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Klarna card supercharges how you pay in 4, here are tips to note

The Klarna card is a powerful pay-in-4 tool that makes it easy to split payments across several retailers online and offline but how can you maximize it?

Despite being one of the popular names in the split payment scene, Klarna still has a handful of merchants that do not accept it for installment purchasing.

This is something of concern especially for its millions of users who want the flexibility to use their shopping credit to buy at will at all retailers.

Now, there is a Klarna card which adds to many of the alternate routes the platform provides to allow you to use its service to finance products whenever and wherever you want to shop.

The Klarna Card

Klarna Card


Klarna is accepted at several online shopping platforms as well as many offline merchants for buying products and paying in installments without having to go through stress.

But purchasing products using your Klarna shopping credit on Amazon and some other retailers is not straightforward and the routes are usually limited as it might as well not work perfectly for your preferred merchant.

To handle this and give you more power in terms of where you can utilize your Klarna account, the provider introduced the debit card.

This debit card connects to your shopping credits assigned by Klarna and works very differently from the one-time valid virtual card it provides as you can reuse it multiple times as you wish.

 Features of the Klarna Card

Physical and virtual

The Klarna virtual card is accessible on the go using the app as the virtual version of it sits on your dashboard that you can use at will anywhere.

This card is also available in a physical form which you can request to use for making payments without the need to visit your app for its details every time, and also use it at will when you visit offline stores where Visa card is accepted.


Dual style designs to select from

Here are some features you might want to know regarding the Klarna Card:

Klarna Card Dual Design


You choose the card that fits your style from its black-colored version and its Klarna-themed pink color.

This you can choose when making your request for a physical copy of your Klarna card that will enable you to make payments in installments at a physical store as well as online without stress.


A global payment card

If you are a frequent user of its single-use virtual card, you possibly know this does not work for some merchants, most especially those retailers not within the United States or have different currencies apart from the USD.

In order to allow you the freedom to use your purchasing power at will at a preferred retailer, even if it is a foreign platform, you should go for the Klarna card.

This shopping tool works both locally and globally allowing you to use it when you go on vacation, and get some items from popular foreign retailers to a lot of others.


Added benefits of Klarna plus more

The Klarna card still utilizes your shopping credit to work hence, it does not require a different account before you can get yours.

All the other benefits you enjoy with using your Klarna account still apply, including interest-free payments, no impact on your credit score, rewards for using your card, and others.


Security controls in your app

You can totally handle the security of your Klarna card within the app.

Some of the amazing security features that allow you to manage your card seamlessly include the ability to free and unfreeze depending on your preference and when you want to or do not want to use it.

The freeze functionality is an amazing feature that enables you to avoid unexpected deductions for services you no more need but might have forgotten to remove your card details from it or against unforeseen situations where you misplaced the card.

On the app, there is also a menu that allows you to control where the card can be used, like enabling or disabling it to be usable on channels that include online, abroad payments, and through contactless devices.


Flexible monthly payment to keep it active

Though the Klarna card comes with amazing benefits compared to its single-use version, you are required to pay a monthly fee.

This monthly fee is $4.99 and it is required to keep it active for use. This amount is chargeable to your added preferred repayment method.


Currency converter for international payments

The Klarna card management interface also has a feature that enables you to check the exchange rate between USD and other currencies.

This is a vital functionality as it will give you an idea of how much will be charged to your account when you are shopping on a foreign merchant and want to pay with the Klarna card.

While Klarna does not charge any exchange fee, having an idea of how much you will spend from your purchasing power if you pay on a foreign retailer’s portal will keep you abreast so that you do not spend too much of what shopping credit is assigned to you.


Spend limit control

You can also set a budget of how much maximum to spend on a periodic basis.

An instance is, setting a limit for how much total you want to spend in an entire month. This is a feature that can help you avoid impulsive spending. 

Within the app, you can track the growth of your expenses with the card and the percentage of how close it is to your set maximum limit.

Once you hit the maximum as configured by you, the card will not be able to do more transactions until the start of the next period.


A Visa-powered Card

This NFC card provided by Klarna is powered by Visa hence, you will be able to use it at millions of shopping destinations.

