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How to Use Apple Pay Later on Amazon for Financing

You can use your Apple Pay Later purchasing power on Amazon for installment orders, but only through a gateway.

While there is an option to utilize the card connected to your Apple Wallet when making payments on the Amazon checkout page (if the merchant supports it), the Pay Later option cannot be used directly.

Interestingly, there is a solution if you have a good spending limit assigned that you can use to enjoy buy now pay later purchases on several products when shopping on Amazon.

What Is Apple Pay Later?


It is one of the top buy now pay later services but is dedicated to Apple account owners for eligible devices including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch,  and others.

The option allows you to spread the cost of your purchases into four equal installments over six weeks on a cart minimum of $75 and up to $1,000.

While you can only use the option at merchants that have Apple Pay at checkout, not all support the financing feature offered through Pay Later.

For instance, you will not be given the option directly on the Amazon gateway page. The reason could be the marketplace as Amazon allows vendors to decide on a preferred payment method to offer their customers and Pay Later is not currently one of those.

How to Use Apple Pay Later on Amazon

The below shows the alternative steps to finance your orders when shopping on the Amazon Marketplace with your Apple Pay Later spending limit:


Visit the Abunda Portal

You need to visit Abunda as a first step to utilizing your Apple Pay Later account for payment plans on Amazon.

It is a shopping gateway that aggregates items from the marketplace focusing on allowing customers to finance orders through installment services not available on Amazon.

You can see Abunda as a bridge because it does not maintain any inventory but rather an inventory copy of Amazon where you can enjoy payment plan purchases with several options at the checkout.


Copy the Amazon Product Link

You will need the Amazon address of the item you want to buy which you can get by using the below instructions:

If shopping through your browser or desktop, click the address bar to select the full text and copy it to your clipboard. Use the image below as a reference:

Amazon Link for Apple Pay Later


You can do this if you have the Amazon app installed by clicking the share button and copying the link. Look at the picture below showing the option:

Copying Amazon Link on Mobile

After clicking the feature on the app, you will be given options and you should go with that for copy to clipboard.


Paste on Abunda Search Bar

With the link now copied, you will need to return to Abunda and paste it into the search bar as seen in the picture below:

Abunda Page for Link

You can click the search button after pasting the Amazon product link you copied from the previous step.

Doing this will import the item and a dedicated page will be created for the product with everything on Amazon taken alongside, including images, price, descriptions, comments, and others.


Review and Add to Cart

With the product page created and essential attributes imported, you should review it before adding it to the cart.

One important point to have in mind is that the platform is a financing gateway and for its free shipping and enabling for seamless payment plans with multiple options, there is a fee that varies between 5% to 10% depending on the product.

Since the convenience fee is added to the item’s final price, the amount you will see at checkout will be higher than its original on Amazon.


Provide Shipping Details

Once the item is in your cart, you can continue to checkout by clicking the appropriate button.

Before proceeding, ensure the cart value is up to $75 as Apple Pay Later requires that minimum before you can use it to complete the order.

You will be redirected to the contact info page where shipping and billing details are required.

The order will be fulfilled by Amazon but delivered by Abunda. Please ensure you provide the correct information before proceeding.



Select Apple Pay at Checkout

At checkout, you will see many payment plan options, including from popular providers like PayTomorrow, Acima, Affirm, PayPal, and Klarna.

There is also the Apple Pay option but you will need an eligible device like the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch to use it.

If the device you are visiting Abunda from is eligible, select the option and continue to tap the Pay Later button.



Continue to Profile and Plan Details

After selecting the Apple Pay Later option, you will be given the plan summary page showing how much the first payment is, subsequent installment, and other details.

Apple Pay Later Details Page

Click the Continue button to proceed to the personal information and plan review page and accept the terms and conditions if you are fine with it.


Make the First Payment

Your first installment is required before the order will be confirmed. To do this, you can add a new or select an existing card to be used.

If this is your first time, a soft inquiry will be conducted to determine your eligibility and assign a purchasing power.  The order total must not exceed your spend limit balance if you are an existing user.

Once you have added or selected a card for the first installment, double-click the side button to confirm the payment with your security-access preference including passcode, face ID, or fingerprint.

Once permission is given and the first debit is successful, the order will be confirmed and Abunda will take care of delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some questions you may have regarding the use of Apple Pay Later on Amazon through Abunda:

What if a return is required?

If you need to return an item ordered through the Apple Pay Later option, it has to go through Abunda as it was not directly used on Amazon.

The platform has a 30-day return policy for most items except for the below:
1. Refurbished products can be returned within 90 days of purchase
2. Apple devices like the iPhone, Mac, iPad, and others have 15 days return limit
3. Flammable and hazardous products are not returnable

Is my Apple Pay Later payments to Abunda?

No, the installment debits are handled directly by Apple and not by Abunda.

The platform is only a bridge and operates just like every shopping portal but with payments through financing options.

Can I combine Apple Pay Later with other options?

Yes, you can use any payment options available on Abunda to complete your order. However, you can utilize one per order.

Why is the price higher than Amazon?

A convenience fee is applied to every product hence, the price difference. This can be anywhere from 5% to 10% depending on the product.

Note that some payment options other than Apple Pay Later may include separate fees and you should review them before you checkout.

Is it worth using?

If you have good purchasing power assigned to your Apple Pay Later account and want to use it to finance a product on Amazon, this is the only method at the moment unless you can get the same item elsewhere.


When using Abunda to enable financing on Amazon with Apple Pay Later, note that you will need an eligible device otherwise, this option will not work.

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