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Best Pay Now Pay Later Services for Every Need

Pay now pay later apps and stores bring a lot of conveniences when buying and handling critical needs like shopping, bill payments, flight booking, and more.

Time arises when you have some things to settle where you would rather finance it than pay the cost upfront which might not be convenient due to some other needs.

If you are on a budget, opting for pay now pay later services is a great way to handle your needs where you will get everything you need and conveniently pay back later in small multiple payments.

Using these platforms allows you to channel your funds to handle other needs and since these services do not charge any interest when repaid in four bi-weekly payments, no extra cost for you.

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 Pay Now Pay Later Financing Providers







Tip: Affirm is a major pay now pay later financing option offered by popular shopping platforms like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and many others.

Top Affirm Merchants


You can buy almost any product you need on Amazon.


A site to reserve hotels, book flights, travel packages, and car rentals.


A popular manufacturer of sportswear and exercise apparel.


Department store for varying products like electronics, groceries, clothing, and more.


Sells different products in varying categories including electronics, fashion, furniture, and more.


Affirm is another financing platform you can use its pay now pay later service for shopping at several merchants online and offline.

Probably there amongst the top five when it comes to pay in 4 service providers and you can see it at the checkout pages of major retailers.


Read more on Affirm

This platform provides several interfaces to allow you to split payments into four installments including accessing some retailers on its app or directly using it if it is supported at your favorite retailers.

Affirm is also one of the BNPL companies that provides virtual cards you can use where it is not directly available. This is an add-on to its browser shopping extension that brings more convenience.

Aside from financing, you might also be interested in saving some money which is also possible when using this platform.

This high-yield savings account compounds on a daily basis which you can track on your app. With no minimum as to the value you can start with, this is one feature you might want to try.

PayPal Pay in 4

PayPal Pay in 4





Tip: you can use PayPal to buy products and pay later from millions of merchants globally up to a limit of $1,500.

Top PayPal Pay in 4 Merchants


Use it to buy any product on Amazon by copying the link and pasting it on Abunda.

Priority Tire

Buy tires and accessories for your vehicle and pay later.

Book flights, hotels, rent cars, and vacation packages.


Buy tickets for events, sports matches, and live shows.


A marketplace to buy almost any product.


You cannot have a list of split providers without mentioning PayPal Pay in 4, thanks to the amazing number of merchants that support it when you are making payments.

With such a large presence, it is a great tool to handle all pay now pay later financing needs for several products and services.


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Using the services provided by Pay in 4, you enjoy interest-free repayments in addition to its large community.

Despite knowing it has a wide merchant network, the platform still ensures you are not limited to the purchasing power assigned to you by allowing you to shop where PayPal is not accepted through its payment card.

The payment card provided by PayPal is a one-time valid virtual which you can generate directly on your app when you are logged in.

In terms of the funds you will have when your account is created, it cannot exceed $1,500 depending on the soft credit check that will be performed.

Nevertheless, you can only use this pay now pay later service when your bill or cart value is at least $300.

PayPal also has a long-term financing option that will allow you to repay over a long period, up to 24 months unlike the buy now pay later option that requires repayment in 4 within six weeks.

This credit option requires a monthly plan that can be managed in its app. This can extend to a period of 24 months and comes at a yearly percentage rate of 9.99% up to 29.99% depending on how long your repayment is but it is at a 0% interest rate if you repay within four months.







Tip: Klarna can be used directly at thousands of merchants online and in-store. It also provides alternate features for better experiences.

Top Klarna Merchants


Buy any product on Amazon and pay later by simply copying and pasting the link.

Priority Tire

Purchase tires and accessories for vehicles and pay later.


Hotel reservations, flight booking, car rentals, and vacation packages.


Get tickets for events, sports matches, and live shows.


Get groceries delivered to your home with no upfront cost.


Klarna is another well-known pay now pay later app you can use to finance purchases across several merchants online as well as when visiting a physical store.

This is one brand you will almost find accepted by many of your favorite shopping portals and with its amazing add-on features, the platform is definitely one to check out.


