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How Stoneberry Works for Buy Now Pay Later

Stoneberry offers a line of credit that you can use to buy products in its catalog that contains items in varying categories.

When it comes to buy now pay later catalog providers, this is one of the top names on such list with amazing items and financing support for purchases.

Its vast product collections mean that you can enjoy shopping different items from categories such as electronics, furniture, and others which makes it one of the top websites to apply for buy now pay later.



Max. Amount


Credit Check

Soft and Hard


Credit Line

Tip: Stoneberry provides credit that you can use to buy products on its platform and you may qualify for one of its financing options, including no downpayment and another that requires a little initial deposit before your order ships even if you have a poor credit score.


The platform is a popular shop now pay later service provider with its line of credit similar to a conventional credit card which issues a statement at the end of a billing cycle for bill clearance.

Interestingly, the Stoneberry Credit can also be used for product financing on its sister platforms, including Masseys, Mason Easy-Pay, K. Jordan, and Fifth & Glam.

When you apply for financing on the website, there is a soft credit inquiry that will be conducted to determine the purchasing power to be assigned to you on the platform.


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Depending on the result of this inquiry which will not have any significant impact on your bureau score, a credit line will be assigned to you that you can use for shopping on its platform.

There are two groups of profile types offered by Stoneberry which work similarly to the Fingerhut Fetti and FreshStart with the primary allowing to buy now and pay later with no down payment required.

If you are not eligible for the main credit account, you will be offered the option B and when using this, you will be required to make an initial payment before your order will ship.

Like a conventional credit card, you are expected to pay your bills before or by the due date to avoid paying any interest.

If full payment goes beyond the due date on your credit statement which is usually 25 days from the statement date, you will end up paying an APR between 0 – 29.99% which varies depending on your state of residence.

There is also a late fee in case of default and the amount you will pay in such a scenario also varies depending on your state but it is between $5 to $25.

While it might have similarities to traditional credit card accounts, it does not report payments to the credit bureaus as common with Fingerhut and other similar services hence, it may not be the right choice for users looking to repair bad credit scores.

How Stoneberry Works for Product Financing


Stonberry will offer you a credit line that you can use for shopping on the platform if you are eligible after your application and like a conventional credit card, you will be issued a statement monthly which needs to be cleared before or by the due date to avoid any interest or late fee.

Stoneberry Credit Flow


Below are the steps in a more detailed version of how it works for product financing:


Credit Application

Stoneberry works like every other shopping platform where you can place orders, checkout, and make payments for your purchases.

Credit is one of its value-added services to enable users to spread payments for products bought on the platform and not a must for those who can pay upfront.

Before you can access the financing, you will need to submit an application through its ‘Get Pre-Qualified’ option on the homepage to begin the process.


Pre-approval Phase

Once you have submitted an application, the preliminary process will start toward giving you access to its credit line.

At pre-approval, Stoneberry will use a soft credit inquiry to determine your eligibility based on information you provided like your social security number, phone number, and others.

This inquiry conducted by Stoneberry will not have any significant impact on your credit score as it will not be visible to any organization.

Though there is a high chance you may be offered one of its line of credit accounts, not everyone gets qualified and at this stage, you may be declined if you do not meet some of its early requirements.


Credit Approval Stage

When you get to this stage of the application process, you are likely going to be offered options from any of its two credit account types.

Depending on the result from the pre-approval stage, Stoneberry will offer you either the default account which does not require a downpayment before your order ships, or the alternative which will require you to make an initial deposit before the order delivery process starts.

If you have a good credit standing based on the soft inquiry conducted, you may qualify for its default credit line otherwise, you will be given an amount through its option B account to pay as a point of trust before you will get your items.

The alternative account is not a revolving credit line but rather a one-time purchase required and based on your usage and repayment, you will be upgraded to its default account.

This is very similar to how the Fingerhut credit card accounts works, offering you its FreshStart as a bridge towards a better option (which is the Fetti account).


Terms and Approval Sign-off Stage

Once you have been offered one of its credit accounts, the process will require you to confirm and agree to the applicable terms guiding the usage of the assigned credit line.

Apart from the down payment that applies to Stoneberry’s option B account, the terms are similar to both with monthly periodic interest rates between 1.42% to 2.5% (variation is based on state).

The monthly periodic rate amounts to its maximum APR  between 17% and 29.9% (for most states).

If you are offered its option B account type, the initial deposit will also be stated but late payment fees, returned repayment penalty, and others will apply to both.


Order Completion

Once you accept the terms of usage, a credit line will be offered to you which you can use to complete the transaction.

When making a payment, you will be shown the required minimum monthly repayment amount which will be based on the worth of your cart.

This will also show the applicable monthly interest rate for your cart with your first payment required before your ships (for option B credit account) or you will be required to pay when you receive your first statement.

