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Perpay Review: Understand How Its Pay-in-4 Works

Perpay allows you to buy now and pay later but through its marketplace with a credit card for use elsewhere.

Paying upfront is not an easy thing to do every time, especially when you have other urgencies to take care of without them affecting the things you want to buy.

Thanks to platforms like Perpay, you can now conveniently get those items you want from your favorite shops and split the payment into a monthly schedule that is more convenient for you to handle.







Credit Check



  • Perpay has no interest fee when you shop its marketplace
  • It does not perform any credit check rather, relies on your employment history
  • Helps you to build your credit profile by reporting it to the major credit bureaus
  • Provides a credit card you can use to shop other merchants


  • You must be on the plus plan to enjoy the benefit of reporting your credit to the bureaus
  • You must be employed for at least 3 months with an employer to be eligible
  • The Perpay credit card might be costly when used for purchases


Perpay is one of the platforms that allow you to buy now and pay later that does not perform any form of credit check to determine your eligibility. 

It can be used to shop for thousands of products from popular brands which are available to access directly from its online marketplace and you will be able to shop brands like Sonos, HP, Nest, Samsung, PS4 to a lot of others.

On its premium plan, you can quietly grow your credit score to a considerably healthy height which you will be proud of, thanks to its reporting feature that comes with the plus plan, and your spending limit will be reported to the major credit bureaus that include Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

To be eligible for a Perpay purchasing power, you must be employed as the payment before your order will be prepared for shipment is through payroll direct deposit once the order is approved.

Though you can use your debit or credit card, that is only possible when you want to make extra payments and you will have to go through the customer help desk to enable this on your account.

In terms of how much you can access, it is worth noting that you cannot use Perpay if the item’s total worth is less than $200 unless you are on the Plus plan. But for the maximum spending limit, this varies as it depends on the net salary based on the information retrieved through the payroll direct deposit linking and cannot be more than $1,000.

Perpay has a cashback feature that will enable you to earn 3% rewards you can use on its marketplace when you have the Perpay credit card and use it for your purchases.

With the Perpay credit card, it means you can shop millions of shopping platforms where Mastercard is accepted hence, giving you more power to enjoy its services and as common to the brand, this credit card does not in any way impact your credit score.

Signing up for a Perpay account requires you to upload a PDF, JPG, or PNG copy of your payslip that contains your name, that of your employer, salary payday, and your current earnings, and it should show the year-to-date as you can only be eligible when you have maintained employment for at least three months with your current employer.

It is also worth adding that your order on the marketplace will only be shipped once the initial payment is fulfilled through your payroll direct deposit account.

How Perpay Works

Perpay is accessible via the web or its app and the below shows how you can start buying to pay later using this provider:

  1. Download the app or visit the website: to start using Perpay for split payment, you will have to download its app which is available for iOS and Android devices. And also, you can access it directly through your browser by visiting the website
  2. Sign up by providing your details: join by filling out the signup form which requires your personal information to your employment details
  3. Verify your employment through paystub upload: you will need to verify you have active employment for at least up to three months with a current employer. You can do this by submitting your payslip in PDF or image format
  4. Connect your profile through payroll direct deposit which is easy by searching for your employer or using the ‘Others’ option and following the needed prompts
  5. Visit its marketplace: once your account is set up, you can start shopping by visiting its marketplace to access thousands of merchants you can buy from and pay later in varying categories

Once you are approved for an order, the items will be shipped to you and you will pay back on a term basis depending on the option you selected at the point of checking out.

Features available on Perpay

Perpay has amazing features geared towards keeping you with them when you need to buy now and pay later. Some of these include:

In-app Shopping via the Marketplace

Through the Perpay marketplace, you can shop for several products in varying categories including electronics, furniture, appliances, and more.

However, note that this is only limited to its inventory and you will not be able to buy now and pay later on Amazon and some popular retailers as common to many in-app shopping experiences provided by other BNPL platforms.

One good thing about its marketplace is its frequent promotions and new users can get as much as $25 in free credit to enjoy discounts on products of their choice.

Once you place an order, it goes through an approval phase and will only be shipped once you make the initial payment.

Perpay’s in-app marketplace takes care of checkout, delivery tracking, and return features for its thousands of merchants hence, making it a convenient shopping umbrella for you.


