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Cricket Progressive Leasing Review and How It Works

The Cricket Progressive Leasing option for device purchase allows you access to financing to be repaid in installments within 12 months.

At times, opting for a buy now pay later phone is a good decision, especially when you want to channel your limited funds to handle other important needs.

When your preferred provider is Cricket Wireless, the direct options you have are either using Affirm or opting for the lease-to-own alternative offered through Progressive Leasing.

Progressive Leasing

Progressive Leasing

Max. Amount


Credit Check




Tip: By choosing the Cricket Progressive Leasing option, you are engaging in a lease-to-own agreement, allowing you to attain full ownership of the product after completing 12 monthly payments.

Although you can benefit from zero interest if the total is settled within 90 days, exceeding this period might lead to a doubled cost, requiring you to pay over twice the initial product price.

Consider this option only if you are confident about completing the full payment within the initial 90-day timeframe.


Progressive Leasing is one of the payment plan methods when you are shopping for cell phones and accessories on the Cricket Wireless website as well as at some of its physical stores.

While it allows you to enjoy its financing with no interest for up to three months, it can also be the most expensive option if you go beyond this grace period.


Read more about Cricket Progressive Leasing

Benefiting from robust purchasing capabilities and its appeal as a buy now pay later option without a credit check, the Cricket Progressive Leasing choice holds a favorable position, particularly for individuals aiming to enhance their creditworthiness before exploring alternative financing methods.

Although it may seem enticing initially, navigating the terms associated with this payment plan option can become a bit worrisome.

On the positive side, you have the opportunity to sidestep interest charges, provided you can settle the payment within the initial three months of your lease agreement.

However, what unfolds if unforeseen circumstances arise, causing the payment to extend beyond the no-interest period?

The Cricket Progressive Leasing Contract Terms

When you start the application, the contract will cover some important parts you need to pay attention to which will affect how the payment will work throughout the plan period.

It is on a lease-to-own model, meaning that the property is not yours until the full payment as stipulated in the contract is completed.

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Below are vital parts of the agreement you need to understand before signing the contract.


Cash Price

Within the Cricket Progressive Leasing arrangement, the cash price denotes the complete sum you would pay when buying the item outright with cash, as opposed to opting for a lease.

This encompasses the entire retail expense of the product, inclusive of any relevant taxes, fees, and interest linked to an outright purchase.

To illustrate, if the desired smartphone has an upfront cost of $900, that constitutes the cash price, accounting for any supplementary taxes and fees that might be applicable.


Repayment Period

The repayment period in your agreement with Progressive Leasing signifies the duration throughout which you have the responsibility to make regular payments.

These payments, often termed lease payments, form a fundamental element of the contractual arrangement.

This specified period is presented in terms of months, outlining the length of time during which you are required to fulfill these periodic payments, whether on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.


Residence State

Within your Cricket Progressive Leasing contract, the term “residence state” generally pertains to your legal domicile or primary residence.

The inclusion of the residence state in the lease agreement is of significance as it dictates which state’s laws will oversee the terms outlined in the lease.

This becomes especially critical in legal matters and jurisdiction, particularly if disputes or legal actions arise in connection with the lease.

Clearly specifying the residence state helps establish the applicable legal framework for the lease agreement.

It is also important to determine what your grace period payment will be if it will be the same as the cash price or an addition to the initial payment.


90-Day (3 Months, Same as Cash in CA)

In your lease agreement, the “90-Day Early Purchase Option” empowers you to acquire ownership of the leased item before the designated end of the lease term, specifically within a 90-day window.

Within this period, you hold the privilege to notify Progressive Leasing should you choose to exercise the early purchase option.

The lease agreement will outline the purchase price, representing the amount required for you to obtain complete ownership before the original lease term concludes.

This 90-day span serves as an optimal opportunity to settle the costs, providing you with the maximum savings when utilizing the Cricket Progressive Leasing option for device purchases.

Notably, if you reside in California, you benefit from the ‘same as cash’ advantage, plus an extra two days, making it precisely three months for CA residents.

The ‘same as cash’ concept in the contract denotes a financing option allowing you to make a purchase and pay for it without incurring any interest or additional charges during a specified period.

Essentially, it provides a means to defer payments without facing finance charges for the designated duration.

For California residents who paid the initial deposit during the contract signing, the 90-day Early Purchase Option is calculated as the cost price of the item minus the initial deposit.

