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Perpay Is Employees’ Choice Pay Later; Here Is How It Works

The Perpay approval process is built smart and its starter page could affect how fast you will be approved for its credit if not used properly.

When it comes to buy now pay later with no credit check, Perpay will be there in possibly the top 3 as this platform does not perform any inquiry at all before granting you shopping credits.

With special methods of allowing people to pay in 4 conveniently through its marketplace and other retailers through its virtual card, everything is built smart, including how you access your account.

How Does Perpay Work? Here’s Requirements 2023



Credit Check


Min. Value


Max. Value


Tip: Perpay is a buy now pay later service that allows you to shop its marketplace which has varying products like electronics, furniture, and many others with its credit card enabling purchases from other retailers. But you must have active employment and your monthly payment through payroll direct deposit.


Perpay relies entirely on your paycheck to assign purchasing power which you can use to buy the things you need.

Unlike other buy now pay later apps that primarily use your debit or credit card for repayment, the platform handles deduction through payroll direct deposit.

What this means is that you must have active employment where you receive your salary through a third-party payroll system as it acts more like non-employer-sponsored employee purchase programs.

Also, you can qualify for Perpay financing if you receive payments via Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), including VA disability compensation.

If you have employment that has been active for at least three months with your current employer and satisfies the above conditions, you can proceed with setting up a Perpay account.

Where Can You Use Perpay?


The Perpay shopping credits are directly usable on its marketplace to shop and pay later for different kinds of products in varying categories that include appliances, furniture, electronics, clothing, and lots more.

Through its credit card, you can buy and spread payments when you shop at your favorite retailers hence, the platform can be used on the following stores and more:



  • Amazon is your virtual shopping mall with an endless selection of products, speedy deliveries via lockers, and even streaming entertainment, all in one place.

Perpay Marketplace

  • Perpay Marketplace is its online store that offers buy now, pay later options for various products, from electronics to fashion.
  • You earn 3% cashback every time you shop


  • Instacart is a grocery delivery and pickup service that allows you to shop online and have your groceries delivered to your doorstep.

Priority Tire

  • Priority Tire is an online platform for purchasing a wide range of tires, offering various brands and types, with a focus on affordability and convenience.


  • You can buy now and pay later on Walmart using the card for a wide range of products, including groceries, electronics, clothing, and more, through its physical stores and online marketplace.


  • It has a marketplace offering a variety of products, from appliances to clothing and electronics to many others.

Perpay Requirements Before You Sign-up


Understanding the terms and eligibility before accessing the Perpay login page will not just make it faster for you to get started but also speed up approval and use of the marketplace.

Here are the eligibility checks to take note of:


A real working phone number

While this seems like the least important of the items needed before you will be able to create a Perpay account, it might be the most difficult hurdle if not properly checked.

Perpay Login Phone Number Verification


The platform is very smart to know if the phone number you are attempting to use is either real or taken from a virtual phone number service.

If you own a number that is bought or taken from a virtual number provider, you will not be able to go past the Perpay login page to create your account.

So, either use your real contact number or forfeit the chance of getting Perpay’s shopping credits.


Verifiable Employment

This is probably the most important of all the eligibility checks as you must maintain active employment of not less than three months before you can shop the marketplace.

Perpay Employer Check

The experience of adding an employer is seamless as once you start typing in the input field provided for you to enter the company you work for, the name attempts to autofill if it is present in its database.

Nonetheless, you can proceed with the correct name if the employer you work for does not populate while you are typing.


Your salaries are through direct deposit

Direct deposits are payments made directly to your bank account and if you want to be eligible for Perpay shopping credits, your last 3 months’ salaries must have been paid directly into your bank.

This is verifiable as you will be required to connect your account when making your order requests.

While you might be able to set up your account without providing payroll direct deposit details, you will not be able to buy products or access its credit card because the platform requires a small portion of your paycheck before any items will be shipped to you from the marketplace.


Positive account history

Though Perpay does not conduct a credit check before assigning purchasing power, it still checks your profile history based on your connected payroll direct deposit account.

