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Online stores where you can use Klarna to buy now and pay later

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Klarna stores include names like Instacart, Ticketmaster,, and more with routes to buy now and pay later on Amazon.

Klarna is one of the best buy now pay later service providers with a good network of online shopping platforms having it as a financing option.

The brand is accessible to use when buying from over 450,000 merchants and with its other add-on features, you will enjoy the simplicity and cost-saving functionalities that come with this split payment provider.







Credit Check



  • It charges no interest and performs only a soft credit check
  • It can be used online and in-store
  • It provides a virtual card for global shopping
  • Klarna has price drops and discount-hunting alerts to help you save money


  • You will be charged a fee when you delay repayment
  • Your shopping power to be assigned depends and you might be offered a small amount
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 Top-used Klarna stores




Alternative Routes



Tip: You can buy now and pay later with Klarna on Amazon through its virtual card and browser extension. Alternatively, you can use Abunda or in-app shopping.


When it comes to inventory, Amazon is up there amongst the best destinations you can get almost everything that has to do with consumer products.

For its amazing product collection, it is a plus if you can finance its purchases through Klarna and other buy now pay later solutions like Klarna.

Fortunately, you can use your Klarna purchasing power on Amazon through alternative routes without having to be bothered with upfront payments.

One such is the Klarna single-use card that you can generate when you are logged in on your dashboard. Simply get these details and paste them on the card payment fields on Amazon to split your payment.

The other route is through the in-app shopping method where you can browse through the list of stores available through the Klarna app. Simply check for and select Amazon to shop its product within the Klarna app and once you are done with items addition to your cart, select Pay with Klarna at the bottom of the app to complete the purchases.

Another smart way you can get products on Amazon using your Klarna account is by shopping through Abunda, a platform that aggregates products from Amazon to enable you to buy them on payment plans using PayPal Pay in 4, Klarna, and Acima Leasing.

To buy Amazon products using Abunda, you can copy the product link and paste it into the Abunda search field to fetch it and within seconds, it will be available for you to order. Simply proceed to the checkout page and select the Klarna option.

If any of the above does not suit your preference, there is also a browser extension method. Klarna provides an extension that you can install on your Chrome browser.

If you have this extension installed, you can visit the Amazon website to shop normally. Once you get to the payment page, the extension will be activated to refill the payment field with one-time valid card information that will help you buy the items now and pay for them later.

The other alternative route you might also want to explore is going through gift card retailers that accept Klarna and you can seamlessly purchase an Amazon gift card that can be used for shopping.

Priority Tire

Priority Tire


Direct Checkout


Tires, and Automobile

Tip: you can buy tires for your vehicle on Priority Tire and pay later using your Klarna shopping credits.


Priority Tire is one of the few brands in the automobile industry with an amazing collection of inventory that offers buy now pay later options for tires.

You can get tires and accessories from well-known brands like Accelera, Continental, Firestone, Haida, Nexen, Michelin to many others in the auto part aftermarket service industry.

It is one of the Klarna stores where you can enjoy a lot of discounts shopping its products.

Priority Tire has a lot of cashback-targeted promotions for many popular brands in its ranks. For instance, it has rebate deals for Goodyear, Mickey Thompson, Kelly Tires, Continental Tires, and others. 

Other saving deals you can enjoy shopping on Priority Tire include first-time buyer discounts, and special discount deals for military personnel, teachers, first respondents, and medical staff when you purchase items on its portal.

Its lists of financing options include Klarna and PayPal Pay in 4 when it comes to bi-weekly payments for four. It is also one of the stores where you can lease-to-own using Acima.

The platform’s add-on services include the option to have a mobile installer come over to your location to install the item or you can request for it to be delivered to a nearby automobile shop that will do the installation.


Direct Checkout


Flights, Hotels, Cars, Train

Tip: accepts Klarna for flights and hotel booking, as well as car rentals. is one of the travel buy now pay later destinations where you can handle the primary things needed. From being able to book flights, reserve hotels, rent cars across several cities around the world, and find the best deals on cruises to other special vacation needs.

