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Abunda is a Gateway to Buy Now and Pay Later on Amazon

Abunda lets you access millions of products on Amazon and spread payments using financing options unavailable on the marketplace.

When it comes to shopping, there is no better place to be online than Amazon for its vast collection of products across different categories.

However, for payment plan orders, the platform does not accept all buy now pay later services hence, you will have to utilize alternative methods to use some of the popular options to finance purchases.



Max. Amount


Credit Check




Tip: It is a gateway that enables you to buy what you need on Amazon and pay later using options like PayPal, Apple Pay Later, Acima, PayTomorrow, and others. Your orders will ship from Amazon through Abunda.


The platform increases the options available to enjoy buy now pay later on Amazon by connecting to several payment plan providers.

You can see it as a bridge to use financing methods not present when shopping on the Amazon Marketplace. 


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The products on Abunda are aggregated from the Amazon Marketplace as the platform does not maintain any inventory of its own.

This means that when your order is placed, it will be shipped from Amazon but the delivery will be through Abunda since that is where your payment was made.

It is an interesting platform with tools like the paste-to-buy functionality enabling faster checkout by getting a product link on Amazon and pasting it on the Abunda search bar which will create an order page within seconds.

Being a gateway, customer management is within the platform hence, your delivery and return request will all be through Abunda.

It supports payment with many methods with the PayPal Pay Later options popular for short-term pay in 4 installments and long-term financing through PayPal Credit.

Other well-known buy now pay later services you can use when shopping on the platform include Apple Pay Later and Affirm.

It also supports lease-to-own options through its acceptance of PayTomorrow and Acima.

Abunda does not conduct any inquiry and it will not impact your credit score since this is handled separately by its payment providers.

Amazon Financing Options Through Abunda

PayPal Pay Later

PayPal Pay in 4

Max. Amount






Tip: You have the option to use either the Pay in 4 or PayPal Credit at checkout with payment plans varying between 6 weeks and up to four months without interest.


It is one of the online stores that accept PayPal Pay Later for financing millions of products across its virtual inventory.

The good thing with this method is that you have the option to choose between using Pay in 4 or if you have a good credit standing, you can try PayPal Credit.

In terms of the spend limit, it varies with the PayPal Credit allowing you to spend beyond the $1,500 maximum possible using Pay in 4.

Apple Pay Later

Apple Pay Later

Max. Amount



Up to 6 Weeks



Tip: It is the option for iPhone and other iOS-based device users that allows checkout on orders from $75 up to a maximum of $1,000.


Apple Pay Later is another good option to use to finance your purchases on Abunda if you want to utilize an interest-free short-term plan.

However, it is not available to every shopper on the platform because it is only a dedicated payment method for iOS users hence, you will need an eligible device like the iPhone, iPad, and others.



Max. Amount






Tip: Affirm has two options, the short-term pay in 4 installments with a limit of up to $250 per order or the long-term alternative for up to 36 months length.


While Affirm is one of the monthly payment options on Amazon, you may not be able to use it for some items when shopping on the marketplace.

An instance where the method will not work for financing directly on Amazon is if you want to get a gift card on buy now pay later terms.

There are other cases where some of the direct-to-use payment plan methods on Amazon will not work hence, opting for Abunda will let you bypass some of the restrictions.



Max. Amount






Tip: It operates on a lease model with up to 48 months of installments. There are different options when selected with varying terms depending on your cart value.


PayTomorrow is one of the lease-to-own financing options available to use when shopping on Abunda.

Its plans include No Credit, Classic, and Prime with applicable spend limits being $5,000, $6,500, and $15,000. The length for each differs and you can be granted 13, 24, or 48 months to complete the payments.

Since lease-to-own can be expensive if you continue until the end of the plan, you can utilize its 90-day early buyout to save on hire costs.



Max. Amount






Tip: Acima is another lease financing option to use on Abunda and allows up to 12 months of contract term.


There are different ways you can use Acima on Amazon and going through Abunda is one of the easy-to-follow methods since it is straightforward.

To utilize the option for checkout, your order must be up to $300 and cannot exceed its maximum cart value of $5,000.

While many online stores accept Acima, there are a few with that much inventory like you can access when shopping Amazon through the Abunda portal.

It also has an early buyout option within the first 90 days and if you are approved for this method, work towards closing the contract within this timeframe to avoid the huge rental costs.

How Abunda Works

The platform is a shopping gateway with virtual products aggregated from the Amazon Marketplace which can be financed by payment plan methods at checkout.

Abunda is available to give users an alternative to buying items on Amazon and paying later through payment methods not directly available to use on the marketplace.

