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How to Use Klarna on Amazon: 6 Simple Ways that Works

You can use Klarna on Amazon smartly to buy any product and pay later conveniently even though it is not directly accessible.

Shopping on Amazon is everyone’s favorite as you can get almost any products you need but when it comes to financing, you will mostly have to use alternatives to buy now and pay later on Amazon.

If you own a Klarna account, your purchasing credit can be used to finance any Amazon products conveniently without being stressed out by the thought of paying upfront. This though requires alternative routes as Amazon is not one of the stores that accepts Klarna directly for financing.

How to use Klarna on Amazon for shopping

 Klarna single-use card

You can also use Klarna on Amazon by generating the pay-in-4 virtual card it provides.
The below steps show how you can use it for shopping on Amazon:


Choose the pay with ‘Your credit and debit cards’ option

Once you have added the items you want to buy to your Amazon cart, click the proceed to checkout button to go to the payment page; after that, select the credit or debit card option.


Using Klarna on Amazon with Debit Card


Shop normally by adding the products you want to buy into your cart and proceed to the checkout page to make payments.

Once you have filled in your delivery details, the next item will require you to choose a preferred payment method.

For you to complete the order using your Klarna on Amazon, click the ‘Add a credit or debit card’. This action will open up a form where you will be required to fill in the payment information.


Log in to your Klarna app dashboard and generate a one-time card

The Klarna card is one of the amazing tools it provides to enable you to enjoy your purchasing power outside its platform.

Now, you need to access the app interface which is also possible when you are using the web portal to generate your payment card.

Simply click the option to create a one-time use card and Klarna will provide the option for you to fill in the shopping information.


Set the spending limit and other needed details

This is a very important step when you want to use your card powered by Klarna on Amazon hence, ensure you pay attention in handling this part.

Just like most of the BNPL virtual cards, it works on a prepaid model that requires setting an exact amount needed for shopping.

Enter the exact value of the Amazon product you want to buy, including details and any cost attributed to shipping, and your preferred plan from any of its pay-in-4 or long-term financing.

An example is, if the cost of the product is $300 and the shipping fee is $15, the value you should provide when creating the card is $315.

The reason is that the card provided by Klarna is more of a prepaid card and if you enter an amount lesser than your cart total value on Amazon, it could be declined.

After entering the purchase amount, you will be given an overview of the agreement which serves as a confirmation.

You should note that a flat service fee (or APR for longer-term financing) will be added to your purchase amount for its one-time card payment method.

Once you have the necessities, proceed to create the card to generate the needed information that you will use to complete your Amazon order.


Enter the virtual card details on the Amazon payment page

Virtual Card powered by Klarna on Amazon


Once you have the card details, you can enter them into the credit/debit card form to continue your order process.

The card number is the longest number among the details available for your card which you can copy and paste into this field.

The CVV is the three digits and ensure to provide the correct expiration date as available for your card. As for the name, this is the same as the name you use on your Klarna account.

Once you have filled in these details, simply click the ‘Add your card’ button.


Complete the Purchase and Exit

Once you successfully add the card to your payment page, you can proceed to submit the request and complete the order.

The card might be saved to your Amazon account once the order request is submitted and you should go to your payment page and remove it as it will not work anymore when you want to shop with it the next time.


 Browser extension to pay with Klarna on Amazon

The browser extension is another way you can use Klarna on Amazon to buy the items you need.
Its browser extension is available for Chrome users and you can install it which can be activated when you visit Amazon.

The below steps explain the processes for using the buy now pay later browser extension powered by Klarna on Amazon:


Visit the extension home on the Chrome store

Klarna Extension for Amazon


The Klarna BNPL shopping extension is available for the Chrome browser at the moment and you can install it on your browser by visiting its page on the Chrome store.

Once you have it installed, it will be visible on your browser extension tab which is to the right of the address field if you are viewing from a desktop.

Note that this extension can only be used when you are on the big screen and not a mobile interface as Chrome extensions are primarily for web browsers.

