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How to Use Sezzle Anywhere to Pay in 4 Online and In-Store

Sezzle Anywhere enables the use of virtual cards for payments through a digital wallet when shopping in-store or directly at checkout online.

This is one of the top buy now pay later options for in-store shopping and its usefulness extends to online payments as you can use it anywhere Visa is accepted.

While you do not necessarily need to be on the premium plan to access the feature, the option requires a separate subscription billed every month.

Sezzle Anywhere




Credit Check



Virtual Card

Tip: With a Sezzle Anywhere monthly subscription of $17.99, you will get a virtual Visa card that can directly be used online at retailers that do not accept Sezzle and for in-store, can be connected to a digital wallet like that from Google, Apple, and Samsung for tap and pay checkout.


This platform has grown to be one of the top payment plan options which is due to not only being one of the popular buy now pay later for bad credit repairs but also its suite of alternate channels to utilize the service.

One of those alternate financing methods it provides is Anywhere, which will enable you to use Sezzle for shopping where it is not directly accepted, including at restaurants and grocers.


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If you do not have an account at the moment, it is one of the top buy now pay later with no credit check process that could hurt your bureau records hence, it is safe to use.

It uses a soft inquiry when checking your creditworthiness before it assigns a purchasing power and this will not appear on your credit report when being reviewed by other financial service providers.

Depending on the result of its inquiry, you will be assigned a spending limit between $50 to $5,000 that you can use for pay-in-4 shopping or monthly installments.

While you can use it directly at several websites for pay-as-you-go shopping, some portals do not accept it as a payment plan option hence, you will have to opt for one of its alternate financing methods.

Sezzle Anywhere is its most popular subscription-based feature and this will enable you to have all the access available to a Premium account user in addition to a buy now pay later virtual card that can be used online and in-store.

With a recurring $17.99 monthly fee for the Anywhere feature, you will be able to shop in-app its list of exclusive merchants, more deals and discounts, an extra payment reschedule per order, earn cashback in Sezzle Spend, and the virtual card.

Features of Sezzle Anywhere

Below are some of the features of the Anywhere subscription:


Subscription Required

Sezzle Anywhere is not available to all users but only to those who subscribe to it as the option is a paid feature.

There is a monthly fee of $17.99 to access it which can be paid for using the connected debit card on your account.

It is different from the Sezzle Premium subscription and provides access to more features on the platform.


Virtual Card

The best reason for the Sezzle Anywhere subscription is the buy now pay later virtual card it provides.


Sezzle Anywhere Virtual Card


Powered by Visa, it is available on your dashboard and can be copied for checkout financing when on a payment gateway page of any merchant. It can also be connected to any popular digital wallet for in-store purchases.

There is a virtual card available to all users on Sezzle and it functions very differently from Anywhere because that version can be used for payments at select retailers when shopping through the retailers’ list on the app.


Spread payment for bills

You can use the Sezzle Anywhere to pay bills in 4 installments at almost all providers since many of them accept payments through Visa-powered cards.

To do this, you simply need to go to your app and create a purchase request by providing the details of the transaction.

Once you have done this and submitted the request, the virtual card will be ready for the payment and you can just copy the details to be used at checkout.


Access to premium merchants

While Sezzle is accepted by many merchants, several popular retailers and service providers do not support it for direct use.

There is an in-app functionality that can allow you to shop platforms like Lowe’s, DoorDash, and more through the store directory.

While many of the retailers are accessible to every user, some can only be seen by Sezzle Anywhere members and users on the premium account.


Earn cashback

The default behavior of the Sezzle Anywhere virtual card is direct debit and if you use it for payment without creating a request, your connected credit card will be charged and not your purchasing power on the platform.

In such a scenario, the full amount of the order will paid upfront provided you have enough funds through your connected credit or debit card to cover the costs otherwise, it will return an error of insufficient funds.

The beauty of this is that you will earn cashback for every upfront payment through the Sezzle Anywhere virtual card and this will be added to your Spend wallet on the platform.

Every reward earned can be redeemed for discounts and other perks such as reduced installment amounts, access to the latest features, and others.


Payment reschedule

The platform offers a feature enabling users to adjust their installment payment schedules for active orders, subject to specific conditions.

Each order automatically has one complimentary reschedule irrespective of if you are a regular or premium user. Additionally, premium or Sezzle Anywhere subscribers may qualify for two complimentary reschedules.

Users can shift payments up to two weeks from their original due date without incurring fees or impacting their ability to make new orders.

However, rescheduled installments must be settled in full before new orders can be placed.

For Anywhere members, if a payment is rescheduled for the third time, a fee may be applied according to state legislation.

This fee will be presented to you for confirmation during the rescheduling process and will be added to the payment total.


Compatible with Apple Pay

You can use the Sezzle Anywhere with Apple Pay for in-store payment plan purchases provided the merchant accepts digital payments.

When this is required, you will first need to pre-plan the order by creating a request on the Sezzle app and copying the card details to your wallet.


