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Is Zebit Legit and Worth Using for Product Financing?

Zebit is one of the marketplaces that focuses on product financing with options to spread payments up to six months.

When it comes to well-known platforms that support shop now and pay later financing, this is one of the names that will easily make the list for its service model.

It is a good platform to consider as an alternative especially if you have bad credit as it allows you to enjoy buy now pay later with no credit check that could impact your bureau profile.



Max. Amount


Credit Check


Tip: Zebit will give you up to $1,500 in shopping credit you can use to buy anything on the marketplace to be repaid in installments over six months.


It provides a buy now, pay later platform with a focus on serving customers with limited or no access to traditional credit.

Zebit allows users to make purchases on its marketplace and pay for them over time through installment plans, even if they have low or no credit scores.


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It conducts soft credit checks using Clarity Services that do not impact users’ credit scores, making it more inclusive for those who may face challenges in accessing traditional financial products.

Unlike other buy now pay later services, Zebit credits can be used for buying products in varying categories within its marketplace.

While you cannot use it outside its platform, there is no doubt it has good buy-now-pay-later product catalogs to shop from hence, you should be able to finance your favorite items through the marketplace.

Can You Use Zebit on Amazon?


While Zebit provides shopping credits, it is not one of the buy now pay later apps for Amazon hence, you cannot use it to finance products on Amazon.

If you want to shop the marketplace with the flexibility to spread payments for your purchases, consider exploring the options that will allow you to pay monthly on Amazon just like Zebit and many of them come with interest-free financing.


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Its credit is limited to its platform hence, not possible to be used to shop at other retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and others.

However, many of these other shopping destinations have their financing methods, and like the options that allow you to pay in 4 on Amazon, these are also accepted by many other merchants for spreading payments.

Is Zebit Going Out of Business?


While Zebit has not officially communicated shutting down or going out of business, it seems to have slowed down financing due to changing business profile.

If you are unsure whether to continue using it for shopping, you might want to consider the following alternatives:



  • You can buy almost anything you need on Amazon and spread the payments using different options like Prime Visa installments, Citi Flex Pay, Affirm, and other alternate methods with options to enjoy interest-free financing for up to 12 months.


  • This platform allows you to buy any product on Amazon and spread the payments using options not available on Amazon like PayPal, Klarna, and PayTomorrow.
  • It also allows you to lease-to-own items on Amazon using Acima.


  • Perpay is a very similar platform to Zebit that assigns shopping credit you can use to finance items on its marketplace.
  • This provider’s services are for employed individuals who receive their paycheck through payroll direct deposit.


  • If you have not heard about Temu, it is one of the popular shopping destinations known for discounted products in different categories.
  • Temu’s buy now pay later options include well-known providers like Klarna, Affirm, Afterpay, and PayPal.


  • You probably know that you can shop on this platform both online and offline.
  • With Target’s buy now pay later options, you can finance products in its inventory which you can request delivery to your home or have it picked up at its nearby retail location.
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The company was publicly traded (that is, it has its shares listed on the Australian Stock Exchange but requested removal) which signals a possibility of remodeling its operations.

Studying the traffic to its website through Similarweb, it has dropped significantly and this could mean reduced usage which could be related decrease in the financing it provides to users or people opting for other options.

Zebit Website Traffic

At the moment, the platform is not out of business as the website is still active with products listed but registration is not working as expected as it shows that it is undergoing improvement. 

How Zebit Works


Zebit is a shopping platform dedicated to product financing just like how Abunda works for buying items on Amazon.

When you sign up and apply for shopping credit, it will conduct a soft inquiry using an alternate score provider similar to FactorTrust called Clarity Services which is owned by Experian.


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Based on the data obtained from the soft check, it will assign a spending limit you can use to buy items such as furniture, electronics, and others.

This purchasing power cannot exceed its maximum of $1,500 and for any successful purchases, you have until six months to repay in full.

Zebit can only be used to shop its marketplace hence, you should not expect to see it on other websites that support buy now pay later financing.

To be approved for its spending limit, you must be able to prove a source of active monthly income or employment as that is a primary requirement.

The platform does indeed like users with active employment in at least the last three months and even provides a better offer to companies using it as one of their employee purchase programs.

When you order products on the marketplace, they will be delivered through its third-party partners as it does not maintain any inventory in-house.

