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How Amazon Lockers Let You Receive Your Packages Amazingly

Amazon lockers let you ship your packages safely even when you are not around, and it is fully secured and totally free if you’re on Prime.

Package lockers are so fascinating with how they assign digital keys that secure your packages and Amazon provides some of the best around with Prime customers paying nothing to use them for deliveries.

You do not have to pay for a lot on Amazon these days, right? Even buy now pay later apps for Amazon let you shop without paying upfront, doubling your power to get what you need when you do not have much at hand. And you can conveniently have them delivered to one of the Amazon lockers closest to you for pick-up.

How to use Amazon Lockers for Shipping and Returning Packages

The below explains the steps you need to use the Amazon Lockers for package deliveries and returns:

 Assigning an Amazon Locker to Your Order

The first step to using an Amazon Locker for shipping is first assigning it to your order, which is more like adding a new address where you want your items delivered.

Below is the process of assigning a parcel locker that will be used to receive your Amazon package:

Visit the Lockers directory

The Amazon Lockers directory contains all the locations of its parcel lockers you can use to receive your items when they are shipped.

On this page, you will find parcel locker addresses that include the following:

  • Parcel locker name: this is to identify the particular locker that has your item especially if your location has more than one Amazon Locker
  • Operating hours that will show you when you should visit the hub location for pick-up
  • Address of the hub station

You might also see a notification informing you about the access method, especially if your select locker needs unlocking through the Amazon mobile app

Enter your address on the text field

Click the address field to activate it for text entry and fill in your address to get the nearest Amazon Locker station to you.

Amazon Locker Address Search


Note that when the results are displayed, there will be special instructions and some will indicate you will need your mobile app before you will be able to access your item when delivered to the parcel hub station.

If you do not have the Amazon app or want the possibility of asking your colleague or friend to help you pick it up, it will be better to choose a location that does not require access using the mobile application.

Click “Add to address book”

Once you have identified the closest package locker to you, simply click the “Add to address book” button to save this to your address list on Amazon.

After clicking that option, you will be notified of a successful addition usually with a message like “Pickup Location added. You can select it from your addresses at checkout.”

You might be tempted to copy the address and paste it into your delivery address field. Even though it could work, Amazon advises against doing that hence, use the button instead.

Go to your cart and proceed to checkout

Since you have successfully added a nearby Amazon Locker to your list, simply go to the cart page and review all the items in your cart so that everything is fine as intended by you or adjust if needed.

Once you are satisfied with your cart and everything in it, you can click the “Proceed to checkout” button.

Select the added Amazon Locker address under “Choose a shipping address”

Now, you will need to select the added address as your preferred for shipping. See the image below as a sample reference:


Select Amazon Locker Hub for Delivery


It is possible to have a situation similar to “This Amazon Pickup location is currently full. Please select another address or pickup location.” 

If this message appears, it will be best for you to go back and add a new Amazon Locker station closer to you but if you did not get such a message, you can proceed to the next step.

Select the “Use this address” button to proceed to completion

Once you are fine with the parcel locker address selection, simply click the “Use this address button” to proceed to the next processes that include payment and order review.

Check everything and make payment to complete the order process.

Once your order is successfully placed, Amazon will send you instructions on how to pick up your item.

 Package Pick-up at Assigned Amazon Locker Location

This second step explains how you will pick up your item once you have been informed by Amazon that it has arrived at the hub hence, you should hold on until you have received this message from Amazon.

Here is the process to pick up your delivered package from the Amazon Locker:

Go to the tab screen

Most of the Amazon Lockers are equipped with tablets that enable everyone to pick up their packages using different methods based on the instructions sent.

Amazon Locker with Screen

Once you are at the location of your selected delivery address,  simply move towards the screen to start the process if the locker supports tab.

Enter your access code or scan the QR

Depending on your choice when you were making your shipping selection, you will either be required to use text codes or the option to scan a QR.

If your option is text code, simply enter that in the field but if yours requires QR, select the appropriate option and scan to authenticate and give you access to your package.

