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Top stores where you can get your gaming PC on a payment plan

Gaming PC financing options are available across a number of stores, this no doubt brings convenience as you can buy now and pay later.

If you want a computer you can use for gaming, you can get it on a payment plan without having to be bothered by upfront payment which could be difficult when you are on a short budget.

Be it models from popular gaming desktop providers like Acer, Razer, Alienware, HP, MSI, and others, you can get any of those delivered to you on a financing option from many retailers online.

Abunda Gaming PC Financing


Pay with

Klarna, PayPal, Acima, PayTomorrow

Tip: Abunda enables you to buy a gaming PC on Amazon and pay later with PayPal, Klarna, PayTomorrow, and Acima Leasing.


If you have seen a good gaming PC on Amazon and want to get it on a payment plan, you might want to consider going through Abunda.

Abunda makes it easy to get any product on Amazon on a buy now and pay later term using the accounts that you have with Klarna, PayPal, and PayTomorrow.

An interesting thing about financing your Amazon products through Abunda is the possibility to buy many items in one cart and checkout at ease with no restriction on the number of items provided the total value is within the purchasing power assigned to you by the BNPL provider.

Hence, a good choice to finance your gaming desktop and also buy some accessories on a payment plan alongside the PC and checkout at one go.

One feature that makes it easy to finance an Amazon product on Abunda is the power of its paste-a-link: this allows you to copy any Amazon product link and paste it into the Abunda search field which will import the item within seconds for payment plan purchase.

You can almost finance any gaming PC of your choice on Abunda provided the same item is available on Amazon hence, it has a very large virtual inventory as it maintains the same products as Amazon.

Gaming computer financing on Abunda is entirely via its web portal hence, you do not need to install a mobile app to use its service but you will need to have accounts with its integrated split payment partners that include PayPal, Klarna, Acima Leasing, and PayTomorrow.

Amazon Gaming PC Financing


Pay with

Amazon Monthly, Affirm

Tip: You can finance gaming PCs on Amazon by using its interest-free monthly payment for up to 120 days or opting for the Affirm option at checkout.


When it comes to inventory, there is no doubt that Amazon has one of, if not the largest inventory of consumer electronic products online.

To enable you to buy any of these products, financing options are available through which you can buy any gaming PC on a payment plan.

Directly on its shopping portal, you can buy now and pay later conveniently using your purchasing power assigned by Affirm which gives a credit power of up to $20, 000 that varies depending on the result of the soft credit check.

There is also the Amazon Monthly payment option, an interest-free financing tool that will allow you to buy items and spread the costs of purchases up to 120 days but this will only be available to you if you shop regularly on the platform.

Gaming computer financing on Amazon is not just limited to Affirm and Amazon Monthly as many third-party routes exist that you can use to get any of the products and pay later.

One of those ways is using different methods employed by the split payment providers that allow Amazon shopping.

Another way is using Abunda, a platform that allows you to buy any product on Amazon and pay later using your accounts owned with PayPal, Klarna, and PayTomorrow.

Through Abunda, you can also lease to own any product on Amazon when you checkout with Acima Leasing, the Abunda leasing partner.

Origin Gaming PC Financing

Origin PC

Pay with


Tip: Origin allows the financing of its gaming computers through WeGetFinancing which connects to multiple lenders.


Origin is another amazing computer manufacturer that engineers some of the top gaming PCs around.

Among its top pre-built models include the Neuron 5000X, Genesis 7000X, 680X RTS, Neuron 4000D RTS, and Neuron 5000D RTS.

You can also customize your gaming PC when you finance it from Origin for any of its categories including the Genesis, Neuron, and Chronos.

Its financing is provided through WeGetFinancing, a platform that gives the power to access financing from multiple lenders hence, increasing your chances of being able to alter providers depending on your credit score.

Since it does not have any of the conventional BNPL platforms directly when checking it out on its shopping portal, you might want to consider using a split payment virtual card.

CyberPower Gaming PC Financing


Pay with

PayPal, Affirm

Tip: CyberPower is another top-quality gaming PC maker that allows financing through PayPal and Affirm.


This brand makes amazing personal computers for gaming and its Xtreme VR Gaming device receiving over 4.5-star reviews shows that.

Other amazing models within its rank that have received huge ratings include Back to School models, Creator PC Ultimate, and the Esports Essential gaming computers.

