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Klarna Payment Options you can use to Buy Now and Pay Later

Klarna payment options give you the freedom to buy now and pay later with the refunds spread into months up to 36 months.

Spreading repayments into months for high-value items brings convenience when the amount is way above what your current fund strength can handle.

Through one of the Klarna payment options available when you are buying from merchants, you can opt for any of its pay in 4 or spread the repayments up until 36 months.

All these payment plans are available when you are checking out online or walk-in into an offline store hence, you can use them anywhere.






0% – 29.9%

Credit Check



  • Klarna charges no interest for its pay in 4
  • The platform performs only a soft credit check that does not affect your credit score
  • You can use it online and in-store
  • Through its virtual card, you can buy items and pay later globally
  • Klarna has price comparison, price drops and discount-hunting features to enable you to save


  • Klarna charges a fee when you default on repayment
  • You are limited to an amount based on your credit score

Klarna Payment Options

Here below are the payment plans when buying with your Klarna account:


Pay in 4

Pay per Month



Credit Check


This is the default split payment plan provided by Klarna that will allow you to slit the purchase payments into four.

With its pay-in-4, you will pay back every two weeks until you complete the payment in not more than four schedules.

Different from the lease model provided by Acima and Progressive Leasing, the items you order will be delivered to you once you successfully place the order and make the initial payment, usually due at checkout.

When it comes to credit score checking, it will perform a soft check which does not affect your credit score hence, a better plan than the other Klarna payment options that perform real credit checking.

This Klarna pay-in-4 is available to use across millions of online shopping portals through its mobile application, browser extension and direct shopping on websites that has it on their payment gateway pages.

For offline usage, you can also use it to check out effortlessly by connecting your Klarna card to wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay and the like to pay when buying from offline stores.


Pay in 30 Days

Pay per Month




Credit Check


This is one of the interest-free Klarna payment options that allow you to get your products and pay later.

The Pay in 30 Days differs from the Pay in 4 as it does not require you to make any down payment at the point of checking out.

With this plan, you will be able to check out and your items will be delivered to you but the payment will be expected 30 days after you have received it.

This is suitable if you are expecting some funds at the end of the month like a payday and you will use the money to repay for the items ordered.

While the Pay in 30 Days is good when you are short of funds to complete the payment at checkout, it is worth noting that you will not be able to split the bills as the repayment is expected one time after 30 days.

This payment option is also usable when shopping online and through your virtual card, you can also check out to pay back in 30 days when you walk into a store.


Pay in 6 Months Financing

Pay per Month




Credit Check


If you need a longer term, the Pay in 6 Months is one of the Klarna payment options that fall in the category of its financing.

With this plan, you will pay the cost for the items in 6 months with each payment due every 30 days.

Since its product financing is provided in partnership with WebBank (member FDIC), this option requires a credit check that could appear in your credit report.

It is a good plan for items of high value that could cause some inconveniences for you to pay in full upfront.

It is available for use online and you can get instant approval if you meet the credit requirements to be granted one of its financing plans.


Pay in 12 Months Financing

Pay per Month




Credit Check


Klarna also allows you to extend your product financing tenor up to 12 months which brings more convenience for high-value purchases.

Akin to the 6-month Klarna payment option, you do not pay anything upfront rather, payments are due every 30 days until the 12th month.

When applying for this payment plan while checking out, a credit check will be performed to determine your eligibility. This is also needed because the financing is provided by WebBank.

This split payment product financing plan is available for you to use when checking out online or through its virtual card linked to a digital wallet for offline usage.


Pay in 36 Months Financing

Pay per Month




Credit Check


The 36-month option is the maximum of the product financing Klarna payment options.

Just like the 6 months and 12 months plans, you do not have to pay any funds upfront when you choose this option at checkout.

This option is also financed through its partnership with WebBank hence, you will undergo a credit check before you can be allowed to have this option.

This 36-month product financing option is available for you to use when checking out online or through its virtual card linked to a digital wallet for in-store walk purchases.

Why you should consider Klarna payment options

This ‘buy now and pay later’ platform has many amazing features which will make you want to consider it for payment. Some of those include:

In-app Shopping and Comparison

When you are logged into the app, you can access online merchants directly from your dashboard hence, you do not need to keep multiple apps for shopping.

The app combines comparison features aggregating similar products from multiple merchants to ensure you get the best prices.

It also comes with a delivery tracking feature which will enable you to keep tabs between the time of your order and when the product will be delivered. This way, you track your orders via the app without having to keep checking your email for delivery status.

The Klarna app also has a price drop feature when shopping in-app. This feature tracks pending items in your cart and alerts you when the prices drop. A good way to save money while creating a list of things you want to purchase later.