If you have too many credit deductions on your statement, this might affect your chances of being approved for Perpay purchasing power.

However, try your chances as the complete factors of determination are only with Perpay and you might still be able to use the platform.


Qualifies if you earn SSI/SSDI and VA income

This is optional and only applies to veterans who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), or VA disability compensation.  

If you fall within this group, you can also use the Perpay platform but you will have to work with the support team to complete the account setup as there is no automated flow in place for such benefit account holders.


Perpay Sign-up Tips


At the point of setting up or trying to complete the login process, here are the steps that could be helpful in avoiding issues and delays:


Get your employer’s details in place

It is essential to have the full details of the company that currently employs you like their correct full business name.

Providing correct information regarding the employer will fast-track your completion of the necessities on the Perpay login set-up as well as connecting through the direct payroll linking system.


Have your mobile phone nearby for verification

Once you provide your correct contact number, Perpay will try to validate it by sending a one-time valid code that you will need to use on the validation field to confirm the authenticity of the provided phone number.

As advised in the previous steps, avoid using virtual numbers because this will get you stuck on the Perpay login page.


Optionally have your paycheck slips in place

Perpay generally prefers its automated direct payroll connection system but there can be situations where you could face issues linking your account or the company you work for is not available on the list of companies for automated direct payment.

To ensure you can proceed without any of these affecting you, get your slips in place because you can still use the manual method to complete the account set-up.


Ensure you have some funds in the account

While this is more of a post-Perpay login requirement, having some payments in the account will allow it to validate the account and deduct a small value.

Note that this deduction is not a fee and will in fact be added to your shopping balance once the account set-up is successful.


Use a valid email

While the Perpay login page allows you to provide any email address stress-free, you will be required to validate it at a later stage hence, crosscheck to ensure it is correct before you proceed.

You will not be able to access its shopping credits without verifying the authenticity of the email details you provided while on the Perpay login page.


You cannot have a single SSN tied to multiple accounts

This is very important in case you are tempted to try to use your sibling’s or friend’s social security number to complete the signup process.

It will not work and you will get a notification that the SSN is already linked to an existing account hence, you will need to check to see if you have an existing account or the SSN belongs to someone else.


Perpay Approval Process and How to Make it Quick


Once you are able to go past the Perpay login page, you will be redirected to the dashboard where you can see your profile and other things possible on the platform.

Before you can start shopping its marketplace, here below is how the Perpay approval process works for spending power:


Shopping the marketplace

Once you have an active account on Perpay, it is required you at least have one order processed through its marketplace before you can access other features.

Perpay Marketplace Brands

You can do this by visiting the Perpay Marketplace and searching for products that include items from popular brands like Samsung, Amazon, and many others in its wide category selection.

If this is your first using the platform, it will be best if you go for low-value items. You need to slowly build your credit to a point where you can get fast approval for high-value products.


Order review phase

Once your shopping request is submitted successfully, it will be added to Perpay’s list of review items.

This phase usually takes between two to three business days before you will get a notification regarding your request.

While you have less control over what happens here, you can make this phase faster by going for items not exceeding 80% of your allowable shopping limit if you are an existing user but for a new user, you might want to start with an average cart value within the range of 40% – 65% of your limit.


First payment via Direct Deposit

Once your order has been approved in the review phase, you will be notified through an email from Perpay with instructions on how to make your first installment payment.

This will be through direct deposit which you will be able to handle by logging into your dashboard to authorize.

If you are wondering why you need to make a part payment, this is a common practice for most buy now pay later solutions, and usually, 25% is required since it operates on a pay-in-4 model.

Since the shipment of your order depends on your first payment, the items will not be sent for delivery until your next payment cycle.


Split payroll payment into two

This step usually goes side by side with the connection of your direct deposit account and requires that a portion of that splitting be directed to Perpay (details will be provided to you) before the order gets shipped.

You can contact your HR or payroll department to help with the splitting if you are unsure of how this will work.

Alternatively, check with Perpay’s support team for assistance.