If you want your PC to be custom-made for you, this is one maker that gives you the freedom to choose the configurations that suit your needs.

In terms of financing for its personal computers, you might want to utilize the Amazon Marketplace since the brand also sells through Amazon.

Nevertheless, it directly allows payment plan purchases by using any of the financing options provided by PayPal.

Best Buy Gaming PC Financing

Best Buy

Pay with

Progressive, Own Credit Card, BNPL Virtual Cards

Tip: Best Buy allows you to finance gaming computers through Progressive Leasing and its own store credit card.


Best Buy is a famous brand in consumer electronics as you can be sure of getting almost a needed electronic item of choice from its portal, thanks to its huge collection of products.

Despite its popularity, its payment plan options are limited as you will have to work with using its store credit to finance gaming computers of your choice or opt for the leasing option provided through Progressive Leasing.

If you go with the gaming desktop financing option through its credit card, you will have the opportunity to own any of its that include the closed-loop version which can only be used on the shopping portal, or the Visa-powered card that can be used almost everywhere that allows EMV cards.

Since the purchase will be within the Best Buy terrain, you might not bother about which type of credit card you are lucky to get as long as you can use it to finance your gaming desktop.

The other option it provides when it comes to gaming PC financing is the lease-to-own plan through which you can get a gaming computer you like and lease through Progressive.

If none of these options provided by Best Buy is satisfactory to you, many of the buy now, pay later platforms provide virtual cards you can use to shop for external merchants and you might want to explore that.

Target Gaming PC Financing


Pay with

Affirm, PayPal, Own Credit Card, BNPL Virtual Cards

Tip: you can finance gaming desktop purchases on Target through Affirm, PayPal, or its own credit card.


Target is another good online store where you can buy now and pay later for different brands of gaming desktops.

This retailer also has a good collection of gaming computers, including models from brands like Acer, HP, and MSI, amongst others.

Target allows gaming computer financing through the RedCard, its own store credit card that includes the Target Credit Card, and a special one meant for business entity financing called the PCard.

Since the platform has PayPal as part of its payment processors, it opens the opportunity to finance a gaming desktop using any of the financing tools it provides including the Pay-in-4 and PayPal Credit.

If you have an Affirm account, you can use it to buy any gaming computer on Target on a buy now, pay later term as it supports it directly at checkout.

The other option outside its shopping portal is to either use virtual BNPL cards or opt for in-app purchases if your split payment provider supports Target shopping on its app.

Razer Gaming PC Financing


Pay with

PayPal, Affirm

Tip: you can finance Razer gaming computers through Affirm and PayPal PayLater which are directly available when shopping on its portal.


If you a big gaming fan, you will know Razor is another popular brand when it comes to the best gaming devices you can get for fun-filled moments.

The R1 is one of its pre-configured PCs and you can customize it to your taste by choosing the processors and other accessories to turn it into a super-machine as you desire.

This brand has great add-ons that you can add to your items when you are financing the gaming PC on its shopping page. These add-ons include a gaming mouse, gaming keyboard, headset to a lot more meant to improve your gaming experience.

You can finance Razar PCs by selecting the Pay with Affirm option on its payment page to choose between its bi-weekly pay-in-4 or for longer financing it offers depending on your purchasing power.

Razer also has the option to pay with your PayPal account hence, you can also finance gaming desktops on this portal by using PayPal Credit if you have an account with some shopping credits.

Alienware Gaming PC Financing


Pay with

Dell Pay Credit, PayPal

Tip: Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell and since all shopping happens on its website, you can pre-qualify to finance gaming PC models using its Dell Pay. Alternatively, try the PayPal option.


Alienware is another renowned brand in the gaming industry, specializing in high-performance gaming laptops, desktops, and peripherals.

This brand delivers cutting-edge hardware for gamers. Its laptops and desktops are known for their robust specifications, exceptional graphics, and innovative designs that cater to the demanding needs of gamers.

These systems often feature top-of-the-line processors, powerful GPUs, and custom cooling solutions to enhance gaming experiences.

The brand is a Dell subsidiary and you can finance its gaming PC models by applying through the Dell Pay Credit. It also supports payment with PayPal which could be an alternative to help you get the device you need on a payment plan.

