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How to Use Citi Flex Pay on Amazon for Buy Now Pay Later

You can use Citi Flex Pay on Amazon for buy now pay later shopping and spread the costs into monthly payments with eligible credit cards.

When it comes to buy now pay later options for Amazon, there are a few as unique when compared to the offerings from Citi Flex.

In addition to being one of the best ways to pay Amazon monthly, this option is the top choice among the credit card-tied buy now pay later with support for real-time and post-transaction usage.

Citi Flex Pay

Citi Flex Pay

Max. Amount


Credit Check



Credit Card Benefit

Tip: Citi Flex Pay is one of the benefits that comes with the Citi Bank credit cards which enables users to enjoy payment plan purchases when using or after making use of their credit cards for transactions of a minimum of $50 (real-time) or $100 (post-use).


Citi Flex Pay is an innovative feature designed to enhance the flexibility and convenience of managing your purchases with your existing Citi Credit Card.

Similar to American Express Plan It, Citi Flex Pay allows cardholders to split the cost of their transactions, transforming them into convenient buy now, pay later arrangements.


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One notable advantage of Citi Flex Pay is its widespread accessibility, thanks to its integration with Amazon Pay.

This integration expands the service’s reach, making it available on numerous shopping portals beyond using it after trabsaction.

This collaboration enables users to seamlessly utilize Citi Flex Pay on Amazon for their purchases and at other participating retailers that accept Amazon Pay.

What sets Citi Flex Pay apart is its unique capability to convert eligible purchases made with your Citi Credit Card into Flex Pay orders.

This means that even if the feature is not directly available on the website you are shopping on, you still have the flexibility to transform your transactions into buy now, pay later arrangements later by logging into your app.

This adaptability allows you to enjoy the benefits of Citi Flex Pay on eligible purchases made anywhere Citi Credit Cards are accepted.

This feature not only provides a more convenient payment option but also offers a level of financial control, allowing you to manage your expenses in a way that suits your budget.

With Citi Flex Pay, you can make the most of your Citi Credit Card by enjoying the service on eligible transactions and experiencing the flexibility to spread payments over time, enhancing your overall shopping experience.

How to Use Citi Flex Pay on Amazon

Using Citi Flex Pay on Amazon

Using Citi Flex Pay on Amazon to spread to costs of your purchases is simple and you can use the process below:


Connect eligible Citi credit card

To begin utilizing Citi Flex Pay on Amazon, the first step involves linking your eligible Citi credit card to your Amazon account.

This process is generally straightforward and can be done within the payment settings of your Amazon account.

By seamlessly integrating your Citi credit card, you unlock the ability to access Citi Flex Pay directly during the checkout process.

This connection ensures that you can leverage the flexibility and convenience offered by Citi Flex Pay for eligible purchases on Amazon.


Add items up to a minimum cart value

Once your Citi credit card is successfully linked to your Amazon account, proceed to shop for items that catch your interest.

To be eligible for Citi Flex Pay, ensure that the total value of the items in your cart meets the minimum requirement specified by the program and this stands at $50.

This minimum cart value is essential for unlocking the option to convert your purchase into a Citi Flex Pay plan during the checkout process.


Proceed to checkout and select the connected card

After adding the desired items to your cart and ensuring that the minimum value is met, proceed to the checkout page.

During the checkout process, you will come across the option to select your preferred payment method.

Here, choose the Citi credit card that you have connected to your Amazon account.

This step is crucial as it initiates the integration of Citi Flex Pay into your transaction, allowing you to explore flexible payment options.


Select your preferred monthly plan

With your Citi credit card selected, you will then be prompted to choose your preferred monthly plan through Citi Flex Pay.

This step empowers you to customize your payment schedule based on your financial preferences.

Whether you prefer a shorter or longer-term plan, Citi Flex Pay provides flexibility to align with your budget and financial goals.


Review the terms and agree to proceed

Before finalizing your purchase, take a moment to carefully review the terms and conditions associated with the Citi Flex Pay plan you have selected.

This includes understanding the interest rates, fees, and any other relevant details.

Once you are satisfied with the terms, affirm your agreement to proceed with the Citi Flex Pay arrangement.

By completing this step, you officially convert your Amazon purchase into a convenient buy now, pay later transaction through Citi Flex Pay.

Repayment Methods for Citi Flex Pay


After using Citi Flex Pay on Amazon to finance your purchases, you are expected to pay back monthly using the below methods:


Online Payments

Utilizing online payments is a convenient and efficient method to repay Citi Flex Pay transactions initiated on Amazon.

Cardholders can access their Citi Credit Card account through the official website or mobile app, where they will find a dedicated platform for managing their Flex Pay installment plans.

This user-friendly interface allows individuals to view their outstanding balances, select the specific Flex Pay transactions they wish to repay, and make payments securely.

Online payments provide real-time transaction updates and enable users to monitor their repayment progress seamlessly.

By leveraging online channels, cardholders can enjoy the flexibility of managing their Citi Flex Pay obligations from the comfort of their homes, ensuring a hassle-free and accessible repayment experience.


Western Union/Quick Collect

Western Union/Quick Collect offers an alternative and accessible method for Citi Flex Pay repayment.

Cardholders can visit participating Western Union locations or use the online Quick Collect service to make payments towards their Flex Pay installment plans.

This method provides a physical payment option for those who prefer or need to conduct transactions in person.

