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Fingerhut Review and How It Works for a First-timer

Fingerhut is one of the popular platforms where you can enjoy financing for several products in varying categories even with a poor credit score.

While there are several online ‘shop now pay later service‘ providers, there are a few of them that have that much of items compared to what you can access within Fingerhut’s vast inventory.

Its buy now pay later catalog is one of the top options through which you can browse to access thousands of items online or from home through its digital prints and spread the payments monthly.



Max. Amount


Credit Check




Tip: Fingerhut provides a platform that enables users to finance products in different categories through any of its credit card accounts with good chances of approval for its starter option which is suitable for users with little credit histories.


While Fingerhut is popular for its buy now pay later for bad credit repair as it reports activities to the major credit bureaus, it is also a top choice for first-timers who need financing for essential items since it has an account suitable for their profiles.

The platform and its WebBank partner rely on a soft credit check to determine eligibility to shop for products in its marketplace and since this will not affect your bureau report, it is worth trying.


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Though known for its catalog-based shopping model, the platform has evolved into a major player in the direct-to-consumer retail industry, expanding its product offerings to include electronics, appliances, furniture, clothing, and more.

One of the distinctive features of Fingerhut is its credit-based purchasing system which provides financing to customers who may not have access to traditional credit sources.

This unique approach allows individuals with limited or no credit history to buy products and pay for them over time through monthly installment payments.

It has existed for years and is part of the same group that owns the now-defunct Gettington and provides a digital format product catalog that showcases shoppable items while browsing the pages.

Fingerhut has two types of credit card accounts; while the default Fetti is its primary account for users with good credit standing, the FreshStart is a failover account for users who may not be eligible for its default credit card account.

While its APR on purchases is 35.99%, you can avoid paying this if you clear your credit card balance in full before or on the due date.

You may also want to know that late and returned payments come with a penalty of $30 which can increase to $41 if you had a default in your last six billing cycles and you should try to avoid this when using Fingerhut for shopping.

How Fingerhut Works


Fingerhut provides shopping credits you can use to buy items on its marketplace which you are required to pay in installments.

While it provides credit card-type accounts, the purchasing power it assigns can only be used to buy products on its platform and not elsewhere like other buy now pay later services.


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When applying for an account as a new user, a soft credit inquiry is conducted for it and its partner to understand your creditworthiness before allowing you to finance products.

If you have a good credit standing, you may be approved for its Fetti, its conventional credit card account that does not require a downpayment when you make purchases.

However, there is an alternative for those who may be declined for Fetti financing through the Fingerhut FreshStart which requires an initial deposit before your item will be shipped.

While the Fetti is a revolving credit account, the FreshStart is an installment option that limits you to a single purchase trip rather than multiple as available to Fetti users within their assigned credit line.

If you are instead approved for the FreshStart, you may be promoted to its Fetti by paying off a cart value of a minimum of $50 without any late or returned payments.

When you are moved to its revolving credit card account, it may come with higher limits, and you will also enjoy free reporting which could affect your credit score standing.

Fingerhut Credit Card Accounts


The platform offers two different kinds of credit card accounts that include:

Fingerhut Fetti Credit Account



Down Payment


Fingerhut Fetti Credit Account

The Fingerhut Fetti works very similar to conventional credit card accounts, assigning a line of credit you can use to purchase products.

However, this is not an actual credit card as you do not get a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or other EMV-branded payment tool rather, the assigned funds can be used only to shop for items in its catalog.

The Fetti option is its default financing account and good credit standing is required for approval but if you are not eligible for this, you will be routed to the FreshStart.

This is preferred for most users as you can buy as many products from its catalog as your assigned credit line in multiple shopping trips.

The Fingerhut Fetti credit account activities get reported to the credit bureaus, including your credit line and repayments with timely payments able to help improve your credit score.

If you are an existing user of its Advantage revolving credit account, the Fetti is a replacement for that, and you probably have it created in your name without a new application required.

With this account working on a revolving credit line, no down payment is required until your statement due date.


Fingerhut FreshStart Credit Account



Down Payment


Fingerhut FreshStart Credit Account

Fingerhut FreshStart is the fallback financing option for applications for its Fetti credit card account.

Since it relies on the existing details submitted while applying for the Fetti, you can access this buy now pay later option with no credit check required if approved for this failover alternative.