Conversely, for users outside California, Progressive Leasing typically applies the formula ‘cost price of the item + the initial deposit.’

For instance, using an example of an $850 Apple device with an initial deposit of $59:

  • 90-Day Early Purchase Option in CA: $791
  • 90-Day Early Purchase Option Outside CA: $909

Note that all your repayments will constitute the total so, if you have paid two installments, those will be deducted from the final amount to be paid for full ownership.


Early Purchase

This serves as the second opportunity for you to minimize rental fees by settling the costs.

In contrast to the 90-day Early Purchase Option (EPO), you will be required to cover the “lease-to-own cost” along with the cash price.

At this point, depending on when you exercise this option during the contract, you may end up paying over 65% extra compared to the original product cost.

For example, a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with a $735 price tag could potentially increase to $1,212.8 or more when opting for the early purchase option after the initial three months.


Lease-to-own Cost

The term “lease-to-own cost” in the Cricket Progressive Leasing contract represents the overall sum that you, as the lessee, will pay for the rental costs throughout the lease term if you choose to utilize the option to purchase the leased item and attain complete ownership.

Essentially, you can view this as the cumulative rent fee for the duration of your lease agreement.


12-month Lease-to-own Total

This part gives you an idea of how much total you will need to pay to own the product if you continue until the last (12th) month.

It is simply the addition of the lease to own costs and the cash price.

For an item of $750, if the cost of the lease is $ 937.50, you will pay $750 + $937.50 (which is $1,687.50) to own it.

You can use the Progressive Leasing calculator to estimate how much you could end up paying for a device of your choice.

How Cricket Progressive Leasing Works

Put simply, once your Progressive Leasing application is approved, you can acquire the device you desire from Cricket Wireless.

The arrangement involves paying for the device in installments through a lease. You have the flexibility to either utilize the early purchase option or continue making payments for 12 months, at which point you gain full ownership of the device.

Cricket Progressive Leasing Flow

Below is a deeper look at what happens when you opt to use Progressive Leasing to finance a device purchase at Cricket Wireless:


Lease Application

During this phase, you will be required to furnish Progressive Leasing with specific details through an online form.

If you are conducting this process on the Cricket Wireless website during checkout, the form will prompt you.

Alternatively, if you are utilizing this financing option in-store, an attendant will typically assist you in completing this section.

To facilitate this process, ensure your smartphone is active, especially if you are completing the procedure in-store. The form will necessitate details such as your:

  • Name
  • Employer details
  • Valid photo ID
  • Bank details
  • Social Security Number
  • Address
  • Contact details

Once all required information is provided, click the submit button to forward the details to Progressive Leasing.

Upon submission, you will receive an OTP (One-Time Password) for authentication.

Input this OTP on the validation page to proceed with the process.


The Decision Phase

This stage is automated and relies on the information you provided in stage one.

Typically, it takes just a few minutes for a decision to be made regarding your application.

Here is what occurs during this automated process:

  • Soft Credit Inquiry: Progressive Leasing conducts a soft credit inquiry, also known as a soft pull or soft inquiry. This is done for informational purposes and does not impact your credit score.
  • Decision on Purchasing Power: The outcome of the soft inquiry is used to assess your spending limit. It helps determine whether you can repay the lease costs over the contracted period.
  • Decision on Contract: Based on various determinant factors, a decision is reached. You either receive approval to obtain the product, or your application is rejected.

It is important to note that the Cricket Progressive Leasing option does not solely rely on your credit score for approval.

Even with a poor credit standing, you may still be eligible based on other factors considered by Progressive Leasing.

They use inquiries from credit agencies like FactorTrust to assess eligibility.


Item Pick-up Phase

Upon the approval of your application, you will receive the device (although not yet owned by you) once the initial payment is successfully processed.

In this phase, Progressive Leasing has essentially purchased the device from Cricket Wireless on your behalf and opted to lease it to you.

It is crucial to understand that, akin to living in a rented apartment, Progressive Leasing, as the lessor, retains the authority to reclaim the device from you at any point during the contract period.

Just as a landlord or property owner can request you to vacate a rented apartment, the lessor here has the ability to take back the device during the lease agreement’s duration.


Periodic Payment Phase

Once the contract is initiated, the onus is now on you to commence repaying the rental costs.

It is essential to note that the fee for this repayment goes directly to Progressive Leasing, not Cricket Wireless.

