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Koalafi Offers Up to $7,500 in Lease Credits, How It Works

Koalafi lets you finance products at several retailers on lease-to-own terms with no hard credit check required.

While it is one of the popular buy now pay later for tires and car repairs based on the number of merchants that accept it, you can also utilize it to enjoy financing for furniture, electronics, appliances, and more.

It is known for its financing with no hard inquiry required and interestingly, you can also use it to build a bad credit profile as the platform reports repayment activities to the major bureaus.



Max. Amount


Credit Check




Tip: Koalafi is a lease-to-own financing provider that will give you credit of up to $7,500 to purchase products through its retail partners. It can be owned at the end of the 12-month contract after making full payments or utilizing its early buyout.


It is one of the options when it comes to accessing buy now pay later with no down payment needed when submitting your application as at many of its retailers, you are only required to make your initial payment when the order ships.

As common to many of the lease-to-own service providers like PayTomorrow, SmartPay, and others, it utilizes a soft inquiry that will not have a real impact on your credit score when you apply for its financing. 


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While it offers loan-based financing at checkout when using it at some of the merchants that support it, its lease option is more common.

That means that when you get a product through Koalafi, you will basically sign up for a lease contract enabling the platform to purchase the product on your behalf and then rent it to you.

You are then expected to cover the costs for it through installment payments which will allow you to own the item after you have completed the full required amount.

Because of how lease-to-own works, continuing payments until the end of a Koalaif contract can be very expensive as the platform will charge you rental costs in addition to the original price of the product.

However, Koalafi has a 90-day early buyout option that will enable you to avoid paying so much if you are able to complete the full costs within the first 90 days.

With this early buyout offer, you will pay just an extra amount of $49 which is in fact your initial payment as of when your order shipped.

If you miss this 90-day buyout period, you may end up paying between 65% to 127% or more of the item’s original price.

When using Koalafi to finance your purchases, you will have to target completing the required full costs within the first 90 days to avoid the expensive nature of the contract.

Where to Use Koalafi


Some of the top online stores that accept Koalafi include:


Emma Sleep

Emma Sleep

Emma Sleep is a prominent mattress-in-a-box brand, offering premium-quality mattresses with advanced technology. Known for comfort and support, Emma mattresses are designed to provide a restful night’s sleep. The brand emphasizes convenience with hassle-free delivery and a risk-free trial period.

RC Willey

RC Willey

RC Willey is a renowned home furnishings retailer offering a wide selection of furniture, appliances, electronics, and mattresses. Known for quality products and customer service, it caters to diverse home needs, making it a go-to destination for comprehensive home shopping.



MLILY is a prominent mattress brand known for its innovative sleep solutions. Committed to quality and comfort, it offers a range of mattresses featuring advanced technologies and materials. The brand aims to enhance sleep experiences, catering to diverse preferences for a restful night’s sleep.

Dan the Tire Man

Dan the Tire Man

Dan the Tire Man is a tire retailer known for providing affordable and reliable tire solutions. Offering a variety of tire options for different vehicles, the brand emphasizes quality and budget-friendly choices for customers seeking reliable and durable tires.

Metro Mattress

Metro Mattress

Metro Mattress is a mattress retailer offering a diverse range of mattresses and sleep accessories. Known for its commitment to comfort and quality, it caters to various preferences, providing customers with options to enhance their sleep experience.

Understanding the Koalafi Contract

Upon submitting your application on a Koalafi-accepting portal or at a store, you will need to agree to its contract.

This document includes crucial information that you should carefully review and comprehend before putting your signature on it.

Below are important parts of that document you should understand:


Cash Price

The cash price refers to the initial cost of the product when paying in full before collecting it from the retailer, without any financing.

It is specified in the contract to inform you about the item’s price, and additional associated costs are calculated based on this amount.


Payment Term and Spend Limit

Koalafi’s lease payment term will allow you to spread the cost of purchases for up to 12 months before the product becomes 100% yours after completing the full-term payments.

However, you are not mandated to continue the installments until the end of the contract as part of the agreement allows you to exercise its early buyout and save on rental costs.

In terms of its spending limit, Koalafi requires a minimum cart value of $300 before you will be able to utilize it for financing and this cannot exceed its maximum amount of $7,500 for the lease-to-own option.


Initial Payment

When you are applying for a payment plan using the option, you are not required to make a down payment.

While it requires $0 during the application stage, the initial payment is expected when your order ships hence, you will need to ensure your connect repayment method has enough to handle this.