Since this option is to enable users who are not eligible for Fetti to have an alternative to finance products in its catalog, it requires a down payment as a measure of trust level.

When you are approved for the Fingerhut FreshStart credit account, you will be assigned a purchasing power that you will need to use and make a one-time purchase with a minimum cart value of $50.

Before your order will ship, you will need to complete the initial deposit of $30 which can be through a debit card, ACH, paper check, money orders, and MoneyGram payments.

However, it is worth knowing that the Fingerhut FreshStart payment method does not include a credit card hence, opt for one of its accepted options when approved for this financing.

While it will not build your credit score since activities on this account are not reported to the bureaus, it increases your creditworthiness on Fingerhut.

It is a bridge you will need to climb towards promotion to the higher Fingerhut Fetti credit account where you can build your credit score.

Unlike the Fetti that allows for multiple shopping trips, you can only use this credit card account for a one-time purchase which after on-time installments with no late or return payments, you can be promoted to its Fetti for more purchasing power.


How Fingerhut Increase Credit Line


Just like its financing accounts, Fingerhut has two different types of credit line increases available to its Fetti users that include:

Fingerhut Credit Line Types


Fingerhut Unconditional Credit Line Increase

An unconditional credit line increase through Fingerhut is a friendly financing feature designed to automatically increase purchasing power and empower users to handle more purchases.

This straightforward concept involves the addition of a specified amount to your existing credit limit, creating an immediate boost to your available credit.

Consider a scenario where your original credit limit was $300, and Fingerhut grants an unconditional credit line increase of $450; your updated credit limit now becomes $750, ready for use in buying products in its catalog.

For new users, the first( and possibly the second) credit line increase you will get from Fingerhut and its financing partners will be unconditional.

The amount you will get depends on several factors like the value of your previous purchases, how quickly your repayments were, improvement in your credit score, and others as may be determined by Fingerhut and its partners.

The increase in your credit line through the unconditional model is reported to the credit bureaus which will affect your credit score.


Fingerhut Conditional Credit Line Increase

A conditional credit line increase offer provides a temporary boost to your existing credit limit based on specific criteria.

This boost is activated when you make eligible purchases during a set offer period.

The increased credit line corresponds to the total amount spent on qualifying purchases, with the maximum increase limited to the specified amount for the credit line increase.

Essentially, this offer allows you to temporarily expand your credit capacity, but only if you make purchases that meet the specified criteria.

It is important to understand that this is not a permanent adjustment to your credit limit; rather, it is a conditional increase tied to your participation in the offer.

The time-sensitive nature of this offer emphasizes the need for timely action.

If you do not make qualifying purchases during the specified period, the offer expires, and your credit limit returns to its original amount.

Conditional credit line increase offers are made available to customers for predefined periods within the billing cycle and you may get this if you have been offered an unconditional increase in the past.

If the offer is accepted by making purchases, the subsequent credit line increase is reported to the credit bureaus during the next reporting cycle just like the unconditional increase.


Fingerhut Bills Payment and Credit Score


Just as it could help you build your credit score, Fingerhut can also lead to a reduction in your overall score if you are not utilizing your account as required.

The platform does not only report credit line increases and repayments but also late payments and non-remittance of installments are also reported to the credit bureaus.


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When it comes to credit score building, only the Fingerhut Fetti account activities are reported as this works similarly to traditional credit card accounts.

You do not have to bother much if you are instead offered the FreshStart when you apply, this requires just a one-time purchase, and based on your quick payment completion, you will be upgraded.

Though the FreshStart will not increase your bureau profile since the installment and repayments are not reported, it may reduce your score if you default hence, ensure you pay back as quickly as possible before the due date.

When it comes to paying your bills, Fingerhut has several channels through which you can clear your outstanding.

These include:

  • Online: you can log in to your Fingerhut dashboard and handle payments from the ‘My Account’ section. Both a debit card and a bank account can be used to clear your bills when using this channel.
  • Bank Bill Pay: when you get approval for any of its credit accounts, the welcome email usually contains a bill pay account number dedicated to you which you can use to clear your statement due balance from your checking or savings account.
  • Phone Call: it also provides an automated 24/7 phone system that you can call at any time convenient for you. This channel also supports bank account and debit card payments.
  • Mail: depending on your credit account type, you can send a check or money order to a designated mailing address.

