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Gettington Is No More, Here Are the Best Alternatives

Gettington was a darling regarding catalog financing and it has shut down. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled the best alternatives you can use.

There is some level of comfort when it comes to looking through buy now pay later catalogs, the concentration, ease to buy, and the flexibility it offers to spread payments.

Gettington used to be the main name in this field but the company is no longer open to business hence, opting for sites with similar offerings is the best thing to do right now.

Sites Like Gettington for Catalog Shopping

Below is a list of top catalog shopping destinations you can use in place of Gettington:

Amazon Pay Later





Affirm, Amazon Monthly, Citi Flex Pay

Tip: Amazon boasts the most extensive online product selection. It offers the convenience of Affirm for flexible payments and a monthly payment plan. Citi credit card holders can also utilize Flex Pay via Amazon Pay to buy now and pay later.


As one of the alternatives to Gettington, Amazon organizes its pages as digital catalogs, featuring a vast array of products across numerous categories.

You can conveniently shop now and pay later with Affirm or opt for the monthly payment plan. Citi credit cardholders can also utilize Flex Pay.

Explore popular category catalogs to find the products you need within the Amazon marketplace.

Clothing & Fashion

  • This catalog includes leading fashion and clothing items from renowned brands, including shoes, shirts, caps, glasses, bags, and more.


  • In Amazon’s electronics category, you’ll discover a variety of mobile phones, laptops, TVs, smart home devices, a wide range of appliances, and more.


  • Whether you’re in need of new living room sofas, seeking a mattress upgrade, or shopping for office furniture, Amazon’s product catalogs offer a range of options. Plus, you can conveniently make your purchases and pay later using Affirm.

Toys & Babies

  • From “Pajama Jam” and “The Cozy Edit” to “Luxe for Less” and various other baby-related catalogs on Amazon, there’s no better destination to discover the latest toys and baby products.

Health & Beauty

  • Additionally, you’ll find online catalogs on the platform dedicated to health and beauty products, covering personal care, fragrances, makeup, black-owned brands, and various other specialized selections.
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It offers the Affirm payment option for flexible shopping. It also provides Amazon Monthly, which lets you defer payments for up to 120 days.

Keep in mind that the monthly option is available to regular shoppers on the platform, while Affirm is open to everyone.






PayPal, Acima, PayTomorrow, Klarna

Tip: Abunda is a great Gettington alternative, featuring organized product collections for effortless shopping. You can spread your purchase payments using PayPal, Acima, PayTomorrow, and Klarna.



Abunda ranks among the top buy now, pay later websites, aggregating products from Amazon.

It allows you to use financing methods that are not typically available on Amazon itself.

This platform acts as a virtual product catalog, offering financing for items you can find on the Amazon marketplace.

While browsing Abunda’s product catalogs, you can choose to buy now and pay later using various options, including PayPal Credit, PayTomorrow, or the lease-to-own provider, Acima.


Read more about Abunda

This Gettington alternative enhances the speed and convenience of your buying and financing experience with a handy tool.

You can easily paste an Amazon product link into its search field, making the item available for purchase within minutes.

Alternatively, you can search for the product you want to finance directly on the platform. It will be retrieved for you to order and pay later through any of its financing partners.

It is essential to understand that Abunda does not stock any inventory. Instead, it offers virtual product displays sourced from Amazon.

As a result, any product you place an order for will be delivered directly from Amazon.

Perpay Marketplace





Own Credit

Tip: Perpay maintains its own credit, equivalent to how Gettington worked, and through its marketplace, you can browse through its catalog of products and buy on payment plans.


With its marketplace for product financing and a credit card add-on to use your assigned spending limit beyond its platform without the need for a credit check, Perpay is a worthwhile destination for individuals concerned about their less-than-ideal credit profiles.

It stands as a versatile choice for anyone seeking an alternative to Gettington, offering a wide range of products that include various categories like electronics, clothing, furniture, and home appliances.

To qualify for Perpay, you generally need to have active employment with payroll direct deposit, facilitating accessible and flexible shopping options.


Read more about Perpay

It is an excellent buy now pay later service for those with poor credit, as it relies on your income instead of conducting a credit bureau check to assess your eligibility.

With a maximum credit limit of $1,000 for financing products available in its digital buy now pay later catalogs, Perpay offers a good alternative to Gettington.




Online, PDF-Downloadable


Affirm, Acima, Bread Pay, Citizen’s Pay, Katapult, Own Credit Card.

