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Affirm Review and How It Lets You Buy Now, Pay Later

Affirm is a top option for buy now pay later financing and provides varying channels like interest-free pay in 4 and long-term plans.

There are a few buy now pay later apps with many features that you can access when utilizing Affirm as your payment plan option.

It has one of the best networks of merchants that accept it at checkout to enable their customers to apply for buy now pay later financing.



Max. Amount


Credit Check




Tip: Affirm can be used to spread the cost of your purchases up to six weeks without any interest or a long-term financing option for up to 60 months that has an APR that could rise to 36%.


It is one of the common split payment options you will find across several big retail platforms including being among the direct-to-use buy now pay later apps for Amazon financing.

When using Affirm for pay as you go shopping, there are three payment methods you can access that include pay full at check out,  interest-free pay in 4 installments, and the long-term financing plan.


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The platform works similarly to many of the other split payment providers regarding eligibility, with a soft inquiry process without affecting your credit score.

While pay-in-4 financing does not involve a hard check, the long-term payment plan option will utilize this but only after confirming through a soft check that you are eligible for it.

This means that for qualified customers who proceed with using the Affirm monthly payment plan, the action will have a temporary impact on your bureau profile.

The pay-in-full option is a direct debit transaction and this will deduct your bank account through your connected debit card.

While the full payment is clearly not the reason most people apply for the Affirm option, it can help users who are declined build their creditworthiness on the platform towards future approval.

It provides one of the best buy now pay later virtual cards and interestingly, it is similar to how the Klarna card works considering that it comes in different variations.

While there is a single-use version you can generate when you want to pay at most stores, there is another that can be used multiple times which is suitable for checkout financing in-store by connecting it to one of the popular digital wallets.

The multi-use version can also be delivered in a physical form that can be used for buy now pay later food at your choice restaurant, buying groceries, or enjoying payment plans at Walmart stores or others.

You can also utilize the platform as your savings account provider with an annual percentage yield of up to 4.35%.

Affirm does not charge any late fee however, the platform reports late payments to the credit bureaus which could affect your profile when you do not pay to close your pending orders.

Where to Use Affirm for Payment Plan Orders


The platform is accepted by several retailers, including popular destinations like:




Affirm is the most widely used buy now pay later on Amazon with the integration enabling you to enjoy both interest-free pay in four installments or monthly payments on Amazon. Through this shopping portal, you can get almost anything from electronics, furniture, hair extensions, and many more.



It offers a vast array of products. Providing customers with convenience and accessibility, the online portal allows users to browse and purchase items, from groceries to electronics, with options for home delivery or in-store pickup when using Affirm for buy now pay later on Walmart.



Wayfair is an e-commerce company specializing in home goods and furniture. With an extensive online platform, it offers a vast selection of products for various styles and budgets. It is known for its convenience, variety, and home furnishing solutions.



MegaSeats is an online ticket marketplace, offering a wide range of tickets for concerts, sports events, and theater performances. Known for its user-friendly platform, MegaSeats provides customers with access to diverse events, enhancing their entertainment experiences.



Expedia is a prominent online travel agency that facilitates the booking of air tickets, hotels, vacation packages, car rentals, and activities. With a user-friendly platform, it caters to travelers seeking convenient and comprehensive solutions for planning and booking their trips worldwide.

Features Available On Affirm

Below are some of the features you can access when using the Affirm platform:


Spread Payments Up to 6 Weeks

Just as you can access from many of the checkout financing providers, the platform also has a pay-in-4 installment option you can use to enjoy buy now pay later at many retailers.

With this, you will make a total of four payments within six weeks which is charged on a bi-weekly basis through the connected debit card on your account.


Multiple Payment Options

You are not limited to just the pay in four installments as you can also utilize the platform for a one-time upfront payment.

Most users who are declined for its financing will be offered this option and if used, it boosts their chances for approval when next they apply since this will form part of the data that determines your creditworthiness on the platform.


Interest-free Financing

When you use the pay in full at checkout or the pay in six weeks option, you do not pay any interest.

You can enjoy this at some of the retailers that accept Affirm while utilizing its long-term financing, with some offering a promotional period of up to 12 months interest-free.


