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Do you have Acima credit? You can Lease with it on Amazon

You can use Acima credit on Amazon to lease your favorite items and pay conveniently until you own them.

When it comes to inventory, no one competes with Amazon with varying products in different categories. With such an inventory, you will find almost anything you need from its marketplace.

Despite this huge product volume, its financing option is limited but as a big player when it comes to online shopping, many gateways fill the gap with routes you can pay later on Amazon using different methods.

Just like others, Acima provides alternative means to lease to own any product on Amazon in a similar way to the Katapult methods.

 Through the LeasePay virtual card

You can make purchases on Amazon using Acima by making use of its LeasePay card, which is a one-time valid buy now pay later virtual card.

The below shows how it works:

On Amazon, Select the “Pay with Credit and Debit Cards” option

Once you have placed the items you want to purchase into your Amazon shopping cart, click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button.

On the payment page, opt for the “Credit or Debit Card” payment method.


Amazon Card Option


The process is simple. Shop as you usually would by adding the products you want to purchase to your cart and proceed to the checkout page for payment.

Once you have entered your delivery information, the next step is selecting your preferred payment method.

To finalize your order using Acima credit on Amazon, click on “Add a credit or debit card.” This will open a form where you can enter the details of your one-time virtual LeasePay card.

Sign in to your Acima app and make a new lease application

This step is essential because you must have an approved lease-to-own request before using Acima credit on Amazon.

Once you are logged in, locate the LeasePay card feature to start the application process.


Make sure to provide all the required information, including the total cost of your Amazon order

When you access the form page, be sure to provide the requested information, which may include your income, social security number (if you’re a new user), contact details, and any additional data required by Acima.

In the amount field, ensure that you accurately input the total payment cost, which should include the delivery charges. Your lease terms will be calculated based on this information.

Once you have confirmed that the details on the form are accurate, you can proceed to the next step.


Take some minutes to review the lease agreement and then proceed to finalize it

After submitting your application, Acima will process it and provide a contract that contains the following crucial details:

  • Initial Payment (Down Payment): This is the upfront amount you must pay before receiving a virtual card that enables you to use Acima credit on Amazon.
  • Cost of Lease: This represents the total amount you’ll pay over the lease term, including monthly payments, fees, and any other costs associated with leasing the product.
  • Monthly Payment: This is the amount you’ll need to pay monthly throughout the contract period or before an early purchase.
  • Early Purchase Option: This feature allows you to purchase the leased Amazon product before the lease term concludes, typically at a predetermined price or fair market value.
  • Total Payment: This reflects the combined cost of the Amazon product and the Cost of Lease.

It’s important to note that when using Acima, the total cost of the Amazon product will be significantly higher than its original price because it’s treated as a lease-to-own order. This information will be clearly presented in the contract.

Take your time to read the contract and proceed to the next step only if you are comfortable with the terms in it.


Connect a valid debit or credit card and complete the first lease payment

After you’ve reviewed the contract and proceeded to the next page, you’ll need to make the initial payment by linking a valid debit or credit card.

This initial payment is generally a fixed amount, often set at around $75 – $95 or as determined by Acima at that time.


Copy your Acima LeasePay one-time valid virtual card details

Once the initial payment is successfully processed, a one-time virtual card will be generated.

You can use this virtual card to finalize your transaction on the Amazon payment page.


 Using Abunda

Abunda is one of the online stores that accept Acima and acts as a shopping gateway that enables you to shop and check out with Acima on Amazon.

Its interface embodies a structure similar to Amazon where you can search for a product of interest and it pulls them in for you to buy and checkout with a split payment option.

To get started with shopping on Amazon and paying with Acima through Abunda, follow the below steps:

Get the Amazon product link

If you have seen the product you want to lease to own on Amazon using your Acima credit purchasing power, you will need to copy the link.

This is required on Abunda to create a space for it on its platform which enables you to be able to buy it on a lease-to-own term.

Paste the Product Link in the Abunda Search Field


Now that you have copied the link on Amazon, you will need to paste it on the Abunda search field available on its homepage.

After pasting the link, you can click the enter key or use its search button to start fetching the product from Amazon.

Though you can as well search the Abunda inventory as the product might be there since its inventory is more virtual as the products are pulled in from Amazon.

Review the Product and Lease Payment Information


Once you have been able to pull the product successfully from Amazon to Abunda, you will be able to see its details including reviews, though you might not be concerned about that since you would have seen the reviews on Amazon before deciding to buy.

Abunda will also show you the repayment details and how much it could cost you to lease the product using your Acima account which is usually on a monthly basis.

This platform allows you to buy many items per cart, this is not common with most buy now and pay later platforms.

Review your Cart

Reviewing your cart ensures a second level of confirmation before you create the order as this allows you to recheck that you have the intended product and also, that you want to proceed with the order.

Abunda’s cart page shows the total value and if you have a voucher code, you can use it by entering the code in the field for coupon code to enjoy some discount.