Tip: Wayfair provides a well-structured PDF product catalog online which is shoppable and you can finance the items through Affirm, Citizen’s Pay, Katapult, Acima, Bread Pay, and its credit card.


If you miss the book-style catalog of Gettington, the Wayfair digital version will be something you will like to see.

A very popular retailer and one of the best websites that offers buy now pay later options for furniture purchases.

With various financing options available, Wayfair is a flexible platform for your shopping and financing needs.


Read more about Wayfair

It supports conventional pay-later providers like Affirm, Bread Pay, and Citizen’s Pay, in addition to lease-to-own services like Acima and Katapult.

Whether you are furnishing your home or upgrading the decor, Wayfair offers diverse buy-now-pay-later catalogs which can be a good substitute for the now-gone Gettington catalogs.

The interactive PDF catalog provided by this retailer offers a seamless browsing experience.

It can be viewed directly on the web or downloaded for local access.

Within the digital document, product listings are clickable, conveniently redirecting you to the respective product pages.

Furthermore, this platform offers multiple financing options, allowing you to purchase items from the digital catalog and defer payments as needed.




Online, Mail


Own Credit

Tip: Stoneberry is just like Gettington providing a mail-order catalog as well as shopping credit you can use to finance products.


Stoneberry is a reputable mail-order catalog service that offers convenient buy now, pay later options.

They continue to support traditional to-address mailing similar to Gettington delivery while also providing a digital catalog on their website.

Its diverse product range spans various categories, including jewelry, outdoor equipment, furniture, toys, and more.


Read more about Stoneberry

As a platform primarily focused on product financing, it is a top choice for those seeking products without upfront costs.

This retailer extends a line of credit that you can apply for at the checkout, allowing you to complete your purchase using a convenient payment plan.

Its buy now, pay later catalog is accessible online, and you can also request a physical catalog to be delivered to your mailing address.




Online, Mail


Own Credit

Tip: Ginny’s is another direct replacement for Gettington in this list of buy now, pay later catalog retailers. Upon request, they also offer mail delivery.


Ginny’s is a versatile product retailer offering the convenience of mail delivery upon request for its buy now pay later catalog.

As part of a family of product financing brands with a wide selection, Ginny’s provides store credit for shopping and deferring payments.

Whether you are in search of toys for children, kitchen utensils, appliances, or more, you can explore the diverse collections featured on its platform.


Read more about Ginny’s

Ginny’s has various buy now pay later catalogs, which you can access by submitting an online request.

As you browse through the product selections in these catalogs, you have the flexibility to either contact Ginny’s support center for order placement or make your selections directly on their online platform.

Additionally, Ginny’s provides financing options, enabling you to apply for credit once you have assembled your desired items from its catalogs.

Montgomery Ward

Montgomery Wards


Online, Mail


Own Credit

Tip: With a history as old as mail-order retailing, Montgomery Ward offers everything you might be missing about Gettington.


Montgomery Ward is a reputable online mail-order department store catering to a broad range of shopping requirements.

Their extensive inventory includes clothing, home goods, electronics, and more, providing diverse options for customers.

The store facilitates flexible product financing through its in-house credit system, allowing you to apply for credit and evenly spread payments for your orders.


Read more about Montgomery Ward

This brand is well-known for its mail-order catalog shopping, providing customers with the convenience of purchasing a wide variety of products from the comfort of their own homes.

The platform continues to provide physical copies of its product catalog, and you can request one by completing the online form.

The Vermont Country Store

The Vermont Country Store


Online, Mail


PayPal, Plan It, Flex Pay

Tip: The Vermont Country Store is another alternative for Gettington you can consider and it accepts PayPal as its direct-to-use financing option for the buy now pay later catalog it offers.


This long-standing family-owned buy now pay later catalog retailer offers a wide range of products, similar to Gettington.

You can explore various departments, including personal care, home, kitchen, fashion, and more.

Additionally, the platform allows you to use your PayPal account, providing access to Pay in 4 and PayPal Credit financing options.


Read more about The Vermont Country Store

This buy now pay later catalog retailer stands out with its inclusion of edible foods.

You can explore a variety of collections, including bread, cakes, beverages, meat, cheese, and candies, among others.

In addition to supporting PayPal, the acceptance of American Express cards allows you to utilize features like Plan It for splitting payments, which works similarly to My Chase Plan and Flex Pay.

The retailer offers two distinct product catalogs: one for seasonal items and another for selected departments.

You can view the interactive version on their website or request a physical copy to be mailed to your address.