Affirm Monthly Payment Plan

You can also spread the costs of your orders into convenient monthly installments when using Affirm for financing.

While this option comes with an APR of up to 36%, you may be offered an interest-free plan at some retailers during the promotional period.

At most stores that have the Affirm monthly payment plan method, you will be able to use it for financing orders between $50 to $5,000 and at some select retailers, up to $20,000.

This can be a better way to purchase high-ticket items and with up to 60 months in installments, it brings convenience.


Soft and Hard Credit Check

When you apply and use the Affirm short-term payment plan options that include the pay in full at checkout or the pay in six weeks plan, the eligibility is determined through a soft inquiry.

While the long-term monthly payment plan follows the same process to determine your creditworthiness, approval, and completing the order will make it perform a hard check.

Soft inquiries do not leave any negative impact on your credit profile as this is usually done to get a few details, similar to when you check your credit score yourself.

Hard inquiry on the other hand works differently because when performed, it would have an impact, with the check visible to any subsequent financial service provider reviewing your records.


No Late Payment Fee

While some of the buy now pay later services have late payment fees like how Sezzle works, Affirm does not charge any fee if you delay payments.

However, users must be aware that while it does not levy late payment fees, the platform does take the responsible step of reporting late payments to credit bureaus.

This reporting typically occurs approximately 30 days after the scheduled due date. The inclusion of this information in credit reports may potentially hurt your credit profile, underlining the importance of maintaining timely payments for financial health.

To assist users in managing their payments, it provides a proactive solution. If individuals anticipate difficulty in meeting their payment deadlines, the platform offers an option that allows users to reschedule their next due installment a few days in advance.


Affirm Hardship Grace Extension

Affirm understands that unexpected life events can sometimes pose financial challenges for its users.  In recognition of these circumstances, the platform offers a hardship grace period, providing users with a compassionate and considerate approach during times of difficulty.

This unique feature allows individuals facing special cases, such as the loss of a loved one or the impact of a natural disaster, to request an extension for their due payments.

The hardship grace period is designed as a supportive measure for users experiencing genuine financial hardships beyond their control.

By granting this extension, the platform alleviates some of the immediate financial pressures that may arise during challenging times, demonstrating a commitment to empathy and understanding.

Users need to communicate with Affirm’s customer support to discuss their specific situation and explore the available options within the hardship grace period.


Affirm Card

The platform has different kinds of payment plan cards, including the single-use version and the other that can be reused both online and offline.

Affirm card is its reusable version and just like the one-time valid option, it comes in virtual form but you can also get a physical card as well that can be used for buy now pay later grocery shopping, getting electronics on a payment plan at a nearby mart, to many others.

By default, the Affirm card works very similarly to using Zilch for installment purchases as the default behavior of the card is debit which will be passed directly to the connected payment method on your account.

This means that every time you want to spread payments using the Affirm card, you need to pre-plan it on the app by specifying the value of the transaction for it to be set up before you use it to checkout.


In-store Shopping

One of the advantages of the Affirm card is the ability to use it for shopping at a physical retail outlet.

The card is reusable, is always available on your dashboard, and can be copied onto one of the top digital payment wallets like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay for buy now pay later in-store.

It can be used at any shopping destination that supports tap-and-pay checkout which is available at most popular retail houses.


Gift Cards Inventory

The platform caters to your needs as a user seeking flexible split payment options, having an extensive range of gift cards to enhance your overall shopping experience.

By incorporating buy now pay later gift cards into the split payment options, you can leverage your purchasing power more effectively.

This feature allows you to make planned purchases conveniently where it is not directly accepted and manage your budget efficiently, enhancing your overall financial control.

The platform facilitates an efficient search process, enabling you to easily locate gift cards from top retailers.

This streamlined search functionality contributes to a user-friendly experience, making it convenient for you to find and utilize gift cards from your preferred brands.


No Limit to Number of Open Orders

It offers users the flexibility of managing multiple open orders without imposing a set limit.

As long as your purchasing power allows for new transactions, there is no specified cap on the number of open orders you can have.

This feature grants users the freedom to initiate and handle various transactions concurrently, aligning with diverse shopping needs and preferences.