The process typically involves providing the necessary account and payment details to Western Union, allowing for a secure and reliable transfer of funds.

This option caters to individuals who may not have online banking access or prefer traditional means of making payments.

The Western Union/Quick Collect method ensures flexibility in repayment, accommodating a diverse range of user preferences and ensuring that Citi Flex Pay remains a convenient and inclusive financial solution.



Paying by phone offers a straightforward and accessible avenue for repaying Citi Flex Pay transactions initiated on Amazon.

Cardholders can simply dial the designated phone number (800) 200-7056 and follow the automated prompts or speak with a customer service representative to complete their Flex Pay payments.

This method provides a quick and efficient way to manage repayments, especially for individuals who may prefer verbal communication or have limited access to online platforms.

The interactive phone system ensures a user-friendly experience, guiding customers through the payment process and confirming successful transactions.

Paying by phone aligns with the commitment to offering diverse and accessible repayment options, catering to a broad range of user preferences, and ensuring that Citi Flex Pay remains a versatile and user-centric financial tool.



Repaying Citi Flex Pay transactions through traditional mail involves sending physical checks or money orders to the specified mailing address provided by Citibank.

Cardholders can write out the payment details, including the Flex Pay account information and amount, and mail the payment to the designated address.

While this method may be considered a more traditional approach, it accommodates individuals who prefer or are accustomed to mailing physical payments.

It provides an offline alternative for those who may not have internet access or are more comfortable with traditional banking methods.

However, it is essential to consider the potential delay in processing times associated with physical mail.

Cardholders should plan accordingly to ensure that payments are mailed in advance of the due date to avoid any late fees or disruptions in their Citi Flex Pay installment plans.

Overall, the mail option adds a layer of flexibility to the repayment methods, catering to a diverse range of user preferences and ensuring accessibility for all Citi Flex Pay users.

First-timers Tips About Citi Flex Pay on Amazon


If you have an eligible Citi credit card and want to try this option for payment plan purchases on Amazon, below are some tips to help you understand it better: 


Buy Now, Pay Later

Citi Flex Pay stands out as a versatile financial tool that empowers cardholders to make purchases and defer payments over time.

This buy now, pay later feature allows individuals to enjoy the immediate benefits of their purchases without the need to settle the full amount upfront.

By breaking down larger expenses into manageable installments, using Citi Flex Pay on Amazon enhances the purchasing power of Citi Credit Card users, offering a convenient and flexible way to meet their financial needs.


Integration with Amazon Pay

The strategic integration of Citi Flex Pay with Amazon Pay significantly expands its reach and usability.

This integration enables cardholders to leverage Citi Flex Pay not only on Amazon but other participating retailers that accept Amazon Pay.

This broad accessibility enhances the convenience and applicability of Citi Flex Pay, providing users with the flexibility to utilize the feature across a diverse range of online shopping platforms.


Widespread Acceptance

Citi Flex Pay’s versatility extends to its widespread acceptance, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of this feature wherever Citi Credit Cards are accepted.

Whether shopping online or in physical stores, cardholders can take advantage of Citi Flex Pay to convert eligible transactions into manageable installment plans.

This broad acceptance ensures that users can seamlessly integrate Citi Flex Pay into their purchasing routine across a range of merchants and vendors.


Customizable Monthly Plans

One of the standout features of Citi Flex Pay on Amazon is its commitment to providing users with tailored and customizable payment plans.

Cardholders can choose a monthly plan that aligns with their financial preferences, enabling them to spread payments over a period that suits their budget.

This customization empowers users to manage their finances effectively and make larger purchases without compromising their overall financial well-being.


Simple Checkout Process:

The flow of Citi Flex Pay on Amazon is designed with user convenience in mind, particularly during the checkout process.

The seamless integration allows cardholders to effortlessly select their Citi Credit Card, opt for the desired Flex Pay plan, and proceed with their purchase.

This streamlined and intuitive process enhances the overall shopping experience, making it easy for users to take advantage of the flexibility offered by Citi Flex Pay.


No Separate Application

An added convenience of Citi Flex Pay is that it eliminates the need for a separate application process.

Cardholders can convert eligible purchases into Flex Pay orders without the hassle of additional paperwork or approval processes.

This streamlined approach ensures that users can swiftly and efficiently utilize Citi Flex Pay as needed, making it a hassle-free financial solution.


Transparent Terms and Conditions

Citi Flex Pay prioritizes transparency by providing cardholders with clear and comprehensive terms and conditions.

Before committing to a Flex Pay arrangement, users have the opportunity to review all relevant details, including interest rates and fees associated with their chosen installment plan.

This transparency empowers cardholders to make well-informed decisions about their financial commitments and ensures there are no hidden surprises.


Compatibility with Existing Credit Card

Citi Flex Pay seamlessly integrates with the cardholder’s existing Citi Credit Card, eliminating the need for additional accounts or credit lines.

This compatibility enhances the user experience, allowing individuals to access the benefits of Citi Flex Pay without the complexities associated with acquiring new financial instruments.

By leveraging their existing credit card, users can efficiently incorporate Citi Flex Pay into their financial toolkit, enhancing their purchasing flexibility and overall financial management.


If you have an eligible credit card, using Citi Flex Pay on Amazon is a good choice considering that you can enjoy this without paying any interest if you are able to clear your bills before or by the due date which adds to its buy now pay later with no downpayment feature before you receive your orders.

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