Read more on Klarna

As common to many of the pay now pay later service providers, Klarna also allows you to shop where it is not accepted by giving you an interface to generate buy now pay later virtual cards you can use to complete your payments.

Its shopping limit that can be assigned to you varies, and this usually depends on a soft credit check that will be performed on your profile based on the information you submitted at registration.

This soft credit check is not something you need to be worried much about as it does not affect your credit score but rather, is done only to determine a limit.

If you get a low shopping power once you sign up, you can increase this depending on your repayment for all pay now pay later purchases on your account. The earlier the better.

In addition to the single-use card provided by Klarna, you can also get its multi-usable card which sits on your wallet, or request for a physical version of it that you can use offline.

The good thing with this multi-use card is that you can connect it to any digital wallet like Apple Pay and Google Pay which makes it an amazing alternative to utilize your Klarna credits anywhere.

As you use this platform to handle your pay now pay later financing needs, you enjoy rewards that come in the form of points which can be redeemed for amazing stuff and access to its premium features.

If you keep a lot of loyalty cards from your favorite shopping destination, you will love the loyalty wallet feature provided by Klarna.

This loyalty wallet allows you to keep all your cards in a safe place digitally. You can do this by searching on the app or adding them manually using the scan QR code add-on available on the Klarna app.

You can also compare prices on product offerings from thousands of merchants when shopping through its portal. One of the features that makes you save on purchases and its coupon hunting functionality allows you to discover when you might be able to get discounts.

For convenience and to stay with you when browsing through your browser, it provides an extension that is available for Chrome which allows you to use it on any website that does not support it directly.

If the purchasing power available to you is not enough to cover the cost of the transaction, you might want to try its financing option that allows you to split repayments up to 36 months.

This long-term financing option is not interest-free though as it comes at a cost of 0.24.99% APR which is handled through its partner finance provider.







Tip: Afterpay has a good network of merchants you can shop with online with an in-app map to assist you in locating where you can use it offline.

Top Afterpay Merchants


A marketplace to buy products in several categories.


Retail clothing, shoes, and other fashion items.


You can book flights, rent cars, and reserve hotels with it.


A popular marketplace for discounted products.


A top destination for fashion items.


Afterpay is another good platform that allows you to pay now and pay later for purchases by spreading payments into multiples.

This financing brand also has good merchant coverage and you can use it to check out at many retailers.


Read more on Afterpay

Afterpay is another pay now pay later service provider that should be on your list when you are considering platforms to use for splitting payments. 

It has quite a number of well-known retailers that allow you to use your Afterpay purchasing power to shop their products without being bothered by upfront costs.

This pay now pay later service provider also has a functionality that enables you to generate a single-use card that can be used for making payments but works differently from other platforms.

Its one-time valid card can only used within its app hence, you must log in to your account to access this feature. You can start using this by clicking any of the in-app-only stores.

This one-time usable card only working within its app is probably because of its multi-use pay now pay later virtual, called the Afterpay Plus Card.

This card is a virtual BNPL debit card that you can access on your dashboard which you can conveniently use at merchants’ locations that support payment through digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The Plus Card is a better option if you want to shop outside the Afterpay app but it has a monthly cost of $5.99 to keep it active for use.

Since its merchant spread cut across several countries, the platform provides a cross-border shopping feature that allows you to buy from retailers in all its countries of operations.

This pay now pay later service provider is in the same family as Square, the popular payment company. With Square having a good share of businesses using its solution, it is likely to see many of these businesses using Afterpay.




$1, 000



Tip: Zip supports pay now pay later for so many products and services, including bill payments.

Top Zip Merchants


A popular destination for sports apparel, collectibles, and related products.

Alternative Airlines

Book flights across hundreds of airlines and pay later.

Best Buy

Look for and buy consumer electronics and more.


A community-powered marketplace with hundreds of categories to buy from.