It operates like a conventional e-commerce site hence, you can add products to your cart, provide shipping details, and checkout. But the difference is its payment page as you will only be shown financing options and not credit or debit card fields.

When your order is placed and your payment plan request is successful, Abunda will process the order and ship it to your address. This process also works similarly to returns as the order can not be sent to Amazon directly if the need arises, you will need to ship it back to Abunda if a return is required.

Because the platform works as an enabler, there is a markup fee that differs, and depending on the product, you may pay a higher price compared to directly buying on Amazon or any of its other third-party channels.

Features on Abunda


Below are some of the things you need to know about using the platform to finance products on Amazon:

A BNPL Bridge

Abunda is only a bridge to enjoy financing with alternate methods on Amazon and not one of the conventional providers you can access when you visit many pay-as-you-go shopping sites.

On its portal, products are from third-party platforms like Amazon which you can buy with payment plan options, including PayPal, PayTomorrow, Acima, Apple Pay Later, Affirm, and others.


Smart Search Bar

Because it does not operate fully as a conventional shopping site, the search field on its portal allows easy filtering and a quick checkout experience.

It is smartly built to recognize an Amazon product link and if you paste any, the platform will fetch the item and create a dedicated page to enable you to add it to your cart, reducing your waiting time.


Virtual Inventory

It has one of the best buy now pay later catalogs, thanks to its millions of products aggregated from the marketplace, making it a good destination to purchase what you need through flexible installments.

Because the items are from Amazon, it does not maintain any real inventory hence, every order is received from Amazon and shipped to the customer.


Price Mark-up

As a gateway, the prices on the platform may be higher than what is available for the same product on Amazon.

This is because you will have to pay extra to cover operational experiences like free shipping for every order on the platform.

The difference in prices varies and can be from 5% upward but if you compare it to similar services like PayPair, LeaseVille, and others, it is worth considering.


Return Policy

Where you need to return an item, it should be sent to Abunda, not Amazon as the platform delivered the order to your address.

Most orders are covered with 30 days of return policy but it has exceptions that apply to the following:

  • If the order is for a refurbished or renewed product, it has a return timeframe of 90 days
  • 15 days maximum is offered for iOS-based devices like iPhone, iPad, iWatch, Mac, and others
  • Some items may not be returnable, especially those indicated on the platform as flammable and hazardous. The details will be shown when reviewing the product page.

Frequently Asked Questions on Abunda


Below are some top questions regarding how Abunda works for financing:

What is Abunda?

It is a buy now pay later gateway enabling the financing of Amazon products through payment plan methods not available on the Amazon checkout page.

The platform maintains a virtual inventory with all its products pulled from the Amazon Marketplace with a smart search bar that allows its users to buy any item by simply pasting the Amazon product link.

Is Abunda Legit?

Yes, it is a known shopping platform operating as a financing gateway. It enables users to get essential items on Amazon and spread the payments through several methods at checkout.

Does Abunda check credit?

No, it does not perform any credit inquiry as this is an activity handled by any of the payment providers you select at checkout.

How many orders can I have on Abunda?

There is no limit to the number of orders you can have when using the platform for shopping.

However, each payment provider available on the portal has its limits and if you have accounts with them, their specific rules apply, not that of Abunda.

Does Abunda affect credit?

It does not affect credit scores as it is only a shopping portal. If you are worried about the credit impact of using Abunda, refer to the specific policies and inquiries performed by the financing providers on the platform.,

How does Abunda payments work?

When you purchase on the platform, you can only pay with any plan provider on the checkout page, not your credit or debit card as it is a financing gateway.

After the order is delivered, the installments will be to the financing provider used for the purchase, not Abunda.

Is Abunda an Amazon company?

No, while it enables easy financing of products on the Amazon Marketplace, Abunda is a separate company.

Can I buy groceries with Abunda?

Yes, Abunda is one of the top places to enjoy buy now pay later grocery purchases, a feature you cannot utilize when shopping directly on the Amazon Marketplace with many of the supported payment plan methods.

However, not all the checkout options allow for this kind of purchase and you can alter to see which supports spread payments for your grocery orders.

Is Abunda worth it?

This depends on your preference regarding purchasing and financing product purchases on Amazon.

If you want to get items on a payment plan on Amazon and do not qualify to use any of the options on the marketplace, you can opt for Abunda otherwise, checkout with what works for you.


Amazon is one of the best online destinations to get almost anything you need but for financing, there are several payment options not supported on the marketplace hence, the need for alternate routes like Abunda.

With many options, you can enjoy spread payments for essential purchases but stay within every applicable rule of the selected payment plan provider used at checkout.

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