While you may be able to use your credit card when settling your Fetti bills, it is not supported if you are on the FreshStart account type.

Fingerhut Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some frequently asked questions about using Fingerhut for product financing:


What is Fingerhut used for?

Fingerhut is an online retail company that primarily operates as a catalog merchant.

It is known for providing a credit-based shopping experience, allowing customers to purchase a wide variety of products such as electronics, appliances, furniture, clothing, and more, through its catalog or website.

Fingerhut is often used by individuals who may not have access to traditional credit or have a limited credit history, as the company is known for offering credit to consumers with less-than-perfect credit scores.

Customers can apply for a Fingerhut Credit Account, and if approved, they can make purchases from Fingerhut’s catalog or website and pay for them over time through a revolving credit account or an installment program.

How much credit will Fingerhut give me?

The amount of credit you can access varies depending on factors determined by Fingerhut and its partner, WebBank.

However, users with limited or no credit history can be approved for a transaction starting from a minimum of $50 to as high as $1,000, and if you pay back on time, you could be upgraded to the Fetti account for a higher credit limit.

What credit score do you need for Fingerhut?

Fingerhut is recognized for being inclusive in its credit approval process, making it accessible to individuals with a range of credit scores.

While there is not a specific minimum credit score requirement publicly disclosed by Fingerhut, the company tends to cater to individuals with less-than-ideal credit histories or those who are working to build or rebuild their credit.

Its approval process considers various factors, not solely reliant on credit scores, including income and employment status.

This approach allows a broader range of consumers to qualify for a Fingerhut Credit Account.

Can I use my Fingerhut credit card on Amazon?

No, you cannot use the credit offered by Fingerhut directly on Amazon.

The platform issues its own credit accounts, and these accounts are typically meant to be used for purchases directly through the Fingerhut website or catalog.

If you are interested in making purchases on Amazon and want to use a credit card, you would need to use a credit card issued by a major credit card provider (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) that is accepted by Amazon.

Alternatively, you could explore other monthly installment payment options on Amazon, such as Affirm, Prime Visa Pay Later, Citi Flex, or through Amazon buy now pay later gift cards.

Is Fingerhut a real credit card?

No, Fingerhut offers a credit account rather than a traditional credit card.

When you apply for credit with Fingerhut and are approved, you receive what is commonly referred to as a “Fingerhut Credit Account.”

This credit account allows you to make purchases from Fingerhut’s catalog or website and pay for them over time through a credit arrangement.

While it functions like a credit card in the sense that it allows you to buy items on credit, the Fingerhut Credit Account is limited to use within the Fingerhut network.

It is not a general-purpose credit card like those issued by major credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) that can be used at various merchants, both online and offline.

Does Fingerhut run your credit?

Yes, the platform and its partner do perform a soft credit check as part of their approval process for the Fingerhut Credit Account.

This soft credit check, also known as a soft pull or inquiry, is conducted for informational purposes and is less impactful on your credit score compared to a hard credit check.

The purpose of this soft credit check is to assess your creditworthiness, and it may involve reviewing various factors beyond just your credit score.

Even individuals with less-than-perfect credit histories may still qualify for the Fingerhut Credit Account as it provides an alternative FreshStart in case you are declined for its Fetti credit account.

How many Fingerhut purchases can I have?

The number of active purchases you can have depends on the type of credit account you are on.

For FreshStart users, you can have a maximum of one active purchase which needs to be paid in full before you can make a new shopping trip.

However, Fingerhut Fetti credit account holders can have multiple running purchases as long as they do not exceed the assigned credit line.

How long are Fingerhut payments?

For most purchases, you are required to spread payments up to a maximum of six monthly installments which can increase to eight if you are awarded its deferred payment promotional offer.

Can I return Fingerhut products?

Yes, most items from Fingerhut can be returned or exchanged in their original condition within 30 or 60 days from the date the order is placed.

However, there are certain items that have specific conditions or restrictions:

Return Period: Some items, such as computers, televisions, tablets, camcorders, digital cameras, video game systems, drones, air conditioners, air purifiers, heaters, generators, air mattresses, and holiday decorations, need to be returned within 30 days from the date of the order.

