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Vendors That Accept Clicklease for Equipment Financing

Clicklease is accepted by many vendors for business equipment financing for up to 60 months in installments with no hard credit check.

You can apply for buy now pay later at several of Clicklease partners online when you need items for your business operations.

Whether you want a lease-to-own lawn mower purchase, trailers, laser printers, embroidery tools, and many others, it provides a high spending limit capable of helping you to get the equipment of your choice.



Max. Amount




Credit Check


Tip: Clicklease can be used for equipment purchases at any of its partner retailers with payment plans of up to 60 months for items that cost between $500 and $25,000 on lease-to-own terms.

There is an option it offers for you to complete the full payments within the first six months which will enable you to pay just the original price of the equipment in addition to your previous installments for the item to become yours otherwise, you may end up paying very high if you continue until the end of the contract.


From its name, it is easy to tell that Clicklease is a lease-to-own service with the platform being one of the available options to use for business buy now pay later financing.

You can compare it to how Snap Finance works, that of Progressive, or Acima with their operations similar if you have used a lease-to-own previously but unlike the aforementioned, it offers a larger amount you can utilize for high-ticket equipment purchases.


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The platform usually conducts a soft inquiry, ensuring that applying for this option will not impact your credit profile. This type of check remains untraceable on your credit report when reviewed by other lenders.

As an online lease service provider, Clicklease maintains lenient requirements, akin to the user experience provided by American First Finance and similar providers.

This flexibility allows individuals at the outset of their financial journey to apply, with eligibility determined based on personal financial records.

Upon approval, Clicklease acquires the chosen equipment and facilitates a lease-to-own arrangement.

After completing installments or utilizing early purchase options, the equipment can become fully owned by the user.

A notable feature is the same-as-cash buyout option, which requires completing the required payments within the initial six months.

To clarify, if your monthly installment for a $500 equipment lease is $12, opting for an early buyout in the fifth month would entail paying $48 (previous four payments) plus at least $500, totaling $548 to conclude the contract.

However, it is crucial to be aware of Clicklease’s doc fee, ranging from $79 to $399, despite the contract advertising a buy-now-pay-later approach with no down payment.

This initial payment is non-refundable and contributes to the overall amount needed to own the leased item.

While Clicklease’s early buyout may not be as competitive as alternatives like Progressive Leasing and many others, its six-month grace period for exercising the option stands out, exceeding the typical 90 to 100 days offered by popular services such as Acima and SmartPay.

Consider exploring alternatives like PayTomorrow, which shares similar attributes but offers better early buyout options.

Clicklease could serve as a fallback option if other financing avenues are unavailable for your business equipment purchases.

If approved, striving to fulfill the required costs within the initial six months could result in savings exceeding 80%.

For those who continue making payments until the last month, the total paid, when combined with previous payments, could potentially equate to more than twice the equipment’s value.

Credit Key could be a better option for your business equipment financing than using Clicklease if you are not sure about closing out the contract within the first six months.

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Event Decor Direct

Event Decor Direct

Event Decor Direct is a supplier specializing in event and wedding decor. Offering a diverse range of products such as drapes, lighting, and floral arrangements, they cater to event planners and decorators, providing solutions for creating memorable and visually stunning events.

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The company’s extensive product catalog includes a variety of drapery, backdrops, lighting, and floral arrangements.

Event Decor Direct understands the importance of creating a captivating atmosphere, and its diverse range of decor elements enables customers to bring their creative visions to life.

From elegant weddings to corporate events, their offerings cater to a wide array of occasions.

In addition to its support for Clicklease, it is also one of the online stores that accept Credit Key for business financing.

Cleaners and Lawnmower Vendors That Accept Clicklease

The below merchants accept Clicklease for the financing of cleaners, lawnmowers, and related equipment:


Bad Boy Mowers

Bad Boy Mowers

Bad Boy Mowers is a renowned brand specializing in high-performance lawn mowers. Known for its durability and innovation, It delivers top-notch cutting solutions, catering to the needs of lawn enthusiasts and professionals alike with a reputation for rugged reliability.

Read more

Bad Boy Mowers caters to a diverse audience, from homeowners with expansive lawns to professional landscapers.

The brand’s lineup includes a variety of models, each designed to tackle specific mowing challenges.