Since almost all online retailers have a payment gateway that supports the acceptance of credit and/or debit cards, there is hardly anywhere it will not work provided the merchant supports transactions from foreign cards.


 What is Klarna Card limit?

The Klarna card has no defined limit as to how much maximum you can spend but as a general rule of thumb, you may not be able to use the card if the item or your cart value is less than $10.

If the card did not work as a result of a limit issue, it could also be because Klarna’s algorithm has automated a threshold as to what total you can spend using your card per day.

But there is also a user-defined limit that you can set up on your card to track your usage of the card in order to avoid overspending.


How to use your Klarna card in store

When it comes to using your card at any offline store, there are two ways that include:

Direct to POS

The Klarna physical card can be used to make payments at any merchant that accepts Visa cards.

You simply need to tap it on the POS device or insert depending on which works for you to complete the order in the physical outlet to spread the cost of the purchase payments.


Connect to digital wallets

The second method you can use to utilize your purchasing power offline with the Klarna card is by connecting it to any digital wallet that consists of Apple Pay and Google Pay.

To use this when you are done shopping and want to checkout, you can tap your device (iWatch or any other that has your wallet) on the sales payment acceptance POS to complete the payment.


How to connect Klarna card with Apple Pay

You can connect your Klarna card to your Apple Pay using the below method:

Connecting Klarna card to Apple Pay using iPhone

If you want to add your Klarna card to your Apple Pay account using an iPhone, follow the below steps:

  • In the wallet app, tap the + (add) button
  • Select the debit or credit card option and continue
  • Fill in the needed details (the card PAN, expiry date, and CVV)
  • Submit this to complete the process

Connecting Klarna card to Apple Pay using Apple Watch

If you want to add the card through your Apple Watch, the below steps apply:

  • You will also do this using your iPhone that is paired with your Apple Watch
  • Simply go to the Apple Watch app and select Wallet & Apple Pay from the My Watch tab
  • Tap the add card option
  • Select debit or credit card
  • Add the required details which you can get from your Klarna app in the form and continue
  • Once successful, you can use your Apple Watch to spread the cost of purchases when you visit in-store where Apple Pay is accepted 


Connecting Klarna card to Apple Pay using your iPad or Mac

You can also connect your Klarna card to Apple Pay through iPad and Mac. The processes involved are:

  • Launch the wallet setting on your iPad or Mac: this is available under Wallet & Apple Pay when you visit settings from your iPad or system preferences if you are adding with your Mac
  • Tap the add card button
  • Select debit or credit card
  • Add the required information in the form which you can get from your Klarna card details page on the app
  • After adding the details, click the Continue button 
  • Once successful, you can use your Klarna card to pay in 4 anywhere Apple Pay is accepted

Note: adding through Mac is possible if you have touch ID built-in. But if you do not have this feature on your Mac, you may be able to use the Klarna to Apple Pay functionality by enabling the option from your paired Apple Watch or iPhone by going to settings and turning on payments on Mac under the Wallet & Pay section


How to apply for a Klarna card

If you need a Klarna card, you can get yours by following the steps below:

Create an account or log in to an existing one

It is a must for you to have an account before you can get the Klarna hence, create it if you do not have one yet.

if you have an account, log in to your app to start the application process.


Select the Klarna card option when logged in

The Klarna card option is directly accessible from your dashboard once logged in.

You will need to click it to launch the page required for you to get one for yourself.

Click the create a card option

Once you are able to see the card page, you can select the relevant button to create one.

Once clicked, your Klarna card will be generated within a few minutes and you can start using it for pay-in-4 purchases with no restriction.

How to apply for a Klarna physical card

You can also request a Klarna physical card for shopping offline. This card will have different payment details from the virtual card and the steps to apply for one include:

Scroll to the physical card sub-page from the Klarna card section

You will need to visit the dedicated page for its physical card.

This page is meant to handle all the information concerning your physical card including its personal account number, the CVV, and the expiry date among others.

It will be empty and blanked out by default if you do not have a Klarna physical card yet. 


Click the request button

Once you are on this page, simply select the option form request placement to submit your intention to have a physical form of the Klarna card.