Order shipment to your delivery address

Once you have done the payment splitting and the first installment is successful, Perpay will ship your order to the address you provided when you submitted the request.

Note that you can change the delivery address before the shipment hence, check with the Perpay team if you want to adjust where the order should be delivered.



Once you have received the order, the repayment will automatically happen based on the direct deposit payment schedule. It could be weekly, bi-week, or monthly depending on when you normally get paid by your employer.

You can use your debit or credit card in this phase if you want to pay up faster before the end of the installment schedule.

On-time payment increases your Perpay spending limit and also, builds your credit score as it can move your account to Perpay+ for credit-building benefits and other perks.


Perpay Requirements and Approval FAQs


Below are some of the frequently asked questions and challenges faced using the Perpay login page and its approval processes:


I am not getting OTP after entering my correct email on the Perpay login page

If you are not getting OTP and are stuck on the Perpay login page due to that, you should try the following:

1. Check if the OTP is delivered to your spam or junk folder: sometimes, email providers push messages to the almost hidden spam/junk folder. Locate the appropriate folder and check your received messages if the Perpay login OTP is there.

2. Try password reset: on the Perpay login page, click the reset password button and follow the steps to reset your access details.

3. If the above options do not work, send an email to the support using the email address you registered with. The team can assist to get it activated for you to be able to go past the Perpay login page

Is it possible to get more spending limit?

The Perpay spending limit is based on several factors including on-time payments, the value of your paycheck, and others determined by Perpay.

To increase your spending limit, commit to early repayments and ensure you do not default. The more the quick repayments, the better your chances of getting an increased limit.

Can I qualify for Perpay credit if I am self-employed?

Unfortunately, Perpay does not approve spending power for self-employed individuals, gig workers, contractors, and similar entities.

You will not be able to use the platform if there is no way for Perpay to verify your source of income through payroll direct deposit.

How many transactions can I perform on the Perpay Marketplace?

There is no limit to the number of transactions you can have approved on the Perpay marketplace provided your spending credit is able to handle them.

So, ensure you are watching your spending power while shopping in the marketplace to stay within the available balance.

Does using Perpay affect credit score?

Perpay does not reduce your credit score as the platform does not perform any inquiry to give you shopping credit rather, it relies on your paycheck.

With its Perpay+ account (which is free), you can increase your credit score through early repayments as the platform reports repayment activities to major credit bureaus including Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

How long is the payment period for Perpay’s buy now and pay later service?

Perpay is a pay-in-4 buy now pay later service hence, the maximum period you can split the payment is six weeks but dependent on your payroll payment cycle.

What is a paystub and why is Perpay requesting it?

A pay stub is a document that can be provided by your employer, outlining the details of your earnings and deductions for a specific pay period.

It typically includes information such as your gross earnings, taxes withheld, deductions for benefits, and the net pay you receive. So, it serves as a record of your income and financial transactions related to your employment.

Perpay utilizes your paystub for identity verification and establishes a customized spending limit for you.

Why is the Perpay login page returning an error when I enter my phone number?

If you are trying to complete the signup process and are stuck on the Perpay login page because of your phone number, it is possible you are using a virtual phone number.

Crosscheck and ensure you are using a valid cellular contact number for the registration.

What is Perpay’s interest rate and fees?

While the Perpay marketplace is interest-free when shopping for products, there are interest charges and fees to use its credit card.

The APR for its credit card usage is 0.081% – 29.49% and cannot be less than $1.

Other fees to take note of include:
1. Credit account opening fee: $9.00 (one-time fee)
2. Monthly maintenance fee: $9/mth
3. Transaction outside its marketplace: 3%
4. Late payment fee (only if you default): $30
5. Returned payment fee (using your card for transactions when you do not have enough credit balance and causing insufficient error): $19

Where can I learn more about Perpay services?

You can visit the Perpay help center page as there is enough documentation that addresses a lot of complaints you might have.


There is no doubt it is an exceptional option in the list of available buy now pay later services with no credit check.

Knowing the basic tips will ensure you do not face challenges on the Perpay login page and also, you can fast track your credit approval.

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