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Best Rent-to-Own Stores for Riding Lawn Mowers

You can rent-to-own riding lawnmowers online and get them delivered to your home with no hard-pull credit checks.

Using lawnmowers has become an indispensable tool for homeowners and landscapers, reducing the time and effort required for lawn care.

Though these mowers have various sizes and configurations, from compact models suitable for small yards to heavy-duty ones for extensive landscapes, there is no doubt it could be a bit inconvenient to buy one outright hence, the leasing option could be a good alternative to get yours and pay later.

Best Rent-to-Own Riding Lawnmower Stores

Here below are the top places where you can lease to own a riding lawn mower:




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Best For


Tip: Abunda serves as a gateway for those looking to rent-to-own riding lawnmowers on Amazon. This choice is especially beneficial if you wish to acquire the mower either during the contract period or when it concludes.


Abunda is a popular online financing platform that you can also use to rent-to-own riding lawnmowers. It boasts a diverse array of items of various sizes, along with complementary products such as lawn mower accessories in its comprehensive catalog.

Their extensive selection is exclusively sourced from Amazon, ensuring that when you place an order for a riding lawn mower, it will be shipped directly from their trusted warehouse.

Its products are aggregated from the Amazon marketplace hence, Abunda operates without a physical inventory, functioning solely with virtual listings.

All the lawn mower products offered on the platform are thoughtfully curated, effectively serving as a bridge to convenient buy now, pay later options.

As a user-friendly intermediary, the platform allows you to finance riding lawnmowers and related equipment available on Amazon, simplifying payments through your PayPal Pay in 4, Klarna, and Acima accounts.


Read more about the Abunda

You can get started by visiting the website and searching for the lawn mower of your choice.

If you have seen one on Amazon and would like to order it, simply copy the link on Amazon and paste it into the Abunda search field.

Once you submit it, it will be fetched and you can then order it on Abunda on pay later terms.

Simply select Acima when checking out for longer-term lease-to-own financing or go with any of PayPal Pay in 4 and Klarna for the buy now pay later option.

Amazon Monthly


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Amazon Monthly

Best For

Amazon Buyout

Tip: Amazon provides a zero-interest monthly payment option that enables you to purchase a riding lawn mower with payments distributed over a maximum duration of 120 days, subject to meeting eligibility requirements.


If you are an avid Amazon shopper and require a rent-to-own solution for a riding lawn mower due to budget considerations, it is worth considering Amazon’s monthly payment service.

This service allows you to pick out any product from their marketplace and spread the payments over a period of up to 120 days, eventually leading to complete ownership of the item.

Qualification for this interest-free financing option depends on specific criteria, and if you frequently shop on Amazon, you may be eligible to leverage this convenient payment alternative for your riding lawn mower purchase.


Read more about the Amazon Monthly Payment


This service is tailored to certain products, and you may discover that your desired riding lawn mower model is eligible for monthly installment payments.

To check if the item meets the criteria, simply add it to your cart and proceed to the payment page.

If the selected riding lawn mower qualifies for Amazon’s monthly payment option, you will see this indicated on the payment page.



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Progressive Leasing

Best For

Offline Pick-up

Tip: Lowe’s provides a diverse range of products and services, including tool and equipment rentals for home improvement. When it comes to riding lawnmowers, you can opt for a lease-to-own arrangement through Progressive at Lowe’s.


You are likely familiar with Lowe’s, a renowned home improvement retailer that offers a wide array of products and services, including equipment rentals.

For those interested in rent-to-own riding lawnmower arrangements, Lowe’s works with Progressive Leasing for the financing aspect of this service. When making your purchase, be sure to select the Progressive option at checkout.

If your goal is to eventually own the riding lawn mower after an extended period of use, then choosing this Progressive financing option is the way to go.

On the other hand, if you only need short-term access to the equipment, Lowe’s tool rental service provides a convenient solution.


Read more about the Lowe’s

Explore the benefits of Lowe’s tool rental program, which allows you to access the same professional-grade tools and equipment used by experts, all without the hefty commitment of lease-to-own arrangements, especially for one-time projects.

