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How to Find Amazon Lockers Nearby Quickly

You can find Amazon Lockers nearby for package shipping and returns, which is convenient and a safe way to handle your parcels.

When it comes to shopping on Amazon, there is no doubt using the Hub Lockers brings some comfort and if you have never tried it, they are very easy to use for receiving your orders and also to process returns.

They are spread around locations such as Whole Foods Market outlets, 7-Eleven, and other well-known retail stations and public places.

How to Find Amazon Lockers Nearby

The below explains the steps you need to use to find the Amazon Hub Lockers close to you and how to add the nearest to your address book for shipping:

Visit the Lockers directory

The Amazon Lockers directory provides a comprehensive list of locations for its parcel lockers, facilitating the receipt of your shipped items.

Find Amazon Lockers Map

Within this directory, you will discover details for each parcel locker, including:

  • Parcel Locker Name: This identifier helps distinguish the specific locker containing your item, particularly if your vicinity has multiple Amazon Lockers.
  • Operating Hours: These hours indicate when you should visit the hub location for item pick-up.
  • Address of the Hub Station: The location where the hub station is situated.

Additionally, you may get notifications regarding the access method, especially if your chosen locker requires unlocking through the Amazon mobile app.


Enter your address or zip code into the provided field

To locate the nearest Amazon Locker station, click on the address field to activate text entry, and proceed to input your address or zip code.

Upon doing so, the system will display relevant details if there is an Amazon Hub Locker in proximity to your location.

Amazon Locker Address Search

It is essential to note that once the results are displayed, certain locations may come with specific instructions.

In some instances, you might need to utilize your mobile app to access your item upon delivery to the parcel hub station.

If you do not have the Amazon app or prefer the flexibility of having a colleague or friend assist with the pickup, it’s advisable to choose a location that doesn’t require mobile app access.

Click the “Add to address book” button

After finding the nearest Amazon Hub Locker station, just click on the “Add to address book” button to save it to your address list.

Once selected, you will receive a confirmation message such as “Pickup Location added. You can select it from your addresses at checkout.”

While copying and pasting the address manually into your delivery field might seem convenient, Amazon prefers you should use the provided button for an error-free process.

Go to your cart page and continue checking out

After successfully adding a nearby Amazon Locker to your address list, proceed to the cart page.

Here, review the items in your cart to ensure they align with your preferences, and make any necessary adjustments.

Once you are satisfied with your cart, continue by clicking the “Proceed to checkout” button.

Choose the address you added from the ones displayed under “Choose a shipping address.”

Moving forward, choose the added address as your preferred shipping option, referring to the sample image below for guidance:

Select Amazon Locker Hub for Delivery


In some cases, you might encounter a message like “This Amazon Pickup location is currently full. Please select another address or pickup location.”

Should you come across this message, it is recommended to revisit the previous step and add a different Amazon Locker station that is closer to your address.

If you do not receive this message, proceed to the next step without making any adjustments.

Proceed by clicking the “Use this address” button

After confirming your choice of the parcel locker address, click the “Use this address” button to proceed to the next steps, which involve payment and order review.

Take a moment to double-check all details and complete the payment to finalize the shopping process.

Upon successful placement of your order, Amazon will provide you with instructions on how to retrieve your item at the Hub Locker station.

How to Receive Your Delivered Packages

Now that you understand how to use the Hub Lockers for shipping, the steps regarding how to pick them up are different but also easy.

The below explains all you need to know regarding how parcel pick-ups work at Amazon Locker stations:

First, you need an Amazon notification

Before you go for your order pick-up at your preferred Amazon Locker station, you must first receive a notification that your item has arrived at the hub station.

This will contain your pick-up code, bar code, and other information necessary for the retrieval of the parcel from the package box.

Look at the image below, the content in the email will be very similar to this:

Amazon Locker Pick-up Notification

You should try to go there before the due date, usually indicated on the body of the message as “Please pick up your parcel by (date)” as if not taken on or before the stated day, it risks getting returned to the Amazon warehouse.

Go to the station and head over to the screen

Several Amazon Lockers are equipped with digital screens, providing users with various methods to retrieve their packages as outlined in the provided instructions.


