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BabyQuip Lets You Rent Baby Gears But Stylish

BabyQuip is every parent’s favorite these days for its stylish rental allowing you access to baby-themed gear and cleaning services.

When it comes to baby gear, it can be stressful taking them around, and even if you have some at home, you will need extra space for items that probably won’t be necessary after some time.

There is now a stylish way to handle them, BabyQuip wants you to experience ease when it comes to baby gear and you will possibly stick to it after a trial.



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Tip: BabyQuip lets you clean and rent baby gear, including car seats, cribs, bouncers, soft play, strollers, and others by connecting you to the nearest Quality Providers. Amazingly, you do not have to worry much about damage as the platform will handle 97.5% of the cost in such an event.


Car Seats

  • Car seats are essential safety devices for infants and children in vehicles. Designed to protect against injuries during collisions, they come in various types based on age and weight.

Soft Play

  • Soft plays are indoor play areas typically designed for young children. These spaces feature soft structures like foam mats, ball pits, and padded equipment to encourage safe and active play. Soft play environments aim to enhance physical development, coordination, and social skills while providing a fun and secure setting for toddlers and young kids.


  • Strollers are wheeled devices designed for transporting infants and toddlers. They come in various styles, including lightweight, jogging, and travel systems, offering convenience for parents on the go. Strollers provide a comfortable and secure means of transportation for children while allowing caregivers ease of mobility and versatility in different settings.


  • Cribs are essential baby furniture designed for infants to sleep and rest safely. They typically have slatted sides and sturdy construction, providing a secure environment. Cribs come in various styles, such as convertible and portable options, accommodating different needs and preferences while prioritizing the safety and comfort of the baby.


  • Bouncers are baby gear designed for infants to enjoy gentle bouncing or rocking motions. Typically featuring a secure harness, these portable seats provide a safe and comfortable place for babies to play and relax. Bouncers often include interactive features to stimulate sensory development, making them popular choices for parents.

Party Rentals

  • BabyQuip offers a variety of event supplies and equipment for temporary use. From soft plays, ball pits, tables, and chairs to games and entertainment for kids, these services cater to various occasions, including weddings, birthdays, and corporate events.

What is BabyQuip?


BabyQuip is a platform that allows individuals to rent baby gear and equipment when traveling.

It is essentially a marketplace where local parents or individuals can rent out baby gear they own to traveling families who need it temporarily.

This can include items like strollers, car seats, cribs, and other baby-related equipment.


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The platform provides a convenient solution for parents who do not want to travel with bulky baby gear or for those who need specific items during their trips.

Users can browse available gear in their destination city, make reservations, and arrange for the equipment to be delivered to their accommodation.

How BabyQuip Works


The platform simplifies the process of traveling with infants and young children by connecting families with local individuals who rent out baby gear.

Here is a general overview of how BabyQuip works:

Listing Gear:

Local parents create listings for baby equipment they own and are willing to rent out. This can include items like strollers, car seats, cribs, high chairs, and more.


Browsing and Reserving:

Traveling families visit the BabyQuip website or app, browse available baby gear in their destination city, and make reservations for the items they need during their stay.


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Delivery and Pickup:

The gear is delivered to the travelers’ accommodation by the local “Quality Provider” (QP) – the individual renting out the baby gear. After the rental period, the QP picks up the items.


Quality and Safety Standards:

BabyQuip sets quality and safety standards for the gear listed on the platform. Quality Providers ensure that the equipment is clean, well-maintained, and meets safety requirements.


Payment and Fees:

Users pay for the rental through the BabyQuip platform. The platform typically charges a service fee, and the rest goes to the Quality Provider.



Communication between the traveling family and the Quality Provider is facilitated through the platform, allowing for coordination regarding delivery times, specific requests, and any other details.

How BabyQuip Cleaning Works


You can also outsource your baby gear cleaning needs on the platform for its Quality Providers to take care of with a standard delivery time of 48 hours.

