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Best places to rent an electric bike

Electric bike rental service companies allow you to have any of their e-bikes and you can pay on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the rent terms.

Renting an e-bike is a good move as it allows you to have it and conveniently handle the payment on a scheduled plan.

If you need this bike for delivery service or to run some errands, it will be worth knowing that the item can be yours at the end of the subscription period if the plan you enrolled for allows for rent-to-own after some months of use.

Best electric bike rental service companies

Here below are the top sites where you can rent an electric bike:



Rent From


Tip: Abunda allows you to lease any e-bike on Amazon and pay it back conveniently on a monthly basis. Ensure you select Acima Leasing when making an electric bike rental request on its website.


Abunda is the only platform where you can rent your dream e-bike irrespective of your location. Thanks to its wide coverage and large inventory.

The platform relies on Amazon as its inventory warehouse hence, the electric bikes on its shopping page are the same you will find when you visit Amazon.

Abunda acts as a gateway through which you can get any Amazon product you like on a payment plan using third-party buy now and pay later providers like Klarna, PayPal, and ViaBill.

When you have a product on Amazon and want to get it on a payment plan, you can simply copy the link and paste it into the Abunda search field. The item will be made available for a payment plan purchase option within seconds and you can order and get it delivered to you.

For electric bike rental requests, select Acima Leasing once you get to the payment page. Acima is Abunda’s lease-to-own partner hence, you will need to select it when checking out.

The maximum value of the electric bike you want to rent should not exceed $4,000 and must be worth at least $300 and above before you can use Acima Leasing to make the e-bike rent request.

Since its inventory is virtually that of Amazon, it allows you to have access to rent bikes from popular brands like Heybike, Schwinn, Strides, and others.



Rent From


Tip: Whizz provides electric bike rental services in New York. If you live outside its service area, you might want to consider other options.


Whizz provides electric bike rental services to residents of NYC with repayments split into monthly installments.

It is a conventional e-bike rental service provider with different categories of bikes ranging from new items to refurbished products.

In terms of categorization, Whizz group its products into Storm, Breeze, and Refurbished with varying rental fee depending on your selection.

The Storm comes at a higher cost than any of the other categories as you will get the best bike when you opt for this plan. Despite an average cost of $199 per month going for this, it is worth knowing that the products have the best specification with their hydraulic brakes, speed of up to 25 MPH, and up to 8 hours of battery life that can cover up to 60 miles.

Breeze is a cheaper alternative as it comes at $179 per month. The bikes here are of mechanical brakes and the battery life can last up to 6 hours, equivalent to a coverage of 50 miles. In terms of speed, it is 20 MPH. 

The last option is the Refurbished where you can get any of its refurbished but repackaged electric bikes at a much cheaper rental fee compared to Storm and Breeze. It has the same specifications as the Breeze only that you will not get a new item with the Refurbished option.

While its electric bike rental service is only for the bikes within its Storm and Breeze categories, the Refurbished option is to allow you to purchase used bikes at very cheap prices.



Rent From


Tip: Rent-A-Center is another electric bike rental service provider you can use to get an e-bike for some time. Fees vary per location but it has a low collection.


Rent-A-center is another popular provider when it comes to the rental service industry that you can utilize to have a bike of your own.

Depending on your location within the United States, the weekly fee you will pay for its e-bike rental service differs and starts from $27 up to over $40 on a weekly basis.

The platform is popular for its rent service for consumer-related products like electronic rentals hence, the inventory of its electric bike is low with a few items available for rent.

To rent an electric bike from Rent-A-Center, you can simply visit its site and enter your zip code. The applicable rental fees will be shown for your area and you can continue to make your request if you are fine with the details.

The platform provides a home delivery hence, you do not need to worry about visiting the location for a pick-up if your request is made online.



Rent From


Tip: Zoomo is another popular electric bike rental service provider that mainly caters to residents in New York.


Zoomo provides an e-bike rental service for refurbished to the high standards of electric bikes you want for an amazing ride.

The brand is popular for its delivery bikes but it also extends its products for personal rides hence, you can as well rent any of its electric bikes if you need one for commuting.

In terms of the options it provides, there are primarily two types including the Zero model which has up to 8 hours of battery life, a speed of 25 MPH, an internal gear hub, and built-in lights.

The other model you can get when you request its electric bike rental service is the Sport. This model has all the specifications of the Zero but it comes enabled with a front suspension.

Though Zoomo provides you with a request form you can fill out on its website if you want to rent any of its electric bikes, the remaining process will be done at its physical outlet hence, more of a service better-fit if you live around NYC.



Price From


Tip: SunRyde provides electric bike rental services to residents of California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Alabama.


This is another unique electric bike rental brand that has some of the best products when it comes to beauty in e-bikes.

The SunRyde S2 is one amazing model that comes powered with a speed strength of 28 MPH, and its battery can last up to 8 hours combined with its motor strength of 750W.

Its products are made targeting delivery riders as it comes structured with holders for items box, mobile phone holder, and an in-between wheel space for carrying extra load.

Though it seems more for delivery, the platform also allows personal commuting rent requests hence, you can get any of its products on rental terms provided you meet its requirements if you need something to use within the neighborhood.

How much to rent an electric bike?

The cost of an electric rental service varies depending on the provider of the bike.
From the online e-bike leasing platforms, it will cost you an average of $125 to $250 per month to get an e-bike on rental terms.

What happens when the bike is stolen?

The consequence of a stolen e-bike would also differ depending on who is providing the bike.
Many of the electric bike rental providers have security as part of the product given to you hence, you should report a theft case immediately to the company to allow them to track the bike as soon as possible.
Though you might be required to bear some cost, many of them do have insurance coverage in place and you should not be worried about paying a lot when there is a theft case.

Where can I rent an e-bike with a bad credit score?

If you have a bad credit rating, you will be happy to know that many of these providers do not do much hard credit checking on your profile.
Hence, you will be able to get your choice of electric bike from any of them with no need for an excellent credit score.
You will need to provide your SSN and some other basic information on most of these electric bike rental sites.

Will the e-bike provider check my credit score?

If you are bothered about the possibility of these platforms checking your credit score before giving you one of their products, you should not as they do not perform any hard credit checks which will not in any way affect your credit score.
These providers rely on your social security number to determine your eligibility hence, you will likely be asked to type in your SSN when you are creating an electric bike order request.

How do I own the e-bike after the rent period?

If you want to keep the bike after the rent period, this is also possible but ensure this is clarified at the beginning of the contract as many of the providers have different plans for rent only and rent-to-own options.
If you have the lease-to-own condition activated on your electric bike rental contract, you will be able to keep the product after some time once you have repaid the required fee.

There are many reasons why you might want to consider taking an electric bike on rental terms which could be a capital-related constraint or you need it very importantly for daily commuting.

The good thing is, there are interesting platforms given above where you can conveniently access electric bike rentals in your area.

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