Once submitted, you will be notified in-app.

Wait for delivery

The physical card is not available immediately once you submit your request hence, you will need to exercise some patience for days for Klarna to handle the printing and delivery.

You can continue to enjoy the virtual card while waiting for its delivery as the virtual version can be used to shop at millions of merchants online and offline as well.

Klarna card FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Klarna card that could be relevant to you:

I couldn’t create a Klarna card, why?

While the Klarna card is available to all users to apply for, your request to have one may be declined for reasons such as:

  • You are a new customer and have not used Klarna to pay in 4 at any retailer. It is required that you must have at least used Klarna to make purchases and repaid to be eligible to apply and be approved for a Klarna card
  •  Your credit history has dropped. Klarna performs a soft check on your history when you are applying for its card hence, a poor credit standing will affect your eligibility for its pay-in-4 card
  • Maybe younger than 18 years. If you are below the age of 18, you will not be able to enjoy the services that come with having a Klarna account

If you think none of these above applies to you, try joining the wait list which is directly available on your app and you will be notified when you can get a Klarna card.

Alternatively, you may check with its support team to understand the reason why your request was declined.

How can I cancel my Klarna card?

If you do not want to have the Klarna card anymore or canceling it because you are unsure of all the places you have connected it to, especially to stop recurring deductions from services you do not need again, follow the steps below:

  • Tap the Klarna card option when logged in on your app
  • Go to settings when on the page
  • Click the cancel my card button and fill in a brief of why you are canceling it
  • Confirm and the card will be canceled

Unless you are canceling because do not want to continue the monthly subscription, you can utilize the replace card option if the intention is to stop recurring payments from services by following the steps below:

  • On the Klarna app page, click the Replace My Card option
  • Once done, new details will be made available to you

Things to note when canceling the Klarna card:

  • You will be exempted from paying the monthly subscription fee if you cancel it before the 20th of the current month
  • If the cancelation is for a physical card, you are required to cancel the virtual card version first


I could not make payment with my Klarna card, why?

If your Klarna card payment was declined, it could be because of the following reasons:

  • Above your shopping credit: check to ensure that the total value of the product you want to buy is not more than your purchasing power. This also includes any other charges like delivery or tax
  • Check if you set a limit yourself: the control functionality on your app may be affecting your usage of the card for purchase. If you are exceeding the monthly limit you configured for your card, it will also not work hence, you might want to alter that setting
  • Check if your card is frozen: this is also a functionality on the app and you might have used it to lock your card from being used for payments. Simply go to the card section and unfreeze it if it is frozen
  • You have pending repayments: while you can have multiple orders running on your Klarna account, if one of the attempts to charge your payment method for its bi-weekly repayment fails, you might be unable to use your Klarna card to make new purchases
  • You have reached a daily limit: to control usage and for security reasons, Klarna may apply a daily spending limit to your card hence, you might have to wait until the next day to retry

Can I do long-term financing with the Klarna card?

Yes, you will still be able to enjoy the long-term financing feature that comes with your account when you have the Klarna card.

This add-on service is entirely handled from your Klarna app when you are logged in.

The card is just a tool that expands the power of your Klarna account hence, you will still have access to all the things you could do with or without having the card.

How will I know how much I will be charged when paying with Klarna card on a foreign platform?

In terms of the pre-idea of how much your purchasing power will be charged when you make payment with your Klarna card on a foreign merchant’s portal, this is dependent on the existing exchange rate of the dollar to the currency of the receiving merchant.

If the merchant price is in USD, you do not have to worry about this as the amount you see is what will be deducted since Klarna does not charge any extra fee for using the card for payment.

In a case where the retailer has another currency say pound or euros, that is when you might want to consider having an idea.

In such a case where the currency differs from USD, Klarna provides an exchange rate converter which is accessible within the app.

You simply need to select the currency and specify the amount to get its value in dollars to have an idea of how much you will be charged.


The Klarna card is an amazing tool you should have to supercharge how you use the platform to spread your shopping payments into four.

With ample channels, this is one service every Klarna user should have for seamless usage anywhere and whenever you want to pay in four installments for your purchases.

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