Perpay Credit Card

If you have a brand you want to buy but it is not available on its marketplace, you can opt for its credit card.

This credit card is a Mastercard-enabled card you can use to buy on any platform that accepts Mastercard hence, opening it for use on millions of shopping providers. 

An amazing thing about this credit card is that it does not impact your credit score when you apply for it.

The Perpay charge model is through payroll direct deposit and with the payment directly going in to fill your credit card balance when you have one, this will help to keep your credit utilization at a low level which helps towards building a healthy credit score.

It is an amazing option to use your spending power outside the Perpay marketplace and with a starting credit line of $500, there is no doubt you will be able to use it to buy those items you have always wanted.

When applying for a credit card, it is good to know that the issuance fee is $9 which is also the same as the monthly maintenance fee.

However the credit card does come with an interest rate of approximately 0.0841, this can be waived if you pay up your full new balance before the due date.

Cashback on Usage

Perpay also has a reward program that enables you to earn as you shop at your favorite merchants.

This is tied to users who have the Perpay credit card with an active usage history with no default in balance repayment.

The reward program allows you to earn up to 3% on the amount spent per purchase from your credit card and it will be added as cashback to your spending balance.

The rewards earned to your spending balance can be used for shopping the products on the Perpay marketplace.

Note that the 3% only applies to the amount you repay from your new balance and not to all purchases. So, you will need to repay your used balance to earn the reward.

Credit Score Building

Using Perpay as your split payment provider comes with the perk of building your credit score.

When you move to its Plus plan, you will enjoy one of the benefits of getting your spending limit reported to the major credit bureaus as a new credit line and every automated repayment will get reported to boost your credit score.  

The major credit bureaus that Perpay works with include Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. 

To start enjoying this benefit, you must have completed at least four months of repayment before the due date with a total exceeding $200.

Perpay Interest and Charges

There is no interest fee for using Perpay to handle your shopping through its marketplace.

Since it totally relies on your paycheck for repayment, you also enjoy the grace of not being bothered by late payment fees as you will not be charged.

Though there could be situations of job changes or layoffs, you can still handle repayment through alternative methods to continue growing your credit score with Perpay.

While it generally charges no interest for using the marketplace for shopping, its credit card comes with an APR of 29.49% but you can enjoy its grace period when you pay back in full before the due date.

Stores that accept Perpay

In terms of shopping and making payments with Perpay, the platform is only accessible through its marketplace and does not have a presence on any retailer’s site like Klarna, Affirm, PayPal, and others.

If you want to make use of Perpay outside its marketplace, you will need to get its credit card that can enable you to use your purchasing power to shop anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Perpay FAQs

Can I use Perpay on Amazon?

Yes, you can use Perpay on Amazon through its credit card. Apply for this and you can use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Can I use Perpay on Walmart?

Yes, you can use Perpay on Walmart but you will need to have its credit card since it does not have a direct integration with Walmart.

What is Perpay's maximum limit?

The maximum limit you can access on Perpay is $1,000 but this mostly depends on other factors such as your salary and others as determined by Perpay.

Is Perpay a legit company?

Yes, Perpay is a legit platform that enables financing majorly for products within its marketplace. It also works with other financial companies to power its credit card to enable its users to utilize their shopping credit outside its marketplace.

Does Perpay performs a credit check?

No, Perpay does not perform any credit checks on your profile. It relies on your paycheck to determine your spending power.

What is a purchasing power?

Your purchasing power is your buy now and pay later limit. You have a maximum in terms of the number of running orders as well as the highest amount you can access.

Can I return a Perpay order?

Yes, Perpay orders are returnable but it has to be within their returnable items of non-personal, non-furniture products and consoles. Any item within this category must be returned within 30 days to be considered.

These also include all unused items with their packaging and factory seal in place.

It is worth adding that you will bear the original shipping cost for any returned item. There is also a $10 return fee that will be charged in addition to a 5% restocking fee.

You can visit its return terms page for more, especially for the non-returnable items.


Not so many platforms exist that offers buy now and pay later service without performing a credit check on your profile, even though most are usually soft credit check.

If you do not like the idea of any form of check on your credit history, you can opt for Perpay as your split payment provider if you have active employment.

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