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Every Rewards of the Amazon Prime Visa Credit Card

Amazon Prime Visa credit card has one of the best rewards with benefits including interest-free monthly payments and up to 10% cashback.

While buy now pay later virtual cards have made spread payments seamless, the convenience Prime Visa offers is topnotch, especially how fast you get a digital version once your request is approved.

It is not just one of the monthly payment options on Amazon but also allows you to enjoy payment splitting across thousands of retailers that accept Amazon Pay.

 Amazon Prime Visa Credit Card


1% – 10%

Foreign Transaction Fee


Pay Monthly

Up to 24 months


0% Up to 12 Months*

Tip: The Amazon Prime Visa card comes with up to 10% cashback. Using this card, you can spread payment up to 12 months with no interest at thousands of retailers. With varying factors for eligibility, you may qualify even with a no perfect credit score.

Amazon Prime Visa Credit Card


This card offers a range of benefits, including at least 3% cashback rewards on Amazon, Whole Foods Markets, Amazon Fresh purchases, and Chase Travel transactions.

It seamlessly integrates with the Amazon ecosystem hence, you can earn and redeem rewards points for various purchases easily, further maximizing your shopping experience.

With no foreign transaction fees, the Amazon Prime Visa provides added convenience for international use.

If you ever decide to try buy now pay later options for Amazon shopping, you will probably want to go with the Prime Visa as you can enjoy up to 12 months of interest-free monthly financing.

Amazon Prime Visa Rewards

Below are the complete benefits and rewards you enjoy when you get the Amazon Prime Visa credit card:

 Up to 10% cashback for Amazon Prime members

Tip: Most of the Amazon Prime Visa rewards are in its 10% cashback on rotating categories and products for eligible Prime subscribers and consistent 5% cashback on Amazon, Whole Foods Market, Fresh, and Chase Travel expenses.

Amazon Prime Visa Rewards for Prime Members


The Amazon Prime Visa rewards include enhanced benefits with a Prime membership.

Upon enrollment, you can receive 5% cashback at, Amazon Fresh, and Whole Foods Market, along with 5% cashback on Chase Travel purchases.

Additionally, a rotating selection of items and categories on Amazon can yield 10% cashback or more for Prime members.

These rewards cater to various spending patterns, providing potential value for eligible Prime subscribers.

 Up to 5% cashback on Amazon purchases

Tip: While there is a minimum of 3% cashback that you can earn on eligible purchases as a regular user, this will increase to 5% when you upgrade to Prime.

Amazon Prime Visa Rewards on Marketplace


One of the benefits of the Amazon Prime Visa credit card is the amazing cashback reward when shopping on the Amazon marketplace.

For every eligible purchase, you earn at least a cashback reward of 5% if you are a Prime member or 3% for regular shoppers.

This Amazon Prime Visa reward applies to transactions within various categories such as digital downloads, gift cards, and items from third-party merchants on the marketplace, including Amazon Style, Prime Video, and Kindle Unlimited.

 Get 2% cashback on your restaurant expenses

Tip: With the Amazon Prime Visa credit card, you will enjoy a continuous 2% cashback at restaurants, whether you dine in or opt for takeout.


This benefit applies to merchants primarily focused on sit-down or eat-in dining, including fast food joints and upscale establishments. Delivery and takeout services qualify if designated as restaurant merchants.

Exceptions are made for merchants selling food and drinks within sports stadiums, hotels, casinos, theme parks, and grocery and department stores unless they categorize such purchases as restaurant transactions.

The eligible categories for this Amazon Prime Visa reward explicitly exclude bakeries, caterers, meal kit delivery services, and gift card merchants.

 Up to 5% cashback on Whole Foods Market purchases

Tip: The Amazon Prime Visa rewards also include up to 5% on your grocery shopping at Whole Foods Market. This applies to both online transactions and those done at its retail outlets.

Amazon Prime Visa Rewards at Whole Foods Market


If you love shopping for groceries, the Amazon Prime Visa rewards you enjoy will make this card a top choice for you.

With hundreds of physical stores across cities in the United States, there is a reason why Whole Foods Market is a preferred destination for many when it comes to grocery and gourmet food purchases.