BabyQuip Cleaning

Here is a flow of how your items will be handled when you order their cleaning service:


Thorough vacuuming from top to bottom, covering all moving parts, hidden seams, covers, and straps to ensure comprehensive removal of debris.



Utilization of a mixture of water and mild detergent or dye-free, scent-free soap (e.g., castile soap) to eliminate germs, dirt, stains, and impurities from baby gear.

Cleaning agents effectively and safely cleanse fabrics and surfaces, deploying surfactants to remove dirt, grease, and common bacteria and viruses.


Read more about how BabyQuip Cleaning works


Quality Providers use steam cleaners or other tools to sanitize and eliminate various substances, including bacteria, viruses, urine, feces, vomit, and grease.

Adherence to product manufacturer guidelines and working with Quality Providers to follow best practices for cleaning.



Absorption of excess water and moisture with microfiber cloths before allowing the fabric to dry completely.

Items are often placed in the sun, outdoors, or in front of a fan to ensure thorough drying.


Safe Reassembly:

Nice reassembly, ensuring all pieces are correctly put back together to prioritize safety in the use of cleaned and maintained baby gear.

BabyQuip Prices and Cleaning Costs


When it comes to gear rental pricing on the platform, it varies from provider to provider but on average, you will pay between $2 – $15 per day (note, this will be higher depending on the item you want to rent).

Most times when placing your request, QP usually specifies the minimum number of days you can rent any item and this is usually 3 days minimum for most of the Quality Providers.


Read more about BabyQuip pricing

Its cleaning service is priced differently and tagged to the time it will take to complete cleaning cycles.

The below shows the different packages of its cleaning services:

  • Basic (30 minutes): $19.99
  • Lotta Love (45 minutes): $39.99
  • The Works (60 minutes): $59.99
  • BabyQuip Clean (90 minutes): $79.99

While the first three are more suitable for moderate stain treatment, the last plan will enable you to have the item thoroughly cleaned to remove heavy stains.

How to Use BabyQuip for Rentals


The below steps explain how to start using BabyQuip to rent baby gear and equipment:


Visit its homepage

BabyQuip Homepage

All your rental journey will start from the website which has information about all you need to get started.

On BabyQuip’s homepage, you can see its most popularly requested baby gear which will give you an idea of the items you can request from its “Quality Providers” marketplace.

Search to see listings

Its homepage provides an intuitive form where you can enter your location or the zip code of where you want the items delivered.

The fields will also require you to provide the dates you need the gear and the pickup date after you are done using them based on your rent contract terms.

Once all that is needed is entered into the form, click the search button.

Browse the marketplace for providers

After providing the delivery information and clicking the search button, you will be shown a list of providers close to the address you have provided.

You can review the listed ‘Quality Providers’ and select the one that suits your preference by looking at indicators like ratings, pricing, completed reservations, and others.

Depending on the QP selected, you may be required to pay an additional fee usually set by individual providers which could be for rush-hour delivery if you need the items urgently, holiday service fees, surcharges for airport, and others.

The fees by QP vary depending on the one selected and you might not pay at all with some of the providers also offering discounts for extended stay rentals.

Once you have identified the provider that matches your choice, simply select it by clicking the ‘view items’ button to see the products it has in its inventory.

Review products for rental

After clicking the ‘view items’ button, you will be redirected to the individual provider’s page where you can see the list of gear you can rent from the QP.

BabyQuip Categories

By default, it shows the category to enable you to have an easy route to access by clicking any relating to the product you need or simply scrolling down to see the items in the ‘Quality Provider’s’ store.

Click related category to see items

Once you are on the Quality Provider’s page and reviewed the products, proceed to the next stage by selecting the related category where the gear you need could be.

Once clicked, you will see all the products in this category and you can proceed to the next stage.

Add the product you need to cart

From cribs and sleep, strollers and wagons, high chairs and feeding, games and toys, and others, there are many products that could be offered by a chosen Quality Provider.

Look through the items on the QP’s page and add what you need to your cart by simply clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

Note that most providers on the BabyQuip marketplace require a minimum of 3 days rental contract hence, have this in your mind as it will determine the total costs.