However, once your purchasing power is exhausted or a new order is above your available limit, you may be declined to use the option for checkout or the transaction will be processed by directly debiting your connected payment card for the full or over-the-limit value.


A Large Network of Merchant

Affirm has one of the best merchant networks with several retailers having it as part of their financing options at checkout.

Whether you want to enjoy buy now pay later mattresses, electronics, appliances, auto parts, to many others, you will find a host of stores that will take it for payment plan orders.

With this good merchant network, you can conveniently utilize your purchasing power without the hassle of using its alternate channels.


Good Spending Limit

When using the platform for payment plans, you can access a good spending limit which varies depending on the type selected for checkout financing.

While the Pay in 4 option has a spending limit between $50 to $1,000 for most users, there is up to $5,000 when using the monthly option with a few of the customers able to access up to $20,000 for very high-ticket purchases.

Depending on the result of the eligibility check, you can be offered a very good spending limit or purchasing power you can use for shopping at several retailers online and at physical outlets.


May Improve Your Credit Score

The monthly payment plan option is a loan and the platform reports repayment activities to the major credit bureaus.

This means that paying your due installments on time can improve your credit score which can positively impact your ability to get more credit from other providers in the future.

However, it also reports late payments for both the Pay in 4 and the monthly payment plans hence, it can have a negative effect if you do not remit your due payments.


Affirm Savings Account

Affirm not only serves as a buy now pay later service but also provides users with the option to maintain a savings account directly on the platform.

This unique feature offers a comprehensive and integrated solution for managing both spending and saving within the same platform.

By choosing to integrate a savings account with Affirm, you have the opportunity to earn interest on your saved funds.

The platform offers an annual percentage yield (APY) of up to 4.35%, allowing you to see a return on your savings over time.

This provides an incentive for users to set aside funds, encouraging financial prudence and responsible money management practices.

The savings account option on Affirm goes beyond merely earning interest; it serves as a tool for you to plan and manage your finances effectively.

You can allocate funds for various purposes, whether it is for upcoming purchases, building an emergency fund, or working towards specific financial goals.


Browser Extension

You can also enjoy financing at your favorite online shopping portals through the Affirm browser extension.

This is one of the alternate channels it provides for you to utilize your assigned purchasing power at retailers that do not have it integrated, for instance, using it for buy now pay later on eBay.

You can easily access its financing features without leaving the shopping platform, fostering a more streamlined and convenient experience.

With the browser extension, you can explore flexible payment plans in real-time while browsing and shopping on your preferred online stores.

The extension provides valuable information about your available limit, financing options, terms, and eligibility criteria, empowering you to make informed decisions throughout your shopping journey.

Frequently Asked Questions on Using Affirm for Financing


Below are some of the top frequently asked questions regarding the use of Affirm for checkout financing:

What is Affirm?

It is a versatile financial platform that empowers users to manage their purchases through flexible payment options.

As a user, you can utilize Affirm across major retail platforms, including Amazon, offering convenient buy now pay later solutions.

Three primary payment methods are available for your transactions: paying in full at checkout, interest-free payments in four installments, and opting for a long-term financing plan.

Does Affirm check credit?

Yes, it conducts credit checks as part of its eligibility assessment for certain financing options.

When you use Affirm for pay-as-you-go shopping, the platform employs a soft inquiry process to determine your eligibility.

This soft check is designed not to impact your credit score. For the pay-in-4 financing option, only a soft check is involved.

However, if you opt for a long-term financing plan, it may use a hard check, but only after initially confirming your eligibility through a soft check.

It is important to note that while the soft inquiry does not have a lasting impact on your credit score, a hard check, even if temporary, may have a slight effect.

How many times can I use Affirm?

There is no limit to the number of times you can use the option for payment plans as long as your available purchasing power is able to handle many orders.

Once you have exhausted your assigned spending limit, you may be unable to use it for financing as the transaction could either be declined or charged as a full payment at checkout.

Does Affirm affect your credit?

Yes, using it may have an impact on your credit, but the extent of the impact depends on the specific financing option you choose.