In addition to being one of the partners that accept Clicklease, you can also use Sheffield, Yard Card, and others for payment plan purchases on the platform.

PSI Power Equipment

PSI Power Equipment is a leading provider of reliable and efficient power solutions. Renowned for its quality generators and pressure washers, PSI Power Equipment ensures top-notch performance, durability, and innovation, meeting the diverse needs of homeowners and professionals in various industries.

Clean Direct

Clean Direct is a trusted supplier of top-quality cleaning products and equipment. Specializing in professional-grade solutions, it caters to diverse cleaning needs. Their commitment to quality ensures effective and efficient products for both residential and commercial customers.

Power Equipment Warehouse

Power Equipment Warehouse is a premier supplier of a wide range of power equipment. Known for its extensive inventory and commitment to quality, the warehouse offers reliable solutions for professionals and homeowners alike, ensuring top-notch performance and durability in every product.

Tucker USA

Tucker is a prominent player in the market specializing in water-fed poles, brushes, purification systems, and an extensive array of commercial window cleaning equipment. Known for their commitment to quality and innovation, Tucker provides reliable solutions for professional window cleaning applications.

Woods Equipment Inc

Woods Equipment Inc. is an online store, specializing in high-quality outdoor equipment. Renowned for producing lawnmowers, tractors, golf carts, and related products, it ensures durability and innovation, meeting the diverse needs of homeowners, landscapers, and professionals alike.

Manatee Pressure Washer Supply and Repair

Manatee Pressure Washer Supply and Repair is a reliable provider in the pressure washing industry. Offering a range of supplies and repair services, they are dedicated to delivering quality solutions, ensuring optimal performance for pressure washing equipment, and meeting the needs of both professionals and enthusiasts.

Pressure City

Pressure City is a destination for pressure washing solutions. Specializing in supplies and services, it ensures top-notch quality for pressure washing equipment. With a commitment to excellence, they cater to the needs of both professionals and enthusiasts in the industry.

Arlington Power Equipment

Arlington Power Equipment is a provider of outdoor power equipment. Specializing in tools for lawn care and landscaping, they offer a range of products including lawnmowers, chainsaws, and trimmers, catering to residential and commercial customers.

Laser and Printer Vendors That Accept Clicklease

You can also use Clicklease for laser equipment and printer financing at the below vendors:




USCutter is recognized for its role in the vinyl-cutting industry. Offering cutting machines and accessories, the company serves both hobbyists and professionals. Its commitment to precision and innovation makes it a notable player in the field.

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It holds a prominent position as a supplier in the sign-making and custom apparel equipment industry, offering cost-effective yet high-quality solutions.

Their product line includes vinyl cutters, heat presses, and printers, catering to the diverse needs of businesses and enthusiasts in the signage and apparel customization domains. 

While it is one of the vendors that accept Clicklease, you can also use Affirm when shopping on the platform.

Aeon Laser USA

Aeon Laser USA is another player in the laser cutting industry. Renowned for its precision and innovation, the company provides cutting-edge laser machines. It caters to diverse applications, delivering high-quality solutions for businesses and professionals in need of advanced cutting technology.


HTVMax specializes in wholesale Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV), decals, heat transfers, tumblers, and sublimation supplies. Serving as a comprehensive source for these items, HTVMax caters to businesses and individuals seeking quality products for various crafting and customization needs.


LasersOnly is a brand in the laser technology sector. Recognized for precision and innovation, the company provides advanced laser systems. Catering to diverse applications, LasersOnly delivers high-quality solutions, making it a preferred choice for businesses and professionals in need of cutting-edge laser technology.


CloudRay is a prominent player in laser and CNC technology. Renowned for precision and innovation, the company offers cutting-edge laser systems and CNC accessories. With a commitment to quality, it serves the diverse needs of professionals and businesses in the industry.

OMTech Laser

OMTech is a significant presence in the laser cutting industry. Acknowledged for precision and innovation, the company provides advanced laser systems. Catering to various applications, OMTech delivers high-quality solutions, making it a preferred choice for professionals and businesses seeking cutting-edge laser technology.


Naruhoshi is a versatile printer manufacturer catering to home, commercial, and industrial applications. Renowned for its precision and innovation, Naruhoshi provides cutting-edge printing solutions, meeting the diverse needs of users across various sectors with reliable and high-quality products.