Shopping Klarna also comes with earning points in the form of cashback and this gives you points that can be redeemed for rewards and premium features.

Another shopping-saving targeted in-app feature that the Klarna application provides is coupon code hunting which helps you get discount vouchers from many stores which can enable you to buy products at cheaper rates.


Klarna Card

It has one of the best BNPL cards and it is another amazing feature that makes shopping with any of the Klarna payment options worth it.

It comes with different types of cards including the one-time valid and that which is always usable and can be retrieved anytime for split payment.

Its one-time valid virtual card is autogenerated if you are shopping through its app at the point of checking out on the platforms that do not support it directly at the payment gateway page, take for instance when you want to buy on Amazon using Klarna.

This one-time valid prepaid virtual card can be used on any online shopping website that accepts prepaid cards. It will become invalid once you are able to successfully check out with it.

If you want to keep the card for recurring payments without having to launch your Klarna app every time to create a new one-time valid card, you can opt for its virtual card that stays in your card section of the app.

This is a better option if you shop regularly and have good purchasing power assigned to you.

Whether you choose the one-time valid virtual card or the alternative unchanging card, you can use them to split payments online as well as being able to connect them to any digital wallet for in-store checkout.

Klarna gives you total control of the card that sits in your wallet allowing you to manage it with amazing functionalities that include the ability to freeze it, stop it from working on contactless devices as well the possibility to stop it from being used on foreign sites.

Having this card is optional and with the ability to connect it to handle recurring payments and its other amazing features, it is worth having but a monthly fee of $4.99 applies to own one.


Virtual Shopping Assistance

The virtual shopping feature allows you to get guidance while shopping through the Klarna app.

The feature allows you to connect to a virtual shopper when you are shopping directly via your app dashboard and you will be guided about quality, prices, colour, sizes and other attributes to help you make a good buy.

To access this feature on your dashboard, you simply need to click the chat icon when shopping and going through the listing on your favourite stores’ websites via the Klarna app.

This feature allows for chatting as well as video calls, simply click the call icon to start a video conversation with a virtual shopper assigned to the store you are shopping or go with the default text-based chatting.

The virtual assistance service is free to all Klarna users, you will no doubt have a premium experience shopping through the Klarna app and pay no penny for getting assistance that will help you through your shopping trips.


Loyalty Card Library

Klarna also has a feature that keeps your favourite loyalty cards in an easy-to-access location in the app.

This becomes your library of cards enabling you to have a collection of loyalty cards from different shopping platforms, especially those offline which will make you limit the need to have them separately.

The loyalty card library will let you do away with many of the plastic cards provided by stores and you will conveniently have them saved in your Klarna app and use them when needed conveniently.

To start adding the loyalty cards of your favourite stores on the Klarna app, follow the steps below:

  • When logged into your dashboard, locate the loyalty cards section and click to open the space to begin storing and adding your cards
  • You can then search stores on the app to add their loyalty cards to your collection
  • Optionally, you can scan or manually enter the details of an existing physical card if the store is not directly available on the Klarna app
  • Once you have a store’s loyalty card in your collection, you can then use it at a checkout point when in-store to earn shopping points


Browser Extension

Another good-to-know functionality provided by Klarna is its browser extension which makes shopping and paying in 4 more convenient.

The Klarna browser extension is a plugin that lives on your browser which enables you to access its split payment services and other shopping goodies without the need for you to log in to your app.

With its browser extension, you can see your purchasing power, and checkout on multiple shopping portals, including the ones with no direct integration with Klarna.

Another good feature that comes with this extension is its discount and coupon code alerts. When shopping on a website, the extension will throw an alert to let you know of any discount promotions and coupon codes that can help you buy at cheaper rates.

To get started using this service, 

  • First, visit your browser extension store and search for Klarna, this is alternatively available for a direct download on the Klarna website
  • Click the add button to install the extension
  • Once installed, the Klarna logo can be seen on the extension tab and will be visible to the right of your browser’s address bar

Refer a Friend Bonus

If you are good at jumping on referral programs, you might want to check that provided by Klarna as well.

With the Klarna Refer a Friend program, you earn $50 for every of your friend that signs up and makes their first purchase and for mutual benefit, your friend will also get $10.

This bonus comes in the form of a discount on your next purchase. Your accumulated bonus for the friends you referred will allow you to get some money off the next time you are shopping.

To start inviting your friends to earn some sign-up bonus, simply heads to your setting page and click the ‘Invite friends’ option.


It can be difficult having to pay upfront for items you really want especially when you need funds for some other projects.

Thankfully, you can split the purchase payments across millions of shopping platforms online and offline by paying through one of the Klarna payment options which gives you an opportunity to split the payment for up to 36 months with a maximum APR of 29.9%.

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