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PayPal Pay in 4 Can be Used on Amazon to Buy and Pay Later

You can use PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon to buy any product and pay later conveniently every two weeks.

PayPal is a global brand with a presence on millions of retailers’ portals worldwide, but not directly available to use when you are shopping on Amazon.

Fortunately, you can still buy now and pay later for any product on Amazon using your spending limit assigned by PayPal Pay in 4 through shopping gateways.

If you have a PayPal account and want to shop on Amazon and schedule payment in 4, this is possible and you can also buy and pay later on Amazon as well with PayPal Credit seamlessly.

How to use PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon

There are two ways through which you can use your PayPal Pay in 4 shopping credit to buy now and pay later on Amazon:

PayPal Pay in 4 Virtual Card

PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon Card

Tip: Using your virtual card is another way to use PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon. If you are logged in, locate it by going to the Pay Later tile on your dashboard. Click on Pay in 4 to get the details or apply for one which can be generated within a few minutes.


PayPal understands that Amazon does not accept it hence, created a secondary channel that will enable you to enjoy your PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon through its virtual card.

This is one of the best ways to buy now and pay later on Amazon as this virtual card is provided by most BNPL platforms.

The card is a single-use tool that can be generated anytime you want to shop at an online store that does not accept PayPal.

It is powered by Mastercard hence, can be used virtually everywhere since most shopping sites has gateways that process transactions with cards of this type.

 This one-time valid card has to be generated before you can make use of it hence, you need to apply for it and specify the amount you want to spend.

When applying for this card to enable you to use your PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon, ensure you include all applicable fees alongside the price of the product you want to buy.

Once used, it will become invalid so, you will always need to generate a new one every time you want to shop and complete the purchase with your PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon.


Shopping through Abunda

A smart way you can use your PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon is by shopping through Abunda and this is the best way if you want to finance high-ticket items without limit.

This platform provides an interesting tool that makes it easy to shop for any Amazon product using alternative payment methods that include PayPal, Klarna and with its integration with Acima, you can rent to own Amazon products.

The following steps show how you can utilize Abunda to use your shopping credit assigned by PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon:


Visit Abunda

You will need to start the shopping from Abunda which is a platform that allows you to shop for any product on Amazon and pay later with your PayPal Pay in 4 purchasing power.

It is simply a shopping gateway with its products aggregated from Amazon and you can buy them directly and pay with your buying credit assigned by PayPal.


Get Amazon Product Link

Once you are on the Abunda website, you need to get the product link of the item you want to buy on Amazon.

You can also try looking for the product using the search field provided by Abunda as all its displayed products are from Amazon hence, the item could be there without you visiting Amazon.

Take a look at the image below to see how you can get the product link if you are viewing it from a browser.

Amazon Product Link Copy


Simply copy the link and take it to Abunda.


Paste the Link on Abunda Search Field

Now that you have the link to the product you want to buy on Amazon, next is pulling it to Abunda.

The platform has a search field that can take the link and fetch the item from Amazon. 

Simply paste the link on the search field and hit the enter key or the search button to the right to trigger its fetch functionality.

Paste on Abunda

Alternatively, you can directly search using Abunda if you know the product name on Amazon as its products are aggregated from that marketplace.



Review the Terms for Repayment

Once the product is fetched from Amazon, you will be able to see the terms that come with the repayment schedule.

It will contain the price of the product, and how much you will pay on a periodic basis.

This page contains product information as well, including the description, prices, and reviews sourced from Amazon for that particular product.

Review the information and once the details are fine for you, you can simply add it to your cart.


Review your Cart

Once the item is added to your cart, you should review it once again to ensure you have the intended product before you checkout.

This page will show the cart size as well as a brief regarding your repayment schedule. And if you have a coupon code, you can enter it in the voucher field to enjoy some discount before you check out.

Once you are fine with the cart details, you can then continue to check out the shopping trips.


Provide your Billing and Shipping Information

Post reviewing and being satisfied with your cart, it requires you to provide your billing and shipping information as this will be important for the handling of the item’s delivery and the processing of payments.

To make it faster for you, the shipping address can be selected as the same as the billing address to proceed in a shorter time.

Once the above has been provided, review the information to ensure it is right before proceeding. After this, you can then proceed to the payment page.


Select Checkout with PayPal

PayPal Credit on Amazon via Abunda


Abunda has different payment partners when you are checking out and one of those is PayPal through which you can conveniently buy now and pay later with your purchasing power on PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon.

So if you have a PayPal account with some assigned spending limit, you can select it at checkout to create an order.

You should note that Abunda has no limit as it relies on that provided by the payment provider you selected when checking out hence, you will be limited to a minimum of $30 up to a maximum of $1,500 when making a payment with your PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon through Abunda.


Connect your PayPal Account

By selecting PayPal, you will need to authenticate by logging into your account.

Without leaving the Abunda page, you will have to log in with your registered email and password. This is needed for authorization and since your order will only be processed after this linking, it is mandatory if you want to shop and pay with your PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon.

Once you have successfully logged in to your account and authorized the purchase, you will be redirected to Abunda to proceed with the order placement process.


