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Everything You Need to Know About LeaseVille

LeaseVille is recognized as a lease-to-own service provider that operates both online and allows for in-person pick-up at retail outlets.

When it comes to product financing, many turn to lease-to-own options as the alternative to enjoy buy now pay later with bad credit profiles.

One of those places that comes to mind is LeaseVille, enabling lease-to-own for furniture, electronics, and some others through its online portal.

But it can really be expensive because this kind of option usually comes at double or thrice the price of the original item. You could either consider alternatives or target an early buyout to save on rental costs.

LeaseVille Alternatives Compared

Here are some of the best alternatives to try outside the LeaseVille platform:

Amazon Monthly


Credit Check


Min. Value


Max. Value


Tip: Probably the best alternative to LeaseVille if you are qualified to use it as it comes with interest-free financing for up to 12* months.

Amazon Monthly Payment Options

Citi Flex Pay

  • Citi Flex Pay provides Citi credit cardholders the convenience of converting eligible purchases into monthly installment plans.
  • To utilize this feature for Amazon monthly payments, simply link your eligible Citi credit card to your Amazon account. Once done, you can select Citi Flex Pay at checkout for a cart value of up to $50 to access this option.

Amazon Pay in 5

  • The Pay-in-5 stands out as a well-known monthly payment choice on Amazon, recognized by numerous shoppers. This interest-free financing option, however, is exclusively offered to a select group of customers for eligible products.

Affirm Monthly

  • Affirm enables Amazon monthly payments for qualifying items over $50. Opt for Affirm at checkout to access 0% APR on 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month payment plans, covering eligible products like Samsung and OnePlus smartphones, OnePlus accessories, and Dell computers.


The Amazon marketplace has a suite of monthly payment options you can use for long-term product financing if you want to buy items through convenient installments.

With amazing zero-interest for up to 12 months depending on the option selected, it could be your best move than going for a lease-to-own provided by LeaseVille.


Read more about Amazon Monthly

The popular pay-in-5 service is one of the monthly financing you can use when shopping on Amazon but it is available to eligible customers who use the platform regularly for shopping.

However, you can still enjoy the option through Flex Pay if you have a Citi credit card which will enable you to split the cost of purchases over manageable installments.

Affirm is one of the direct-to-use buy now pay later services on Amazon and for some items and categories, you can an interest-free financing for up to 12 months.

Prime Visa Installments

Amazon Prime

Credit Check


Min. Value


Max. Value


Tip: Amazon Prime Visa is a top credit card with buy now pay later built into it and during the first 12 months, you will enjoy 0% APR on your purchases.


The Prime Visa is one of the best credit cards that has buy now pay later features built into the benefits the cardholders enjoy.

Provided by Amazon through its partnership with Chase Bank, it comes with a lot of perks including interest-free financing across thousands of retailers that accept Amazon Pay during the promo period.


Read more about Amazon Prime Visa

It is a great tool for handling your bill payments in installments and also rewards you with 2% cashback every time it is used at gas stations.

The Prime Visa rewards increase on some products and at some retailers with up to 10% cashback as an Amazon Prime member.

One reason you could consider this card instead of LeaseVille is its physical card which can be used to handle purchases offline and these transactions can still be converted to buy now pay later when you log into your Chase app through My Chase Plan



Credit Check


Min. Value


Max. Value


Tip: Abunda is a financing platform that allows you to buy any product on Amazon and pay with Acima, PayPal, PayTomorrow, and Klarna.


Abunda is a financing gateway that connects you to Amazon products so that you can conveniently pay later using payment methods not supported on Amazon.

Part of its financing options include Acima, which is one of the well-known lease-to-own payment providers with a good number of merchants accepting Acima on the platforms.


Read more about Abunda

One advantage this platform has over LeaseVille is its inventory of products. With all its items sourced from the Amazon marketplace, there are more products to choose from.

You can buy almost anything you see on Amazon and pay in installments through Abunda using its paste tool.

This tool can take any product link on Amazon and convert it to a lease-to-own or pay-later option when you paste it into the Abunda search field.

Abunda does not maintain any real inventory hence, your product will always be shipped from Amazon once your order is successful.