Watch the drawers and see which one opens

Once your access code is successfully validated, the appropriate drawer will open.

Simply move towards the opened drawer for your package.

Pick up your item and close it

Once it is opened, pick up your package and close the drawer.

 Package Pick-up at an Assigned Amazon Locker Location with No Screen

Amazon Locker with No Screen

If your chosen pick-up parcel locker does not have a screen for an access code, follow the steps below:

Enable location and Bluetooth on your phone that has the Amazon app installed

Since the locker does not have a screen, you can only establish a connection with it through your Bluetooth.

The essence of turning your location on is for security to ensure that you are at the right location for the pick-up before you will be allowed to activate the drawer that has your package.


Launch your app and go to orders

After successfully enabling the Bluetooth and location on your phone, you will need to start your Amazon application.

Once you have launched it, go to your order page to see the list of your available orders for delivery.


On the right order, select the “Track Package” option and click “Start Pickup”

Select the order you want to pick up and click the “Track Package” button to see the page.

Once you have done this, click the “Start Pickup” option to start a connection with the Amazon Locker.

Once the connection is successfully established, continue to the next step.


Select the “Open Locker” button

Now that there is a connection between your device, app, and the locker, simply go ahead and click the “Open Locker” button.


Monitor drawers for one that will open for pickup

Once you click the option to open the locker, one of the spaces containing your package will open and you can proceed to pick up your item.

Simply close it after you have taken the package.

How to return packages through Amazon Lockers


The Amazon Lockers also accept returns and the step is also very easy as given below: 

Login to Amazon and go to the Returns Center

The Amazon Returns Center is where you will begin the request process for returning a package.

This page has details of things to know about processing your returns but, ensure the item meets the following before you continue with the request:

  • The package must be new and unopened

  • It is an item sold and fulfilled by Amazon

  • The return period is within 30 days of delivery hence, you may not be able to get your refund if the item you want to return is passed the 30-day limit

Consider this advice: if your 30-day return window is approaching, approximately within 2 or 3 days, it would be wise to take charge of the return postage cost and dispatch the package to the address specified on the return label.

This is recommended because there is no assurance that the desired Amazon Locker will have available space to accommodate the return, potentially leading to additional delays.

If you are content with the current situation and your 30-day window is still well within its timeframe, you may proceed to the next step.


On the return page after you are fine with the idea of using the Amazon Locker to process your package returns, click the “START A RETURN IN YOUR ORDERS” button. 

Amazon Start a Return


Clicking the link will open the “Your Orders” page on Amazon where you can see the list of all the orders you have within the last three months.

Select the order you want to return and click “Start a Return”

Upon identifying the affected order requiring return, simply opt for the “Start a Return” option.

Click on it to initiate the request process for the specific order in question.

Choose return to a package locker and select the nearest Amazon Locker to you

This step is crucial as choosing this option will grant you instructions on how to drop off the item at the nearest Amazon Locker.

After selecting your preferred drop-off location, add any additional required details and proceed to submit the request.

Visit the Amazon Locker location with your access code and package for drop-off

After submitting the request, Amazon will send you an email providing instructions on how to drop off the package at your chosen Amazon Locker location.

Visit the site with both the package and the provided instructions to proceed.

You can either input the access code to place the package in one of the compartments or if your selected Amazon Locker lacks a digital screen, attempt the Bluetooth method for submission.

When You’ll Need Amazon Lockers

The Amazon Lockers are of course essential for deliveries and special needs like the below:

Not at home to receive the shipment

When you are unsure of being at home on the scheduled delivery date, using the Amazon Lockers will save you from the unnecessary stress of wondering how you will receive your item.

Once the item is delivered, you can even ask a friend to help you pick it up and take it home.


Passerby Pick-up

It is possible you are somewhere and will want the item shipped down to a nearby location where you can pick it up on your way back home.

Going back, you will just have to stop by and pick up your package before you continue your trip home.


Delivering an item to a friend who lives in another city

If you are unsure of a friend’s address and planning a birthday gift, for instance, you can use the Amazon Lockers to plan your surprises.