Figi’s Gallery

Figi’s Gallery


Online, Mail


Own Credit

Tip: Figi’s Gallery offers a buy now pay later catalog shopping experience with the convenience of its pay in 3 store credit. Similar to Gettington, you can place your orders online or use the source code found in the printed version of its product catalog.


Figi’s is a renowned mail-order shopping brand offering a wide range of products across categories like patio and outdoor, health and beauty, clothing and jewelry, bed and bath, and more.

They provide an interactive version of their buy now pay later catalog, allowing you to browse and make purchases with just a click.

Additionally, Figi’s offers its own store credit that lets you finance items in its inventory and pay for them back in three installments.


Read more about Figi’s Gallery

If you prefer shopping by browsing through physical catalogs, you can request the delivery of printed versions through their online form.

The printed catalog typically includes an attached order form, allowing you to place your orders by calling their customer service team or sending them through mailing.

Seventh Avenue

Seventh Avenue


Online, Mail


Own Credit

Tip: The Seventh Avenue is another buy now pay later catalog provider and a good alternative to Gettington, thanks to its add-on support for mail-order shopping.


Shopping through Seventh Avenue’s online buy now pay later catalog, you can explore special collections for gift ideas, pet products, and popular departments such as electronics, appliances, and clothing.

You can use their “Send No Money Now” credit card to make purchases from their inventory and apply for monthly installment payments.

Like Gettington and many traditional retailers offering buy now pay later catalogs, Seventh Avenue can also provide a printed version when you send a request to their support team via the “request a catalog” page.


Read more about Seventh Avenue

A noteworthy feature of its store credit is the opportunity for approval even if you were initially declined.

A second application attempt may require a small down payment before orders can be shipped.






Own Credit

Tip: Fingerhut is in fact a sister company to Gettington and if you want to stay within the family, you can opt for this alternative mail-order retailer.


Fingerhut is a widely recognized online product financing platform just like Gettington specializing in catalog-based shopping.

They offer a digital product catalog that allows you to browse and select items directly from the document on their website.

It has a high approval rate for its credit financing service, with two account types tailored for both existing customers and new applicants who may initially face rejection.


Read more about Fingerhut

The first one is the Fingerhut Fetti, which is available to loyal and frequent customers. This account does not require a down payment before orders are shipped.

The second account is called Fingerhut Freshstart. It is often an alternative for those who are initially declined for the Fetti account.

With Freshstart, a $30 down payment is typically required before your orders are shipped.

What Happened to Gettington?


Gettington shut its mail-order shopping operations following its parent company, Bluestem Brands Inc. filing for Chapter 11 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.

What does this mean?

The parent company was financially troubled and sought alternatives to keep the other brands like Fingerhut running, allowing them to reorganize their debts and continue their operations.

Chapter 11 is a chapter of the United States Bankruptcy Code, which is a federal law that governs bankruptcy proceedings.

It is typically used by businesses, including corporations and partnerships that are financially troubled to develop a plan to repay their creditors over time while remaining in business.

In its reorganization, Bluestem Brands Inc. had to take off Gettington but since Fingerhut offers a very similar service, probably a good idea to allow them to focus on driving Fingerhut forward rather than keeping two competing brands.

If you visit the Gettington website, you will possibly see the below notification letting you know that they are no longer open for new orders.

However, you can still continue to make payments if you have pending settlements yet to be repaid in full.

Gettington Shutdown Notification

A similar message exists for the mobile web shopping interface and that channel was also shut down on May 23rd, 2023. 

How Can You Settle Pending Gettington Payment?


If you are yet to complete your Gettington credit repayment, you can still continue to make payments using any of the methods below:


Gettington Online Portal

The website is still accessible for accepting payment hence, you can log into your account and select the payment option to connect your debit or credit card for repayment. The online portal also supports repayment through checking and savings accounts.


Bank Bill Pay

If you are already utilizing a bill pay service, you have the option to make electronic payments from your checking or savings account. Your statement contains the necessary information, including a 16-digit account number and the payment address.


Automated Phone System

Dial 1-866-688-1091 to conveniently make payments using Gettington’s automated system at any time, 24/7. This system accepts various payment methods, including checking/savings accounts, as well as credit and debit cards.


Through Mail

You can also send a check or money order to the address below:

P.O Box, 70281,
Philadelphia, PA 19176-0281


Buy now pay later catalogs are a convenient way to access a diverse selection of products, spanning from clothing and electronics to home goods.

These retailers often present their catalogs in digital or mail-order formats, offering interactive shopping experiences.

Explore various platforms within this list to find suitable alternatives to Gettington, each with its unique shopping experience and financing options.

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