The initial payment when using Koalafi for financing your purchases at any of the retailers that accept it is $49.


90-Day Early Buyout Option

Koalafi extends a special early buyout option to customers within the first 90 days of their lease term similar to Progressive Leasing, Acima, and others.

This distinctive feature enables customers to gain ownership of the leased item by making a payment equal to the cash price plus the initial payment outlined in the lease agreement.

The early buyout option proves advantageous for customers seeking a swifter transition from renting to complete ownership, bypassing the need to fulfill the entire lease term.

Opting for this choice within the designated timeframe allows customers to incur only a slight additional fee above the cash price, steering clear of the high rental expenses common with a prolonged lease.


Cost of Lease

The “cost of lease” refers to the total amount that a lessee (the person leasing or renting) is obligated to pay for the rental of a specific item as outlined in the Koalafi lease agreement.

This cost includes the base rental fee along with any additional charges, fees, or costs associated with the leasing arrangement.

It is simply the amount you will pay for the renting of the device as based on Koalafi’s mode of operations, the item is rented to you until you complete the payments or utilize the early purchase option.


Early Purchase Option

Koalafi provides an additional early purchase option for lessees who may have missed the initial 90-day early buyout period.

This alternative opportunity empowers users to acquire ownership of the leased item and offers a notable benefit: substantial savings of up to 35% on pending payments.

In cases where lessees miss the early buyout window, Koalafi’s subsequent early purchase option serves as a valuable alternative.

By opting for this choice, users can enjoy significant cost reductions, making it a financially advantageous decision compared to adhering to standard lease payments until the conclusion of the agreement.


Lease Conclusion and Product Ownership

If you decide not to use any of the 90-day early buyout or the early purchase option, it means that the payments will continue until the 12th month.

In the last month, the item will become fully yours if you have not missed any of the previous installments.

How Koalafi Works

When you apply for financing with Koalafi and get approval, you will enter into a lease-to-own contract with monthly payments until the 12th month for the product to become fully yours. You can also exercise any of its purchase options to end the contract early and save on rental costs.

Koalafi Process Flow

Below are the phases involved when using this option for item purchases and the activities that happen at each of the stages:


User Application for Lease

Whether using it online or utilizing it for buy now pay later in-store, you are required to submit an application.

There is a form that you will need to fill with your personal details like name, address, social security number, and contact information, along with financial information.

It follows the same process both online and when doing this at a physical retail location with a part of the steps requiring you to authenticate your contact number through an OTP.

Considering that you will also be required to validate the authenticity of your provided contact number in-store, be sure to visit the retail location where you want to use Koalafi for financing with a cell phone that is fully charged to handle the process.


Lease Decision Stage

Once you have submitted the application, the platform will use the details provided to validate and determine your creditworthiness before offering you purchasing power.

At this stage, it uses a soft credit inquiry to pull your records for informational use. This process will not have any real impact on your credit score as it is usually not visible to other lenders.

Depending on the outcome of this check, you will offered a spending limit which you can use for purchasing items on lease-to-own terms.

Note that you may qualify for a credit lower than the cash price of the product you want to buy hence, may not be the right option for some of your purchases as in such a case, you will not be allowed to get the product unless you go for another within your assigned limit.


Order Shipping and Initial Payment Stage

Once you have been approved and a spending limit is assigned to your profile, you will be able to purchase the product with no down payment until the day your order ships.

If you are using the option online, it means that your initial payment could be days after you place an order.

However, the flow is different offline considering that you will typically pick it up once everything is fine. So, you may end up paying your initial payment on the same day as the order date when using it in physical retail stores.


The Repayment Stage

Upon receiving the product, the contract progresses to the repayment stage, during which you are obligated to make periodic payments as specified in your contract.

The document will outline the total number of required payments, and upon successfully fulfilling the entire cost, ownership of the item can be transferred to you on the last day of the contract.


90-Day Buyout Option

Koalafi provides an early buyout option within the initial 90 days of your lease contract, offering you the opportunity to avoid the high rental costs.

As outlined in the contract details, the amount for the early buyout includes the original price of the device plus the initial payment.

Once this amount is settled, the contract concludes, and ownership of the product is transferred to you in full.


Early Purchase Option

For Koalafi customers who miss the initial 90-day early buyout window, the company provides an alternative solution known as the Early Purchase Option.

This feature enables lessees to proceed with the purchase of the leased item, offering a significant advantage by allowing them to save up to 35% on outstanding payments.

