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Deferit Helps with Bills Payment But Here’s What to Know

Deferit is one of the top choices when it comes to paying bills in installments with support for different kinds of utility settlements.

With a growing number of buy now pay later services, you have options to enjoy spread payments for your purchases, including for bills.

Many of these platforms use soft inquiry which has no real impact on your bureau profile hence, good ways to access buy now pay later with bad credit scores.



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Tip: Deferit allows you to pay in 4 installments for bills that include settling invoices that concern electricity, gas, water, internet, rent, and more. It comes with a monthly fee of $14.99.


Deferit is one of the top buy now pay later for bill payments allowing users to spread the cost of their utility and rent invoices into four manageable installments.

It reports users’ repayment activities to major credit bureaus, including Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, helping them build and improve their creditworthiness.


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In addition to its credit-building functionality, Deferit incorporates a money-saving feature that enhances the overall user experience.

Users have the opportunity to enjoy discounts on their bill invoices by submitting them to the company.

Deferit then negotiates with the billing provider, and if successful in lowering the invoice amount, a new invoice reflecting the savings is generated and sent to the user.

This comes with a 50-50 charge rule which ensures that users receive 50% of the savings, making it appealing.

It covers a range of bills, allowing users to pay for various services such as electricity, gas, water, internet, vehicle registration, and rent in installments.

With bill purchasing power of up to $2,000, the platform caters to a diverse set of financial needs.

Getting started with Deferit involves creating an account, with a soft credit check performed to assess eligibility and determine the credit balance to be granted.

It is worth noting that a soft credit check typically does not impact the user’s credit score.

Once the account is set up, you can easily upload your bill invoices, and Deferit takes care of the fulfillment while allowing you to repay the amount in four manageable installments.

While there is a possibility of being initially declined for a pay-in-4 option due to credit profile verification issues, Deferit provides a solution by enabling the installment option after users successfully use its pay-in-1 feature to settle two bills.

This flexibility ensures that users have the opportunity to benefit from the app’s convenient payment options later, even if they encounter initial challenges.

How Deferit Works


Deferit offers a service enabling individuals to defer payments for various bills and expenses.

To begin, you will sign up through the website or mobile app, providing necessary personal information and linking relevant financial accounts.


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Once registered, you submit bills or invoices for approval, covering a range of expenses such as utilities, medical costs, and insurance premiums.

Following bill submission, Deferit undertakes a verification process to assess your financial situation and the legitimacy of the bills.

Upon approval, Deferit assumes the responsibility of paying the bills on your behalf, allowing you to spread the payments.

You then enter into a repayment agreement with Deferit, committing to settling the deferred amount over a specified period, through scheduled installments.

While benefiting from the convenience of deferred payments, you should be aware of associated fees.

These include the monthly membership fee of $14.99 and the 1.5% charge for card processing.

Deferit Supported Services


While the platform is primarily a bills financing provider, it has a list of services you can submit to it for processing.

Many of these cover popular internet providers, electricity bills, gas, and water. The below shows a complete list of supported services when using the Deferit platform:


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Utility Bills

  • Utility bills outline charges for essential services like electricity, water, gas, internet, and sanitation. These recurring bills are issued by utility companies and reflect the consumption of these services over a specified period.


  • Rent bills detail the periodic payment due for occupying a residential or commercial space. These bills specify the agreed-upon rent amount, payment due date, and any additional charges or fees.
  • You can also spread payments for service rentals like pay later car rentals, equipment, and related rental invoices.

Medical Bills

  • Medical bills are invoices from healthcare providers for services rendered, medications, and treatments. They detail the costs associated with medical care, including consultations, procedures, and tests. Deferit also covers veterinary and dental bills.

Insurance Bills

  • Insurance bills are statements outlining the costs and coverage associated with insurance policies. They specify premiums, deductibles, and any additional fees. You receive these bills periodically, usually monthly or annually, and can be uploaded to Deferit for review.

Education Bills

  • These bills include costs related to academic pursuits, including tuition, fees, and other educational expenses. They detail the financial obligations for attending schools, colleges, or universities.