It is well-known for being a good source where you can get hotels around the world by comparing prices, facilities, and many other attributes in several aggregated listings that allow you to decide which suits your preference.

Aside from hotel reservations on, you can also search for and book flights at different schedules aggregated from several airlines with varying prices to help you save costs. is one of the places where you can also get cars on rental terms using your Klarna account. With its widespread service offering in several countries, you can rent cars at ease with no need to pay upfront.

The platform is tailored for many travel needs hence, making it a great single spot to handle your vacation necessities. It has packages for cruises and tailor-made travel needs.




Direct Checkout


Events, Tickets

Tip: Ticketmaster accepts Klarna at checkout to finance tickets for concerts and other events.


If you need tickets to events and live shows, this brand is the leader when it comes to this industry with thousands of amazing offerings on its portal.

Through Ticketmaster, you can purchase tickets to live concerts, sports events, art and theatre shows, to several others from top celebrities and big brands.

It is an amazing event booking platform and with its user-centric design, you can reserve space with a pre-idea of where you will stay during the live show.

Ticketmaster houses tickets to several NFL matches, NBA, NHL, Major League Soccer, and more with amazing deals to allow you to save when you get more tickets.

Though its preferred payment method is through PayPal which opens up an advantage for you to use Pay in 4, it also supports financing at the checkout through Klarna.




Direct Checkout



Tip: you can use your Klarna account to shop for groceries on Instacart directly.


This platform makes it seamless to get groceries delivered to your destination from popular stores like Costco, Walmart, Target, Safeway, Sephora, and many other local stores.

Instacart is a popular brand and has been servicing its audience since 2012 with operations spread across several cities in the United States and others to deliver items from grocery stores, pharmacies, and liquor stores.

It is regarded as a platform to get connected to personal shoppers as its interface allows you to shop for products from several listings. Once you are done with shopping, you will get matched with a shopper who will take care of the rest on your behalf.

The personal shopper will visit the local store in which you shopped from its inventory and pick them up. Once picked up, it will be delivered to your provided address.

You will be required to take care of the delivery fee as well as cover the service cost. While the delivery cost varies depending on your location, the service fee is usually a flat rate that will be shown to you while shopping.

If you want to save on cost when you use the platform regularly, you might want to subscribe to its premium service called Instacart Express. With this, you will pay a monthly fee of $9.99, which includes free delivery on orders over $35.

You can use your Klarna account on Instacart directly once you get to the payment page, simply select the icon to split your grocery shopping cost.




Direct Checkout



Tip: Klarna works directly on Nike. Proceed to checkout and select it for financing.


When it comes to sports fashion, Nike is one platform you probably have heard of with products being tagged for quality and premium design.

The brand has a good name when it comes to quality delivery and is a household name in several sports categories like basketball, football, tennis, golf, and others.

If you need shoes and other wear for exercises, gyming sessions, and sport-themed casual clothing, you can check Nike’s online portal.

In terms of payment plan purchases, it offers several routes as you can buy any of its products and finance using your Klarna account and PayPal split payment options.

These financing methods are directly available on its checkout page hence, you can order and pay later choosing anyone that works for the items you want to buy.

 Klarna department stores and marketplaces

These stores and online shopping portals sell products in several categories hence, a good spot if you intend to finance items that are unrelated at a go without visiting too many shopping platforms.


Abunda allows you to buy any product on Amazon and pay with your Klarna account.


A marketplace for handmade or vintage items and craft supplies.


Retail furniture, home improvement goods, decor, and others.


Wayfair sells furniture, electronics, and other home goods.


A product deals platform where you can get items at discounted rates.


Allows payment plan purchases on several products through financing brands.


A heavily discounted marketplace for goods in several categories.

Tractor Supply Co.

Retails home improvement and agriculture products as well as pet care items.

 Klarna flights, hotels & vacation booking sites

The below vacation and flight booking sites accept Klarna:

Alternative Airlines

American Airlines


Direct Checkout



Tip: you can use your Klarna account directly on Alternative Airlines to book flights and pay later.