You can enjoy up to 5% cashback every time you make payments at any of its locations using your Prime Visa credit card.

This offer also extends to its online shopping portal, excluding its international websites and transactions done through third-party platforms like Instacart, DoorDash, and others.

 Your local commuting expenses get 2% cashback

Tip: One of the amazing Amazon Prime Visa rewards is the 2% cashback you get for your local transit expenses, including rideshare payments.


You will enjoy an unlimited 2% cashback on local transit and commuting, spanning an array of services including rideshare platforms, passenger trains, buses, taxis, limousines, ferries, toll bridges, highways, and parking facilities.

Whether you are navigating the cityscape, utilizing rideshare convenience, or opting for traditional modes like trains and buses, the 2% cashback Amazon Prime Visa rewards feature remains consistent.

From daily commuting to occasional rideshare adventures, this rewards program caters to diverse travel needs.

 Up to 5% cashback on Amazon Fresh purchases

Tip: Amazon Fresh is another place where you earn rewards for using your card to buy grocery and gourmet foods. There is also up to 5% cashback both on its store on the marketplace and offline locations.

Prime Visa Rewards at Amazon Fresh


Amazon Fresh is a grocery store offering a vast selection of fresh produce, household items, and more.

As part of the Amazon Prime Visa rewards, you earn up to 5% cashback each time you make payments at Fresh, both online and in its walk-in locations.

From time to time, there are promotional offers by Amazon Fresh and these can be added to the cashback benefit that comes with using your credit card for payments.

 At least 1% cashback on other purchases

Tip: With this Prime Visa card, you also receive an unbounded 1% cashback on all other purchases, valid wherever Visa is accepted.


This amazing offer ensures benefits for every transaction, from daily essentials to unique purchases, providing flexibility and value.

Whether you are shopping for groceries, making online purchases, or indulging in leisure activities, this 1% cashback feature applies.

Embrace the convenience of earning rewards on a wide range of expenses, making every purchase an opportunity to accumulate value.

With the widespread acceptance of Visa cards, you have the freedom to earn rewards seamlessly, adding a layer of benefit to your diverse spending habits.

Enjoy 2% cash back at gas stations

Tip: Nothing more pleasing than getting some dollars off when making gas payments as this is a very regular bill. Your Amazon Prime Visa rewards include a 2% discount in the form of cashback credited to your points wallet.

Amazon Prime Visa Rewards at Gas Stations


Gas expenses are almost a part of living considering how frequently you need to refill hence why many people opt for buy now pay later services for bill payments.

You probably do not need another provider as in addition to gas bill splitting, you also enjoy 2% cashback every time you use your Prime Visa credit card.

This applies to merchants selling automotive gasoline, with payment options at the pump or inside the station. These merchants may offer additional goods or services.

However, exclusions include those not specializing in automotive gasoline sales, such as truck stops, boat marinas, oil and propane distributors, and home heating companies.

 Interest-free monthly payments

Tip: This card also has a buy now pay later feature built into it with 0% interest charged during its promotional period for up to 12 months installments.


One of the amazing Amazon Prime Visa rewards is in its interest-free equal monthly payments when making purchases of $50 or more on Amazon or eligible retailers accepting Amazon Pay.

This payment option allows you to spread the cost over time, a convenient feature accessible at checkout within the order summary or payment gateway menu.

The buy now pay later feature will allow you to spread payments with no interest during the promotional period for up to six months on a cart of value less than $250 but at least $50 while you can enjoy up to 12 months of interest-free monthly payments for purchases of $250 and above.

 Get up to 5% in cashback on Chase Travel

Tip: If you love travels and vacations, a good reason to get this card is the cashback you get using it on Chase Travel for flight booking, hotel reservations, car rentals, and other purchases.

Amazon Prime Visa Rewards at Chase Travel


You also earn an unlimited cashback of up to 5% on Chase Travel purchases, covering prepaid travel expenses made on or through the card’s hotline.

The purchases eligible for Amazon Prime Visa rewards include airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, and cruises.

Please be aware that items not paid for on or via the card’s hotline do not qualify, and any portion of the purchase paid with points is also ineligible.

