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Stores That Accept SmartPay for Lease Financing

SmartPay is accepted by top retailers with both a huge online platform and a good presence through their physical stores for lease financing.

This platform is one of the popular buy now pay later iPhone and Android device financing providers both online and when you visit physical retail outlets.

With its buy now pay later requiring no credit check that could impact your bureau score and its soft considerations including those fixing their bad credit profiles, it has become a popular alternative when you are unable to get financing from other conventional providers.



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Tip: Many retailers accept SmartPay online and through their physical stores offline and interestingly, many of its partners have a huge physical presence through their locations and that of their distributors enabling you to apply for lease-to-own financing with an option to spread payments up to 24 months.

While its long-term payment plan can be expensive, the platform has an early buyout within the first 90 days that you can use to avoid paying the high lease costs.


SmartPay lets you enjoy buy now pay later phone financing at well-known retailers like Straight Talk, Net10 Wireless, and others through their various web platforms as well as when you visit a nearby location.

It lets you get a device of your choice within an assigned spending limit ranging from $100 to its maximum of $2,000 depending on the result of its soft credit inquiry.


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While it is a popular choice for many users, knowing how the SmartPay lease payment works is essential before you use it at any of the retailers that accept it for product financing.

With the nature of its offering being a lease-to-own payment plan option, it means that the cell phone bought using SmartPay will be given to you as a rented product.

This device can become fully yours once you have completed the installment repayments which is a combination of the rental costs and the original price of the device.

Since it is long-term financing, you can spread the costs between six months and up to a maximum of 24 months depending on the value of your order.

If you choose the long-term option through monthly payments to own it in the last month, it can be very costly considering that in the end, the total paid will be more than double the original price of the mobile phone (if paid upfront).

To prevent you from paying so much and avoid the high lease costs, SmartPay offers a 90-day early buyout.

With this, you will enjoy more than 100% savings considering that only a maximum of 20% extra of the original cost of the smartphone is what you will pay for the device to become fully yours.

The reason you should use the early buyout is that if you continue the monthly payments until the last day of the contract, the total when put together will be more than double the original price of the cell phone.

This means that your total payments will be able to buy two mobile devices on the last day if the price stays the same.

Stores that Accept SmartPay for Financing

Below is a list of all the retailers where you can use SmartPay for purchasing cell phones:

Straight Talk

Straight Talk

Straight Talk accepts SmartPay as one of its financing providers both when shopping on its online portal as well as at many of its physical retail outlets for payment plan orders on iPhones and Android devices, including their accessories.

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Straight Talk is one of the top retailers that accept SmartPay and among the few that support the option both online and offline.

With its shopping portal having a good inventory of cell phones ranging from medium specifications to high-end devices, this is one of the few locations where you can get top-tier products using your assigned purchasing power from SmartPay.

The platform is also one of the stores that accept Smart for buy now pay later in-store hence, you can utilize your spending limit to purchase any device you need within your assigned power when you visit its physical locations.

Straight Talk also has an integration with PayPal for financing and Affirm is available on its portal as well providing alternatives to SmartPay.

Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile accepts SmartPay when shopping through its online portal and that is the platform’s only product financing option when you are making payments at its checkout page.

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There is no doubt Simple Mobile is one of the top prepaid wireless service providers that offers affordable and straightforward mobile plans without the complexities of long-term contracts or credit checks.

In addition to its variety of prepaid plans that suit various needs, you can also browse through an amazing collection of smartphones on its website.

Being one of the retailers that accept SmartPay for lease-to-own payment plans, you can buy the device you need and pay less upfront with the rest spread out into monthly installments.

Net10 Wireless

Net10 Wireless

This is one of the popular stores that accept SmartPay for financing many of the cell phones in its inventory. The platform only supports this lease-to-own option when shopping on its web portal hence, you will use the website and not at its physical stores.

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Net10 Wireless is another prepaid mobile service provider that offers affordable and flexible plans on various networks, including AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile alongside different models of mobile phones.

Just like many of the retailers that accept SmartPay for financing, you can only use this when you visit its online portal as the option is not supported at its offline stores.

Total by Verizon

Total by Verizon

When shopping on the Total by Verizon online portal, you can access the SmartPay option when buying cell phones. It only supports this online and with its vast inventory of devices including top-tier models from well-known brands, you can enjoy spread payments through this retailer.

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Total Wireless is another popular prepaid wireless service provider and one of the retailers that accept SmartPay offering cost-effective mobile plans on the extensive Verizon network.

The platform is one of the online stores that accept the SmartPay lease-to-own option hence, you can only use this when shopping through its website and not at any of its physical outlets.



You can use SmartPay at Walmart for cell phone payment plans. To utilize the option, you will need to visit a nearby Walmart store but first, ensure to have an active SmartPay application.

