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How to Buy Now and Pay Later on Amazon Using Acima

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You can use Acima on Amazon to purchase products and spread the payments upfront on lease-to-own terms.

With millions of products from different categories, shopping on Amazon offers you almost every product you need for different purposes.

Despite the products it offers, you might be in a state you cannot afford to pay the full price hence, a need to spread the payments becomes a good alternative.

Acima is one of the leasing platforms you can use to buy now and pay later on Amazon through smart ways that are very convenient if you have an account.

 Acima LeasePay virtual card

You can shop on Amazon using Acima by utilizing its LeasePay card, a one-time valid virtual card similar to Katapult Pay.

Here is how:

Choose the “Pay with Credit and Debit Cards” option

Once you have added the items you want to purchase to your Amazon cart, click on “Proceed to Checkout” On the payment page, choose the “Credit or Debit Card” option.

Amazon Card Option


The process is straightforward. Just shop as you normally would by adding the products you want to buy to your cart and proceed to the checkout page for payment.

After entering your delivery information, the next step is selecting your preferred payment method.

To complete your order using Acima on Amazon, click on “Add a credit or debit card.” This will open a form where you can input your single-use virtual LeasePay card details.

Simply log in to your Acima app and submit a lease application.

This is a crucial step, as you must have an approved lease-to-own request before using Acima on Amazon.

After logging in, find the LeasePay card feature to initiate the application process.


Ensure you provide all the necessary information, including the total cost of your Amazon order

Once you reach the form page, be sure to provide the required information, such as your income, social security number (if you are a new user), contact information, and any additional details requested by Acima.

In the amount field, make certain to enter the correct total payment cost, which should include the delivery charges. Your lease terms will be determined based on this information.

After verifying that the details on the form are accurate, you can proceed to the next step.


Take a moment to review and then finalize the lease agreement

Once you have submitted your application, Acima will process it and provide you with a contract that contains the following essential details:

Initial Payment (Down Payment): This is the upfront amount you will need to pay before receiving a virtual card that will enable you to use Acima on Amazon.

Cost of Lease: This includes the total amount you will pay over the lease term, including monthly payments, fees, and any other associated costs related to the item’s lease.

Monthly Payment: The amount you will need to pay on a monthly basis throughout the contract period or before an early purchase.

Early Purchase Option: This feature allows you to buy the leased Amazon product before the lease term concludes, usually at a predetermined price or fair market value.

Total Payment: This reflects the combined cost of the Amazon product and the Cost of Lease.

Please be aware that when using Acima, the total amount for the Amazon product will be notably higher than its original price because it’s treated as a lease-to-own order.

This information will be clearly presented in the contract. Carefully review the contract, and proceed to the next step only if you are satisfied with the terms presented.


Link your debit or credit card and complete the initial lease payment.

Once you have reviewed the contract and moved to the next page, you will need to make the first payment by linking a valid debit or credit card.

This initial payment is typically a fixed amount, often set between $75 – $95 or as determined by Acima at that time.


Obtain your Acima LeasePay virtual card details.

Once the initial payment goes through successfully, a one-time virtual card will be generated. You can use this virtual card to complete your transaction on the Amazon payment page.

 Through Abunda

Abunda is one of the online stores that accept Acima and acts as a shopping gateway that enables you to shop and check out with Acima on Amazon.

Its interface embodies a structure similar to Amazon where you can search for a product of interest and it pulls them in for you to buy and checkout with a split payment option.

To get started with shopping on Amazon and paying with Acima through Abunda, follow the below steps:

Visit Abunda

Abunda is a shopping gateway through which you can use Acima on Amazon.

Abunda Homepage

It aggregates products, especially from Amazon and you can directly add them to your cart and get them delivered to you.

Review the listed products or add an Amazon link

With its e-commerce structured interface, you can review a list of millions of items mostly aggregated from Amazon to choose which you want to buy.

Its search field gives you the freedom to search at will and get your items faster to your screen for a product review.

Alternatively, you can simply visit Amazon and get the link to the product you want to buy. Simply copy the web address and paste it into the Abunda search field. This will push the product in and you will be able to buy it and spread the payments.


Review product and repayment information

Once you are on the individual product page, you can see the item’s details including the specifications and attributes to ensure you are getting the right product.

In addition to the product information, you will also be given repayment information which varies depending on the value of the product you want to buy.

