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How to Use Luxer One Lockers for Package Handling

Luxer One makes some of the best package lockers you can use to receive parcels from your favorite retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, and more.

Package lockers are convenient and secure solutions for managing deliveries, especially in situations where you are not available to receive them at home.

You may have seen the Amazon Hub Lockers, while these bring some comfort, they are limited to only Amazon orders hence, alternatives like Adoorn Package Boxes and Luxer One become better choices for receiving items conveniently from any retailer.

Luxer One

Luxer One

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Apartment Storage Needs


Package Lockers

Tip: Luxer One has different storage-focused products that include the popular package lockers and its innovative Luxer Rooms.

If your location has a refrigerator as part of its Luxer One storage systems, you can enjoy the convenience of receiving groceries and gourmet foods while away with no need to worry about spoilage.

The company also provides extra hands when required and through its Luxer Liason arm, you can get more experts to help take care of the package lockers if you are an apartment manager.


Luxer One package lockers are self-service kiosks, often located in multi-family buildings that provide a designated space for the temporary storage of packages, safeguarding them from theft or adverse weather conditions.

They are known for flexibility, allowing you to retrieve your parcels at a suitable time and reducing the dependency on specific delivery windows. 

By utilizing secure codes or mobile apps for access, these package lockers enhance the safety of delivered items, addressing concerns related to porch theft.

Additionally, these are often available 24/7, adding an extra layer of convenience for users.

They are very easy to use and usually provided by apartment owners and managers but if you need one for yourself because your building has none, you might want to look at Adoorn Package Boxes as those are suitable for personal delivery needs.



How to Use the Luxer One Package Lockers for Shipping

If you have a Luxer package locker in your apartment, it is very easy to use for receiving any incoming parcels.

The below steps explain how that works for popular retailers.

 Using Luxer One with Amazon


First, go to your Amazon address book to assign the Luxer One package locker 

The Amazon address book contains a list of possible locations where you can have your orders delivered.

Before you can have items delivered to your package locker, you need to let them know about it and there is no easier way to handle this than first ensuring you have it assigned properly for shipping.



Click “Add Address” or “Add delivery instructions”

Adding Luxer One to Amazon

Once on the address book page, you have two options: adding a new address or adding delivery instructions if your current residential address is already added.

Simply select the one that tallies with your preference and proceed to the next step.


Add your residential address

If your current address is already there on Amazon, you do not need to bother doing that again rather, simply click the add instructions option.

For the purpose of generality, we will add a new address before we add the message for the driver who will deliver the parcels.

Adding Address on Amazon

Use your full name as saved on the Luxer One display residents list when using the digital screen but if your apartment locker is not equipped with a screen, still put your correct name.

Provide your correct phone number too as it could be helpful when your package arrives and your assistance is required via phone.

In the address field, simply put your (house) location address, and in the below field, add your apartment number, floor, and any other required.

City, state, and ZIP code need no special instructions, provide the correct details and proceed to the next stage.


Describe Luxer One package locker delivery in the instructions field

For the purpose of this guide, we will be using the apartment option but note that the steps are almost the same irrespective of which property type matches your delivery.

Amazon Delivery Instructions

The first thing to do here is to provide access details to your parcel delivery information.

In the field for security code, you can add the correct one to enter your building if it is required. Note that this field is not for the Luxer One package locker delivery code.

If your building does not require an access code, you can input the Luxer One package locker access code.

In case you have no idea of the access code, you can ask the attendant or the apartment manager, they will let you know.

The “Where should we leave your packages at this address?” is not required but specify the option for weekend delivery if your building allows visitors on weekends.

In the last option regarding “Do we need additional instructions to find this address?”, you will need to leave a message for the dispatch driver.

Here is a sample message you can use below:

Drop this package in the Luxer One package locker at the reception (give full address of the locker so that the Amazon driver can locate it quickly):

The Luxer One code is: 12345678 (edit this to the correct code)

If your building also needs an access code to enter, still include it in the instructions to avoid any incidence of drivers missing any piece of the information regarding the delivery.