Lowe’s rental options are designed to cater to various project timelines, with choices available for four-hour, 24-hour, weekly, and four-week rental periods.

To secure a tool rental at Lowe’s, you must be at least 18 years old and present a valid photo ID along with a credit card. You have the flexibility to reserve tools either online or in-store.

Upon collecting your rental, you will be asked to complete a rental agreement and provide a deposit, which may be refundable based on the tool’s condition when returned.

Lowe’s also offers the convenience of curbside pickup and drop-off for tool rentals, a hassle-free alternative if you would rather not return the equipment to the store in person.

In the event of any damage to a rental tool during your use, the cost of repairs will be determined by the extent of the damage. For specific details about the rental program’s terms and conditions, Lowe’s associates are available to provide further information through their online support channels or in-store visits.

In addition to its rent-to-own riding lawnmowers and short-term rental services, Lowe’s provides an array of other home improvement services, such as installation, delivery, and financing, all aimed at assisting homeowners, renters, and professionals in enhancing their homes and businesses.



  • RTBShopper offers an online leasing service specializing
  • You have the opportunity to rent-to-own riding lawnmowers, featuring sizes from various makers
  • With a credit limit of up to $5,000, you can easily lease the riding lawn mower of your preference
  • Additionally, this provider is equipped to provide same-day delivery for added convenience through popular physical outlets

Shop EZ Credit

  • Shop EZ Credit operates an online platform where you can rent-to-own riding lawnmowers
  • It has items of various sizes in the collection
  • Delivers nationwide within an average of 2 – 3 days

Growby’s RTO

  • Growby’s caters to rent-to-own riding lawnmower applications in Indiana
  • With offline stores, you can pick up your item once your application is accepted
  • It also offers home delivery within its operation area


  • This service provider is a well-established name in the rent-to-own industry
  • They offer a variety of items of various sizes, providing you with ample choices
  • You can benefit from complimentary home delivery, ensuring your riding lawn mower is delivered to your doorstep without any additional costs
  • Moreover, they maintain a network of physical locations where you can conveniently walk in to pick up your selected riding lawn mower


  • FlexShopper operates one of the popular online-only lease service platforms
  • Utilizing established offline retailers ensures swift delivery of your chosen item
  • Upon receiving your rent-to-own riding lawn mower application, FlexShopper promptly arranges for home delivery
  • For those seeking immediate access, you can also opt to pick up your selected riding lawn mower on the same day through partners like Best Buy or similar outlets


  • This is another well-recognized online-only provider for rent-to-own riding lawnmowers
  • The platform offers complimentary home delivery to any destination of your choice
  • Additionally, it leverages BestBuy’s extensive offline presence to facilitate same-day delivery
  • You can access a credit limit of up to $3,500 to shop for any item that suits your needs


  • Aaron’s is a well-known rent-to-own service provider with a robust physical presence, ensuring swift and efficient delivery
  • You have the convenience of placing an online order and having your riding lawn mower delivered directly to your home
  • Their inventory offers a diverse selection of items for their rent-to-own riding lawnmower option


  • One of the premier destinations you can rent to own riding lawnmowers, especially when applying in-store
  • Their inventory boasts a wide selection of item
  • They offer swift delivery services for added convenience

Points to consider before you lease to own a riding lawnmower

Renting a riding lawnmower can be a practical solution for homeowners who want the benefits of a powerful lawn care tool without the upfront cost of purchase.

However, it is a financial commitment that requires careful consideration. 

Here are some important points to consider before you decide to rent-to-own a riding lawnmower:


Budget: Can You Afford It?

One of the first and most crucial points to consider before entering a rent-to-own agreement for a riding lawnmower is your budget. Determine whether this arrangement aligns with your financial capabilities. Start by calculating the total cost of the rent-to-own agreement, which includes not only the base price of the lawnmower but also any additional fees, interest, or charges.

