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How to Become Eligible for Amazon Monthly Payments

Amazon monthly payment options vary and you probably didn’t know you could qualify for at least one with no credit check required and interest-free.

The interest-free pay-in-5 months service is one financing method when it comes to options that will allow you to buy now and pay later on Amazon.

While this payment option has risen in popularity, it is only available to a selected few who use the platform regularly but do not worry, there are more ways to enjoy interest-free monthly financing on Amazon if you are not eligible for its pay-in-5.

Amazon Monthly Payments (5)







4 Months

Tip: The Pay-in-5 is the popular Amazon monthly payment option known to several shoppers which is an interest-free financing but available to a selected few for eligible products.


Amazon Monthly Payments allows eligible customers to enroll in an installment plan for qualifying products.

This option is available on the product detail page or during checkout and eligibility is determined based on your Amazon account information, such as purchase history hence, allowing you to buy now and pay later without using a credit report.


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The total cost is divided into initial and subsequent monthly payments, with no interest or finance charges.

The tax, shipping, and add-on charges are due with the initial payment, usually on the day your package is shipped.

Using Amazon Monthly Payments will allow you to defer for up to 120 days, repaid on a monthly basis in a total of five split payments.

Prime Visa Monthly

Amazon Prime




0% (Promo)


12 Months

Tip: The Prime Visa also comes with an Amazon monthly payment option with 0% interest during the promotional period and you can enjoy this for up to 12 months.


Amazon Prime Visa card is a financing tool powered by a partnership between Amazon and Chase allowing you access to a credit card you can use for shopping.

Interestingly, it comes with interest-free charges during the promotional period which can be up to 12 months and you can enjoy its monthly cost splitting with no down payment required at thousands of retailers that use Amazon Pay.


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This card is a rewarding financing tool, especially for paying your bills in installments as it comes with 2% cashback for gas station payments and at least 1% for others.

To use it for Amazon monthly payments when checking out, simply select the card and you will see the option which will allow you to enjoy its up to 12 months financing tenor.

Citi Flex Monthly

Citi Flex Pay






24 Months

Tip: While the acceptance rate to enjoy Amazon monthly payments with Flex Pay is high, you must have an eligible Citi card and the transaction value must be up to $50.


Citi Flex Pay offers Citi credit cardholders the flexibility to convert eligible purchases into monthly installment plans.

To use this option for Amazon monthly payments, you need to connect your eligible Citi credit card to Amazon and then select it at checkout for a cart value of up to $50 to see the option.


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Cardholders can also access this option through their online account and select eligible purchases for installment options.

With the online version, it works on a postpaid model; meaning that you must have used your card for a transaction before you will be able to convert any to a Flex.

Any purchases outside Amazon Pay (which is available at thousands of retailers online) will be handled on an after-use basis with a minimum spend amount of $100.

Note that this option comes with a monthly fee but you can avoid this if you clear your credit card balance before the due date.

Affirm Monthly








Tip: Affirm is one of the directly available buy now pay later services on Amazon which also has interest-free monthly financing for some products up to 12 months.


Affirm also allows for Amazon monthly payments, simply include $50 or more worth of qualifying items in your shopping cart and opt for Affirm as your preferred payment method during checkout.

You can enjoy 0% APR on 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month payment plans for eligible products, including Samsung and OnePlus smartphones, OnePlus accessories, and Dell computers.


Read more about Affirm

With this Amazon monthly payment option, you can split your purchase costs for up to 48 months depending on the cart value.

All purchases between $50 to $249 can access up to a maximum of 12 months of financing. Some items within this range can enjoy its interest-free offerings, including Samsung and OnePlus smartphones, OnePlus accessories, and Dell computers.

There are also variations for 24 and 34 months tenor but to be eligible to extend spread payments for up to 48 months, your cart value must be up to $1,500.

How to Become Eligible for Amazon Monthly Payments

While Amazon has given a clear guideline, the tips below can help you become quickly eligible for the Amazon monthly payment option if you currently have no access:

Use Amazon regularly

The Amazon Monthly Payments is entirely based on your shopping history and not your credit score hence, your activity on the platform will significantly affect your eligibility.

Committing to regular usage of the marketplace will enhance your chances if you currently do not shop that much on Amazon.


Alter between categories

The platform has products spread out over thousands of categories and sub-categories depending on their types and niche.

Some people tend to only shop just a single category every time, for instance, gift card purchases any time on Amazon.

When you are always buying from the same category each time, it could be quite difficult for the Amazon Monthly Payments algorithm (set rules) to understand clearly your shopping strengths.

You can try buying from varying categories on different shopping trips. It could be electronics this week, then trying hair extensions or some other items next week, and vice versa to help the platform understand you better.


Be consistent with one payment method

By payment method, this basically refers to the credit or debit card you have connected to your Amazon account.

While you can have cases of opting for different cards due to insufficient funds or some other issues, your consistency with a single payment method could be helpful toward quick eligibility for Amazon Monthly Payments as this indicates that the card is trusted to have enough funding when repayment is required.


Don’t change shipping details too frequently

If you have previously used a financing option that conducts a credit check, you probably know how important your address is to access funding and that is why many request your social security number (SSN).

While there is no credit check inquiry into your bureau profile to determine your qualification for Amazon Monthly Payments, it conducts an internal profile trust check studying your shopping account to understand your behavior.

Part of those is your address and to Amazon, where you live is your most frequently used shipping address hence, sticking more to one address adds some credits towards eligibility.


Alter between varying cart value

Eligible Amazon Monthly Payments items vary depending on individual shopping trustworthiness based on the rule behind this financing option. 