Complete the Purchase and Exit

Once you are able to successfully connect your PayPal account and click the proceed button, the order will be placed for you with all the required details for handling the delivery and tracking.

The delivery is usually handled by Abunda who takes the product from Amazon and sends it to your shipping address, and there is no fee for delivery to get your items.


Requirements to use PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon

To use PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon, all that is required is an account on PayPal, with a considerable spending limit assigned to you for Pay in 4 checkouts.

Once you have an account with purchasing power assigned, you can proceed to create the virtual card that will enable you to use your PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon.

If you are going through the Abunda option, it does not have a limit as to how much worth of items you can purchase on Amazon.

The platform serves as a gateway connecting you to both Amazon and PayPal and since you will be using the purchasing power assigned to you by Pay in 4, your limit will be between $30 – $1,500.

Though there is no fee for using your PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon, you might be limited to $250 if you are a first-time user.


What is the Fee and Interest Rate to use PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon?

There is no fee or interest rate to use PayPal Pay in 4 to shop on Amazon as long as you repay within the stipulated schedule. 

Though, you might not be charged a late fee when you have ongoing repayment for orders fulfilled by PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon, repaying on time is a yardstick towards higher spending power.

You can review the item’s pricing on Abunda before proceeding as the price could be a little above that on Amazon. This price difference is to handle free delivery of your item and to keep the service active.

What if I did not use all the credit assigned to my virtual card?

After completing the purchase with your PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon but the total value of the item ended up being lesser than the amount preloaded into your virtual card, you do not have to be bothered.

Your account will only be charged for the value you used and the card will still be invalid hence, do not try to re-use it because you did not exhaust the funds assigned to it as it will not work.

If there is a need, you can create a new card as PayPal does not have a limit as to the number of single-use cards you can create provided you have enough shopping credit to handle new orders.

Using PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon FAQs

Is Abunda owned by Amazon?

Amazon does not own Abunda but rather, it operates a platform that allows you to shop conveniently on Amazon with payment checkout providers.

Conventionally, Amazon does not directly support many big payment channels especially those within the buy now and pay later platform.

Through Abunda today, you can use Klarna, Acima Leasing, ViaBill, and PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon seamlessly and split purchase payments for easy payback.

How long do I repay for the items bought with PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon?

Repayment is in 4 hence, the first payment will be due at the point of checking out and this will be charged on a bi-weekly basis until you have fully repaid for the product.

The price on Abunda is different from the price on Amazon

You can see a price difference between the products on Abunda and those on Amazon even though Abunda sources its virtual inventory from Amazon.

Some of the items are added a mark-up price between 5% to 15%. This enables Abunda to continue to offer you free delivery and to run its operation by offering you the opportunity to shop on Amazon and pay later seamlessly using alternative buy now and pay later providers not directly available on Amazon.

Can I return an item bought through Abunda if found defective?

You can return a defective product bought on Amazon through the Abunda gateway. If this is required, you will have to return it directly to Abunda and not Amazon.

Usually, an item that needs to be returned should be within its allowed 30 days window as you might not be able to request a refund if the time you held the product is more than 30 days.

Simply select the return center functionality from your dashboard when you are logged in on Abunda to start the return process.

What items can I pay for using PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon?

When shopping and scheduling repayments with your PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon through the Abunda gateway, there is no restriction as to what category of items you can buy and pay back later.

The will is yours and you can buy your favorite items and repay on a payment plan using your purchasing power assigned by PayPal.

Can I pay back on a monthly basis when shopping with PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon?

PayPayl Pay in 4 repayments is on a bi-weekly basis hence, you cannot schedule for monthly repayment when checking out with this option on Abunda.

Nevertheless, PayPal provides a monthly product that you can utilize for this need when you are checking out on Abunda. You should note that the option to repay monthly comes with an interest fee. There is a 9.99-29.99% APR based on your creditworthiness.

Will there be a credit check when I want to pay with PayPal Pay in 4 for Amazon products bought through Abunda?

Abunda does not perform any form of credit check as it only acts as a bridge to enable you to shop on Amazon and pay with your PayPal Pay in 4 purchasing power.

But for PayPal Pay in 4, you might undergo a soft credit check which does not impact your credit score but rather helps PayPal to determine the spending limit to be assigned to you.

What is the initial payment using PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon?

The initial payment for items you want to buy on Amazon when checking out with PayPal Pay in 4 through Abunda varies depending on the price of the item.

But its minimum checkout order must be at least $30 hence, you will not be able to use it to pay for the items if your cart total is less than its required minimum of $30.

Where do the products ship from and are they brand new?

Abunda inventory is virtually Amazon products hence, you will get the exact item condition as seen on Amazon but most items are usually new and you can see the product condition on its detail page before you add it to your cart.

Since almost its entire products are that of Amazon, the items will ship from the Amazon warehouse.


Amazon has limitations when it comes to the buy now, pay later platforms you can check out with but through shopping gateways like Abunda, you can pay for your orders using PayPal Pay in 4 on Amazon conveniently on a bi-weekly basis.

It is worth mentioning that you can also utilize PayPal Credit to split purchase payments on Amazon as well using Abunda.

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