If your transaction does not require an initial deposit, you will receive your items with no upfront costs but if you need to make some payments, you can do so through its online portal, phone call, or by mail.


Stoneberry Credit Payment Methods


To make payments for your due Stoneberry Credit balance, you can use four methods that include:


Make Your Payment Online

Stoneberry provides a convenient and user-friendly online platform for customers to manage their credit payments.

By logging into their Stoneberry account on the official website, customers can access a secure and efficient portal to make payments using their debit or credit cards.

This method allows for quick and hassle-free transactions, enabling users to settle their Stoneberry Credit payments from the comfort of their own homes.

The online payment option not only offers convenience but also provides users with real-time access to their account information.

Customers can view their billing statements, track their payment history, and manage other aspects of their credit accounts online.

Additionally, the secure nature of the online portal ensures the protection of sensitive financial information, promoting a safe and reliable payment experience.

By leveraging the online payment feature, Stoneberry aims to streamline the payment process, empowering customers with a digital solution that aligns with modern banking practices.

This method is especially beneficial for those who prefer the speed and accessibility of online transactions in managing their Stoneberry Credit payments.


Mail Your Payment

For customers who prefer a more traditional approach, Stoneberry offers the option to mail payments using the monthly billing statement.

Upon receiving the billing statement, customers can review their account details and enclose a check or money order for the specified payment amount.

Mailing payments provide a tangible and structured method for those who appreciate the reliability of postal services and the record-keeping inherent in physical statements.

Customers opting for this method should ensure that payments are sent well in advance of the due date to account for mail delivery times.

Including the payment stub from the billing statement helps ensure accurate and efficient processing.

While this method may take longer than online options, it offers a straightforward and dependable way for customers to fulfill their Stoneberry Credit payment obligations.


Call Customer Service Representatives

Stoneberry understands the importance of personalized customer support, and to cater to customers who prefer a more direct interaction, they offer a phone payment option.

By calling customer service representatives at 1-800-704-5480, users can speak to trained professionals who can assist them in processing their credit payments over the phone.

This method is particularly useful for individuals who may have specific inquiries about their accounts, require assistance in understanding their billing statements, or encounter any issues related to the online payment platform.

The customer service representatives are equipped to provide guidance, answer queries, and facilitate seamless payment transactions, enhancing the overall customer experience.


Features of Stoneberry Buy Now Pay Later


Below are the features to know regarding this financing service provided by Stoneberry:


Credit for Platform Purchases

It distinguishes itself by providing customers with a convenient line of credit specifically designed for purchasing products on its platform.

This credit facility allows users the flexibility to make purchases without an immediate out-of-pocket expense, aligning with the popular buy now, pay later model that caters to consumers seeking more flexible payment options.


Financing Options

Stoneberry recognizes the diverse financial situations of its customers and, therefore, offers various financing options.

Whether customers qualify for a no-downpayment option or one requiring a small initial deposit before shipping, Stoneberry aims to accommodate a wide range of credit profiles, including individuals with poor credit scores.


Similar to Conventional Credit Card

The Stoneberry credit experience closely mirrors that of a traditional credit card.

Customers receive a monthly statement outlining their purchases and are expected to settle their balances before or by the due date to avoid incurring interest charges.

This structure provides users with a familiar and straightforward way to manage their credit obligations.


Use Across Sister Platforms

Stoneberry extends the utility of its credit offering by allowing customers to use Stoneberry Credit for product financing not only on its platform but also on its sister platforms like Mason Easy-Pay, Masseys, and others.

This interconnected use broadens the scope of products and services that customers can access through their Stoneberry Credit line.


Soft Credit Inquiry

During the financing application process, Stoneberry conducts a soft credit inquiry.

This inquiry assesses the customer’s creditworthiness without significantly impacting their credit score.

This approach allows Stoneberry to determine the appropriate credit line for the user without causing undue stress on their credit history.


Credit Line Assignment

Following the soft credit inquiry, Stoneberry assigns a credit line to the customer.

This credit line represents the amount of purchasing power the customer has on the platform.

It serves as a predetermined limit within which customers can make purchases and manage their credit usage.


Two Profile Types

Stoneberry offers two distinct profile types, catering to a spectrum of creditworthiness.

The primary profile enables customers to make purchases without a down payment, embracing its buy now, pay later focus.

Alternatively, the option B profile requires an initial payment before the order ships, providing an alternative for those who may not qualify for the main credit account.


Due Date and Interest Rates

Customers are encouraged to settle their bills before or by the due date to avoid incurring interest charges.

If full payment extends beyond the due date, Stoneberry applies an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) between 0 – 29.99%, dependent on the customer’s state of residence.

This aligns with standard credit practices, emphasizing the importance of timely payments.


