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Where you can pay in 4 for flights using Klarna

Klarna flight booking sites make it seamless to directly pay in 4 for plane tickets when browsing through airline schedules.

With thousands of merchants accepting it globally, this is one brand that stands tall in the midst of buy now pay later providers.

Despite being so popular and maintaining a huge presence on several online shopping portals, its flight booking merchants are a few but we have covered how you can use it to book any airline and pay later.

Klarna Flight Booking Sites

In this guide, we have platforms where you can use your Klarna account directly to buy now and pay later for flights as well as alternative routes to book any airline of your choice:

 Directly supported Klarna flight booking sites

You can visit the platforms below, book flights and select Klarna when you want to make payment: allows you to book flights, reserve hotels, rent cars, go on cruises, and more.

Alternative Airlines

Book now and pay later on over 600 airlines in its fold using your Klarna account.

Book hotels and stays, rent cars, and flights, plus more with your Klarna credits.

Aegean Air

The largest Greek airline with add-on support for hotel booking, and car rental.

Turkish Airlines

The flag carrier of Turkey with flights to more than 300 destinations.


Direct Checkout


Flights, Hotels, Cars, Train

Tip: allows you to directly checkout when booking flights, hotels, and other travel needs on its website.


This platform is more of an all-in-one for your travel needs. You can handle your flight tickets, reserve a hotel, get a car on rental terms in the city you are traveling to and so many others.

It is a well-known aggregator ensuring you enjoy good savings when handling your trip needs by fetching and showing you different prices for many services which helps you save some funds by going for the best deals.

When it comes to its car rental service, you have access to ample cars spread across different countries globally and offered through its partner.

With your Klarna account, you can also get train rides to explore some fun without being bothered by its upfront cost. is structured for many travel needs hence, making it a single destination where you can handle your vacation needs. It has packages for cruises and tailor-made travel needs.

Alternative Airlines

American Airlines


Direct Checkout



Tip: Alternative Airlines provides a platform you can use to book flights and pay later with several payment options.


This is one amazing Klarna flight booking destination you can utilize to handle your air ticketing needs.

It has an amazing network of airlines with the capability to allow you to book flight schedules from over 600 air carriers.

Aside from being able to use your Klarna purchasing credit directly on Alternative Airlines, the platform supports several hundreds of others like PayPal Pay in 4, Zip, Uplift, and more you can use to spread the cost of your flights. 

With many airlines plying multiple routes on a daily basis, there is no doubt this is one platform where you can almost book any flight schedule using your Klarna account.



Direct Checkout


Flights, Hotels, Stays, Cruises, Cars

Tip: you can use your Klarna account directly when browsing on to split the cost of payments. is a brand well-known globally in the travel industry with different offerings that make vacation planning effortless.

Having it as one of the Klarna flight bookings supported merchants means that you have access to its amazing listing of airline schedules that you can buy and pay later without having to bother using the one-time card.

Its amazing services also include an interface that allows you to book hotels and reserve short-stay apartments when you are entering any city globally.

Other things you might be able to use your Klarna account to split payments on include car rentals, cruise packages, and vacation tours.

Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines


Direct Checkout


Flights, Hotels, Cars, Train

Tip: Aegean Airlines is a Greek giant carrier with amazing add-on services where you can also book now and pay later with Klarna.


No airline comes before Aegen Airlines when it comes to flight service providers in Greece in terms of its passengers and route coverage.

It is one of the Klarna flight booking destinations to use as it allows you to use your shopping credits to book international flights.

In addition to its flight services, you can also use the platform to handle other travel needs like hotel bookings and car hires when handling your trip needs.

With its intuitive interface, you can specify your travel preferences like departure date and your destination easily, and search to get the details of its flight schedules and costs.

 Alternative routes for Klarna flight booking

There are so many other airlines that are not Klarna flight-supported partners but you can utilize alternative payment routes to spread the cost of ticketing.

Some of these routes provided by Klarna include using:

  • Single-use virtual card
  • Klarna browser extension

How to use the one-time-valid Klarna virtual card for flight booking

The Klarna single-use virtual card can be generated when you are logged in to your account by specifying the cost of your ticket and other applicable fees.

Once you provide this and are able to create the virtual card, simply copy the details and enter them in the payment form provided on the flight booking portal to spread the cost of your plane ticket.

Alternatively, you can opt for the multi-use Klarna card which you can use at will without being bothered by having to re-generate new details every time.


How to use the Klarna extension for flight booking

The Klarna extension is available for the Chrome browser which you can install for seamless flight payment splitting.

Install it and visit the airline website or the portal of the booking provider. Provide the needed details including your name and destination.

Once you get to the payment page, the browser extension will be activated or simply click it to bring it up which you will then have to log in. Once available, the extension has the capability to auto-fill the payment details you can use to complete your booking.


 Non-direct supported Klarna flight booking sites you can use the alternate payment methods

With the other alternative payment routes provided by Klarna, you can book popular airlines and travel portals like:


Expedia enables you to book flights, reserve hotels, rent cars, and more. Pay with a Klarna card and extension.

American Airline

AA supports flight booking with add-ons like hotels and car rental. You can pay with a single-use Klarna card and extension.

Spirit Airlines

Get cruises, flights, hotels, rent cars, and more then pay with your Klarna virtual card.

Google Flights

Search for, compare, and book flights by using your one-time valid card.

Southwest Airlines

Book your flight tickets, reserve hotels, and pay for vacation packages with your Klarna card or the browser extension.


Enjoy discounted flight tickets, book stays and more by splitting the cost of payments with your Klarna card.


Compare prices on flights, hotels, and car rentals, and pay with your Klarna virtual card.


Pay for flights, book stays, rent cars, and other vacation packages by spreading payments with your Klarna card.

British Airways

Book and pay for flights on British Airways, the United Kingdom’s flight carrier with pay in installments using a Klarna card.

United Airlines

You can also use your Klarna card and the browser extension to book and make payments on the United Airlines portal.

Klarna Flight Booking FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Klarna flight booking experience:

Can I use the Klarna card to book flights at different airlines?

Yes, you can use the Klarna card to book flights at several airline and flight booking sites.

However, Klarna provides two different kinds of cards in terms of usability. The first is the one-time valid card which can be used once.

If you split the cost of the plane ticket purchase using the single-use virtual card, ensure to remove this card details from your booking provider as you will not be able to use it again for payment.

The other card provided is the multiple-use card which can be used for recurring flight booking needs. If you are a frequent traveler, it could be better for you to opt for this and use it seamlessly every time you want to make payments.


What is the limit for Klarna flight booking?

Klarna does not provide a separate limit for handling your booking needs rather, it works on your existing purchasing power assigned to you.

If you book directly from any of the Klarna flight-supported merchants or you use an alternative route to handle the booking, the funds will be deducted from your existing credit line.

Every time you book a flight with Klarna, your shopping credit reduces and will be added to your pay in 4 purchase history that needs to be repaid.


How many trips can I book with my Klarna account?

You can book as many trips with your Klarna account as you want provided the cost of all the trips can be handled by your purchasing power.

Klarna does not apply any limit to the number of trips you can have running rather, it is determined by the assigned purchasing credits available to you. 

To increase the number of trips you can enjoy with your Klarna account, try to always pay back as early as possible before the due date to increase the credit you can access.

The higher the value of the assigned credits, the higher the number of trips you can pay for with your Klarna account.


Going on trips can be fun and at the same time daunting if the cost is higher than what you budgeted.

Thankfully, you can opt for any of the Klarna flight partners and enjoy the pay-in-4 that comes with its service if you have an account that will enable you to spread the airline ticket cost into four installments.

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