 Support payments through digital wallets

Tip: The digital version of your card can be used for payments anywhere Visa is accepted including offline through digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.


Once your request is approved, you will immediately get access to a digital version in the form of a Visa gift card.

You can effortlessly integrate your Amazon Prime Visa into your preferred digital wallet via the Chase mobile app, ensuring convenient accessibility.

Whether opting for Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay, you can use that for purchases before receiving the physical card.

 Convert expenses into a split list with My Chase Plan

Tip: One of the unique Amazon Prime Visa rewards is the possibility to convert past transactions into buy now pay later through My Chase Plan.


My Chase Plan is one of the post-transaction buy now pay later services bundled as part of the Amazon Prime Visa rewards you enjoy.

This feature enables you to convert existing purchases on your transaction history into monthly payments.

Using My Chase Plan will allow you to use your credit balance for more expenses while allowing some to be on a spread payment list.

This feature is applicable to all eligible after-purchases that have a minimum spent value of $100 but you are limited to a maximum of 10 active items.

 Enjoy more deals with Chase Offers

Tip: You can use Chase Offers to activate discounts on your preferred items within the Chase Mobile app.


Chase Offers is another amazing Amazon Prime Visa reward that enables you to access personalized discount programs offered by many retailers.

This feature tailors exclusive deals and discounts based on your spending history and preferences.

These offers are accessible through the Chase Mobile app or website, you can view and activate these customized offers.

The program covers a diverse range of categories, including retail, dining, travel, and more.

 Immediate access to Visa gift card upon approval

Tip: It takes a few seconds before a decision is made once you submit your application and once approved, you’ll be given a digital Visa in the form of a gift card.


While there is a physical version of this card, you do not have to wait before you can start using your new credit card for transactions.

You will get immediate access to a Visa gift card once your application is successful which can be used for shopping on Amazon and other retailers of your choice that accept Visa cards.

This can also be connected to any digital wallet hence, an addition to how you pay at physical retail locations.

 Earn more rewards with free authorized users

Tip: If you share the account with family and friends, you can also earn Amazon Prime Visa rewards for their transactions.


When you add your friends and family members to your account, everyone will have access to the credit line through their own dedicated credit cards.

Amazingly, when you assign them as authorized users, you also earn rewards on their purchases.

This is an interesting way to not only be kind to your loved ones but ensuring there are rewards for every dollar being spent.

 Insurance and protection

Tip: The Amazon Prime Visa rewards also include essential insurance protection on transactions done with your credit card up to $500k.


If there is one to be in your selected favorites from this list of Amazon Prime Visa rewards, this regarding insurance has to be there.

There are several benefits when it comes to the insurance coverage this Chase credit card has including the below:

Insurance for baggage delay: You will be reimbursed for necessary purchases, such as toiletries and clothing, in case of baggage delays exceeding 6 hours by the passenger carrier. This coverage extends up to $100 per day for a maximum of 3 days.

Reimbursement for lost luggage: You and your immediate family members are covered up to $3,000 per passenger if the carrier damages or loses your checked or carry-on luggage.


Waiver for auto rental collision damage: Opt out of the rental company’s collision insurance and pay the full rental cost with your card. Your card provides coverage for theft and collision damage on most cars, both in the U.S. and internationally. 

Enjoy a longer warranty: it adds an extra year to eligible U.S. warranties of 3 years or less, extending the coverage period beyond the manufacturer’s original warranty.

Protection for your purchases: it also provides coverage for your recent purchases for 120 days, safeguarding against damage or theft with a maximum of $500 per claim and $50,000 per account.

Insurance for travel accidents: when you use your card to pay for air, bus, train, or cruise transportation, you qualify for accidental death or dismemberment coverage, providing protection of up to $500,000.

Roadside assistance dispatch benefits: for roadside emergencies, you can dial 1-800-847-2869 at any time to request assistance, ranging from a tow or jumpstart to a tire change, lockout service, winching, or gas delivery.

 100% contactless-enabled

Tip: Identify the contactless symbol at checkout and swiftly tap your card on terminals for fast, easy, and secure transactions.


You only need to tap to pay with ease using your contactless Amazon Prime Visa credit card when you want to make payments.