How to Use Deferit for Bill Payments


To get started using the platform to spread the cost of your bills, simply follow the below process:


Visit the website and click the ” Get Started” button

Before you can start using the Deferit platform for bill settlements, you will need to create an account and set a membership by first visiting the homepage and clicking the “Get Started” button.

Deferit Homepage

Once you are on the website, click this option to proceed to the next profiling phase.


Provide your email and set a password

After clicking the “Get Started” button, you will be redirected to the signup page where your email is required.

You will also need to set up a password for your account and accepts its terms and condition before you will be allowed to proceed.

Simply provide the needed details and complete other necessary actions, then click the “Sign Up” button underneath.


Provide your phone number and validate the authenticity

As common to most of the buy now pay later providers, you will need to provide your active cell phone number which will be validated through a one-time password that will be sent to your inbox.

Enter your correct phone number and click the “Send Code” button to get the OTP which you will need to enter on the verification code.

Once you have successfully validated the authenticity of the provided number, you can then proceed to the next phase by clicking the “Continue” button.


Complete the profiling to make it active

Once your number has been verified, you will then be able to proceed to the next steps which involve getting to know you better.

Your email needs to be verified and also, the information such as your name, social security number, and payment method will be required.

In this phase, you will also be allowed to manage your membership. Still, might not necessarily pay the fee immediately until after certain conditions are met, especially its “pay 3 bills upfront” for new users. 


Upload the invoice you want to settle

Once your account is activated, you will be able to upload the bill invoice through your Deferit dashboard.

Deferit Dashboard

To send your bill for payment, simply click the “Upload a bill” button which will open up your file explorer allowing you to select the specific document or invoice for the service you want to pay for if you are an existing member.

For new users, you will need to meet specific requirements before you will be allowed to upload a document, particularly signing up for its membership plan.


Add membership by connecting your payment method

You will not be able to use the platform if you do not have a membership hence, it is a must before you can use it to pay bills in 4 installments.

Deferit Membership Sign-up

The cost to get a Deferit membership is $14.99 per month to access its bill splitting, cost savings, credit building, and other perks.

To add this to your account, simply click the continue button and you will be required to connect your debit or credit card.

Note that the platform will always charge a processing fee of 1.5% every time your card is charged, be it membership renewal or installment payments.


You can then submit the invoice for processing

Once you have added a payment method, the account will become active and can be used for invoice uploading.

If you have the document or bill uploaded, submit it. Deferit will then review the sent file for settlements.

Keep in mind that the platform will perform a soft inquiry based on the information it has about you and at times, you may be required to pay three bills upfront before you can access its installment service.

This may apply to you if Deferit is unable to offer a spending limit immediately and once the three payments are settled by you, it will offer a bill purchasing power usually starting from $200 which you can use for pay-in-4 settlements subsequently.

Deferit Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the use of Deferit for bill payments:


What is Deferit?

Deferit is a financial technology company that provides a service allowing individuals to defer payments for bills and expenses.

Users can submit bills to Deferit, and the company pays those bills on their behalf, allowing users to defer their payments and repay Deferit over time.

This service is designed to help individuals manage their cash flow and address short-term financial challenges for bill invoice settlements.

Is Deferit legit?

Yes, Deferit is a legitimate financial technology company offering a service to help individuals manage their cash flow by deferring bill payments.

It comes with other perks such as reduced billing through its add-on negotiation service and also reports repayments to the credit bureaus to help you build your creditworthiness.

Does Deferit pay rent?

Yes, you can use Deferit to pay your rent in installments.

This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking short-term relief while ensuring continuity in their housing arrangements.

You can submit your rent bills to Deferit, which will cover the payment on your behalf, allowing you to defer immediate outlays and repay the amount over a specified period.

Does Deferit pay car notes?

Deferit does not cover car notes or auto loan payments, meaning that you cannot utilize the platform to defer payments associated with vehicle financing.

However, it may be able to take care of similar expenses like pay later car rentals, auto insurance, and other non-financing-related needs.

The platform primarily focuses on helping individuals defer payments for various bills and expenses, such as utilities and rent.