Once the items arrive at the hub location of your provided address, you will just send the details to your friend who will then go there and pick it up.


Using Amazon Lockers for Shipping FAQs

Below are some of the common questions asked regarding the use of Amazon Lockers for shipping packages:

What is Amazon Locker?

You can look at Amazon Lockers like your kitchen cabinet at home that holds items that you only take out when needed.

In the case of these lockers, they are publicly available for receiving all orders from Amazon specified to be delivered to such locker address.

For added security, it is not easily accessible like the Kitchen cabinet since it is available for general use by Amazon customers hence, you will always require an access code to open the correct drawer that has the item delivered.

Why am I not seeing the Amazon Locker address I selected when checking out?

There are many reasons related to not seeing your selected Amazon Locker address when you want to fill in the shipping details which are mostly related to ineligible products in your cart.

What products are eligible for Amazon Lockers delivery?

To be eligible for Amazon Locker delivery, please ensure the following criteria:

1. The total order value should not exceed $5,000.
2. All items in the order must be either sold or fulfilled by
3. The shipping weight should be less than 10 lbs.
4. The product dimensions need to fit within 16 x 12 x 14 inches.
5. The shipment must not include any hazardous materials.
6. The order should not contain Subscribe & Save items.
7. The order must not include items designated for Release-Date Delivery.
8. The order must not include items shipped from other countries.

Once your items tick the above requirements, you will be able to use the Amazon Locker at checkout.

Is there any fee for using the Amazon Lockers for shipping or it is free?

While the Amazon Lockers do require fees to use them, they are available for use with no charge for all Prime members.

So it is free for Amazon Prime users while non-Amazon Prime users will pay a fee to use the lockers for package delivery.

Can I ship from another shopping platform to the Amazon Lockers?

There are two types of Amazon Lockers that include:
1. Amazon Hub Locker: is available to all Amazon customers and it is specifically designed to receive Amazon packages.

2. Amazon Apartment Locker: is solely accessible to residents and is not open to the public. It is designed to receive packages from any sender.

While you can access the first locker at public places like Whole Foods, the second is for residential use, especially multifamily buildings and they can be used to receive packages from any retailer.

If you want to receive items from another retailer to a package locker but there is no Amazon Apartment Locker where you live, you can consider an alternative like the Adoorn personal package lockers.

What are Amazon Locker’s hours of operation?

The hours of operation of Amazon Lockers vary per location.

To get the full details as to when to visit a locker location, simply visit the directory and search to see this information.

I did not receive the access code for the Amazon Locker, what can I do?

When your item has been delivered to the Amazon Locker station, you will be notified through an email but if you did not receive this message but your item shows it has arrived at the location from the tracking page, you can do the following to check:

1. Visit Amazon and navigate to your message page. You can find this under the account
2. Read through if there is a message about accessing the locker there
3. If it is there, you can proceed with the instruction given in the body of the message

If the message is not there, you can visit the parcel location and check with the counter attendant to confirm the issue.

If your location does not have an attendant, you can raise a complaint with the Amazon support team.

How long can I leave my package in an Amazon Locker?

You are granted a period of three days to retrieve your package from an Amazon Locker. If after this period you have not picked up your package, Amazon will automatically initiate the return process for the item and issue a refund to you.

Can a friend pick up my package from an Amazon Locker?

Yes, you can send anyone to help pick up your item from an Amazon Locker but the person must have the access details.

Ensure to send the needed credentials to the person helping you to collect your item from the locker.

The Amazon Locker address I selected shows full, what can I do?

When the Amazon Locker hub location you selected has reached its peak, it will show a notification letting you know that the address cannot receive any more packages.

The best thing to do in this situation is to go back to the Amazon Locker directory page and select a new address.


Using Amazon Lockers is an amazing feature to get your packages delivered the way you want and to the nearest places of your choice when you are not sure of your presence at home to receive them.

However, ensure that you check your Amazon-sent instructions and understand them before you visit the hub location to make things faster for you.

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