Best Buy Progressive

Best Buy

Credit Check


Min. Value


Max. Value


Tip: If you want an online-to-offline experience, you can try Best Buy as it supports Progressive as its lease-to-own financing provider.


LeaseVille fulfillment when it comes to product pick-up in-store uses Best Buy mostly for such delivery when requested but its customers.

You can directly opt for the Progressive Leasing option on Best Buy which could save you some costs as prices on LeaseVille are slightly higher than what is obtainable when using Progressive through Best Buy.


Read more about Best Buy Progressive

The platform offers a vast selection of products, including laptops, TVs, appliances, and more.

For its vast inventory of products and good offline locations, it is usually used by many lease-to-own service providers for order fulfillment.

Best Buy’s flexible financing options, such as its credit card, allow customers to make purchases with promotional financing. This card is provided by Citi and also has access to Flex Pay.

Wayfair Financing


Credit Check


Min. Value


Max. Value


Tip: Wayfair offers a range of financing options including lease-to-own through Acima and Katapult.


Wayfair, a popular online furniture and home goods retailer, offers an extensive range of products for every room in the house.

With a vast selection of furniture, decor, and appliances, Wayfair provides options for various styles and budgets.


Read more about Wayfair Financing

You can buy any product from its vast inventory and defer payment through multiple financing options that include Affirm, Citizens Pay, and Bread Pay.

If you want lease-to-own financing as provided similarly to LeaseVille, you can opt for any of Katapult and Acima.

These payment options require soft credit checks and are suitable even if you have a bad credit score.

LeaseVille Service Overview



Credit Check


Min. Value


Max. Value


Tip: It is an online rent or lease-to-own platform allowing you to access convenient installment payments for products sourced through major retailers like Best Buy and Home Depot.


LeaseVille is a flexible and alternative option for those seeking a rent-to-own shopping experience.

Emphasizing flexibility and convenience, LeaseVille offers ‘lease as you go’ options, with no upfront payment required and the freedom to cancel or return items at any time.


Read more about LeaseVille

The leasing process is designed to be accessible, requiring no credit check, and approval is based on a steady income and an active checking account.

With a range of ownership options, including rent-to-own, early buyout, or month-to-month renting, LeaseVille aims to provide maximum flexibility to its customers.

The company’s program allows for improved cash flow and enhanced flexibility without stringent credit requirements.

While acknowledging a potentially higher total ownership cost compared to outright retail purchases, LeaseVille highlights the perks of its no-commitment rent-to-own program.

Additionally, the company provides the choice of in-store pickup from nearby major retailers for speedy delivery.

How LeaseVille Works


LeaseVille simplifies the process of acquiring top-selling electronics, appliances, furniture, fitness equipment, and more through a straightforward series of steps.

Customers can begin by adding desired items to their cart and registering an account.


Read more about how LeaseVille works

During checkout, an online application is filled out to determine eligibility, with an instant decision provided and the potential for a spending limit of up to $3,500.

Upon approval, customers proceed to review and sign the lease agreement.

Once the signing process is complete and the initial payment clears, the customer receives email instructions for either pick-up or delivery.

Following the order receipt, periodic rental payments commence, offering flexibility for customers to continue renting.

You can own the item with the final payment or an early buyout, or opt to return and cancel the monthly contract at any time.

This approach allows for a hassle-free and adaptable rent-to-own experience with LeaseVille.

How to Use LeaseVille for Lease-to-own Shopping


The below steps explain the flow of shopping on the LeaseVille portal:


Visit its homepage

All your shopping trips will start from the website which has details regarding all you need to get started with its rent-to-own service.

LeaseVille Homepage

The portal has an e-commerce style with products in varying categories you can search and select to add to your cart.

Search for Product or Click Category

Like all shop-now-pay-later websites, LeaseVille’s e-commerce-styled interface has a search form you can use to find any product you want to lease.

Alternatively, you can click any category link to browse through the arrays of products within your selection.

Add items you want to cart

While browsing through the products within your selection, you can add the ones you need to your cart.

Note that the platform has a limit of $3,500 and you should keep the worth of the cart within this maximum to avoid any checkout issues.

Review your cart thoroughly

Once you have added the items you need to the cart, it will have them well placed showing your required periodic minimum payment.

Usually a weekly base minimum and you should review to ensure it is something you think will be convenient for you to handle once your order is completed.