It is essential to evaluate your monthly budget to ensure that you can comfortably make the required payments. Bear in mind that missing payments can result in penalties and affect your credit score. Therefore, it is imperative to commit only to an agreement that fits within your budget without causing financial strain.


Need vs. Duration: How Often Will You Use It?

The frequency and duration of your intended use of the riding lawnmower are vital considerations. Ask yourself how often you will need to mow your lawn and for what part of the year. If you have a large lawn that requires frequent maintenance, a rent-to-own lawnmower option might make more sense than continually renting or hiring a service.

However, if you only need to mow your lawn occasionally or seasonally, it may be more cost-effective to consider other options, such as hiring a lawn care service or borrowing a lawnmower from a friend or neighbor. Opting for a rent-to-own riding lawnmower for infrequent use may result in higher overall costs compared to these alternatives.


Terms and Conditions: Read the Fine Print

Before committing to any rent-to-own riding lawnmower agreement, it is imperative to thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions. The agreement outlines the specifics of the rental, including the length of the rental period, the monthly payment amount, and any additional fees or charges. Pay close attention to:

  • Rental Period: Determine the duration of the rental period. Some agreements may span several months or even years. Make sure the timeline aligns with your needs and budget
  • Interest Rates: Check if there are any interest charges associated with the rent-to-own arrangement. If interest is involved, it will increase the total cost of the lawnmower
  • Late Payment Penalties: Understand the consequences of late payments. Some agreements impose penalties for missed or late payments, which can add to the overall expense
  • Damage and Repairs: Clarify your responsibilities regarding maintenance and repairs. Some agreements require you to cover maintenance costs, while others may include maintenance as part of the package
  • Ownership Options: Inquire about your options for purchasing the riding lawnmower during or after the rental period. Determine if there are any associated costs or discounts for early purchases


Total Cost: Rent-to-Own vs. Outright Purchase

Comparing the total cost of the rent-to-own riding lawnmower with the cost of an outright purchase is a critical step in the decision-making process. To do this, you will need to consider the following:

  • Rent-to-Own Costs: Calculate the total amount you’ll pay over the rental period, including any interest or fees. This is the total cost of the rent-to-own arrangement
  • Outright Purchase: Determine the price of the riding lawnmower if you were to buy it outright. Factor in any financing options available for an outright purchase, such as a personal loan or credit card
  • Comparison: Compare the total cost of renting to own with the outright purchase price. This will help you assess whether the convenience of renting to own justifies the additional expense

In some cases, the total cost of renting to own may be significantly higher than the outright purchase price, making an outright purchase a more cost-effective choice if you can afford it.


Maintenance and Repairs: Who’s Responsible?

Maintenance and repairs are essential aspects of owning a riding lawnmower. Before entering a rent-to-own agreement, it’s crucial to clarify who is responsible for these aspects during the rental period.

Some rent-to-own riding lawnmower agreements include maintenance as part of the package, meaning the provider will cover routine servicing and repairs. In such cases, you may have peace of mind knowing that your lawnmower will receive proper care.

However, other agreements may require you to handle maintenance and repair costs independently. This can include regular maintenance tasks like oil changes, blade sharpening, and tire replacements, as well as repairs for any mechanical issues or damage.

Understanding your responsibilities regarding maintenance and repairs will help you budget for potential costs and ensure that the lawnmower remains in good working condition throughout the rental period.


Ownership Timeline: Can You Buy It Sooner?

Rent-to-own agreements typically come with an option to purchase the riding lawnmower during the rental period or at its conclusion. It is essential to understand the specifics of this option, including any associated costs or discounts.

If you anticipate wanting to own the riding lawnmower sooner than originally planned, inquire about the process and any fees for early purchase. Some providers offer flexible terms that allow you to transition from renting to owning at any point during the rental period, while others may have specific conditions.

On the other hand, if you are content with renting for the entire duration of the agreement, ensure that the rental terms align with your long-term lawn care goals.