Zebit Pros and Cons


Just like every other financing provider, Zebit comes with advantages and disadvantages.

While the obvious could be in its allowing for flexible payments when shopping, you are likely to pay higher prices compared to shopping on direct e-commerce platforms like using the Amazon monthly installment options.

Here below are the pros and cons of using the Zebit marketplace for purchasing items:


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Financial Inclusion

Zebit is dedicated to addressing the needs of individuals with limited access to traditional credit.

By employing a buy now, pay later model, the platform opens up opportunities for those who may face challenges in obtaining credit through conventional means.

Soft Credit Checks

Zebit distinguishes itself by conducting soft credit checks.

This feature is advantageous for users concerned about potential negative impacts on their credit scores, allowing them to explore its services without affecting their credit history.

Installment Plans

Zebit’s installment plans enable users to make purchases and spread payments over time.

This flexibility can be particularly beneficial for individuals who may not have the financial means to make large upfront payments, making essential items more accessible.

Credit Building

Through the responsible use of Zebit, users have the potential to build or improve their creditworthiness.

This feature can be crucial for individuals looking to establish a positive credit history or enhance their existing credit profile.

It reports activities to Clarity Services, an alternate bureau data platform owned by Experian used by many buy now pay later service providers for conducting soft inquiries.

When you use its services without defaulting repayments, your chances of approvals when applying for credits on the other platforms that use Clarity Services increase.


Limited Product Selection

Zebit primarily focuses on essential items, which may result in a more restricted range of products compared to comprehensive retail platforms.

Users seeking a diverse array of products may find the selection limitations unlike when shopping on other multi-varied websites that accept buy now pay later options.

Higher Costs

While Zebit offers payment flexibility, the overall cost of items purchased through its installment plans might be higher than paying upfront on other platforms.

Users should carefully consider the total cost, including any associated fees and other charges.

Could Damage your Clarity Services Profile

While the platform does not use the major credit bureau for inquiry, it works with Clarity Services, a popular alternate credit scoring provider.

When you do not pay on time or default repayments, your activities will be reported to Clarity Services.

This could affect how you access financing on other platforms that use the service.

Changing Terms

As with any financial service, terms and conditions may change over time.

Users are advised to stay informed about updates to Zebit’s policies, ensuring that they are aware of any modifications that may affect their experience with the platform.

How to Use the Zebit Marketplace for Shopping


The platform operates through its marketplace just like how Perpay works allowing you to shop products in different categories such as home, electronics, clothing, jewelry, and others.

Through its assigned ZebitLine or store credits, you can finance these items and spread the payments into monthly installments up to six months.

It operates like every other e-commerce portal with an interface showing top products and categories for easy shopping.

Below are the steps on how to use Zebit for product financing:


Visit the website and browse through the marketplace

The credit or purchasing power provided by Zebit is only valid for use through its marketplace, an e-commerce platform that allows you to browse through hundreds of products.

Zebit Marketplace Electronics Category

You can select from its quick links categories that include home, electronics, jewelry and accessories, and many others to see items within your selection.

Select or search for products

Zebit also provides functionality that allows you to input the name of the product and search for quick shopping if the select option does not meet your preferences.

if you already know what you to order, simply type it in the search field and if it is available within its marketplace, it will be displayed in the results to enable you to quickly apply for financing.

Select financing options and proceed

Once you have found a product you want, simply add it to your option by selecting the appropriate required financing attributes but before then, take note of the following:

  • Options: depending on the item you want to buy, the number of options that will be available varies. This usually indicates the retail partner that will deliver your products and depending on your selection, the item price changes
  • Payment Frequency: this is grouped into four and you should select the best option that matches how you receive your periodic income (especially if you rely on your paycheck), including:
    • Weekly: you will be charged every 7 days if you go with this selection.
    • Bi-weekly: this is for every two weeks repayment.
    • Semi-monthly: this depends but usually, you will be charged between the 15th and 24th of every month.
    • Monthly: best if your income comes in at the end of the month.

Review the repayment summary to understand your expected initial due amount, the period amount to be repaid, and the total you will be paid over six months.

Once this is fine with you, you can proceed by clicking the “Get Started” button.

Register and apply for an initial spending limit

Once you have selected the product you want to buy, clicking the “Get Started” button will take you to the registration page.

Here, Zebit will collect your details including your phone number, social security number, and other details like your source of income.