In instances where lessees cannot avail of the early buyout option within the initial 90 days, Koalafi’s subsequent Early Purchase Option serves as a valuable pathway for cost-effective ownership.

By opting for this alternative, users can achieve some savings, presenting a financially smart choice compared to continuing with regular lease payments until the conclusion of the lease agreement.


Total Payments and Ownership

The total payment refers to the overall amount paid by the customer over the course of the lease agreement.

This includes each installment paid according to the agreed-upon schedule, providing a complete overview of the lessee’s financial investment in the leased item.

Upon fulfilling the required total payments by the end of the contract, and assuming no defaults, the contract concludes, allowing you to retain ownership of the item.

At this stage, the total payments will be able to buy at least two of the leased products hence, you should always target closing the contract on time through its 90-day early buyout option when using it for checkout financing.

Frequently Asked Questions on Koalafi


Below are some of the top frequently asked questions regarding the use of Koalafi for checkout lease financing:


What is Koalafi?

Koalafi is a lease-to-own financing provider that extends credit of up to a certain amount depending on your creditworthiness for purchasing products through its retail partners.

It operates on a buy now, pay later model, often requiring no down payment at the time of application.

Does Koalafi check credit?

Yes, Koalafi does conduct a credit check as part of its financing application process. However, it’s important to note that Koalafi performs a soft credit inquiry rather than a hard one.

A soft inquiry typically has minimal or no impact on your credit score. This allows the platform to assess your creditworthiness without causing a significant dent in your credit profile.

Soft credit inquiries are commonly used for pre-approval processes and do not appear on your credit report or are visible to other creditors.

Therefore, while Koalafi does check your credit, it does so in a way that is designed to be less intrusive and less likely to affect your credit score.

Is Koalafi legit?

Yes, Koalafi is a legitimate lease-to-own financing provider.

It offers credit for purchasing products through its retail partners which you are expected to pay for or utilize its early purchase options for the item to become yours.

Does applying for Koalafi affect your credit?

No, Koalafi has no impact on your credit as its inquiry process is for informational use only through a soft check.

When you apply for financing or credit with Koalafi, they conduct a soft credit inquiry rather than a hard inquiry.

A soft inquiry does not affect your credit score significantly, and it is often used for pre-approval processes. Soft inquiries are visible only to you and do not impact your credit score or visible to other creditors.

What is the maximum credit amount offered by Koalafi?

The maximum credit amount you can access when using Koalafi for lease financing is $7,500 or $10,000 in the case of its loan.

However, you may not be eligible to utilize this maximum as your purchasing power will be determined based on the result of its soft inquiry.

Can I pay off Koalafi early?

Yes, Koalafi allows for early payment or early buyout options.

It provides a 90-day early buyout option within the lease agreement. This means that within the initial 90 days of the lease term, you have the opportunity to pay off the full amount owed, including any remaining rental costs, and acquire ownership of the leased item.

If you choose to exercise the early buyout option within this timeframe, you will be required to pay the required cash price in addition to the first payment of $49, which is the initial payment made at the time of the order shipment.

Paying off the lease early, especially within the specified 90-day period, can be advantageous as it allows you to avoid potential additional rental costs associated with continuing the lease until the end of the agreed-upon term.

What is the requirement for a Koalafi lease?

To qualify for a Koalafi lease contract, you need to meet the following criteria:

1. Maintain an active personal checking account for a minimum of three months.
2. Ensure a monthly deposit of at least $1,000 into the account.
3. Demonstrate a zero occurrence of overdrafts in the account over the last 30 days.
4. Maintain a minimum balance of $45 at the time of approval.

Is there a minimum spend amount to use Koalafi?

Yes, you are required to have a cart value of at least $300 before you can finance your purchases using Koalafi.

Does Koalafi report to the credit bureaus?

Yes, Koalafi reports repayment activities to the major credit bureaus hence, may help improve your credit score if you commit to due repayments.

However, it can negatively impact your profile if you continue to default payments as stated on your lease contract.

Where can I get more details about Koalafi?

If you require more details not covered in this guide, you can refer to the Koalafi FAQ page.


While there might be factors to consider, such as potential interest costs at the conclusion of the contract, Koalafi stands out as an appealing choice if you can use its EPO.

Its 90-day buyout option and commitment to inclusivity make it an attractive alternative for those seeking options beyond traditional credit-based financing.

However, if you are uncertain about completing the contract early and wish to minimize rental costs, it is advisable to explore alternative financing options that offer more favorable terms.

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