Proceed to checkout

After reviewing all the items you have in your cart and being satisfied with the periodic payment schedule displayed on the page, you can then proceed to the checkout page to enter the contract process phase.

Login or register for an account

When you click the “Continue” button, you will be shown a form similar to the one below requiring you to either log into or create a new account if you have none.

LeaseVille Login Form

Depending on which matches your preference, you will need access to your account to proceed with the next steps.

Provide your billing and shipping details

The platform will ask for your billing details including your full name, address, zip code, city, and state.

At this stage, your phone number is also required which will be verified through a one-time passcode that will be sent to it.

Also, you have the option to select your delivery preference from home delivery or pick-up at a nearby Best Buy or Home Depot retail store.

LeaseVille Shipping Method Selection

Review and proceed to the contract page

Though you can edit the provided information at later stages, you can review it to ensure everything is as intended to avoid having to come back.

Once the provided billing and shipping details are fine, you can then proceed to the contract and payment stage.

Read the contract carefully and review applicable terms

Once you get to the contract page, review it carefully and ensure you understand it before proceeding with it.

All the terms will be stated, including your periodic repayment minimum, early purchase option, and total cost of the lease.

Provide required details and submit application

Once the contract has been provided, you will be required to provide certain information including your income, social security number, and others.

Simply give the needed details and submit to start the order processing.

The decision is done online within minutes of your submission being received and you will be notified if your application is approved.

If it is successful, you will be sent instructions on how you will receive your order based on your delivery selection from pick-up or home delivery.

LeaseVille Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the use of LeaseVille for lease-to-own financing:

What is the LeaseVille limit?

LeaseVille has a maximum financing limit of $3,500.

In terms of minimum, there is none provided the product you need is listed on its shopping platform.

Does LeaseVille report to credit bureaus?

Your lease-to-own activities on LeaseVille are not reported to the credit bureaus and so also the financing as the platform conducts a soft inquiry before approving your order request.

How do I cancel an order on LeaseVille?

You have the option to cancel your LeaseVille order at any time before it is shipped.

Following delivery, should you find yourself unsatisfied with the item, you can initiate a return within 14 days of receiving it.

Is LeaseVille expensive?

LeaseVille can be very expensive similar to every lease-to-own service provider.

The prices of products on the platform may cost you double to three times the actual worth of the item if you see through the lease for 12 months or more.

However, LeaseVille provides an early purchase option that can enable you to save on lease costs.

Is LeaseVille legit?

Yes, LeaseVille is a legitimate online rent-to-own service provider offering product delivery through known retailers like Best Buy and Home Depot.

Can I use LeaseVille on Amazon?

No, LeaseVille is not a financing payment processor but rather, it maintains a shopping interface that allows you to browse through its inventory and buy the items on lease-to-own terms.

What are the requirements to use LeaseVille for rent to own?

The requirements to get approval from LeaseVille include:
1. A non-prepaid checking account
2. A steady income of not less than $2,000 in the last six months
3. A social security number
4. An active cellular phone number
5. Proof of employment or a steady income source

Where can I use LeaseVille for shopping?

You cannot use it outside its shopping portal as its financing is valid for use to purchase any of the products in its inventory.

How long is the LeaseVille rent-to-own payment option?

The platform allows you to pay installmentally for up to 12 months.

Note that it can be very expensive if you leave it till the end of the rent period to complete the payment because the cost of the lease would have made the price of the product double or gone up by three times compared to the actual price in the market.

LeaseVille vs FlexShopper, which is better?

Both LeaseVille and FlexShopper are very similar in operations because their service model is lease-to-own and also, and they use Best Buy as part of the fulfillment process.

However, FlexShopper has built a gateway model allowing it to be present when shopping on some other retail websites outside its marketplace.

If you prefer variety in terms of the number of places you can access their rent-to-own services, FlexShopper has more but outside this, both are similar in their offerings.

How do I change my payment method on LeaseVille?

LeaseVille has no interface where you can directly change your connected payment method hence, you will need to reach out to their customer support team to update your repayment details if required.


While LeaseVille can be considerably expensive when you complete the lease-to-own payments, using the early purchase option could save you a lot.

Unless you are unable to get approval from other options, you should try the alternatives as some have better offerings when it comes to financing.

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