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Top stores to finance your projectors online and pay later

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Projector financing online allows you to get that display device you have always wanted and conveniently pay back later in multiples.

Projectors have improved in their capabilities in recent years with many manufacturers innovating to deliver you a premium features device that will give you amazing display.

With improved features, the prices tend to go up which could be difficult for you to get on an upfront payment mode. Thankfully, you can own the device without paying completely as many online platforms exist now that you can utilize to pay back on a weekly or monthly basis.

Amazon Projector Financing


Pay with

Amazon Monthly, Affirm

Tip: You can finance projectors on Amazon and pay with its interest-free monthly payment option or use Affirm to spread the cost of purchases.


Amazon probably has most devices you can think of and with the possibility to also finance items while shopping on its platform, it is a good addition to its amazing inventory of collection.

When it comes to buying products to pay later, this is one platform that most buy now, pay later service providers target through different channels to seamlessly shop on Amazon.

Amazon directly allows projector financing when you are checking out but you will need to have an Affirm account.

Because of this limitation of just allowing only Affirm, many of the split payment companies either allow you to buy on Amazon through their smart in-app shopping interface or opt for their virtual cards that can be used to checkout.

Among the apps you can use to get products on a payment plan on Amazon, Abunda is one that employs a unique model that conveniently allows you to pay with any of Klarna, PayPal Pay-in-4, and ViaBill.

You can also lease to own the projector when shopping through Abunda as it has an integration with Acima that allows you to lease any Amazon product.

Abunda Projector Financing


Pay with

Klarna, PayPal, ViaBill, Acima

Tip: Abunda allows you to conveniently buy on Amazon and pay later using any of Klarna, ViaBill, PayPal, and Acima.


If you have ever seen a product on Amazon and wish to be able to buy it and pay later then, Abunda is the answer to your quest.

This platform allows projector financing on Amazon and with your account maintained with Klarna, ViaBill, and PayPal, you can own that projector you have always wanted from Amazon.

Interestingly, it also allows you to lease to own Amazon products through its integration with Acima leasing.

If you have the projector on Amazon, simply copy the link take it to the Abunda portal, and paste it into the search field. Within seconds, the item will be pulled in from Amazon and you will be able to get it on a payment plan.

Abunda only maintains a virtual inventory as its products are aggregated from Amazon for easy shopping within its platform hence, your ordered items will always be shipped from Amazon.

Using this online store for projector financing is convenient as through its web portal, you can shop and authorize the scheduled repayment by connecting any of the accounts you have with Klarna, ViaBill, PayPal, and Acima.

ProjectorScreen Projector Financing


Pay with

Affirm, PayPal, BNPL Virtual Cards

Tip: ProjectorScreen is a leader in the industry and it allows projector financing through Affirm and PayPal.


When you want a reliable store where you can buy now and pay later online for projectors, this is one name that should be on your list of choices to check.

ProjectorScreen has a good collection of display devices from popular brands that include LG, Xgimi, BenQ, Epson, Hisense, Samsung, LG, and more.

If you intend to get one of the best 3D projectors for an amazing home theater on a payment plan, there is no doubt you will see a perfect display device going through the collection available on ProjectorScreen.

In terms of the options it provides when it comes to projector financing, you can get its product on a buy now, pay later term through Affirm, and with its support for payment using PayPal, you can also check out with any of PayPal Credit or Pay-in-4.

Though it directly allows projector financing with Affirm and PayPal, you might be able to use any of the virtual cards provided by most of the buy now and pay later platforms.

Best Buy Projector Financing

Best Buy

Pay with

Progressive, Own Credit Card, BNPL Virtual Cards

Tip: you can finance your projector purchase on Best Buy directly through Progressing Leasing or its credit card.


This is a brand well-known for its great collection of consumer electronics with varying products in categories that include gaming, television, projectors, and more.

Best Buy has no conventional provider if you want to buy now and pay later for a projector. Nevertheless, it does allow getting its products on payment plans.

Through its store credit cards, you can get one of its projectors and split the cost of purchase into a flexible repayment schedule.

Best Buy provides two forms of credit card, one that can only be used within its platform and the other that allows for use anywhere a Visa Card is accepted.

Using these cards for projector financing at Best Buy comes with varying rewards, with the Visa Card-powered credit card having more benefits.

The other alternative means you can finance projector purchases on Best Buy is through Progressive Leasing which allows you to get the item on a lease-to-own plan.

Curacao Projector Financing


Pay with

Acima, Own Credit Card, BNPL Virtual Cards

Tip: Curacao is a retail online store where you can purchase projectors and pay later using Acima, Klarna, and its store credit card.


Curacao is another popular retailer that allows projector financing when shopping on its online portal.

It is one of the online stores that accept Acima credit hence, you can buy any of its products on a lease-to-own term.

Similar to some of the platforms on this list that allow you to buy now and pay later for projectors, Curacao also has a closed-loop financing option through its store credit card.