Credit Check: Prepare for Evaluation

Rent-to-own providers often require a credit check as part of the application process. Your credit history plays a significant role in determining your eligibility for the rental agreement and can influence the interest rate, credit limit, and other terms.

Before applying for a rent-to-own riding lawnmower, it is a good idea to review your credit report and address any discrepancies or issues that may negatively impact your credit score. A higher credit score can potentially lead to more favorable rental terms, such as a lower interest rate or a higher credit limit.

It is essential to be prepared for the credit check and ensure that your credit history meets the provider’s requirements to increase your chances of approval.


Delivery and Pickup: Logistics and Costs

The logistics of receiving and returning the riding lawnmower are significant considerations. Before finalizing your rent-to-own agreement, clarify the following:

  • Delivery: Determine how the lawnmower will be delivered to your location. Some providers offer home delivery as part of the package, while others may charge an additional fee for this service. Ensure that the delivery method aligns with your needs and schedule
  • Pickup: Understand the process for returning the lawnmower at the end of the rental period. Some agreements require you to return the equipment to a specific location, while others may offer pickup services. Be aware of any associated fees or responsibilities for returning the lawnmower
  • Costs: Inquire about any delivery or pickup costs. Some providers include these services in the rental agreement, while others may charge separate fees. Factor these costs into your budget when evaluating the overall expense


Return Policy: Conditions for Returning

The return policy is an essential aspect of any rent-to-own riding lawnmower agreement. It outlines the conditions for returning the item at the end of the rental period. Key points to consider include:

  • Condition: Understand the expectations regarding the condition of the lawnmower upon return. Some agreements may require the equipment to be in good working condition, while others may allow for reasonable wear and tear
  • Damage Assessment: Clarify how any damage or wear and tear are assessed. Some providers may charge for repairs or replacement parts, while others may have a predetermined fee schedule
  • Refund of Deposit: If a deposit was required at the beginning of the rental period, inquire about the conditions for receiving a refund. Understand under what circumstances the deposit may be refunded or withheld

By familiarizing yourself with the return policy, you can ensure a smooth and transparent process when returning the riding lawnmower.


Alternative Options: Explore All Possibilities

Opting for a rent-to-own riding lawnmower is just one of several options for acquiring this essential lawn care equipment. It is advisable to explore alternative options to determine the most suitable choice for your needs and circumstances. Some alternatives to consider include:

  • Outright Purchase: If your budget allows, purchasing a riding lawnmower outright can be a cost-effective option in the long run. You can explore financing options, such as personal loans or credit cards, to spread out the payment if necessary
  • Borrowing: If you have friends or neighbors who own a riding lawnmower, consider borrowing the equipment when needed. This can be a cost-effective solution, especially if you only require occasional use
  • Lawn Care Services: Another alternative is to hire a lawn care service for your lawn maintenance needs. This option eliminates the need for equipment ownership and maintenance, allowing you to focus on other tasks
  • Leasing: Some equipment rental companies offer straightforward leasing options for riding lawnmowers. Leasing typically involves lower monthly payments than rent-to-own arrangements and may be suitable for short-term needs
  • Used Equipment: Explore the possibility of purchasing a used riding lawnmower, which can often be more affordable than new models. Ensure that any used equipment you consider is in good working condition

By considering these alternatives, you can weigh the pros and cons of each and make an informed decision based on your specific circumstances and preferences.


Going for a rent-to-own riding lawnmower can be a convenient solution for homeowners seeking lawn care equipment without the upfront purchase cost. However, it is essential to make an informed decision by considering various factors before entering a rent-to-own agreement.

By evaluating your budget, usage needs, rental terms, total cost, maintenance responsibilities, ownership options, credit readiness, logistics, return policy, alternative options, provider comparisons, customer support, long-term plans, and insurance coverage, you can confidently navigate the rent-to-own process.

Remember that the decision to rent to own should align with your specific circumstances, goals, and preferences.

Careful consideration of these points will enable you to choose the most suitable approach to acquiring a riding lawnmower and ensure a positive rental experience that meets your needs.

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