Provide Billing and Shipping Information

Once you are satisfied with your cart details and value, the next page requires you to provide your billing information as well as that required for shipping the items to you.

These details are required for it to create an order for you and also to generate an invoice as after this process then, you will be able to start your lease-to-own process using your Acima credit.

Select Acima from the list of its payment partners

Acima Leasing on Amazon via Abunda

By now, you will understand that Abunda is more of a shopping gateway as it maintains different channels you can use to buy products from its virtual inventory and pay back conveniently in bits.

It has options from a list that includes buy now and pay later on Amazon with PayPal, Klarna and ViaBill.

Since its lease to own is provided by Acima Leasing, you will have to select that from the displayed payment channels.

Connect or create your Acima Leasing Account

Now that you have selected the option to lease to own, you can continue by logging in to your Acima account but if you have none, you can create an account on the spot.

Acima Leasing Abunda

Its account creation is simple if you do not have one yet as you will need to provide basic information to be able to continue.

Acima does not perform any hard credit checks hence you do not have to worry about this appearing in your report or affecting your eligibility for a lease-to-own purchase but, your social security number is required for it to be able to review the public database to allow it to assign credit to you.

Simply provide the required information and you will get an OTP to validate your submission before you can be allowed to create an account.

Complete the Purchase and Exit

Once you have been able to create and connect your account, you can then continue to create an order.

You will get a notification once your order is created and the delivery information.

Abunda does not charge extra for shipping but you might be required to make a first deposit from the Acima credit account before your order can be prepared.

Requirements to use Acima credit on Amazon

Just as common to product financing providers, there are certain requirements you need to meet up with before you can access their service, and to be able to use Acima credit on Amazon, you need to know the following:

  • To own an account on Acima, you are required to have a verifiable source of income of not less than $1,000 per month
  • Though it allows you to have a spending power of up to $4,000, the minimum purchase order must be worth at least $300 before you can checkout with its lease-to-own option
  • The lease contract ranges between 6 to 12 months but you can own the product earlier within the contract period by paying off the required cost for the item

Using Acima Credit on Amazon FAQs

What is Abunda?

Abunda is a shopping gateway through which you can buy on Amazon and pay later using platforms like Klarna, ViaBill, and PayPal that conventionally do not work on Amazon directly.

Through its integration with Acima, you can lease to own any Amazon product of interest by simply copying the link and pasting it on the Abunda search field to create an order.

How long do I repay back for the items bought with Acima credit on Amazon?

Acima has a contract length of a maximum of 12 months hence, you are meant to complete your lease payments within this period.

But when you want to complete the payment for the item’s lease price depends on you and your budget. If you want to own it earlier than the last repayment month, it is possible.

Why is the price difference between Amazon and Abunda for the same product?

Abunda is a shopping gateway and as a result, it might charge you extra for its service.

Because of this service fee, you might see a slight difference in the price of the product on Amazon to what you see on Abunda.

Nevertheless, Abunda does not charge a fee for delivery which has been taken from the extra fee you pay for the product, and giving you great options to buy now and pay later conveniently on Amazon makes it worth it.

Can I return an item bought on Amazon using Acima credit?

If an item bought from Amazon through Abunda using your Acima credit account is found defective, you can return it back for a refund or change of product.

Abunda has a window of 30 days you can return any defective item hence, ensure the product was delivered within this length before applying for a return.

Meanwhile, know that the item can only be returned to Abunda and not directly to Amazon.

Simply log in to your Abunda dashboard and locate the option for return. Once opened, fill in the required details and submit to register your interest.

What items can I pay for using Acima credit on Amazon?

Acima provides a  help center that details the items you can use your purchasing power to shop with.

Some of the allowable categories include furniture, home, electronics and appliances, jewelry, handbags, and computer-to-camera equipment.

Is the item mine once received?

Purchases through your Acima credit are on lease-to-own terms hence, the item is not yours until you have paid up to an extent that grants you the opportunity to own it.

Say you use your account to get electronics on lease-to-own terms from Amazon, this will only be yours once you have completed the repayments on or before your last repayment day.

Is Abunda owned by Acima Leasing?

Abunda is one of the merchants that allows you to lease conveniently using your Acima Leasing account and is not owned by the company.

The platform is just a gateway to get any product from Amazon and pay later on a payment plan.

What is the initial payment using my Acima credit on Amazon?

This varies from product to product as the minimum depends on the cost of the item you want to lease but usually, it ranges between $5 to $70.

Since it is required that you make this minimum deposit before your order will be prepared, try to have your credit card connected to your Acima account funded to enable a successful debit.


If you have seen that product on Amazon and are not comfortable with paying the price upfront due to a short budget, there is no doubt considering a payment plan is a good option.

Thanks to Abunda, Acima credit can be used on Amazon hence, you can also lease with the option to own the item at or before the end of the contract.

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