Alternative Airlines is one of the popular platforms that allow you to compare prices from several airlines before picking the best depending on your preference.

This platform has a lot of airlines within its fold with over 600 air brands you can choose from when planning your travel needs.

When it comes to payment, Alternative Airlines is one of the few places you can almost pay with popular payment providers. 

The platform has hundreds of financial payment solutions that are spread across different countries globally with popular choices for its financing including Klarna, PayPal, Zip, and others.




Direct Checkout



Tip: Airbnb accepts Klarna for homestay reservations. Simply make your selection and proceed to the payment page to use it.


Airbnb is a popular platform that allows you to book homes in several cities where you can spend time on vacation and some other needs.

This accommodation booking portal has several listings aggregated from homeowners and agents across many cities around the world that you can book.

Most of the homes listed on Airbnb are from property owners and/or their agents. These properties can range from shared compounds to private apartments you can rent while away from home.

In some cases, you will find property owners living in the same compound of an apartment of your choice hence, could be beneficial in terms of settling in when you enter a new city.

Through its integration with Klarna, you can reserve condominiums and other apartment types without bothering to pay upfront. 

It has amazing listings to choose from and you will most likely find something that pleases you when you visit the Airbnb portal.

Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines


Direct Checkout


Flights, Hotels, Cars

Tip: Aegean Airlines accepts Klarna for flight bookings, car hires, and hotel reservations.


Aegean Airlines is one of the popular flight service providers and the largest Greek airline based on its passengers and coverage routes.

It provides a platform you can use to search and compare prices and offerings on hotels, flights, and car hire services across several locations.

With its intuitive booking interface, you can easily specify what you want like providing departure and return details for a flight need to get prices and schedules that you can select from depending on cost, class, and other personal preferences.

In addition to flight booking, it also has hotel booking functionality that you can use to search for and reserve a room you can check in once you enter any city across the globe.

This platform also has a car rental service and if you will need a vehicle for moving around the city, you might want to utilize your Klarna purchasing power to get this with no need for upfront payments.

 Klarna stores for computers, electronics, & appliances

You can use your Klarna account on a number of shopping portals that deal in the retailing of computers, laptops, home appliances to some other electronics.


1More manufactures and sells premium audio devices like headphones, in-ear and Bluetooth-powered headsets, and accessories.


A brand with product lines in smartphones, tablets, feature phones, and accessories.


An audio brand that makes speakers, headphones, soundbars, and related devices.


A popular brand with product lines including laptops, tablets, and others.


Jabra makes audio devices for corporate and personal use. Products include headphones, speakerphones, and others.


Manufactures and sells electronics, computers, appliances, audio devices, and more.


Geeni powers smart homes through its product line, including bulbs, plugs, surge protectors, and intelligent cameras.


This platform retails renewable energy solutions like inverters, batteries, and accessories.


Ecobee builds smart security tools for the home, including thermostats, cameras, and accessories.

Apex Gaming PC

Apex builds custom computers and laptops with super capability for gaming and high-end operations.

Musician’s Friend

Retail music equipment like guitars, keyboards, microphones, headphones, lighting, and more.


Makes unique portable accessories like wireless chargers, watch bands, phone cases, and more.


Sells computer software like Microsoft Office, Anti-virus, and Operating Systems to other software.

 Klarna stores for fashion, beauty, personal care, and clothing

You can also use your purchasing power across several online shopping portals that sell fashion, beauty, clothing, personal care, and related products.


A popular sportswear brand with premium shoes, jerseys, sweatshirts, and more for a sporty audience.


A men’s personal grooming brand that makes shavers, shampoo, beard oil, and related items.


ASOS retails clothing, different kinds of fashion items, and cosmetics.


Benefits make and retail cosmetics and other beauty products.

The Vitamin Shoppe

Sells vitamin-rich items, supplements, proteins, and other healthy weight-support products.


Manufactures and sells cold-holding drinkware, coolers, and related items.


Online store for health and wellness products.


A brand that makes exercise bikes, dumbbells, bottles, and other fitness-themed products.