Return Fees: Return postage or shipping fees are generally the responsibility of the customer. However, for damaged or defective items, duplicate items, or items that were not ordered, the customer is not responsible for return postage or shipping fees.

Inspection and Condition: Fingerhut reserves the right to inspect the returned items, and items that are damaged and not returned in the original manufacturer’s packaging may be denied a refund or exchange.

Final Sale Items: Certain items, including face masks, hand sanitizer, and items from clearance sales, are labeled as final sale and are not eligible for return or exchange.

Special Return Conditions: Some items, such as mattresses, mattress sets, box springs, and foundations, have specific conditions for return, including inspection upon delivery for certain delivery types, and restrictions on return if opened or after a certain period.

For items like computers, televisions, tablets, cell phones, music, movies, video games, and software, specific conditions apply for returns and exchanges, including the requirement for items like cell phones to be unopened, defective, or damaged.

It is important to note that concerns beyond the return period must be addressed under the manufacturer’s warranty, when applicable.

Customers should carefully review the specific return conditions for each category of items to ensure compliance with Fingerhut’s return policy.

Can I borrow money from Fingerhut?

Fingerhut does not operate as a traditional lending institution, and borrowing money from Fingerhut is not the primary purpose of its services.

It provides a credit-based shopping experience through its catalog or website. When you apply for credit with Fingerhut and are approved, you are typically granted a Fingerhut Credit Account.

This account allows you to make purchases from Fingerhut and pay for them over time through a credit arrangement.

Essentially, Fingerhut extends you credit to shop for various products from their inventory, and you repay the credit amount in installments.

Does Fingerhut give you a credit card?

No, Fingerhut only offers a credit account as opposed to a conventional credit card that you can use everywhere for payments.

Upon approval of your credit application, you typically gain access to what is referred to as a “Fingerhut Credit Account.”

This account enables you to engage in credit-based transactions, allowing you to make purchases from Fingerhut’s catalog or website and settle payments over a specified period through a credit arrangement.

Is Fingerhut expensive?

Fingerhut is often considered to be on the more expensive side compared to other retailers.

The pricing of products available through its catalog may be higher than what you would find at traditional retailers or online marketplaces.

There are a few reasons for this perceived higher cost:

Credit Terms: it caters to individuals with less-than-perfect credit or those working to build or rebuild their credit history. As a result, the credit terms, including interest rates and fees, associated with the credit accounts may be higher than those of traditional credit cards or loans.

Catalog Shopping Model: the platform operates as a catalog merchant, and the convenience of purchasing items on credit may come with a premium. The financing options it provides, such as buy now and pay later, are convenient but may contribute to a higher overall cost for the products.

Product Selection: it offers a variety of products, including electronics, furniture, clothing, and more. While this broad selection is convenient, the prices of these items may be higher compared to what is available from specialized retailers.

It is essential for consumers to carefully review the credit terms, including interest rates and fees, associated with the Fingerhut Credit Account before making purchases.

Additionally, you should compare prices with other retailers to ensure you are comfortable with the overall cost of the items you are considering purchasing through Fingerhut.

How do I make a payment at Fingerhut?

To make a payment at Fingerhut, you have several options:

1. Online: Log in to your Fingerhut account dashboard and navigate to the ‘My Account’ section. You can make payments using both a debit card and a bank account through this online channel.

2. Bank Bill Pay: Upon approval of your Fingerhut credit account, you will receive a welcome email containing a dedicated bill pay account number. You can use this account number to pay your statement balance directly from your checking or savings account through the Bank Bill Pay service.

3. Phone Call: Fingerhut offers an automated 24/7 phone system that allows you to make payments at any time. You can use this channel for payments using both your bank account and debit card.

4. Mail: Depending on your credit account type, you can send a check or money order to a designated mailing address.

It is important to note that while you may be able to use your credit card for settling Fingerhut bills, this option is not supported if you are on the FreshStart account type.

Therefore, the payment methods may vary depending on your specific credit account with Fingerhut.


With an amazing product collection in its catalog and a high chance of approval for one of its credit accounts, there is no doubt Fingerhut is a good buy now pay later option but ensure you follow its guidelines, especially with payments to avoid it messing up your credit score because it can lower it just as it can help you increase it.

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