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How to Use Whole Foods Amazon Lockers

Whole Foods Amazon Lockers aren’t there for fancy, they let you receive your packages in an interesting way and also for returns.

Amazon package lockers are available at several locations with many equipped with digital screens that enable you to take your parcels out of the drawers at ease.

There are many of these at Whole Foods locations allowing users to come in for picking up their packages and also processing product returns.

What are Whole Foods Amazon Lockers Used for?


The Amazon Lockers stationed at Whole Foods are for receiving packages delivered from Amazon and for stress-free processing of returns.

Whole Foods Amazon Locker

When placing orders online on Amazon, users usually search for and add package lockers close to them which will then be used to deliver the parcels that they can pick up later once the item arrives at the hub location where the locker is stationed.

It is totally free to use the package lockers at Whole Foods if you have an Amazon Prime account.

How to use Amazon Lockers at Whole Foods


The Amazon Lockers you see at Whole Foods locations are primarily used for goods pick-ups and processing of package returns to Amazon.

But before you can even do a pickup or return, you must have used it for shipping packages.

Before we look at using them at Whole Foods, how do you even ship packages to Whole Foods Amazon Lockers?

 Shipping from Amazon to Whole Foods Lockers

The first step to using an Amazon Locker at Whole Foods is shipping your Amazon orders to one of its lockers close to you:

Here is how Amazon assigns a parcel locker for your package delivery at Whole Foods:

Go to the Amazon Lockers page

The Amazon Lockers directory lists all the locations of parcel lockers where you can pick up your shipped items. This directory provides the following information:

  • Parcel Locker Name: Identifies the specific locker that holds your item, especially if there are multiple Amazon Lockers at your choice Whole Foods location.
  • Operating Hours: Shows when you can visit to collect your item.
  • Address of the Hub Station: The physical location of the locker.

Sometimes, you might also receive a notification regarding the access method, particularly if your chosen locker requires unlocking through the Amazon mobile app.

Type your address into the provided field

To find the nearest Amazon Locker station, click on the address field to enable text entry, and then enter your address.

If there is a Whole Foods Amazon Locker close to where you live, it will show you the details. 

Amazon Locker Address Search


Keep in mind that once the results are shown, some will come with specific instructions. In some cases, you may be required to use your mobile app to access your item when it is delivered to the Whole Foods parcel hub station.

If you do not have the Amazon app or prefer the option of having a colleague or friend assist you with the pickup, it is advisable to select a location that does not demand mobile app access.

Select “Add to address book”

Once you have located the nearest Whole Foods package locker, simply click on the “Add to address book” button to save it to your Amazon address list.

Upon clicking this option, you will receive a confirmation message like “Pickup Location added. You can select it from your addresses at checkout.”

While it may be tempting to copy and paste the address into your delivery field, Amazon recommends using the provided button for a smoother process.

Navigate to your cart and proceed with the checkout process

Having successfully added a nearby Whole Foods Amazon Locker to your address list, proceed to the cart page. Here, you can review the items in your cart to ensure they meet your preferences and make any adjustments if necessary.

Once you are satisfied with your cart, click the “Proceed to checkout” button to continue.

Choose the Whole Foods Amazon Locker address you added from the options listed under “Choose a shipping address.”

Next, you will want to select the added address as your preferred shipping option. You can refer to the sample image below for guidance:


Select Amazon Locker Hub for Delivery


There is a possibility that you may come across a message like “This Amazon Pickup location is currently full. Please select another address or pickup location.”

If you encounter this message, it is recommended to return to the previous step and add a different Whole Foods Amazon Locker station that is closer to your address. However, if you do not receive this message, you can proceed to the next step without any changes.

To continue, click the “Use this address” button

Once you have confirmed your selection of the parcel locker address, simply click the “Use this address” button to progress to the subsequent steps, which include payment and order review.

Take a moment to double-check everything and complete the payment to finalize your order. After your order is successfully placed, Amazon will provide you with instructions on how to retrieve your item at Whole Foods.