GarmentPrinterInk is a leading provider of supplies and equipment for garment printing applications. Renowned for its quality and compatibility, the company offers a range of products tailored for various printing needs. GarmentPrinterInk ensures vibrant and durable results in garment customization.

Trailer Vendors That Accept Clicklease

There are other Clicklease partners dealing in the sale of trailers and accessories including:


Tractor Town

Tractor Town

Tractor Town is a notable entity in the agricultural and construction equipment sector. Recognized for quality and reliability, Tractor Town offers a range of tractors and related machinery. Serving the needs of farmers and construction professionals, it provides durable solutions for varied applications.

Read more

At the core of Tractor Town’s offerings are a variety of tractors designed to meet the demands of modern farming and construction practices.

Beyond tractors, the platform offers a comprehensive range of related equipment, addressing various aspects of agricultural and construction tasks.

This includes implements, attachments, and accessories that complement the tractors, providing users with a one-stop solution for their equipment needs.

In addition to being among the top vendors that accept Clicklease for payment plans, you can also access other options like Beacon Hill and DLL on the portal.

Collins Custom Cargo

Collins Custom Cargo specializes in a broad range of dependable and budget-friendly trailers for sale. With expertise in crafting various custom cargo trailers, they offer a diverse selection to meet individual preferences and industry-specific requirements.

A&A Center Trailer

A&A Center Trailer is a provider of diverse and reliable trailers. Specializing in various trailer types, the company offers a comprehensive selection to meet individual needs. It is recognized for delivering quality and versatile solutions.

North Texas Trailers

North Texas Trailers is a prominent supplier of trailers, renowned for its diverse and dependable selection. Specializing in various types, the company caters to the needs of customers seeking reliable and tailored trailer solutions in the North Texas region.

OX Trailer

OX Trailer is a notable provider of trailers, known for their efficiency and versatility. Specializing in diverse trailer types, the company offers reliable solutions. It is recognized for meeting various transportation needs with quality and precision.

Mountain West Trailers

Mountain West Trailers is a supplier of trailers, known for their reliability and versatility. Specializing in a variety of trailer types, the company caters to diverse transportation needs. It is recognized for providing quality solutions in the trailer industry.

Camera and Photo Equipment Vendors That Accept Clicklease

Some camera and photo equipment dealers also accept Clicklease for financing. Some of those include:




PROCAM is a retailer that specializes in providing a diverse range of camera, photo, and video equipment. Known for offering comprehensive solutions, it serves the needs of photographers and videographers with a variety of imaging products and services.

Read more

The platform’s extensive inventory encompasses a wide range of cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, tripods, and accessories, catering to diverse photography and videography needs.

Their product selection includes offerings from leading brands, ensuring customers have access to cutting-edge technology and reliable equipment.

It is not just among the Clicklease partners but the platform is also one of the online stores that accept Katapult, Progressive, and Canon Financial.

DT Outlet

DT Outlet specializes in offering a diverse range of photography equipment, including cameras, lenses, digital backs, full kits, and various photo accessories. Catering to the needs of photographers, they provide comprehensive solutions for capturing and enhancing visual content.

Foto Care

Foto Care is a photography equipment retailer known for its diverse inventory. Specializing in cameras, lenses, lighting, and accessories, Foto Care caters to professionals and enthusiasts alike. Their offerings cover a wide spectrum of photographic needs.

Embroidery Equipment Vendors That Accept Clicklease

You can also enjoy embroidery equipment and accessory financing using Clicklease when shopping at the vendors below:


Sii Store

Sii Store

Sii Store is a wholesale supplier specializing in embroidery supplies, offering a convenient one-stop shop for all embroidery needs. Catering to businesses and individuals, Sii Store provides a comprehensive range of products to support and enhance the embroidery process.


TheEmbroideryWarehouse is a supplier specializing in embroidery equipment and supplies. Known for providing a wide range of products, this warehouse serves as a go-to resource for businesses and individuals in need of quality tools and materials for embroidery projects.

Inflatable Product Vendors That Accept Clicklease

For inflatable product purchases, you can use Clicklease for financing at the below retailers:


EZ Inflatables

EZ Inflatables

EZ Inflatables is a company specializing in inflatable products and structures. From bounce houses to inflatable slides, EZ Inflatables provides a diverse range of inflatable entertainment options, catering to events, parties, and recreational activities.