Apart from the above two, you will also see the marked-up product cost as well as its shipping information.

Once everything looks fine to you, select the quantity you need and add the item to your cart.


Review your cart

Once you have the items in your cart, review them to ensure you do not have an item you don’t need and also to avoid over the intended quantity.

Your cart will show you the order total value and your repayment value through your buy now and pay later tenor.

Abunda also provides a field for coupons, and you can use that to get a discount if you have any of its coupon codes.

Once you are satisfied with the cart information, you can then proceed to checkout.


Provide billing and shipping information

The next step requires you to provide your billing address and shipping information.

This does not take time and if both have the same information, you can select that the shipping address is the same as the billing address to proceed in a shorter time.

Once you proceed, you will be able to review the information provided for the delivery of the item.

Once everything looks fine to you, you can then click the continue button.


Select Acima as the payment method

Since Abunda is a buy-now-and-pay-later shopping gateway, it has different payment options when checking out.

But to use Acima Leasing on Amazon through Abunda, it must be selected as your payment plan when purchasing the product.

Acima on Amazon via Abunda

It is worth noting that you can only be allowed to schedule repayment with Acima Leasing when your cart value total is up to $300.


Connect your Acima account

Once you have selected Acima as your payment option, you will need to connect it by logging into your account.

Connect Acima Account

You will need to provide the phone number linked to your account and your Social Security Number to gain access to your Acima Leasing account.

Once you have entered the required information, you will receive a validation message with an OTP which you provide to authorize the purchase for a buy now and pay later repayment.


Complete the purchase and exit

Once you have connected your Acima Leasing account and clicked the continue button, an order will be created for you with all the details, including the delivery details and tracking code.

Shipping for most items is free and Abunda will get the item and have it delivered to you at your shipping address.

 Using the Acima Marketplace

You can also make use of Acima on Amazon through its in-app marketplace, accessible via the mobile app.

Here’s how to go about it:

Search for Amazon in the marketplace

Acima Marketplace


If you have not already installed the app, make sure to download and install it. Afterward, access the in-app shopping section or the marketplace.

Inside this marketplace, you will see a variety of merchants, not limited to Amazon. It includes well-known shopping platforms that offer pay-later support, such as Walmart, Big Lots, Best Buy, and others.


Look for Amazon and click on it

After selecting the option, the Amazon shopping portal will load on your mobile view, and you can begin your shopping.

Add all the items you want to purchase to your cart, making sure they meet the eligibility criteria for using Acima on Amazon to complete your order.

Eligible items on Amazon usually include products like electronics, furniture, appliances, tires, and items intended for long-term use, rather than those with a short lifespan.

Please be aware that Acima may not be available for items such as food, gift cards, clothing, or other specified categories based on their guidelines.


Proceed to the payment page

Once you have added all the eligible items to your Amazon cart for payment through Acima, proceed to the payment page.

Be sure to provide your delivery details and fill out all the required information on the shipping form. Then, move to the “add credit and debit card” option.


Select the “Pay with Acima” option at the bottom

In the marketplace section of your app, at the bottom, select “Pay with Acima” once you are satisfied with the order information displayed on the Amazon page.

Clicking this option will open the “Apply for Lease” page on your mobile device within the Acima Marketplace.


Provide the required information

Upon accessing the form page, you will need to supply the necessary information, including your phone number, income, social security number, and any additional data requested by Acima.

Once you have entered these details, you can move on to the contract page to review the lease terms.


Carefully read and understand the terms

After you have submitted your application, Acima will process it and provide a contract that includes the following important breakdown:

Initial Payment: This upfront “down payment” is necessary to generate a virtual card, allowing you to use Acima on Amazon through its in-app marketplace.

Early Purchase Option: This feature allows you to buy the leased Amazon product before the lease term ends, usually at a predetermined price or fair market value.

Cost of Lease: This represents the total amount you will pay during the lease term, covering monthly payments, fees, and any additional costs associated with the leased asset.

Monthly Payment: This is the regular monthly amount you need to repay throughout the contract’s duration or before an early purchase.

Total Payment: This includes the cost of the Amazon product and the cost of the lease.

Please note that when using Acima, the total cost of the Amazon product will be notably higher, as it is treated as a lease-to-own order.

This information will be explicitly detailed on the contract page. It is crucial to thoroughly review these terms and proceed to the next step only if you are comfortable with the contract’s conditions.