Here is a sample message you can add if a separate code is needed to enter your location:

To enter the building, use the access code: 8912345 (change it to your access code)


Click the “Add address” button

Once you have added the full details, review the information once again to ensure everything is in proper shape.

You can then click the “Add address” button to complete the addition process and proceed to use it for shipping.

 Using Luxer One with other Retailers

Using the package storage with other platforms is very similar to how they work with Amazon orders.

The below explains the process:


Enter Details on Special/Additional Details Field When Checking Out

Shopping platforms often provide a field where you can enter special instructions. The name varies per merchant and you will see some like:

  • Additional Information
  • Other Details
  • Delivery Instruction

Once you have figured it out on the page, provide the details that the delivery person will use to deliver your package to the storage locker. An example is:

Please, deliver this to the Luxer One package locker at the front of the house

  • Luxer code is 4567890
  • Drop the item inside it and close it
  • Also, you can enter the building using the access code 2345678 (only needed if your building requires this)


This information will be given to the dispatch driver to use in handling the delivery of your parcel.

 Package delivery to Luxer One locker and room

When it comes to items delivery to Luxer One package storage, it is essential the delivery person has the access code or there is a display note that shows this for different carriers beside the locker.

Once the part of the access code is fine, here is the process for parcel delivery:


On the screen, enter the access code

Once you are at the location for delivery, move towards the screen and enter the access code provided to you in the delivery instructions or ask the attendant if there is any at the location.


Once authenticated successfully, search for the recipient

After you have been able to access the menu, you can then search for the recipient of the parcels and select it.

The screens are built to have a search field hence, you can input the name, apartment number, or any other relevant unique ID about the recipient provided in the delivery instructions.


Take a photo of the package label you want to deliver

Once the recipient is successfully selected, you will be required to take a photo of the item’s label before you will be allowed to drop it.

You do not need to do any extra for the photo as the camera is usually auto-enabled once the recipient is selected.


Select the appropriate box size

After successfully taking the photo, you can click the next button which will redirect you to a locker size selection.

On the options, choose the best that will fit the size of the parcel to be delivered.


Drop the item in the opened box

Once you select the correct size, a door will open which you can drop the package in.

Simply move towards the open drawer, put the item inside, and close it.


This process is almost the same for Luxer Room only that instead of a package box, you will get an open room where you can drop the item on any of the shelves.

 Pick-up from a Luxer One storage

Once your parcel is delivered, you will get a notification to your email and possibly an SMS with the pick-up code. 

The below explains the process:


At the location, simply enter your pick-up code

Package retrieval is a very simple process as you are only required to input the correct pick-up code sent in your email message received after your parcel was delivered.

Once you enter this code, the locker containing your item will open and you can pick it up.


Luxer One Package Storage

While they might be more popular for the package lockers, this company provides different storage products.

The widely known Luxer Lockers and Rooms are two of its unique products but it has added the Luxer Fridge which enables the delivery of gourmet foods and groceries.

Here below is a peak view into the available options when it comes to the Luxer One package storage:

 Luxer Lockers


Parcels, Mail


Access Code, Lockable, Waterproof, Rust-free





Luxer One Package Locker


Luxer One package lockers stand out as a cutting-edge solution in the world of secure package management.

Designed to streamline and modernize the delivery experience, these lockers offer a sophisticated and user-friendly system for both senders and recipients.

They are equipped with advanced technology, featuring a touchscreen interface that facilitates seamless interaction.

The touchscreens guide users through the straightforward process of accessing their packages, creating an intuitive and efficient experience.

Luxer One lockers are also known for their size versatility that accommodates packages of various dimensions, which enhances their usage for a wide range of deliveries.

Security is a known feature of Luxer One lockers as they are constructed with robust materials and utilize secure access codes or mobile app authentication for package retrieval, ensuring the safety of delivered items.