Late Fees

In the event of default or late payment, Stoneberry imposes late fees.

The specific amount varies based on the customer’s state of residence, ranging from $5 to $25.

These fees serve as a mechanism to encourage timely payments and discourage defaults.


Credit Reporting Practices

Unlike some similar services, Stoneberry does not report payments to credit bureaus.

While this can be advantageous for those seeking discretion in their credit usage, it may not be the optimal choice for individuals looking to positively impact their credit scores through timely payments, as their credit history with Stoneberry may not be reflected in their broader credit profile.

Understanding these reporting practices is crucial for customers with specific credit-related goals.

Frequently Asked Questions on Stoneberry


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the use of Stoneberry for buy now pay later shopping:


What is Stoneberry?

Stoneberry is an online retail platform that offers a wide range of products, including furniture, electronics, home decor, apparel, and more.

It is known for its buy now, pay later model, providing customers with the option to finance their purchases through a line of credit offered by Stoneberry.

The platform allows customers to shop for various items and pay for them over time rather than making an upfront payment.

Does Stoneberry check credit?

Yes, Stoneberry does check credit when customers apply for financing on their platform. However, it is important to note that the initial credit check performed by Stoneberry is a soft inquiry.

A soft inquiry, also known as a soft pull, is a type of credit inquiry that does not affect the customer’s credit score.

During the application process, Stoneberry conducts this soft credit inquiry to assess the customer’s creditworthiness and determine the appropriate credit limit or purchasing power to be assigned.

The purpose of this soft inquiry is to evaluate the customer’s financial situation without leaving a lasting impact on their credit score.

It is worth mentioning that a soft inquiry is different from a hard inquiry (hard pull), which is a more comprehensive credit check that typically occurs when applying for certain financial products, such as a mortgage or credit card.

Hard inquiries can have a small, temporary impact on the credit score.

In summary, while Stoneberry does check credit through a soft inquiry during the financing application process, this check is designed to assess creditworthiness without causing a significant impact on the customer’s credit score.

What is the credit score for Stoneberry?

The specific credit score required to qualify for Stoneberry’s financing options is not publicly disclosed by the company.

Stoneberry, like many other buy now, pay later services, evaluates customers’ creditworthiness through a credit check during the application process.

This credit check is typically a soft inquiry, which does not have a significant impact on the customer’s credit score.

While Stoneberry is known for being more lenient than traditional credit providers and may consider individuals with varying credit profiles, it is essential to keep in mind that specific approval criteria, credit limits, and terms may vary based on individual circumstances.

What is Stonebrry’s interest rate?

The interest rates associated with Stoneberry’s financing options vary, and the specific rate assigned to an individual’s account depends on various factors, including their creditworthiness and the state in which they reside.

Stoneberry typically provides this information during the application process, once a soft credit inquiry has been conducted.

It may offer promotional financing with zero interest for a specified period, especially for customers with strong credit profiles. However, if the full payment is not made within the promotional period or by the due date, it will apply an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) to the remaining balance.

The APR can vary and is generally in the range of 0% to 29.99%, depending on the individual’s state of residence.

Is Stoneberry owned by Fingerhut?

No, Stoneberry is not owned by Fingerhut and both are not also part of the same group.

Though they provide very similar services, especially catalog-based shopping, both operate as separate entities and are not owned by each other.

While Stoneberry is owned by Mason Companies Inc., Fingerhut belongs to Bluestem Brands, Inc.

What is the maximum credit amount offered by Stoneberry?

The Stoneberry financing option provides a line of credit, and the maximum amount accessible is based on your credit score and various factors assessed by Stoneberry.

There is no predefined maximum, and the available credit limit is determined based on individual creditworthiness and other relevant considerations.

Does Stoneberry have a virtual card?

Stoneberry does not provide a virtual card applicable for financing on external websites as its credit can be used on its platform and that of its sister companies.

Although it does not offer a virtual card for transactions because of the nature of its business, there are alternative buy now pay later virtual cards available.

These alternatives enable you to establish structured payment plans when making purchases from various retailers.

Can I pay off Stoneberry early?

Yes, you have the option to settle your Stoneberry bills in advance without incurring any penalties.

By paying the full amount before or on the due date, you not only avoid penalties but also benefit from interest-free terms.

Where can I get more details about Stoneberry?

There is a well-documented frequently asked questions page provided by Stoneberry for anyone who wants to know more about how its business and financing works.


Whether shopping for home essentials, electronics, or clothing, Stoneberry’s offerings and financing options make it a noteworthy choice for those looking for flexibility and convenience in their online shopping experience.

To enjoy the Stoneberry experience successfully, customers are encouraged to review the terms and conditions and understand the interest rates, payment deadlines, and any additional fees associated with their financing arrangements.

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