Does Deferit check credit?

Deferit determines your eligibility through a soft credit inquiry.

A soft credit inquiry allows the platform to evaluate an individual’s creditworthiness without impacting their credit score.

This method ensures that users can explore the service without the fear of adverse effects on their credit standing.

By considering factors like payment history and financial stability through a soft credit check, the platform aims to make informed decisions about a user’s ability to manage deferred payments effectively.

What bills does Deferit pay?

Deferit covers a lot of bills, including popular ones in categories such as utility, insurance, rent, education, vehicle registrations, and health bills.

Note that the platform does not support payments for loan-related invoices, travel or air ticket financing, credit card payments, and shopping financing needs.

Can Deferit pay rego and other vehicle licensing needs?

Yes, you can use the platform to settle rego and other vehicle licenses.

Simply submit your invoice and it will be reviewed for payment eligibility and it will be settled if it meets the requirements and is within your assigned spending limit.

How does Deferit pay my bills?

Deferit pays your bills by acting as an intermediary between you and your creditors or service providers.

Here is a general overview of how the process typically works:

1. Bill Submission: You submit your bills or invoices to Deferit. These bills can include various expenses such as utilities, rent, or other regular payments.

2. Verification: the platform may perform a verification process to assess your financial situation and confirm the legitimacy of the bills you’ve submitted.

3. Approval and Payment: Upon approval, the company pays the bills on your behalf. This means that Deferit settles the outstanding amount with your creditors or service providers directly.

4. Deferred Payment Agreement: You agree with Deferit to repay the deferred amount over a specified period. This often involves setting up a repayment plan and connecting a payment method, including scheduled installments.

5. Repayment by User: You, as the user, repay according to the agreed-upon terms. This allows you to spread the cost of your bills over time rather than making an immediate payment.

It is important to note that while Deferit covers the upfront payment of your bills, you are still responsible for repaying the company according to the agreed-upon terms, which may include additional fees or charges like the $14.99 monthly membership cost and the 1.5% payment gateway fee.

Is Deferit safe to use?

Yes, the platform is safe to use for bill payments and enjoys good reviews across its app pages including Google Play and Apple Store.

What is the maximum bill amount I can pay in installments with the app?

The maximum invoice that can be settled depends on your assigned spending limit.

However, the platform assigns a minimum of $200 in bill purchasing power which can increase to its maximum $2,000 based on your usage of its services and commitment to early repayments.

How can I increase my bill spending limit?

While the best way to increase your purchasing power on the platform is to ensure that you do not default on repayments, it also supports upfront payments.

When you settle your bills upfront using the app from time to time, you will increase your creditworthiness which will positively impact your profile leading to an increased spending limit.

Does Deferit report to the credit bureaus?

Deferit reports your repayment activity to credit bureaus which can positively impact your credit score.

Timely and consistent payments demonstrate financial responsibility and reliability, key factors in credit scoring models.

As you repay deferred amounts according to the agreed-upon terms, this positive financial behavior is likely to be reflected in your credit report.

Over time, a history of responsible credit management can contribute to an improved credit score.

This can have broader implications, potentially making it easier for you to access credit at favorable terms in the future.

Which payment option will Deferit use for settling my bills?

Deferit offers a convenient array of payment options to settle bills.

1. Users can choose from direct deposit, enabling seamless and secure fund transfers

2. Online payments, providing a user-friendly digital platform for quick transactions.

3. Bank transfer, allowing flexibility in utilizing various banking channels.

4. BPAY, facilitating efficient bill payments through the widely used electronic billing system.

Can I use Deferit to pay for Afterpay and similar services?

No, the platform does not support financing-related needs as Afterpay and other buy now pay later fall under its prohibited services.

How can I contact Deferit?

You can reach them through their social media handles or check the help center if some of the provided information could solve your issue or answer your inquiry.


With a host of supported services, you should be able to use the platform to settle your bills without being bothered by upfront payments.

It comes with lots of benefits and with a chance to increase your credit score through on-time repayments, Deferit is a good option to have on your list of buy now pay later for bad credit repairs.

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