The platform typically conducts a soft credit inquiry to assess your eligibility for its financing plans. A soft inquiry does not negatively affect your credit score.

However, if you opt for a long-term financing plan, Affirm may perform a hard credit inquiry after confirming your eligibility through a soft check.

While this hard inquiry is generally temporary and may have a minor impact on your credit score, it is important to note that any new inquiry has the potential to affect your credit profile.

It also reports payment activities to the major credit bureaus and if do not pay your due amount before or by the due date up to 30 days after, this could be reported and it will have an impact.

How many payments is Affirm?

The number of payments when using Affirm for payment plan purchases is dependent on your selected financing option.

Below are the applicable number of payments for each of its available plans:

1. Pay in Full: this is a direct debit transaction and will be charged in one go through the debit card that is connected to your account.

2. Pay in 4: it is a bi-weekly plan that requires a total of four payments repayable within a maximum of six weeks.

3. Pay Monthly: with this, you can enjoy monthly installments starting from three for up to 60 months. The total number of payments when using the long-term plan is based on the option you selected at checkout.

What is the highest limit for Affirm?

Affirm highest limit differs depending on the financing plan with the Pay in 4 granting between $50 to $1,000 to most users while the long-term monthly plan can grant between $50 to $5,000 (with a few users being able to access up to $20,000 at some retailers).

Does Affirm have a virtual card?

Yes, it offers a virtual card as part of its payment plan options.

The Affirm card, available in both single-use and reusable versions, comes in a virtual form. Users can access this virtual card for online transactions, allowing them to make buy now pay later purchases on various platforms.

Additionally, there is an option to obtain a physical Affirm card that can be used both online and offline.

Can I pay off Affirm early?

Yes, you can pay off your open orders early without any penalty and this can help build your creditworthiness on the platform towards an increased purchasing power.

Is Affirm interest-free?

Affirm offers both interest-free and interest-bearing financing options, depending on the specific payment plan you choose.

The platform provides users with the flexibility to select from different payment plans based on their preferences and financial needs.

For example, one of the payment methods offered by the platform is an interest-free option that allows users to pay in four installments. This means that you can split your purchase into four equal payments, and as long as you make these payments on time, you will not incur any interest charges.

However, if you opt for a long-term financing plan, interest charges apply. The interest rates and terms for the long-term plans can vary and can be up to 36% in APR.

What is the minimum amount to spend on Affirm?

When using Affirm at checkout, the minimum order value varies per merchant but at most of the retailers, you will need a cart that is at least between $50 to $150 in value.

Why has Affirm declined me?

If Affirm has declined your usage of the platform, there could be several reasons for this decision:

1. Merchant Compatibility: If it has declined your usage, it may be due to the specific merchant not being supported by the platform. It does not support checkout at some retailers, especially some in specialty products and service retailing.

2. Purchasing Power Limitation: Another possible reason for a decline could be that your assigned purchasing power, based on your financial profile, may not cover the cost of the product you are attempting to purchase. It is crucial to ensure that the product’s price aligns with your available purchasing power.

3. Payment History and Default Status: A history of missed payments or defaulting on orders could lead to a decline. It may place you in a restricted state, limiting access to its financing option until outstanding issues are resolved or a certain duration has passed.

4. Credit Profile Changes: The platform conducts periodic soft inquiries on your credit profile. If negative changes are detected that might impact your ability to use the service responsibly, such as alterations in your credit history, the platform may temporarily decline your access to the financing option.

5. Order Above Limit on Card: If you want to checkout with the Affirm card, you will need to set it up properly and the value has to match your cart’s total, including any applicable fees else, you may be declined due to insufficient funds as it is more of a prepaid card rather than a direct debit.

Why is Affirm asking me for a high down payment?

For most users, they will be able to access up to $1,000 when using the Pay in 4 option and a maximum of $5,000 through the long-term payment plan.

If your order value is above the maximum allowable spending limit, the extra value will form part of your first payment which will make your downpayment to be more than the subsequent installments.


It is one of the best options when it comes to checkout financing, thanks to its large merchant base and several alternate payment options.

When using it for handling your purchases, ensure you do not delay repayments as Affirm reports to the major credit bureaus. 

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