Link your repayment method to cover the initial lease payment

After reviewing the contract and moving to the next page, you will receive a prompt to make the initial payment by linking a valid debit or credit card.

Typically, this initial payment is a minimal value, often around $75 to $95 as determined by Acima.


Copy the virtual card details displayed and paste them into the payment form

Once Acima successfully processes your first payment, a virtual card will be generated.

You can copy the card details to your mobile clipboard. Simply take this information and paste it into the required Amazon payment details fields to finalize your order.

Using Acima on Amazon FAQs


Here are some frequently asked questions about using Acima on Amazon for lease-to-own shopping:

What is the Acima LeasePay card and how does it work on Amazon?

Acima LeasePay is a virtual, single-use card created for online shopping in the United States.

Once you create a one-time-use card through Acima, you will receive a unique card number that you can use when checking out on the Amazon website.

Does using Acima on Amazon affect credit score?

Using Acima on Amazon does not involve a hard credit check, so you can rest assured that the soft inquiry it conducts will not have a significant impact on your credit score.

Why is the Acima LeasePay card declining payment?

There are several potential reasons why your Acima LeasePay card might not work for the transaction you are attempting to complete.

These reasons can include:

Higher order amount than the card’s value: Ensure that the total order value, including the Amazon delivery fee, does not exceed the value of the virtual card.

Ineligible items: Make sure all the items in your cart meet Acima’s eligibility requirements.

Invalid card: Verify that you’ve entered the correct card details, and remember that the Acima LeasePay card is for one-time use only.

Payment gateway issues: The problem might be related to processing issues with Amazon or Acima. If this occurs, it is advisable to contact the Acima team for assistance and potential workarounds.

Is it possible to return items bought with Acima on Amazon when using the virtual card for payment?

Yes, the return process is straightforward.

You should adhere to Amazon’s return guidelines and initiate the return through their system.

When requesting a refund, ensure you ask Amazon to process it back to the original payment method, which in this case is the Acima LeasePay virtual card.

Although you cannot use the virtual card for a new transaction, it can still receive refunds.

Once you have informed Amazon of this, it is a good idea to reach out to the Acima support team to inform them that you are anticipating a refund from Amazon for a previous purchase.

What is the minimum credit score needed to use Acima on Amazon?

Acima does not exclusively depend on your credit score when determining your eligibility to use it on Amazon.

Even if you have a low credit score, you may still qualify for spending credit provided you meet certain other requirements.

What are the fees associated with utilizing Acima on Amazon?

Starting to use the Acima platform is free, but an approved Amazon lease-to-own purchase may result in a total cost that is double the product’s original price.

To save on long-term leasing costs, it is recommended to consider using the early purchase option.

What is Abunda?

Amazon does not support checking out using Acima on its platform hence, the need for Abunda.

Abunda is a shopping gateway that allows you to purchase on Amazon and split the payment for the products using your account held with Acima Leasing, PayPal, ViaBill, and Klarna.

Why is the price on Amazon different from the price on Abunda?

For all items on Amazon, they are usually marked up between 5% to up to 15% which is the reason the price is slightly higher on Abunda.

This markup is to enable Abunda to offer you free delivery and continue to run its operation by offering you the opportunity to shop on Amazon and pay later through the conventional buy now, pay later platforms.

How do I return an item bought with Acima on Amazon through Abunda?

If there is a need for you to return an item that was delivered to you, this is possible.

When you want to make a return, ensure it is still within the 30-day period for a valid return request. And it can be returned directly to Abunda and not Amazon.

There is a return center when you are logged in on the portal. Simply select to start the return process.

Is Abunda owned by Acima?

Abunda is not owned by Acima rather, it is one of the stores where you can shop using the Acima purchasing power assigned to you.

It acts as a gateway and you will need to authorize the connection to your Acima account when you want to buy an item from Amazon and split the repayments into several bits.

Where can I learn more?

For all Acima-related questions, check their help center or contact the customer support team.

If you are shopping through Abunda, there is also a comprehensive guide on how it works using Acima on Amazon via their shopping portal.


Buying on Amazon and paying the full item price at once is not easy every time, especially when the cost involved is too high for the pocket to bear due to some other things you need to channel funds into.

Since Amazon does not support Acima, Abunda is the gateway for you to use your account at Acima on Amazon.

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