Buy tickets for concerts and sports events including NBA, NHL, NFL


Zip previously called QuadPay is one of the popular pay now pay later apps you can use when shopping at well-known retailers.

With many merchants in its fold across varying categories that include fashion, grocery, electronics, travel, health, and more, having an account with Zip gives you good flexibility to shop and pay later from different merchants.


Read more on Zip

The platform enables you to shop effortlessly through its array of channels, including buying offline when you walk in-store at any of its supporting merchants.

Using it online gives more convenience as you can either use it directly when buying from supported online retailers or utilize its browser extension where it is not available on the payment page.

Alternatively, this pay now pay later service also provides an interface that you can use to buy on popular shopping platforms like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and others when you are logged in to your dashboard. The entire shopping happens in-app hence, a good way to maintain fewer apps.

Zip also provides a virtual card that can be used online where it is not accepted. The limited-use card can be generated for use when you are ready to make payments at an online retailer by visiting the Pay tab on your app.

You can also get a physical card to use in splitting shopping payments. It is a prepaid card you will need to pre-fund from your purchasing power before you will be able to make successful payments with it.

To allow it to be used, you need to visit your app and provide the payment details including the total amount to be paid in addition to any tax fee if applicable.

 Pay Now Pay Later for Electronics, Appliances, and Computers

There are so many online platforms that allow you to get electronics, appliances, computers, laptops, and others on pay now pay later terms.

Some of the popular online stores you can use to pay in four include:

Top Merchants


Buy electronics and other top products and pay later with Affirm.


Buy any Amazon product and pay later with PayPal, Klarna, and Acima.

Best Buy

Finance consumer electronics and other items with PayPal and Zip.


Allows financing for multiple products using Affirm, Sezzle, PayPal, Afterpay, Klarna, and Zip.


Buy any electronics and other products and pay later with PayPal, Zip, and Afterpay.

 Pay Now Pay Later for Flights, Hotels, and Vacation

You can also pay in four when you want to handle traveling needs at several online portals.

Some of the vacation-themed platforms that support pay now pay later services include:

Top Merchants

Book flights, rent cars, and hotels and get vacation packages when you pay with PayPal and Klarna.


Book hotels, flights, and other travel needs and pay later with PayPal and Affirm.


Book tours, and fun-themed packages and pay later with PayPal.

Alternative Airlines

Book flights across over 600 airlines and pay later with multiple options.


Airbnb is a destination for booking short-stay homes and apartments. Pay with Klarna and PayPal.

 Pay Now Pay Later for Clothing, Fashion, and Persona Care

When it comes to buying clothes, shoes, fashion, hair extensions, beauty, and other personal care products, you can also utilize pay now pay later services to finance the purchase.

Popular online retailers that support such pay-in-four plans include:

Top Merchants


Buy clothing, shoes, and other fashion-related products and pay later with Affirm.


You can buy any fashion and related items on Amazon and pay later using Klarna, PayPal, and Acima.


Enjoy fashion items in varying categories and pay later with PayPal, Klarna, Afterpay, and Zip.

Ulta Beauty

Finance beauty products and pay in four using PayPal and Afterpay.


A top grocery ordering destination with support for PayPal and Klarna.

 Pay Now Pay Later for Bills and Automobiles

There are so many pay now pay later services you can also use to handle your purchases for auto parts as well as finance your utility bill payments.

The below platforms are some of the best destinations you can utilize:

Top Providers

Priority Tire

A top auto part aftermarket destination for tires and accessories. Pay with PayPal, Klarna, and Acima.


Upload your invoice and let the platform handle the payment.


Connect your utility bill account on the app and allow Neon to finance it while you pay later.


Get the invoice, share it with Willow and you will not have to bother with upfront payment.


Use PayPal Pay in 4 at several bill providers and repay in installments.


The good thing about so many of these pay now pay later service providers is their amazing network of merchnats where you can conveniently spread purchase payments.

With some of them allowing you to also grow your credit score, there is no doubt it is great trying one of the pay now pay later services to handle your expenses, even if it is for a shortwhile.

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