Simply locate the contactless symbol when required, then swiftly tap your card on the terminal for a seamless and secure transaction.

The process is not only fast and efficient but also ensures a straightforward and protected payment experience, simplifying your checkout process.

 Connect your card account to Amazon and track all from a single place

Tip: From monitoring transactions to managing your statement, you can handle this through your Amazon account dashboard.


You can also connect your card account for easy access to your current balance, bill payment, and transaction viewing on Amazon.

To have it linked to your account, navigate to your Amazon card page and select the Link Now option.

You will be prompted to provide your Chase username and password. If you do not have a Chase digital profile, you will be asked to create one for seamless integration.

This process ensures a straightforward connection, enabling you to manage your finances effortlessly on the Amazon platform.

 Quick to access reward points within 24 hours

Tip: Your Amazon Prime Visa rewards are often credited to your points balance within 24 hours which you can then use to enjoy discounts and other perks.


Your earned points from transactions will be promptly credited to your Cardmember points balance, often within the next day.

Following this, you can easily track your earnings balance on your Amazon Prime Visa rewards dashboard once they are integrated into your Cardmember account.

This swift and transparent process ensures that you can readily access and monitor your earned points for a seamless rewards experience.

How to Apply for an Amazon Prime Visa Card

The below process shows how you can apply for the Amazon Prime Visa credit card:

Sign up or log in to your Amazon account

You need an Amazon account before you will be able to apply for this rewards-packed credit card.

If you do not have an account on Amazon yet, simply create one and then log in to access the application page.

If you already have an account, simply enter your details and log in to your dashboard.

Click on “Apply” on the Prime Visa page

Once you are logged in, simply go to the Amazon Prime Visa page and click on the “Apply” button to start the process.

Once you click it, you might be required to re-sign in by authenticating with your password.

Simply provide and submit it to proceed to the phase.

Verify phone number and provide all required details

Once you have successfully authenticated your account, you will see a page asking for your phone number which you will need to validate through an OTP.

Amazon Prime Visa OTP Authentication

Once the phone number validation is successful, you will then be able to provide other details including your SSN.

Provide these details and click submit to access your eligibility and generation of a Visa gift card.

Generation of Visa gift card

Once you have provided and submitted the needed details, a decision will be made within seconds and you will then be assigned a Visa gift card if successful.

This gift card can be used for purchases anywhere Visa is accepted including physical retail locations through digital wallets.

Amazon Prime Visa Credit Card Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Amazon Prime Visa credit card:

Is Amazon Prime Visa a credit card?

Yes, the Amazon Prime Visa is a credit card issued through Chase Bank.

What is the limit on Amazon Prime Visa?

Upon approval of your request for an Amazon Prime Visa, you can get up to $100 in a digital gift card immediately with the maximum limit over time being determined by other factors such as your usage and spending patterns.

Based on feedback from several users, you can get more than $40,000 depending on your credit score and other factors determined by Chase Bank.

What credit score is needed for an Amazon Prime Visa card?

Based on responses from applicants, successful requests and acceptances for Amazon Prime Visa credit cards were for people with credit scores of 700 and above.

If you have a lower credit score, you can try other options like buy now pay later apps that require no credit check.

Is the Amazon Prime Visa credit card virtual or physical?

The Amazon Prime Visa credit card is a physical card with a virtual Visa gift card version sitting in your account.

Will applying for the Amazon Prime Visa credit card affect my credit score?

Applying for the Amazon Prime Visa credit card will show on your credit bureau profile as a hard inquiry hence, it will be visible to anyone reviewing your report.

What is the Amazon Prime Visa cashback?

You will enjoy at least 3% cashback for your expenses on, at Whole Foods Market, Amazon Fresh, and Chase Travel. If you own a Prime membership, this can go up to 10%.

Cashback for purchases like gas station payments, local transits, and eating out at restaurants is pegged at 2%.

For every other expense done with your Amazon Prime Visa credit card, you will get at least 1% cashback.


The Amazon Prime Visa credit card is generally well-regarded for its benefits, especially if you shop frequently on  Amazon.

With lots of cashback rewards and the ability to buy now and pay later using My Chase Plan as well as directly anywhere Amazon Pay is accepted, this is one card you definitely should check out.

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