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How Zilch Works for Buy Now Pay Later

Zilch provides a unique buy now pay later service that you can use on millions of shopping platforms with some perks involved.

You almost can finance anything even if you have a bad bureau profile, thanks to buy now pay later services that require no credit check before you can use them for split purchases.

While many of these providers require integrations before you can apply for financing on shopping websites, Zilch has a model with no such limitation.



Max. Amount


Credit Check


Tip: Zilch provides a Mastercard you can use to pay in four at several online stores. You can also use the card in-store through digital wallets.


Zilch redefines the buy now, pay later experience by integrating innovative features that go beyond traditional payment methods.

As a virtual card-based buy now pay later provider, it offers a distinctive approach that sets it apart in the competitive market.


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Key to its appeal is its virtual Mastercard that provides users with an added layer of security by remaining locked when not in use.

Unlocking the card via the Zilch dashboard ensures controlled access, preventing unauthorized transactions and enhancing user confidence in the platform’s commitment to data protection.

Its flexibility extends to its pay-in-4 option, facilitating seamless transactions at thousands of retail platforms accepting debit cards, including major players like Amazon and Best Buy.

This versatility empowers users with choices, allowing them to schedule payments in installments or make a one-time payment while earning a 2% cashback.

Beyond transactional benefits, Zilch has a rewarding system that incentivizes users to reduce their overall repayment amounts.

Through friend referrals and a one-off payment option, users can accumulate rewards credited to their Reward wallets, offering a tangible financial incentive for usage.

While it currently does not issue physical debit cards, its virtual card could be used in stores supporting Apple Pay and Google Pay or any other digital wallet, enhancing its utility for in-store purchases.

How Zilch Works


The platform provides a split payment virtual card that you can use to spread payments across several shopping websites with very little to no limitations, depending on the retailer.

This Zilch card is powered by Mastercard making it usable almost everywhere, making it one of the best apps to use for buy now pay later purchases.


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Here is a detailed breakdown of how Zilch works:

1. Sign-Up and Approval:
Customers begin by signing up for Zilch, a process designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Upon approval, users gain access to a virtual payment card embedded with a personalized credit balance.


2. Virtual Payment Card:
Zilch issues customers a virtual payment card, leveraging the MasterCard network. This card empowers users to make purchases at a vast network of retailers globally, wherever MasterCard is accepted globally.


3. Pay in Four – Flexible Repayment:
Zilch works on a pay-in-4 financing model, customers are required to make an initial payment of 25% of the purchase cost immediately.

The remaining balance is then divided into three equal parts, each payable every two weeks.

This approach stands in stark contrast to traditional interest-bearing credit cards, where customers may opt for minimum payments, leading to prolonged repayment periods that span years.


4. Pay in One – Cashback Rewards:
Customers have the flexibility to use their virtual Zilch card to pay for the entire purchase in one go.

By doing so, they unlock a unique benefit of 2% cashback in Zilch Rewards.

This cashback can be seamlessly utilized to discount future purchases, creating an enticing incentive for customers to consolidate their payments and earn tangible rewards.


How to Use Zilch for Buy Now Pay Later


To start using the platform for spread payments at your favorite retailers, simply follow the below process:


Visit the website and click the ” Sign In” button

Before you can start using Zilch for payments, you will need to create an account and complete some documentation process.

To begin, simply click the Sign In button to be redirected to the registration page.

This option will show you a page asking for login but underneath, you can select the Sign Up button to start a new registration.


Enter your email, set a password, and accept terms

Once you click the “Sign Up” button, you will be directed to the signup page where you will be prompted to enter your email.

Zilch Registration Page

Additionally, you will need to establish a password for your account and agree to its terms and conditions before advancing.

Simply enter the required details, fulfill any other necessary actions, and finalize the process by clicking the “Create Account” button below.


Provide your valid phone number

Like many other buy now, pay later services, you are required to supply your active mobile phone number for verification.

A one-time password (OTP) will be sent to your inbox for validation.

Input your accurate phone number and select the “Verify” button to receive the OTP. Enter this code during the verification process.