The provided information will be validated and once approved, you will be given spending credits to use to finalize your order.

Checkout and make the initial payment

Every order request still undergoes a final approval which usually involves ensuring that you have enough funds to cover for repayment or to validate that your connected repayment method is valid.

A this stage, the initial payment is expected and it is usually 25% of the total worth of your cart. If the first repayment is successful, an order will be created with the delivery details sent to your registered email.

Zebit Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the use of Zebit:

What is Zebit?

Zebit is an online marketplace that operates on a buy now pay later model. Here are the key features and aspects of the platform:

Online Marketplace: it serves as an online marketplace offering a diverse range of quality, name-brand products. Users can browse and shop for items similar to any other e-commerce platform.

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL): Zebit allows users to make purchases and spread the payment over six equal monthly installments. This approach provides customers with the flexibility to acquire products without the need for an immediate full payment.

Transparent Pricing: it emphasizes transparency in its pricing structure. There are no hidden fees or surprises; users are required to pay only the price displayed at the checkout.

Approval Process: To use the platform, individuals need to go through an approval process where their identity, income, and/or employment are verified. This process determines their initial Spending Limit, which is the maximum amount they can spend on Zebit.

Spending Limit Increase: Making timely payments on purchases can contribute to increasing the user’s Spending Limit over time. This means that users who responsibly manage their payments may be able to make larger purchases as their Spending Limit grows.

Geographical Availability: Zebit is currently available only in the United States, except Washington, D.C.

Credit History Building: Zebit suggests that using its services and making timely payments can contribute to building a positive credit history, potentially improving the user’s overall credit score.

Is Zebit legit?

Zebit is a legitimate company offering a buy now, pay later platform. It is designed to provide financial services to individuals with limited or no access to traditional credit.

Its approach includes soft credit checks, allowing users to explore its services without adversely affecting their credit scores.

When will the Zebit e-certificates be back?

The Zebit gift cards also referred to as e-certificates are currently out of its inventory with no date given as to when they will be back on the platform.

However, the website is currently undergoing maintenance which is due to a change in operation model and the e-certificates could be back once the new platform is up.

In the meantime, you can explore other optional buy now pay later gift cards for shopping at your favorite retailers.

Is Zebit a credit card?

No, the platform is not a credit card but rather a marketplace that allows you to finance different products ranging from electronics, appliances, furniture, jewelry, and others delivered through its retail partners.

However, there are other buy now pay later credit card features you can explore if you are looking for similar offerings.

Does Zebit report to credit bureaus?

Zebit does not report transaction activities to the major credit bureaus like Experian, TransUnion, or Equifax but it does report to Clarity Services, a special credit data service owned and operated by Experian.

This platform (Clarity Services) is used by many of the buy now pay later providers hence, early repayment may increase your chances of approval when applying for product financing on the other platforms.

Is there any company like Zebit with e-certificates?

You can check Abunda as it provides gift cards as well just like Zebit.

There are a few companies that support buy now pay later financing for gift cards due to their electronic nature. Nonetheless, Abunda does have a good collection you can buy and spread the payments using any that include PayPal, Klarna, PayTomorrow, and other payment methods.

Who accepts Zebit?

You can only use Zebit on its marketplace as it is not available to use outside its platform.

It is an in-house shopping and financing solution that operates an e-commerce portal just like every other shop now and pay later service provider and not a type you can use when checking out on other retail platforms.

Zebit customer service contact

To contact the Zebit customer service, use the channels below:
1. Email: [email protected]
2. Address: 9920 Pacific Heights Blvd, Suite 150, San Diego, CA 92121
3. Social Media: you can contact them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels using the username @zebit

Preferably, you should send them an email if you want to clarify, make an inquiry, or submit a complaint regarding repayment for a previous order.

Is Zebit shutting down?

The company’s website currently shows it is undergoing maintenance hence, it seems to still be in business but you cannot currently shop for products as registration and application are disabled.

Zebit Under Maintenance

If you want to finance items, consider looking at other platforms that support payment plans just like Zebit for now.


Zebit offers valuable features for financial inclusion and flexibility, users should carefully assess the trade-offs, considering factors such as product selection, overall costs, and adherence to payment schedules.

As the financial landscape evolves, staying informed about the latest terms and user feedback is crucial for making well-informed decisions.

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