 Collecting Your Package at the Designated Whole Foods Amazon Locker

The second step outlines how to retrieve your item after Amazon has notified you that it is available at the Whole Foods Amazon Locker. Please wait until you receive this message from Amazon.

Here is the process for picking up your delivered package from the Amazon Locker:

Move towards the digital screen

Many of the Amazon Lockers at Whole Foods locations feature digital screens, allowing people to retrieve their packages using various methods as per the provided instructions.


Amazon Locker with Screen


When you arrive at the chosen Whole Foods delivery address, approach the screen to initiate the process if the locker supports touch interaction.

Input your access code or scan the QR

Your method of access will depend on your selection during the shipping process. If you chose an address that does not require a mobile app, simply enter the code into the designated field or select the option of QR and scan the code to authenticate and gain access to your package.

Observe the drawers and identify the one that opens

Once your access code is successfully verified, the relevant drawer will unlock.

Just head over to the open drawer to retrieve your package.

Collect your item and then securely close the drawer

After the drawer is unlocked, take your package and be sure to close the drawer securely.

Retrieving Your Package from a Whole Foods Amazon Locker with No Screen

Whole Foods Amazon Locker with No Screen

If the Whole Foods Amazon Locker you selected does not have a screen for entering an access code, follow these steps:


Turn on location and Bluetooth on the phone with the Amazon app

Given the absence of a screen on the locker, your sole means of establishing a connection is via Bluetooth.

Enabling your location serves a security purpose, verifying that you are at the correct pickup location before granting access to the drawer containing your package.

Open your app and navigate to the “Orders” section

Once you have successfully activated Bluetooth and location on your phone, start your Amazon app.

After launching it, visit your order page to view the list of your available orders for delivery.

For the correct order, choose the “Track Package” option and then click “Start Pickup.”

Select the order you want to pick up and click the “Track Package” button to see the page.

Once you have done this, click the “Start Pickup” option to start a connection with the Amazon Locker.

Once the connection is successfully established, continue to the next step.

Click on the “Open Locker” button

With the connection established between your device, app, and the locker, proceed to click the “Open Locker” button.

Keep an eye on the drawers, and look for the one that opens for pickup.

Upon selecting the option to open the locker, one of the compartments holding your package will unlock, allowing you to retrieve your item.

Be sure to close the compartment after collecting your package.

How to return Amazon packages through Whole Foods


The Whole Foods Amazon Lockers also accept returns and the step is also very easy as given below: 

Login to Amazon and go to the Returns Center

The Amazon Returns Center is where you will start the request process for returning a package to Amazon.

This page contains details of a few things to note regarding processing your returns but, ensure the item meets the following before you proceed:

  • Items should be new and unopened

  • Should be sold and fulfilled by Amazon

  • The return period is within 30 days of delivery hence, you may not be able to get your refund if the item you want to return is later than 30 days

A tip for you is if the 30-day window for your package is almost near (maybe in like 2 or 3 days), it will be best for you to cover the cost of the return postage and ship the package to the address provided on the return label because it is not guaranteed that the Whole Foods Amazon Locker you want to use will have a space to receive the return which can cause further delay.

If you are fine with everything and your 30-day window is still very much in place, you can continue to the next step.


On the return page once you are satisfied with the idea of using the Whole Foods Amazon Locker to process your package returns, click the “START A RETURN IN YOUR ORDERS” button. 

Amazon Start a Return


This action will open the “Your Orders” page on Amazon where you will see the list of all the orders you have, usually in the last three months.

Select the affected order and click “Start a Return”

Once you have identified the order that is affected and needs to be returned, simply select the option for “Start a Return”.

Click that to begin the request process for that very order.

Choose return to a package locker and select the nearest Whole Foods Amazon Locker to you

This is very important as selecting this will enable you to receive instructions on how to drop it off at the nearby Whole Foods Amazon Locker.

Once you have selected your preferred drop-off location, provide other needed details and submit.

