right choice for your needs and financial situation:


Budget and Affordability

Evaluate your budget to determine if you can comfortably afford the periodic rental payments.

Rent-to-own agreements often come with higher overall costs compared to outright purchases.


Payment Terms

Understand the terms of the rental agreement, including the payment frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) and the total duration of the rental.


Interest and Fees

Be aware of any interest rates, fees, or additional costs associated with the rent-to-own arrangement. These can significantly impact the total price you pay.


Total Cost

Calculate the total cost of ownership over the rental period to determine if it is more cost-effective than buying the laptop outright.


Ownership at the End

Clarify whether you will own the laptop outright once you have completed all rental payments.

Some agreements may offer this option, while others may require a final purchase payment.


Credit Check

Check if a credit check is required. Some rent-to-own providers do not perform credit checks, making it accessible for individuals with poor credit.


Return Policies

Understand the return and cancellation policies in case you need to return the laptop or want to end the rental agreement early.


Product Quality

Ensure that the laptop you are renting meets your requirements in terms of specifications, performance, and condition. Verify if it is a new or used device.


Warranty and Repairs

Inquire about warranties and repair coverage during the rental period. Determine who is responsible for repairs or replacements in case of damage or malfunction.


Alternative Financing

Explore alternative financing options or consider saving for a future purchase if you find the rental terms less favorable.

There are many buy now pay later providers which can also be a good alternative to considering rent-to-own laptop platforms.


Comparison Shopping

Compare different rent-to-own laptop providers to find the one with the most favorable terms, including payment flexibility, product selection, and customer support.


Future Plans

Consider your long-term plans. If you intend to use the laptop for an extended period, it may be more cost-effective to purchase it outright.

Many of these rent-to-own laptop stores have different early purchase options with some offering the same as cash for better saving than seeing through the contract.


Hidden Costs

Carefully read the rent-to-own laptop contract agreement and be vigilant for any hidden costs or terms. Pay close attention to clauses related to late fees, penalties for damage, and any other conditions that may affect the total cost or your ability to complete the rental successfully.

Understanding these terms can help you avoid unexpected financial surprises.



By carefully considering these points, you can make an informed decision about whether renting a laptop aligns with your financial situation and needs.



Opting for a rent-to-own laptop can prove to be a practical choice for various reasons, depending on your specific situation and preferences. 

Nevertheless, it is crucial to thoroughly examine the terms and conditions associated with any rent-to-own laptop agreement to verify that it suits your needs.

A majority of these rent-to-own laptop providers often offer an early purchase option, which can be highly advantageous in terms of cost savings compared to continued rental payments.

Therefore, consider planning to utilize this option to eventually acquire the laptop outright.

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