This is because Progressive Leasing has already remitted the full product cost to Cricket Wireless before you received the item.

Depending on your chosen preference during the application stage, you are required to make periodic payments.

These payments typically occur on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.


No Interest EPO Stage

This phase offers a unique advantage where, if you choose to clear all the payments, you will not pay more than the original product cost (similar to a ‘same as cash’ benefit in California).

This option is available at any time within the first 90 days; you are not obligated to wait until the third month.

Opting for this opportunity enables you to save considerably on continuous rental fee payments.

It is the optimal time to make the device entirely yours if you have the necessary funds.

You can initiate this process by logging into the Progressive Leasing app or by contacting their support team for guidance on the steps to follow.


Interest-tied EPO Stage

The second optimal opportunity to conclude the Cricket Progressive Leasing contract arises if you missed the 90-day option.

Although the savings may not be as substantial as the first option, there are still significant benefits to be gained by paying the full cost of ownership at this stage.

Depending on when you choose this option, you can potentially save anywhere between 13% to 35% on rental costs.

It provides a valuable chance to retain more of your funds while securing complete ownership of the device.


Produt Ownership Phase

The final segment of the contract typically occurs in the 12th month.

Upon summing up all the payments made since the initiation of the lease at this juncture, you will observe that the total surpasses double the original price of the product.

This might not be immediately apparent, given the seemingly modest monthly payments, but the overall picture becomes clearer when all payments are considered collectively.

Assuming you reach this stage without any default in repayment, you gain the option to retain the product, as the contract will automatically conclude.

It marks the end of the lease agreement, and your timely and consistent payments lead to the automatic closure of the contract, allowing you to keep the product.


Alternatives to Cricket Progressive Leasing Option


Cricket Progressive Leasing presents a favorable option, particularly if you have the ability to settle the entire cost of the item within the initial 90 days, benefitting from a period with no interest charges.

However, if you find yourself uncertain about closing out the contract within this three-month window, consider exploring the following alternatives:





Max. Amount


Credit Check


Tip: Affirm is one of the alternative payment methods to the Cricket Progressive Leasing financing option which is directly available to use when on the website as well as in-store.


Affirm is the default payment plan option when shopping on the Cricket Wireless website until you opt for the lease-to-own option.

If you do not have an Affirm account, you can utilize this at checkout by creating your account and providing the required details for a spending limit to be assigned. 


Read more about Affirm

The same applies to existing account holders who still have enough purchasing power that can be used to handle the orders on the Cricket Wireless website.

Affirm can also be used when you are visiting the physical retail outlet as it is accepted in-store at Cricket Wireless.

It offers two options with the first allowing you to defer payments up to four weeks with no interest.

The second option is for long-term financing if the value of the device is not what you can repay within six weeks.

It has an APR between 0–36% which is still better compared to using the high rental charge that comes with the Cricket Progressive Leasing option.



Max. Amount


Credit Check


Tip: Sezzle is not directly accessible for shopping on the Cricket website, but you can make use of it by utilizing its virtual card or by making purchases through the app.


Sezzle stands out as one of the leading buy now, pay later services, preferred by individuals looking to improve their subpar credit scores as it reports repayments to major credit bureaus like Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

To acquire your desired smartphone and accessories at Cricket Wireless through Sezzle, you will need to utilize alternative channels since direct usage on the checkout page is not supported.


Read more about Sezzle

When shopping at Cricket Wireless, you have three ways to leverage the Sezzle platform to spread the cost of your purchases:


Buy Now Pay Later Virtual Cards:

Sezzle offers two types of buy now pay later virtual cards, both of which are compatible with Cricket Wireless.

The platform has selected Cricket Wireless as one of its destinations where you can use the service to pay in four installments.


Anywhere Card with Subscription Plan:

The Anywhere card, which comes with its subscription plan, offers additional flexibility.

With this card, you can make purchases both online and at physical Cricket Wireless stores.

You can conveniently pay using your Sezzle purchasing power by linking it to a top digital payment wallet.


Shop Through Sezzle App:

Another option involves shopping through the Sezzle app.

Simply search for Cricket Wireless within the app’s list of retailers to explore and complete your purchases.



Max. Amount


Credit Check


Tip: With various channels at your disposal for making purchases at Cricket Wireless and paying in installments, Klarna is another good alternative.


Even though Cricket Wireless is not among the online stores that accept Klarna directly on their websites, you can still leverage the platform to shop for smartphones and utilize payment plans.