Compatible with Google Pay

You can also use the Sezzle Anywhere virtual card with Google Pay both for online and when you visit a retail location.

The process is similar to how it works when using Apple Pay as you will also need to create a purchase which will make the card ready for financing.

Once the request is created, you can then copy the details of the card to your Google Wallet which can be used in-store and online.


Up to a Maximum of Two Open Orders

The platform imposes a restriction on the number of concurrent orders allowed for its premium and Anywhere members, which cannot surpass two. Non-subscription-based users are limited to one active order.

Once the maximum limit of open orders is reached, further transactions will be declined or treated as pay-in-full until at least one of the existing orders is paid off, depending on your user type.

How to Use Sezzle Anywhere for Payment

Below are the processes involved when you want to make payment plan purchases using the Sezzle Anywhere virtual card:


Navigate to Virttual Card to create a new request

You are required to create a new request each time you want to use the Anywhere card to finance your orders. If you skip this step, the transaction will paid upfront through the debit or credit card on your Sezzle account.

The reason you are required to do this is that the card is a prepaid type and requires funds to be loaded into it before it can be used for payment plan orders.

From your home dashboard, select the option for Virtual Card and it will take you to a page where you can create a new purchase.

Once you have been redirected, simply click the appropriate button for a new request. See the below image as a reference:

Sezzle Anywhere Virtual Card Request


Provide the total value of your cart as an amount

After clicking the button to ‘Make a purchase request’, you will need to specify the amount which has to be equal to or more than the value of items in your cart.

This is very important because if you create a request with an amount lesser than the total order value, your transaction will be declined. After all, the card is prepaid.

A point you may want to note when setting this is to ensure you add all applicable charges that make up the total like the cart value, shipping cost, tax fees, and others.


Continue to view the plan terms and accept

Once you have calculated the total cost and added it to the amount field, simply click the continue button to proceed to the terms page.

This page will show the bi-weekly installment details, how much your down payment will be after using the card for the purchase, and your repayment methods.

Sezzle Anywhere Payment Terms

If everything is fine with you, you can proceed by clicking the ‘Complete’ button at the bottom of the page after checking the box for agreement.

Before you leave this page, note that you will need to ensure that the value of the order is within your available purchasing limit on Sezzle otherwise, you may end up paying a higher first installment than the subsequent three payments.


Copy and paste the details to your payment channel

After you click the ‘Complete’ button, the virtual card will be created and you will get a successful notification.

The success page usually comes with a ‘Continue’ button and if you click this, it will take you to the card details section where you can access the personal account number, CVV, and expiry date.

You can then copy these details on the checkout channel of your choice like a payment gateway page if shopping online or adding it as your credit/debit card to your preferred digital wallet for in-store payment plans.

The Sezzle Anywhere virtual card is supported for tap-and-pay checkout through either Apple Pay or Google Pay at a merchant that supports digital payments.

Frequently Asked Questions on Using Sezzle Anywhere for Payments


Below are some of the top frequently asked questions regarding the use of Anywhere:

What is Sezzle Anywhere?

It is a monthly subscription-based service that will enable you to use your Sezzle purchasing power at your preferred retailers and service providers.

This feature is designed to provide a virtual card you can use for payment plan purchases where Sezzle is not directly accepted, both online and offline.

Can you use the Sezzle virtual card anywhere?

There are two forms of Sezzle virtual card and only the version provided through the Anywhere service can be used everywhere Visa is accepted.

The default virtual card on the platform is meant for in-app shopping and can only be used for payments at select retailers, unlike the Anywhere card.

How can I use Sezzle Anywhere at Walmart?

To use the Anywhere card at Walmart, you will need to first install the Walmart Pay app on your device.

Once you are logged in, simply click the add credit/debit card option to open a form where you can enter your payment details.

Simply enter the details of the virtual card generated by Anywhere on the app and at checkout, scan and pay.

What is the difference between Anywhere and Premium on Sezzle?

Anywhere and Premium are both Sezzle subscription services that will enable you to access more features on the platform.

However, while Premium will grant you access to exclusive features, Anywhere will enable you to access everything a Premium account holder can do plus a virtual card that can be used for shopping at any merchant of your choice that accepts Visa.

How much is Sezzle Anywhere?

There is a monthly cost of $17.99 for an Anywhere membership.

Is Sezzle Anywhere worth it?

Sezzle Anywhere supercharges your assigned purchasing power as the platform is originally designed to be used directly at merchants that accept it as a payment option.

Since not all retailers have Sezzle at checkout, Anywhere is an add-on feature that will enable you to still purchase from these retailers and enjoy the payment plan service it provides.

Anywhere is worth it if you shop frequently at retailers that do not accept Sezzle directly or when you want to enjoy the spending limit in-store.


With the features you enjoy with a Sezzle Anywhere membership, it is a good service to consider if you want to utilize your assigned spending limit outside the platform like for buy now pay later grocery shopping in-store, or paying your food bills at restaurants.

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