Upon successful confirmation of your provided number, you can proceed to the next stage by clicking the “Continue” button.


Provide other details required for soft inquiry

After the successful verification of your number, you can advance to the subsequent steps, where the platform aims to gather more information about you.

Verification of your email is essential, and Zilch will also need details such as your name, social security number, and payment method.

Please be aware that the platform mandates the submission of your government-issued ID and proof of address for your current residence (a minimum residency of three months is required).


Search for a store on the Zilch app

Open the Zilch app and explore various stores either by browsing through the app’s interface or utilizing the search bar.

The platform offers a diverse range of popular merchants, ensuring you have ample options for your shopping needs.

Note that this step is not required if you have Zilch Anyweher enabled, this feature allows you to use your card anywhere without having to preset it but it comes with a cost when used for payments.


Choose a payment plan

Decide on your preferred payment plan. Zilch provides flexibility with two options:

  • Pay Over 6 Weeks: Select this option if you prefer to spread the cost of your purchase over six weeks. This option offers a structured installment plan.
  • Pay Now: Opt for this if you wish to make an immediate one-time payment for your entire purchase. This will let you earn rewards that can be redeemed for discounts.


Enable your Mastercard for use in checking out

Click on the “Enable Card” option. This step is crucial for initiating the process of using your Zilch virtual card for the selected purchase.

Enabling the card will allow you to use it seamlessly with the checkout process, streamlining your shopping experience.


Copy the details and paste them into the payment fields

Once the card is enabled, tap your Zilch card to copy its details which you can input on the payment form to complete the transaction.

How to Use Zilch In-store


With the platform operating primarily through its virtual card, it can be used to buy groceries and pay later, handle bills, and other purchases online and in-store.

To use Zilch in-store, simply follow the below guide to add the card to any digital wallet for offline payments:


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Access Your Zilch Account:

Begin by logging in to your Zilch account. Navigate to the “My Account” section to initiate the process.

Configure Zilch Card Settings:

Within your account, select the “Zilch Card Settings” option. This step is pivotal in customizing your Zilch card for seamless in-store transactions.

Integrate Zilch Card with Your Digital Wallet:

Click on “Add your Zilch card to your digital wallet.” This integration simplifies your in-store experience, allowing you to leverage the Tap and Pay feature for swift transactions.

Tap and Pay On the Go:

Once your Zilch card is successfully added to your digital wallet, you can effortlessly Tap and Pay during your in-store visits.

This contactless payment method enhances convenience and expedites your checkout process.

Payment Settings for Flexibility:

For users opting to Pay over 6 weeks, visit the “Payment Settings” within the Zilch app.

Here, you can select your default purchase setting, ensuring a seamless transition between payment plans and pay-in-full on your preferences.

Zilch Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the use of Zilch for buy now pay later shopping:


What is Zilch?

It provides consumers with a flexible and transparent payment solution that allows them to make purchases and spread the cost over time.

Users can sign up for a Zilch account, receive a virtual card, and use it to make purchases at various retailers.

Is Zilch legit?

Yes, it is a legitimate financing provider offering a service to help individuals buy now and pay later for different items such as furniture, electronics, bills, to so many others and pay back within six weeks,

It comes with other perks such as cashback rewards when you pay in full using your Zilch card and also build credit score by reporting to the major bureaus.

Can you pay in-store with Zilch?

Yes, you can use your Mastercard for in-store purchases by adding it to any of your digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and others.

While it allows for seamless in-store BNPL purchases, note that you need to activate the payment plan by logging into your app and presetting the card before you can use it for buy now pay later checkout in-store.

Is Zilch a pay monthly option?

No, it is not a monthly payment financing option rather, weekly as you can spread payment when using the platform for up to a maximum of six weeks.

You are expected to pay back in four within 6 weeks hence, it does not support monthly repayment.

Does Zilch check credit?

It assesses your eligibility using a soft credit inquiry, a process that evaluates creditworthiness without affecting your credit score.