Similar to the Affirm option, Klarna also provides the opportunity for long-term financing, offering a potentially better APR when compared to the high rental costs associated with Cricket Progressive Leasing financing.


Read more about Klarna

Klarna offers a versatile approach to payments, providing both a single-use virtual card for on-the-spot transactions and an enhanced version of the Klarna card suitable for in-store purchases.

Similar to other split payment providers, Klarna’s Pay-in-4 option, featuring a six-week financing term, incurs no interest.

If the intended purchase exceeds this timeframe, a long-term financing alternative is available.

For a seamless experience at the Cricket Wireless outlet, opting for the physical version of Klarna’s payment card offers flexibility and convenience, eliminating the need for pre-planning purchases.

However, the one-time virtual card also functions well and can be linked to any digital wallet for in-store transactions.

Additionally, Klarna provides an in-app feature allowing you to shop directly at Cricket Wireless when logged into your Klarna dashboard.

This option streamlines the checkout process, requiring you to click the ‘Pay with Klarna’ button on your app to finalize the purchase.

Furthermore, a browser extension is available for the Chrome browser, enhancing convenience when visiting the website.


PayPal Pay in 4

Max. Amount


Credit Check


Tip: PayPal is another amazing option compared to the Cricket Progressive Leasing financing as you may be eligible for its interest-free monthly payment plan.


Cricket Wireless is one of the online stores that accept PayPal as one of their payment methods which opens up the opportunity to utilize the Pay-in-4 financing or PayPal Credit.

While the Pay-in-4 allows you to defer payments for up to six weeks, the PayPal Credit is for long-term financing needs.


Read more about PayPal

While the Cricket Progressive Leasing option offers a grace period of three months to enjoy its interest-free financing, you get up to four months when using the PayPal Credit financing.

If you are not eligible for long-term financing, the short-term pay-in-4 option is available to several people as it requires only a soft credit check for eligibility.

When shopping in-store, Cricket Wireless outlets accept the major digital wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay hence, your PayPal virtual card can be used to spread the costs of your purchases.



Max. Amount


Credit Check


Tip: Zilch is another spread payment provider with a unique model that can be used at Cricket Wireless for payment plan shopping, online and in-store.


The Zilch payment method is entirely based on a virtual card which can be accessed through your Zilch app.

It provides a unique card that works very similar to a credit card with the combined features of a debit card.


Read more about Zilch

This card is directly linked to your connected repayment method on the Zilch and by default, it functions as a debit card.

What this means is that when used to make payments at Cricket Wireless, your bank account will be charged through the payment card linked to your Zilch wallet.

However, you can avoid that when you want to spread the cost of your device purchases by first logging into your app and configuring the card for payment plan purchases.

When doing the set-up, ensure to add all the applicable amount before you specify the value for the card as it only works on a prepaid model.

If the cost of the device (plus any fee) is more than what you configured, the transaction could fail with insufficient funds.

Cricket Progressive Leasing Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some frequently asked questions about using the Cricket Progressive Leasing option for payment plan purchases:


What can I buy at Cricket Wireless with Progressive Leasing?

To utilize Progressive Leasing at Cricket Wireless, the item must be one of its showcased devices like smartphones, hotspots, and other accessories that has the required minimum amount of $149.99.

Is it expensive to use Progressive Leasing for device purchases at Cricket?

The cost of your lease depends on when you settle your lease costs. If you complete the payment within the 90-day early purchase option period, the expense is not high, as you would have paid a total equivalent to the original product cost.

However, if you extend beyond the 90-day period, the price of the device can escalate, potentially reaching as high as double the original cost of the item.

It is crucial to consider the timing of your payments to manage the overall expense of the lease effectively.

Does Cricket Progressive Leasing affect credit score?

To grant approval for a lease, only a soft credit check is performed, and this will have no impact on your credit bureau profile.

How can I contact Progressive Leasing?

To contact the Progressive Leasing team regarding your Cricket Wireless purchases, navigate to the support page and select your preferred channel for reaching out to them.


Choosing the Cricket Progressive Leasing financing option is a reasonable choice, especially if you can take advantage of the 90-day early purchase offer.

However, if you have uncertainties about repaying in full within this timeframe, it is advisable to explore alternative options initially.

Consider other financing sources first, and only return to the lease-to-own option if securing financing from other sources proves challenging.

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