The zero down payment credit card has an interest beat attached, which means that you can even get a lower interest rate when financing your projector purchase provided you get a better rate from a competitor.

While Acima and its credit card are its projector financing options when you are checking out on the portal, it also allows the use of external credit and debit cards hence, you might be able to use your purchasing power maintained with any of the other split payment providers that have virtual cards.

PC Richard & Son Projector Financing

PC Richard and Son

Pay with

Acima, Own Card, BNPL Virtual Cards

Tip: PC Richard and Son allow projector financing through its store credit card and the lease-to-own provider, Acima.


PC Richard and Son provide another good opportunity for you when it comes to projector financing as it also has a good collection of products you can choose from.

This retailer provides financing through its store credit card, and for leasing, it utilizes Acima to add to its credit line offering.

Applying for its credit takes a few minutes and when checking out with the credit card, your cart must be up to $499 in value. This can be higher depending on the category and the cost of the product you want to purchase on a payment plan.

Aside from allowing you to finance the projector purchase through its store credit card, you can choose the lease-to-own option if you were not approved for its credit. With this, you will have to apply through Acima Leasing to see if you qualify.

Target Projector Financing


Pay with

Affirm, PayPal, Own Credit Card, BNPL Virtual Cards

Tip: you can finance projector purchases on Target through Affirm, PayPal, or its own credit card.


Target is one of the online stores where you can buy now and pay later for Projectors.

When it comes to inventory, this is one platform that has an amazing collection and for display devices, it does not lack including some of the best high-brightness projecting devices.

It allows projector financing through the RedCard, its store credit card that includes the Target Credit Card, and a special one meant for corporate financing called the PCard.

Target is one of the merchants where you can also buy projectors on a payment plan through PayPal. You can conveniently choose between Pay-in-4 and PayPal Credit when shopping on this merchant’s portal.

Aside from using PayPal Pay-in-4, you can also checkout directly using your purchasing power given by Affirm as it has this integrated on its payment gateway page.

Many of the buy now, pay later platforms have in-app shopping support for Target hence, you might be able to use it on your app dashboard when logged in on Klarna, Afterpay, and others. 

Xgimi Projector Financing


Pay with

Klarna, BNPL Virtual Cards

Tip: you can buy now and pay later on Xgimi when you shop through Klarna.


Xgimi makes some of the best home theater projectors you can think of, its Horizon Pro 4K is one of such devices that has the amazing features of a premium display device for a perfect home cinema set-up.

Be it the portable models, with the perfect laser technology and their accessories, Xgimi allows projector financing giving you the opportunity to own any of its models through a convenient bi-weekly or monthly repayment schedule.

You can buy now and pay for its projectors by checking out with the Klarna option, its BNPL provider available directly on its payment page.

Nonetheless, you can also pay with another payment plan provider if the one you use allows for shopping through a virtual card offering on Xgimi.

Samsung Projector Financing


Pay with

Samsung Credit, Affirm TNPL, BNPL Virtual Cards

Tip: Samsung allows projector financing through its store credit line and you can opt for Affirm if you want to utilize its Try Now, Pay Later option.


Samsung sits amongst the big names when it comes to the best consumer electronics and it is also the same for its projectors that boost amazing features.

An instance is the 3D powerful Samsung LSP9T 4K Projector capable of projecting up to 130 inches of display when seeing images from this device.

Interestingly, you can get its 3D Active Glasses to enjoy that immersive experience in an eye-friendly mode.

All these and more, you can conveniently own them on a payment plan. Thanks to its store credit line that offers financing with 0% down payment and up to 48 months tenor.

The other means to buy now and pay later for Samsung projectors is through its Try Now, Pay Later program which will allow you to take any of its eligible products for 21 days. After 21 days, you can decide to return it or keep it.

With the option to keep it, you will need to authorize repayment through Affirm, its BNPL partner.

LG Projector Financing


Pay with

Klarna, BNPL Virtual Cards

Tip: LG allows projector financing through Klarna.


LG is one of the OEMs that makes amazing projectors, like the CineBeam GRU510N which has an amazing 5000 ANSI lumens and can project up to 300 inches.

When it comes to quality, there is no doubt you will get that as well from this electronics manufacturer known for delivery over the years.

In terms of its financing, you can buy any of the LG projectors on a payment plan by paying with your Klarna account at check out.

Since that is the only BNPL platform it accepts directly on its shopping page, you will have to opt to use virtual cards if the other BNPL provider you use has the feature.

Getting a projector that meets your needs can be daunting especially when it has to do with one that has amazing specifications for that quality home theater experience you want.

It can be more when apart from getting that perfect display device, you also need funds to handle other things.

Fortunately, many online stores allow projector financing which will give you some comfort regarding payment as you will handle that in a convenient split model hence, allowing you to channel funds to other important things.

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