Retail fragrances from different brands.


Sells clothing, shoes, glasses, and other wear from several brands.

An eyewear brand in the retail of eyeglasses.


Makes ready-to-wear clothing, footwear, handbags, and accessories.


A fashion house that makes and retails clothing, bags, footwear, jewelry, and more.

 Klarna stores for automobile parts & bikes

If you want to finance your automobile parts purchase or want a new electric bike using your Klarna shopping power, there are many platforms that support it directly where you can buy now and pay later.

Sixty Auto

Retails aftermarket automobile parts.


Sells and manages e-bikes for delivery.


Makes and retails aftermarket lighting systems and accessories.

Just Bolt On

Just Bolt On deals in the sales of aftermarket auto parts.


Manufactures and sells lifestyle-themed motorcycles.


Accessory destination for overlanding and offroad vehicles.

 Miscellaneous Klarna stores

Other stores where you can use your Klarna account that does not fall properly into any of the above categories.


Sells baby gear and related products.

Lily & River

Playtime toys for kids.


Food, wellness, and health supplies for pets.

Cheryls Cookies

Online cookie delivery shop.


Personalized jewelry and necklace portal.


Sells equipment and tools for outdoor activities like mountain climbing, snowboarding, kayaking, and more.

How Klarna Works

Klarna’s services are available via its website and mobile applications. To get started using the platform, you will need to:

  1. Download the app or visit the website; to create your Klarna account, you can download its app which is available for iOS and Android devices. Alternatively, you can enjoy the features by simply visiting the website to create your account
  2. Sign up by providing the KYC details; just like every financial institution, it is required for you to provide information that includes your name, email address, and social security number to allow the platform to verify your identity and also perform a soft credit check
  3. Checkout in-store and online; once you have signed up, verified your account, and have a purchasing power assigned to you then, you can shop and checkout with Klarna. Simply select Klarna while shopping online or ask for the Klarna checkout option in-store and you will be able to purchase and split the payments.

Though this process will change when paying with a Klarna card assigned to your account, you just need to checkout as you will normally do with any debit card and you have to provide the Klarna card details

Features available on Klarna

The platform has many features geared towards enabling you to have a good experience using it. Some of those include:

In-app Shopping

You can directly shop on thousands of platforms using the Klarna app and enjoy a lot of perks doing so.

Apart from the convenience of not bothering to have multiple shopping store apps installed on your device, access to many stores means you can easily compare prices on similar products across platforms to get the best.

In-app shopping also comes with a delivery tracking feature that allows you to keep tabs between the time of your order and the product’s delivery. This way, you maintain one app to track your orders without having to check multiple emails.

There is also the price drop feature when shopping in-app. With this, you can add items to your wishlist and get alerts when the prices drop. A good value to helping you to save money while creating a list of things to own.

In addition to its price drop alerts, it also supports cashback when you shop in some stores and this cashback earns you points that can be redeemed for rewards and premium features.

Another in-app feature that the Klarna application provides is coupon code hunting which helps you get discount vouchers from many stores which can enable you to buy products at cheaper rates.


Klarna Card

Klarna provides different types of cards, including the one-time valid virtual card and the always-available version.

The one-time valid virtual card is autogenerated at the point of checking out on the platforms that do not support direct Klarna payment, for instance when making a purchase on Amazon.

This one-time valid prepaid virtual card is valid for use on any online shopping portal that accepts prepaid cards and since it is only for single use, it will become invalid after the transaction.

If you want to keep your card for repetitive usage without having to visit your dashboard to generate a one-time valid virtual card every time, Klarna offers an alternative.

The Klarna virtual card which sits on your wallet is a better alternative if you are a frequent shopper.

With this card, you can conveniently enjoy paying in 4 across multiple channels including online and since the card details don’t change as common to the one-time valid card, you can conveniently link it to your Apple Pay and Google Pay for in-store payments.

This card comes with management functionalities that include the ability to freeze it, disable using it on contactless devices as well the possibility to stop it from working abroad.