Nevertheless, you might be able to make it work if you have other alternate Chromium-based browsers that can extend it to your mobile screen.


Visit the Amazon website

Once you have the extension installed, you can visit the Amazon shopping page to select the items you need and add them to your cart.

Proceed to the payment page and fill in the required shipping information and once you get to the payment page, click the add debit/credit card link to enable the card information form.


Toggle the Klarna extension by clicking its icon

Once you are ready to make payments, the extension will probably auto-activate and prompt you to pay with your Klarna account.

If this does not happen, you can manually call the functionality by simply clicking the icon on your extension bar to the right.

Klarna on Amazon activated


If you check the image above, you can see the Klarna icon up there which you can click if the option does not automatically come up when you are ready to make payment.


Click the ‘Pay with Klarna’ from the extension pop up

Once you are able to see the Klarna pop-up on the payment page, simply click the button and this will autofill the card details on the form shown on Amazon.

You can then proceed to the order confirmation page by submitting the details to complete the order.

This is also a one-time valid payment card and not meant to be re-usable for recurring purchases hence, do not save it on your Amazon account.

 Shopping through Abunda




Direct Checkout



Tip: Abunda provides a powerful tool that allows you to use Klarna on Amazon by copying the product link into the Abunda search field which will then make it available for pay in four orders.


This is one of the simplest routes when it comes to using Klarna on Amazon, especially when you prefer shopping through a browser.

Abunda is a virtual marketplace that has all the products available on Amazon. It simply aggregates all the items to make them available for payment plan purchases.

With these aggregated products, you can search for the product you want directly on its portal without the need to visit Amazon but if the item you want to buy is not showing up in the results, you can use its powerful copy-and-paste tool.

The tool allows you to copy the link of any product on Amazon and paste it into it. Once you paste the link and confirm, the tool will fetch the product into the Abunda inventory and you can directly purchase it and pay with your Klarna shopping credit.

Apart from enabling you to use your Klarna account, you can also pay on Amazon with PayPal Pay in 4 shopping through Abunda.

Alternatively, choose its lease-to-own option for long-term financing as Abunda allows you to use Acima for leasing any product on Amazon.

 In-app shopping with Klarna on Amazon

Klarna also provides an interface on its app that lets you shop on several online stores, including the Amazon marketplace seamlessly.

It is an interesting app with lots of amazing features you will love if you shop frequently like discount hunting, cashback, voucher code tracking, in-app delivery updates, and a lot more.

In terms of using it to shop on Amazon, you can follow the steps below:


Install, log in, and search for Amazon on the Klarna app

To start shopping the items you need on Amazon, you will need to install the Klarna app as this feature is entirely handled within the application.

Once you have it installed, search for Amazon from its inventory of store list and select it to start browsing through its products.

Add items to your cart and proceed to checkout. Once you are ready to make the payment, click the ‘Pay with Klarna’ button at the footer of the app screen to split the purchase payments into four installments.

Klarna will autofill the payment details without you having to do much other than proceed with the other steps needed to complete the order.

Get a Klarna multi-use card

The other alternative that will allow you to use Klarna on Amazon is getting yourself its card.

This is different from the one-time valid virtual card as with the Klarna card, you can use it multiple times as you wish for making payments.

There are so many amazing benefits that come with this card apart from being able to use it for recurring payments.

Its reusable card can be used to pay-in-4 anywhere as well as globally provided the merchant accepts Visa-powered cards.

You can also use this card offline and easily, it connects with digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay for seamless payments.

However, there is a $4.99 maintenance fee which you will bear on a monthly basis to keep the card active. There is no doubt its benefits are worth making you keep the card.

How does this card affect how you can use Klarna on Amazon? 

Using the Klarna card, you can buy directly on Amazon with no need to bother visiting your Klarna app to generate its one-time valid virtual card.

Also, the card can be used to purchase gift cards online at several merchants as the card comes with no limitation as well as offline shops where you can purchase Amazon gift cards.

Purchase an Amazon gift card with a Klarna extension or card

The other option you have is to get an Amazon gift card from one of the retailers online.