The system also incorporates features like real-time tracking and notifications, providing users with updates on the status of their deliveries.

 Luxer Room


Parcels, mails


Access code, Lockable, Waterproof, Rust-free





Luxer Room


Luxer Room is an amazing and efficient solution to package management, transforming traditional package rooms with its innovative secure door and access system.

This is more of an alternative to the Luxer Locker as you do not need to create a new space to install a locker but rather enable you to transform any existing storage room to a more secure version.

This system enhances resident convenience and addresses common challenges associated with package deliveries in residential or commercial settings.

By installing a secure door and access system, the solution significantly reduces the risk of package theft, providing residents with a heightened sense of confidence in the safety of their deliveries.

The 24/7 access feature is a notable convenience, allowing residents to retrieve their packages at any time, day or night.

The solution not only enhances security and convenience but also proves to be a cost-effective option.

The installation cost of the Luxer Room is possibly lower than the potential expenses incurred from replacing lost or stolen packages, making it an attractive investment for property managers.

 Luxer Fridge


Groceries & Foods


Access code, Lockable, Waterproof, Rust-free





Luxer One Fridge


Luxer Fridge is a cutting-edge addition to Luxer One’s innovative package management ecosystem.

Tailored to seamlessly integrate with Luxer One’s existing locker system, this fridge introduces a new dimension to secure and efficient storage for perishable goods.

At its core, Luxer Fridge employs True Refrigeration’s trusted commercial refrigerator technology, ensuring optimal cooling performance.

The refrigerator is designed with adjustable shelves that cater to various package sizes, accommodating everything from large floral arrangements to oversized deliveries.

Luxer One Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the use of Luxer One package storage:

Can I use Luxer One package lockers to receive Amazon orders?

Yes, the package lockers can receive all your Amazon deliveries and also other shopping platforms like Walmart, Home Depot, etc. Simply provide the needed information when filling in your shipping details on Amazon.

Is there a fee to use the Luxer One locker?

Property management determines fees for locker or room usage and storage.

These charges become visible during your online property sign-up process.

After registering for the service, you can review any applicable fees within your Luxer One account on the “Settings” tab.

Additionally, when creating an account, you will receive notifications regarding any fees associated with the Luxer One system at your specific location.

Can I use the lockers to send outgoing packages?

Yes, you can use the Luxer One lockers to send outgoing items. Simply follow the process below:

1. On the screen, enter the carrier code (the delivery company coming for pick-up) which is usually at the side or with the locker attendant
2. Choose yourself as the recipient, take a photo, select the right locker size, and drop the item
3. You will receive a message with the access code needed for pick-up
4. Share this code with your carrier and it will be used to pick up the outgoing package

How long can packages stay in the Luxer One locker?

The duration varies depending on your location as this is usually set by the property manager.

This information can also be found when you log into your Luxer account and you will check the settings page to see the terms for your resident’s locker.

Is it possible to extend the duration my package stays in the locker if I am not around?

In the event of your absence, you have the option to temporarily hold packages by accessing your account either through the website or the Luxer One App, compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

When using the website, navigate to “Settings,” then “My Preferences,” and scroll down to specify the dates for package holds.

For the app, access “Settings,” choose “Out of Town Hold,” and define the dates for holding packages.

The Luxer One access code is not working, what should I do?

In case your code is not functioning, kindly approach your property management team for assistance in opening the locker.

Alternatively, you can reach out to Luxer One customer support for further help.

Does Luxer One package lockers support contactless?

Yes, Luxer One offers a smartphone app available for both iPhone and Android users.

This application enables you to open lockers without the need to use the touchscreen interface.


Luxer One stands as a pioneering force in modern package management solutions, providing innovative and secure options for the ever-growing challenge of efficient package delivery.

With a robust system comprising smart lockers and additional products like Luxer Fridge, Luxer Room, and a dedicated smartphone app, Luxer One addresses the diverse needs of both property managers and residents.

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