Skytech Gaming PC Financing


Pay with

Bread Financials

Tip: you can finance gaming computers directly on Skytech through Bread Financials.


You can also finance Skytech gaming PCs directly on its portal, thanks to its support through Bread Financials.

Bread Pay is one of the buy now, pay later service providers, and with its varying payment plans that include pay-in-4 to up to 36 months of financing, there is no doubt it is a good option to finance that Skytech gaming PC you want.

This brand also makes some of the most amazing gaming computers in the industry and this can be seen from the positive reviews regarding its models that include Azure, Chronos, Blaze, Prism, Nebula, Eclipse, and others.

If you do not have a Bread Pay account or prefer to use providers like Klarna, and PayPal, you might want to consider financing these gaming desktops on Amazon through Abunda.

Other alternative ways you could finance these gaming computers include the use of a BNPL browser extension or simply making use of your virtual card to complete the order process on the Skytech shopping portal.

iBuyPower Gaming PC Financing


Pay with

Affirm, PayPal

Tip: you can finance iBuyPower gaming desktops by using Affirm and Katapult directly on its website.


When it comes to gaming technology, iBuyPower is one of the big names delivering amazing products for all game lovers. This can be seen in the uniqueness of its products and accompanying accessories.

From custom models powered by AMD and Intel to prebuilt versions within its RDY model, this is a brand well known for crafting amazing computers for a perfect experience.

Most of its products are within the acceptable limit offered by most of the gaming computer financing providers hence, a lucky choice if you want to get any of its models on a payment plan.

Directly on its website, there is a pay-in-four plan provided by Affirm which you can utilize to have any of the iBuyPower gaming PCs. This option is directly available when you are checking out and you can allow the payment plan purchase by providing your Affirm credentials on the authorization page.

Alternatively, iBuyPower has Katapult integrated hence, giving you a chance to seamlessly lease to own any of its gaming computers.

Maingear Gaming PC Financing


Pay with

PayPal, Bread Financial

Tip: Maingear provides custom gaming PC financing through PayPal and Bread Pay.


Maingear is known for building high-performance PCs tailor-made to meet the requirements of any gamer.

The brand has been around since 2002 and since then has delivered a number of amazing custom-built computers that include MG-1 and Vybe.

Whether you go with its pre-built desktops or choose the custom-built PCs, financing is available for both hence, you can get any of them and split the payment into weeks to months.

Maingear main payment plan provider is Bread Pay which is available when you are on the checkout page but it also supports payment through PayPal which gives the opportunity to utilize your purchasing power offered through PayPal Credit and Pay-in-4.

Who provides gaming PC finance with no credit check?

If you want to finance a gaming PC with a bad credit score, it is worth knowing that you can still get your gaming computer on a payment plan.

Many of the providers listed here do not perform any form of hard credit checks on your profile hence, they are good options to get that device you want.

While some financing options may mention performing a soft credit check, this does not in any way affect your chances and it will not appear on your history as this is mainly done to assign a shopping credit to you.

What to consider when you are buying a gaming PC

When buying a gaming PC, consider the following key factors to ensure you get the best experience:

  • Budget: Determine your budget range, as gaming PCs come in various price brackets. Set realistic expectations based on your financial capacity.
  • Performance: Focus on the CPU and GPU. A capable processor and a high-end graphics card will ensure smooth gameplay.
  • RAM: Opt for at least 16GB of RAM to handle modern games effectively.
  • Storage: Invest in an SSD for fast load times and an HDD for additional storage space.
  • Upgradeability: Look for a system with upgradable components like RAM and storage for future-proofing.
  • Form Factor: Choose between a desktop tower, compact PC, or laptop based on your space and portability requirements.
  • Display: Ensure your monitor can match your PC’s capabilities with a suitable resolution and refresh rate.
  • Cooling: Effective cooling solutions are vital to prevent overheating during extended gaming sessions.
  • Connectivity: Check for adequate USB ports, audio jacks, and network options like Wi-Fi for convenience.
  • Brand and Reviews: Research PC brands and read reviews to find reputable manufacturers known for quality and customer support.

Gaming computers are super machines with topnotch configurations which makes them deliver amazing experiences.

If you are on a tight budget and need one for yourself, you can have a gaming desktop on a payment plan from any of the providers listed here that provides varying gaming PC financing options.

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