This approach enables users to explore the service without concerns about negative impacts on their credit standing.

By examining factors such as payment history and financial stability through a soft credit check, the platform strives to make well-informed decisions regarding a user’s capability to effectively manage deferred payments.

The use of a soft credit inquiry underscores the platform’s commitment to providing a user-friendly and transparent experience in the evaluation of financial eligibility.

What documents does Zilch require?

To successfully use the platform and access its services, ensure you have the following requirements in place:

Valid US Debit Card:
Possess a valid US debit card, as it serves as a key component for your transactions and engagement with Zilch’s buy now, pay later platform.

US Mobile Phone Number:
Provide an active US mobile phone number, which is crucial for account verification and communication. It utilizes this contact method to enhance security and keep users informed about their transactions.

Email Address:
Have a functional email address that will be associated with your account. This email serves as a means of communication, and it is essential for account registration and updates.

Additionally, prepare the following documents for the verification process:

Government-Issued Photo ID:
Provide a government-issued photo ID to verify your identity. This could be a driver’s license, passport, or any other recognized form of identification. The platform employs this step to ensure the security and legitimacy of its users.

Proof of Address (Dated Within the Last 3 Months):
Submit a document as proof of your current address, and ensure it is dated within the last three months. This can include utility bills, bank statements, or official letters displaying your name and address. This verification step is part of its measures to confirm your residency and enhance the integrity of its services.

By meeting these requirements and submitting the necessary documentation, you can seamlessly engage with Zilch, enjoying the benefits of its buy now, pay later platform while adhering to the platform’s security and verification processes.

Can I use Zilch to pay my bills?

Yes, you can use the platform to buy now and pay later for bills using the Mastercard it offers.

To enjoy this, simply upgrade your account to Zilch Anywhere which will increase the power of the virtual card to be used everywhere and not just the retailers within its marketplace.

Is Zilch safe to use?

Yes, the platform is safe to use for purchase financing and it is one of the top buy now pay later services that enjoys good ratings on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

What is the maximum amount Zilch offers?

The maximum amount that you can access when using the buy now pay later card depends on your assigned purchasing power.

However, Its maximum spending limit is $1,000 and you cannot exceed this whether paying online or in-store.

How can I increase my Zilch spending limit?

Maximizing your buying potential on the platform is achieved not only by consistently meeting repayment obligations but also through its pay-in-one feature.

Opting for pay-in-one involves using your virtual card for immediate purchases which will be debited directly from your connected repayment method.

This practice contributes to bolstering your creditworthiness, creating a positive impact on your profile, and ultimately resulting in an increased spending limit.

By strategically utilizing pay-in-one transactions, users can proactively enhance their financial standing on the platform.

Does Zilch report to the credit bureaus?

The platform reports your repayment history to credit bureaus, fostering a positive influence on your credit score.

Punctual and steady payments showcase financial responsibility and reliability, pivotal elements in credit scoring algorithms.

As you fulfill deferred payments in alignment with the agreed terms, this commendable financial conduct is apt to manifest in your credit report.

Accumulating a track record of prudent credit management over time holds the potential to enhance your credit score significantly.

This has far-reaching effects, potentially simplifying your access to credit on favorable terms in the future.

Does Zilch work in the US?

Yes, it works in the US and you can use it to spread payments for everyday needs at your favorite retailers, both online and when you visit their physical outlets.

Does Zilch’s late payments affect credit score?

Yes, when you do not pay back on time or default repayments, it will affect your credit score as Zilch reports activities to the major credit bureaus.

How can I contact Zilch?

You can contact Zilch through the chat channel on the app, their social media channels, or simply check the help center if your need is addressed there.


Zilch’s reporting of repayment activities to credit bureaus not only facilitates responsible financial behavior but also has the potential to positively impact users’ credit scores.

Encouraging timely payments and demonstrating financial reliability paves the way for you to build a favorable credit history, which can have broader implications for your financial future.

Whether you want to purchase online or in-store, Zilch is an option that should be on your list when you need a buy now pay later, especially to fix a bad credit profile.

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