Amazon Locker with Screen


Upon reaching the selected Hub station delivery address, approach the screen to initiate the process, particularly if the locker supports touch interaction.

Enter the provided pick-up code or scan the QR

The method of access depends on your selection during the shipping process.

If you opted for an address that does not necessitate a mobile app, enter the code into the designated field or choose the QR option, scanning the code to authenticate and gain access to your package.

Watch as the right package box opens

Once your access code is successfully verified, the corresponding drawer will unlock.

Proceed to the opened package box to retrieve your parcel.

Retrieve your package and then securely close the box

After the right parcel safe is unlocked, take your item and be sure to close the box securely.

Receiving Your Packages at Bluetooth-supported Amazon Lockers


Whole Foods Amazon Locker with No Screen

Some of the parcel Hub Lockers do not have digital screens but rely on Bluetooth.

If Amazon says you need your app to use any of the lockers, chances are high that the one you selected requires a Bluetooth connection between your app and the locker.

Here is how to use them:

Switch on location and Bluetooth on your smartphone with the Amazon app

In the absence of a screen on the locker, your only means of establishing a connection is through Bluetooth.

Enabling your location serves a security purpose, ensuring that you are at the correct pickup location before granting access to the drawer containing your package.

Start your app and go to the “Orders” section

After successfully activating Bluetooth and enabling location on your phone, open your Amazon app.

Once launched, go to your order page to view the list of your available purchases for delivery.

On the right order, select the “Track Package” option and then click “Start Pickup.”

Select the order you wish to pick up and click the “Track Package” button to access the page.

Afterward, click the “Start Pickup” option to initiate a connection with the Amazon Locker.

Upon the successful establishment of the connection, proceed to the next step.

Click on the “Open Locker” option

Now that your device, app, and locker are successfully connected, proceed by clicking the “Open Locker” button.

Keep an eye on the package boxes, and look for the right safe that opens for pickup.

Upon choosing the option to open the locker, one of the compartments containing your package will unlock, enabling you to retrieve your item.

Ensure to close the compartment securely after collecting your package.

How to Process Returns Through Amazon Lockers

These Hub Lockers are not only for receiving packages, you can also return parcels to Amazon if required.

Here is how you can do that:

Sign into your Amazon account and go to the Returns Center

The Amazon Returns Center is the starting point for initiating the return process for an item.

This page provides essential details to consider when processing your returns. However, before proceeding, ensure that the item meets the following criteria:

  • Items should be new and unopened.
  • The item should be sold and fulfilled by Amazon.
  • The return request should be made within 30 days of delivery; exceeding this period may affect your eligibility for a refund.

Here is a helpful tip: If the 30-day window for your package is approaching (within the next 2 or 3 days), it is advisable to cover the cost of the return postage and ship the package to the address provided on the return label.

This is because there is no guarantee that the Amazon Hub Locker station, if chosen, will have available space to receive the return, potentially causing further delays.

If you are comfortable with these conditions and your 30-day return window is still valid, you can proceed to the next step.


On the return page, when you have decided to utilize Amazon Locker for processing your package returns, click the “START A RETURN IN YOUR ORDERS” button.

Amazon Start a Return


This will prompt the opening of the “Your Orders” page on Amazon, where you will find a list of all your orders, typically spanning the last three months.

Choose the affected order and click “Start a Return”

After identifying the affected order that requires a return, simply choose the “Start a Return” option.

Click on it to initiate the request process for that specific order.

Select return to a package locker option and choose the nearest hub station to you

This step is crucial because selecting this option will provide you with instructions on how to drop off the item at the nearby Amazon Locker.

After choosing your preferred drop-off location, add any other necessary details and proceed to submit the request.

Visit the Amazon Locker station with your access code and the package for returns

After submitting the request, Amazon will send you an email with instructions on how to drop off the package at your selected parcel hub station.

Visit the location with the item and the provided instructions.

You can either enter the access code to drop it into one of the compartments or attempt the Bluetooth method if your chosen Amazon Locker lacks a digital screen.


With the above instructions, you should be able to find the nearest Amazon Lockers to you, use them for shipping, and process package returns conveniently.

While they bring so much comfort, you can only use them for Amazon orders hence, you will opt for alternatives like Adoorn parcel lockers if you shop on other platforms and like deliveries to package boxes.

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