Big Top Inflatables

Big Top Inflatables is a provider of inflatable products, offering a diverse range of items such as bounce houses, water slides, and inflatable games. Known for quality and variety, Big Top Inflatables caters to the entertainment needs of events, parties, and outdoor activities.

Medical Equipment Vendors That Accept Clicklease

There are some medical equipment vendors that accept Clicklease including:




KeeboMed is a company specializing in medical imaging equipment. Known for its range of ultrasound machines, veterinary equipment, and medical supplies, KeeboMed serves healthcare professionals, veterinarians, and researchers with quality and reliable medical solutions.


Sidmar specializes in powerful pain relief and relaxation through its hydromassage tables. These tables use water jets to deliver targeted massage, offering a unique and effective solution for alleviating pain and promoting relaxation.

Restaurant Equipment Vendors That Accept Clicklease

You can also finance restaurant equipment using Clicklease when shopping at the below merchants:


A&M Equipment Sales


A&M Equipment Sales specializes in vending machines, offering both new and used options. They provide a diverse range of vending machines to accommodate the needs of businesses and entrepreneurs, providing solutions for vending businesses and establishments.

PCI Consectetur Auction

PCI Consectetur Auction specializes in conducting restaurant equipment auctions. They facilitate the buying and selling of various restaurant-related equipment through an auction platform, offering a marketplace for businesses in the foodservice industry to acquire or liquidate equipment efficiently.

Spa Equipment Vendors That Accept Clicklease

If you need spa equipment on a payment plan, you can finance using Clicklease at the below dealers:




DermaJEM specializes in sales of skincare and beauty devices, offering products such as hydrodermabrasion facial devices, hydro serums, and laser hair removal systems. These items cater to individuals and businesses seeking advanced solutions for skincare treatments and hair removal.

Salon Equipment Center

Salon Equipment Center is a supplier specializing in salon furnishings and tools. They offer a diverse range of products, including styling chairs, salon stations, and equipment, catering to the needs of salon owners and beauty professionals.

Other Vendors That Accept Clicklease

Some other top dealers using Clicklease for financing include:




Grizzly Industrial is a company specializing in woodworking and metalworking machinery, tools, and accessories. Known for its extensive product range, Grizzly Industrial serves both hobbyists and professionals in the industrial and woodworking sectors, offering reliable and durable equipment.

Read more

At the core of Grizzly Industrial’s offerings are a wide array of woodworking and metalworking machinery.

Their product range includes table saws, bandsaws, jointers, planers, lathes, milling machines, and more.

With a focus on precision and performance, Grizzly Industrial’s equipment is designed to meet the demands of various projects, from small-scale crafts to large-scale industrial applications.

In addition to being one of the online vendors that accept Clicklease, you can also use Affirm for long-term financing when buying equipment on the portal.

Premier Plasma

Premier Plasma specializes in providing cutting-edge plasma-cutting systems and accessories. Their offerings cater to a diverse range of industries, providing efficient and precise solutions for metal cutting. Premier Plasma is known for its commitment to quality and innovation in the field.

Diamond Tool Store

Diamond Tool Store is a supplier specializing in diamond tools and equipment for the stone and construction industries. They offer a diverse range of products, including diamond blades, polishing pads, and core bits, catering to professionals in stone fabrication and construction.

Asphalt Kingdom

Asphalt Kingdom is a provider of asphalt maintenance and repair solutions. Specializing in seal coating equipment, crack filling machines, and various asphalt-related products, they cater to professionals and property owners, offering tools and supplies to maintain and enhance the longevity of asphalt surfaces.

Destiny Solutions

Destiny Solutions is a supplier offering a diverse range of tools, testing equipment, safety gear, construction tools, and fiber optic equipment. Serving various industries, they provide professionals with quality tools and resources for effective and safe operations.

California Tools And Equipment

California Tools and Equipment specializes in high-grade construction tools, machinery, and equipment. Their product range is tailored for professionals in the construction industry, providing reliable and top-quality tools to meet the demands of various construction projects.


There is a wide network of vendors that accept Clicklease and you should be able to utilize one when you want financing for your business equipment needs.

However, continuing payment until the end of the contract can be expensive hence, use it if you can close the contract early to save on lease costs or you should consider alternatives like Credit Key.

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