Since Klarna does not support many online shopping platforms directly and probably no known gift card retailer as of now, you might have to use the browser extension to utilize this method or get a Klarna card.

Simply visit any of the online portals where you can purchase an Amazon card gift card, add any of the denominations to your cart, and proceed to the checkout page.

On the checkout age, simply activate your Klarna Chrome extension to generate a one-time valid card you can use to complete the payment if the platform does not support Klarna directly.

Some popular online retailers where you can purchase Amazon gift cards include:

Best Buy

Retails consumer electronics items and you can also purchase gift cards from its online store.


A popular pharmacy and wellness brand and from its online store, you can order for Amazon gift card and pay with the Klarna extension.


A popular gift card shop where you can purchase Amazon gift cards. Simply use your Klarna card details or connect it to Apple Pay and use it on this site.

This platform is also a well-known gift card shop and with its acceptance of Visa cards, you can get an Amazon gift card.


You can get an Amazon e-gift card and use it to shop for any products you need on this portal.

Klarna on Amazon financing options

When it comes to using Klarna to buy products on Amazon, there are two financing options you can access which include:

  • Pay-in-4: the pay in four is its most commonly used option and this will allow you to buy any product on Amazon and pay for it in four installments with your first payment deducted the same day of the order. The rest of the product cost will charged on a bi-weekly basis until the last week of the second month
  • Long-term financing: this option could be better for you if the cost of the item you want to buy is too high for you to repay in four. The long-term financing will enable you to spread repayments up to 24 months. This comes at an APR between 0-29.99% and it is dependent on the option you selected at checkout

You can decide on any of these financing options whether you are using the Klarna Chrome extension to shop on Amazon, generating a one-time valid card you can use to make payments, or shopping through the app.


What products can I buy with Klarna on Amazon?

When it comes to the items you can use your Klarna account to pay for when shopping on Amazon, there are a few restrictions like food items and electronic gift cards but most products on Amazon fall within its accepted categories.

However, you cannot exceed your shopping credit when splitting the payments hence, ensure whatever product you want to purchase is within the value your shopping power assigned by Klarna can handle.

If your purchasing power is not enough to cover the cost of your cart total, try the long-term financing option if you can get a higher limit.

Nevertheless, you should be able to buy most products you want on Amazon and pay-in-4 with your Klarna account.


Why is my transaction getting declined by Amazon using the Klarna card?

If you are trying to complete payment and your card is getting declined, there could many reasons for this:

  • First, ensure the card on your Amazon account is a recently generated one-time valid virtual card and not one you have used previously but forgot to remove from your account. The single-use card cannot be used for more than one transaction hence, generates a new one for every transaction even if it is on the same day
  • Another reason could be that the cost of your Amazon cart value is higher than the value you specified while creating the virtual card. The virtual card is a prepaid card that requires some funds in it before you can use it for making payment hence, ensure you provide the correct value before creating it. Add all applicable fees like tax or shipping cost together with the product cost
  • Thirdly, it could be an issue at Klarna’s end and you can resolve this by checking with the customer support team to understand the reason why it is not working


How will Klarna handle the refund if the product is returned to Amazon for a defect?

In terms of refunds for the products you purchased using your Klarna on Amazon, the process differs depending on the route of the order.

  • If your order was through Abunda, you can directly return this product to Abunda who will then work with Amazon to process the refund. Once the fund is received from Amazon on your behalf, it will be paid back to your account through the original payment method for the transaction. This flow also applies when you buy gift cards with your purchasing credits
  • The other options are entirely managed by Klarna but you will have to return the product to Amazon who will then process the refund to Klarna. Once Klarna receives the refund, the original payment method will also be used to process it to your account



Amazon is an amazing platform to buy products you need for almost anything you can think of hence, the importance for you to be able to finance items when you are short on budget.

With alternative routes, you can seamlessly do this by using Klarna on Amazon to buy any product and pay later conveniently if you have an account.

Having it as one of the online stores where you can shop with your purchasing power means a lot, and you should keep it in your favorite store list for product financing.

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