Visit Whole Foods Amazon Locker Site with your access code and package for drop-off

Once you have submitted the request, Amazon will send you an email containing instructions on how you can drop the package at your selected Whole Foods Amazon Locker location.

Visit the hub location with the package and the received instructions to return the item.

You will either enter the access code to drop it in one of the compartments or try using the Bluetooth method if your chosen Whole Foods Amazon Locker is not digital screen enabled.

Whole Foods Amazon Lockers FAQs


Here are some common questions people ask about using Whole Foods Amazon Lockers:

Why is the Whole Foods Amazon Locker I picked not appearing during checkout?

Several factors could account for the absence of your selected Amazon Locker address when trying to input shipping details, and this is often linked to the inclusion of products that are not eligible for locker delivery in your cart.

Which items qualify for Whole Foods Amazon Lockers delivery?

To qualify for delivery to one of the Whole Foods Amazon Lockers, please check to ensure the following conditions are met:

1. The total order value should not exceed $5,000.
2. All items in the order must be sold or fulfilled by
3. The shipping weight should be less than 10 lbs.
4. The product dimensions should fit within 16 x 12 x 14 inches.
5. The shipment must not contain any hazardous materials.
6. The order should not include Subscribe & Save items.
7. The order must not include items designated for Release-Date Delivery.
8. The order must not include items shipped from other countries.

If your items meet the above criteria, you can use Amazon Locker for your delivery at checkout.

Is there any fee for using the Whole Foods Amazon Lockers for shipping or returns?

Whole Foods Amazon Lockers incur fees for shipping use; however, Prime members can utilize them at no cost.

Amazon Prime users enjoy free access to these lockers, while non-Amazon Prime members will need to pay a fee for using them for package delivery.

Regarding package returns, it is free to use the lockers for all Amazon customers.

Is it possible to have packages from other retailers delivered to Whole Foods Amazon Lockers?

The Whole Foods Amazon Lockers are typically designed for Amazon orders, and they are not intended to receive shipments from other shopping platforms or retailers.

They are primarily for Amazon deliveries, pickups, and returns.

If you need to receive packages from other shopping platforms, you may want to explore alternative delivery options like the Adoorn package box or consider using a more general parcel locker service if available in your area.

I have not received the access code for the chosen Whole Foods Amazon Locker. What should I do in this situation?

When your item has been delivered to the Whole Foods Amazon Locker station, Amazon typically sends you an email notification.

However, if you did not receive this email notification but your tracking information shows that your item has arrived at the locker location, you can take the following steps to check:

1. Go to Amazon and access your message page, which can be found in your account settings.
2. Check for any messages related to accessing the locker.
3. If you find a message, follow the instructions provided in the message.

If there is no message in your account, you can visit the locker location and inquire with the counter attendant to confirm the issue.

In case your locker location does not have an attendant, you can contact Amazon’s support team to address the situation.

What is the maximum duration I can keep my package in the Whole Foods Amazon Locker?

You have a three-day window to collect your package from the Whole Foods Amazon Locker.

If you do not retrieve it within this time frame, Amazon will automatically start the return process for the item and refund your payment.

Is it possible for someone else to collect my package from the Whole Foods Amazon Locker on my behalf?

Indeed, you can designate someone to assist in retrieving your item from the Whole Foods Amazon Locker location, provided that they possess the required access details.

Make sure to provide the person helping you with the essential access information required to open the locker.

The Whole Foods Amazon Locker address I chose appears to be at full capacity. What are my options in this situation?

If the Whole Foods Amazon Locker hub location you picked is full, it will display a notification indicating that it cannot accept additional packages.

In such a scenario, the recommended course of action is to return to the Amazon Locker directory page and choose a different address.


Amazon Lockers offers an excellent solution for tailored package deliveries, allowing you to have them conveniently shipped to your preferred nearby location when you are uncertain about being at home to receive them.

Being able to process returns to one of the Whole Foods Amazon Lockers will also save you the stress of walking miles, including not having to pay for postage.

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