Once you have everything you want to rent and have clicked the add to cart button, you will be redirected to a new page asking you to either continue shopping or checkout.

Proceed to Checkout

When it comes to checkout on BabyQuip, you can either create an account for continuous usage or simply use the guest checkout option if you feel this is just a one-time need.

You will need to provide some other information such as where the items will be delivered, your name or that of the person to receive them, among others.

Review and complete the payment

After entering all the required information, try to review them for any corrections you might need to make.

Once all looks fine, you can continue to make payments and complete the request which will then be routed to the QP to handle delivery of the gear.

BabyQuip Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the use of BabyQuip for baby gear rental and cleaning:

How does BabyQuip work at the airport?

Your local Quality Provider coordinates with you beforehand, gathering trip details and keeping an eye on your flight status.

Once you arrive, the BabyQuip QP will have the car seat, stroller, or other baby gear you requested delivered directly to you at the airport.

Is BabyQuip legit?

Yes, BabyQuip is a very legit baby gear rental platform founded by Fran Maier who also was a founding member of the popular dating service and the privacy compliance company TrustARC.

The platform has been in existence since 2016 and currently has operations in multiple countries including the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, and others.

What is the business model of BabyQuip?

BabyQuip is a rental service marketplace that connects parents with baby gear and item providers.

You can call it the Airbnb of baby gear and make money from enabling transactions between parties, that is the parents and Quality Providers by charging fees and commissions.

Can you cancel BabyQuip?

Yes, you can cancel your BabyQuip request if you no longer need the gear before your reservation starts.

If canceled, you will get 100% back if you have Quip Trip Protection enabled up until the start of your reservation.

Ensure to cancel 7 days before your reservation starts if you do not have Quip Trip Protection to enjoy a 100% refund but if you cancel 3-6 days before your reservation, you will only get a 50% refund.

Note that it is non-refundable if you cancel 48 hours before the reservation starts unless you have the Quip Trip Protection.

Is BabyQuip international?

Yes, BabyQuip operates internationally with a presence in several countries including the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, and others.

Do you make money with BabyQuip?

Yes, you can make money on BabyQuip by becoming a Quality Provider which will enable you to rent out baby gear to parents who need them.

The pricing is entirely left to you with about 78% of the after-sales revenue being yours.

If you intend to use it for business in order to make some money for yourself, ensure to have a well-listed product shop with a detailed description and competitive pricing.

At the start, you can run some ads for the BabyQuip shop to get your first customers who can increase your trust level on the platform by giving good reviews.

Is BabyQuip the same as Babierge?

Yes, it used to be called Babierge until it rebranded. The two names refer to the same brand for baby gear rental.

Is BabyQuip better than Baby’s Away?

While Baby’s Away has been in the gear rental business for a while before the existence of BabyQuip, it has fallen down the pecking order in terms of offering.

There are more options on BabyQuip now than what is available on Baby’s Away and you will probably want to stick with the BabyQuip platform unless you think there are some items only available on Baby’s Away

What is the minimum number of days to rent baby gear on BabyQuip?

The minimum number of days is 3 days on average by most Quality Providers but if you need the items for fewer days, you can use the message feature on the platform to contact the provider and let the person know of your interest.

Are the items on BabyQuip safe and healthy for babies?

As a practice, the platform works with Quality Providers to ensure the baby gear available for rent is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized as toddlers require the utmost protection.

Hence, you will get properly cleaned items when delivered. Alternatively, read through the reviews on the platform to select the best QP.

Will I pay for damaging a baby gear rented on BabyQuip?

In the event of damage, BabyQuip will pay the Quality Provider up to $1,000 of the item cost provided the worth is between $26 – $1,000 while you will pay a minor damage charge of $25.

If the item is $25 or less, that will fully be your responsibility and if it is more than $1,000, BabyQuip will pay up to the maximum of $1,000 and you will handle the rest above that.


With several products listed on the marketplace by its Quality Providers and operations in several countries, using BabyQuip is a great option, especially if you travel a lot.

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