Your profile is assigned a shopping limit in a similar way buy now pay later services work based on studying your profile on Amazon.

If your cart’s worth is always of low value, your eligibility will be within that value range in which you shop regularly hence, you will not see the option for high-value items.

 To increase your chances, always switch between low and high cart values to push you up to a higher limit which will positively enhance your qualification for an Amazon Monthly Payments option.


Try using Prime Visa and Flex Pay

While Prime Visa and Citi Flex Pay are also some of Amazon’s monthly payment methods, they may positively affect your accessibility to the other options.

Both are credit card-based financing alternatives and if you are able to get any, regularly paying your balance before the due date means that you are a trustworthy Amazon user and this can be a route towards accessing Pay-in-5 and others. 


Increase your history health with BNPL virtual card shopping

Though this is a walk-around, it can also be an amazing way to increase your shopping history on Amazon if you do not have much to finance your purchases on the platform.

There are many buy now pay later virtual cards you can use to make payments on Amazon but best if the card is not just one-time valid but reusable.

The reason reusable BNPL cards are better for this purpose is to increase the trust level in your payment method as frequently changing it on Amazon can be a negative signal.

Klarna has a reusable BNPL card which is great for this purpose and if you can get some others that have the same capability, great.


Alter between low-value and high-value purchases

This is very similar to the cart value tip but it is more referring to the individual product rather than the entire shopping cart. 

Just like altering between categories, you should also look at product variations and accessories if you think going for the varying categories could lead to impulsive shopping.

If you are buying eyeglasses, chances are high you will need a protective case. Buying both is within this tip and will rank you as a smart shopper.


Use other financing options on Amazon

When it comes to interest-free financing for Amazon purchases, you have ample options that include Prime Visa, Citi Flex, Affirm, and its Pay-in-5.

If the Pay-in-5 which is the tagged Amazon Monthly Payments option is not accessible to you, try using the other alternatives.

Your usage of these other options and behavior towards repayment can influence your eligibility for its other monthly financing.


Repay on-time for alternate financing used

Apart from the Pay-in-5, there are other Amazon monthly payment options as given above.

If you are approved for any of them, commit to repaying early and do not default when repayment is required.

Since they are also within Amazon and its partners’ ecosystems, your behavior is accessible, and on-time due remitting can increase your eligibility for Amazon Monthly Payments.


Amazon Monthly Payments FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the use and access to the Amazon Monthly Payments financing option:

What is the Amazon monthly fee?

There is no fee to use Amazon Monthly.

It is an interest-free financing option accessible to eligible customers for qualifying purchases up to 120 days if you are using the Pay-in-5 or up to 12 months for Prime Visa monthly and up to 12 months for some products using Affirm monthly.

How to find Amazon monthly payment items?

All eligible products are usually indicated on the description page as well as when you are checking out.

If you are eligible, you will see this information before you make your payments.

How can I get my Amazon monthly statement?

In terms of transactions, everything is viewable through your account history but for Prime Visa cardholders, you can manage your statement entirely on Amazon.

Connecting your Chase account offers visibility into your current balance, bill payment, and transaction history on Amazon.

To link your account, follow these steps:

1. Choose “Link Now” on Your Amazon Card Page.
2. Input your Chase username and password. If you do not have a Chase digital profile, you will need to create one.
3. Provide a one-time consent to share your data with Amazon.

By completing these steps, you establish a secure link between your Chase account and Amazon, enabling convenient access to financial information and transaction details.

How many months can I use Amazon Monthly Payments?

The maximum number of months you can access the Pay-in-5 Amazon Monthly Payments is 4, which is equivalent to 120 days.

This length varies for other options:
Prime Visa: maximum of 24 months
Citi Flex Pay: maximum of 24 months
Affirm monthly: maximum of 48 months

What is the initial payment for Amazon Monthly Payments?

The initial value when using Amazon Monthly Payments is 20% of the cart value and it is usually a whole number, that is there will be no decimals or cents value consideration.

This means that your last payment could be very less. For instance, your initial payment for an item that costs $399 will be $79 and the fifth (last) payment may be just $4.

Is Amazon Monthly Payments good?

Yes, it is a very good method to get the things you need on Amazon as it is totally interest-free to use for up to 120 days of financing.

Does Amazon Monthly Payments affect credit score?

Amazon Monthly Payments is a no credit check buy now pay later service that relies entirely on your shopping history and account behavior on Amazon to determine eligibility hence, you do not need to worry about your credit bureau profile using this to finance the goods you need.

Can I use Amazon Monthly Payments on other sites?

While the Pay-in-5 is only available to use on Amazon, you can use Prime Visa Monthly and Citi Flex Pay on other sites that accept Amazon Pay.

If you have a Prime Visa card or an eligible Citi Flex Pay card, you can use Amazon Monthly Payments anywhere you see Amazon Pay at checkout.

How can I calculate the Amazon Monthly Payments cost?

To determine the cost you will pay on a monthly basis using this financing option, simply divide the purchase amount by 5.

Once you have this value, keep the whole part and add the decimals (cents) together. You can add the decimals by simply multiplying a single of them by 5.

The value of the decimals will be your last repayment cost while the whole part value will be the cost of your other months’ repayment costs.

Note that if the division by 5 has no cents or decimals, you will pay the exact value on a monthly basis.

Can I have more than one Amazon Monthly Payments order?

Yes, you can have multiple open Amazon Monthly Payment orders but the maximum number of open plans depends on eligibility determined by Amazon.


With multiple options and shopping tips above, you should be able to access at least one of the Amazon monthly payment methods to spread the cost of your purchases.

While these financing options are great because they come interest-free, ensuring you repay early will prevent you from being denied future access.

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