Though this card comes with more abilities compared to the one-time valid alternative, there is a monthly maintenance fee to keep it active which will cost you $4.99.


Virtual Shopping Assistance

The Klarna virtual shopping is an interesting feature that lets you buy through expert guidance.

Take it like WhatsApp for shopping, the feature allows you to connect to a virtual shopper who will guide you about quality, prices, color, sizes, and other factors needed to help you make a good purchase decision.

To access this feature on your Klarna app, you simply need to click the chat icon when shopping on your favorite stores’ websites.

This service is possible through text exchanges or simply clicking the call icon to start a video conversation with a virtual shopper assigned to the store you are shopping.

Since this service is free to all Klarna users, you will no doubt have a premium experience shopping through the Klarna app and paying no penny for shopping advice.


Loyalty Card Library

The Klarna loyalty card library building functionality is another good feature you will like, especially if you are an avid shopper.

This library enables you to have a collection of loyalty cards from different shopping platforms, especially those offline which will make you limit the need to have them separately.

With this, you get to do away with many of the plastic cards provided by stores and you will conveniently have them housed in your Klarna app.

To start adding the loyalty cards of your favorite stores on the Klarna app, take the following steps:

  • On your dashboard, locate the loyalty cards section and click to open the space to begin storing and adding your cards
  • You can then search stores on the app to add their loyalty cards to your collection
  • Alternatively, you can scan or manually enter the details of an existing physical card if the store is not directly available on the Klarna app
  • Once you have a store’s loyalty card in your collection, you can then use it at a checkout point when in-store to earn shopping points


Klarna Extension

Another good functionality provided by Klarna is its browser extension which makes shopping and paying in 4 more convenient.

The Klarna browser extension is a plugin that lives on your browser which enables you to access its BNPL services and other shopping goodies without the need for you to log in to your app.

With this browser extension, you can see your purchasing power, and checkout on multiple shopping portals, including the ones with no direct integration with Klarna.

Another good feature that comes with this extension is its discount and coupon code alerts. When shopping on a website, the extension will throw an alert to let you know of any discount promotions and coupon codes that can help you buy at cheaper rates.

To get started using this service, 

  • First, visit your browser extension store and search for Klarna, this is alternatively available for a direct download on the Klarna website
  • Click the add button to install the extension
  • Once installed, the Klarna logo can be seen on the extension tab and will be visible to the right of your browser’s address bar

Klarna Interest and Charges

Klarna does not charge any interest on its buy now pay later credit hence, a good choice to enable you to have that product you want until your next paycheck.

In terms of late payment, the platform has an interesting way it handle this to allow you to conveniently manage a situation you are not able to pay before the due date. Thanks to its extension feature, you can request to shift the payment for up to 14 days to enable you to get the funds together.

While serving a pending BNPL order, you will not be able to access the service until you have paid back in full and if you continue to default for more days, you could find yourself in the hands of the credit bureaus.

But for long-term financing purchases, this comes at varying interest rates that you read up in full in our guide on Klarna payment options.

Klarna FAQs

Can I use Klarna on Amazon?

Yes, you can use Klarna on Amazon. It provides multiple channels when shopping on platforms like Amazon and with its one-time valid virtual card, Klarna can be used to split purchase payments on Amazon. 

Can I use Klarna on Walmart?

Yes, you can buy at Walmart and pay with Klarna. Thanks to its in-app shopping as well as its virtual card that connects to any EMV-accepting shopping gateway.

Does Klarna performs a credit check?

Yes, it performs a soft credit check. This does not affect your credit score but it is done to enable it to assign a purchasing power to your profile.

What is a purchasing power?

Your purchasing power is your buy now and pay later limit. You have a maximum in terms of the number of running orders as well as the highest amount you can access.

Can I return a Klarna order?

Yes, you can return a product purchased using Klarna when you find an issue with it. Simply look for the return functionality on your Klarna dashboard to register a return.


You do not have to worry about paying so much for a product that could affect your handling of other things that require funds.

Thanks to platforms like Klarna, you can conveniently have the product now and pay the price back in bits which will allow you to channel funds to handle other needs.

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