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This is one of the ways to enjoy buy now pay later at Walmart but this financing option is accessible only at its physical locations.

The process involved is a little different when compared to how it works at some of the other retailers that accept SmartPay.

You are required to first start the application on the SmartPay website and if your request is approved, you can visit a Walmart location to complete the process and pick up your cell phone.

However, it is not a difficult financing route, and through the WARP system at Walmart, this will be handled and you will have your new device on a lease-to-own contract within minutes.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile

To use SmartPay at Boost Mobile, you will need to visit one of its physical outlets as the option is not available on its shopping portal. However, there is the BoostUp which is a payment plan method provided by the company that you can utilize for financing online.

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Boost Mobile is a well-known prepaid wireless service provider in the United States, offering affordable and flexible plans on the nationwide T-Mobile network.

Originally part of Sprint before the T-Mobile merger, the platform provides cost-effective options for users seeking prepaid mobile services without the constraints of long-term contracts.

While being one of the top retailers that accept SmartPay for phone financing, you can only access the option when you visit a nearby location.

Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile only accepts SmartPay in-store hence, you will need to visit one of its nearest locations to your address to apply for the lease financing and device pick-up.

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Metro by T-Mobile, formerly known as MetroPCS, is another top prepaid wireless service provider in the United States that operates as a subsidiary of T-Mobile.

Positioned as a value-focused option, Metro by T-Mobile offers affordable and feature-rich plans on the extensive T-Mobile network.

When it comes to financing, the platform accepts SmartPay alongside alternatives provided through popular digital payment wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay when shopping at any of its physical locations.

You can only apply for lease when you visit its stores hence, go with a secondary mobile phone as you will need to authorize the application.



Victra is a leading partner of Verizon Wireless, specializing in the sale of smartphones, accessories, and service plans. The company operates authorized stores for major carriers, offering a diverse range of mobile products and services you can access when you visit its locations.

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It is a prominent retailer in the wireless communications industry, recognized for its extensive network of stores across the United States.

Victra’s stores serve as one-stop destinations for customers seeking the latest mobile devices and accessories.

The company’s product offerings encompass a wide array of smartphones, tablets, wearables, and audio accessories from top brands.

As applicable to all the retailers that accept SmartPay, the financing is only valid to use when you are purchasing cell phones.

FAQs on Retailers That Accept SmartPay


Below are some of the popular questions regarding the use of SmartPay for payments at most of its retail partners:


What is SmartPay?

SmartPay is a lease-to-own payment option that allows consumers to acquire products through a flexible and manageable installment plan.

It is commonly associated with the purchase of cell phones and accessories from its reatil partners online and offline.

What can you buy with SmartPay?

You can purchase cell phones on lease-to-own terms using the SmartPay financing option when shopping at any of the retailers that accept it.

Does Walmart accept SmartPay?

How to Use SmartPay at Walmart for Lease FinancingYes, you can use SmartPay at Walmart for cell phone financing. Below are the quick steps:

1. Apply for a lease-to-own purchasing power by visiting the SmartPay website
2. Once approved, visit a nearby Walmart location and inform them you want to process a lease-to-own purchase application
3. The store attendant will use the WARP system to trace your application
5. Once your request is seen, an order will be created
6. You will need to make the downpayment at the location and the relevant documents will be printed
6. Go to the POS system and scan the barcodes of the device and your credit card used for making the downpayment to complete the process

Does Best Buy accept SmartPay?

No, Best Buy is not one of the retailers that accept SmartPay.

However, you can use Progressive Leasing at Best Buy to finance your purchases, including a new cell phone.

Does Amazon accept SmartPay?

No, Amazon does not accept SmartPay as one of the financing providers on its platform.

However, there are other buy now pay later options for Amazon, including Affirm, Flex Pay for all Citi cardholders, and the installment feature that comes with the Prime Visa credit card.

If you prefer a lease payment plan method, you can use Katapult for financing on Amazon through its virtual card, browser extension, and shopping through the application.

What happens if you don’t pay SmartPay?

SmartPay works in partnership with popular carriers and if you stop paying your lease installments, the service may get canceled which will render the device unusable for calls, internet, or text.

Usually, the platform will attempt to charge your expected monthly installment multiple times and if it continues to return, your service may be blocked.

Where can I get more details about SmartPay?

For more clarifications and other details about the platform’s services, you may check out its frequently asked questions page.


While there are a few retailers that accept SmartPay online, you can enjoy its financing at thousands of locations offline by visiting its partners’ retail outlets.

When using it for handling your mobile phone purchases, note that it is a lease-to-own payment plan option and if you do not complete the full payment within the first 90 days, you may end up paying more than double the original price of the cell phone at the end of the contract.

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