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Tire stores that accept Acima for lease-to-own financing

Tire stores that accept Acima credit include retailers like Priority Tire, Abunda, Big O Tires, and others with routes to buy any brand on Amazon.

Getting your tires and auto parts through a lease-to-own option is a good alternative way to finance when you do not have much to pay upfront.

Through some of the online stores that accept Acima credit, you can buy your preferred brand of tires and other car parts seamlessly and pay back later.

Tire stores that accept Acima

Priority Tire

Priority Tire


Direct Checkout

Tip: Priority Tire is one of the tire stores that accept Acima credit directly on their portals.


Priority Tire is one of the popular destinations when it comes to buying tires and other accessories you might need for car repairs and improvements.

This auto parts retailer sells products from popular auto brands like Hankook, Dayton, Accelera, and Futura, to hundreds of others you can get their products for your car.

Priority Tire supports Acima when you are checking out hence, allowing you to finance the product purchase at ease as you will only need to log in to your Acima account to authorize the order.

Add items to your ensuring that it reaches the minimum required $300 and once you get to its checkout page, select the option with ‘Pay with Acima’ to get it on lease-to-own terms.




Alt Methods

Tip: you can buy tires on Amazon using your Acima shopping credit by using the LeasPay card, through its marketplace, and shopping through Abunda.


When it comes to financing, Amazon is one of the popular shopping destinations that has limited support with just a few options when you want to get items on payment plans.

With a large customer base, it is necessary for ample alternatives for its large user base to still be able to buy items on pay-later terms by using other platforms.

When it comes to the lease-to-own on Amazon using Acima, you can either use its marketplace or opt for Abunda, a route turning Amazon into one of the online tire stores that accept Acima with its powerful shopping tool.

Another interesting method you can also use is the buy now pay later virtual card that you can generate and use to checkout on Amazon.

With Abunda’s “Get an Amazon” product tool, you can buy any product and pay on lease-to-own terms by simply getting the link and pasting it into the search field provided by Abunda.

Once you paste this link and click the search button, the item will be fetched from Amazon into the Abunda virtual inventory and you can then proceed to order it.

Add more car repair products or any items from other categories on Amazon as you want. You can pay for them at a go provided the value does not exceed the credit limit on your Acima account.

Aside from being able to purchase auto parts with Acima on Amazon, it is also one of the destinations where you can finance furniture with your leasing credit.




Direct checkout

Tip: Abunda enables you to buy any tire brand on Amazon using your Acima shopping credit. Simply copy the product link on Amazon and paste it on Abunda and you will be able to order it in seconds.


Abunda is a shopping gateway that allows the financing of products on Amazon by using buy now, pay later platforms like PayPal Pay in 4, Klarna, and Acima.

Though it has a shopping interface similar to an e-commerce portal, the platform has a virtual inventory with almost all its products aggregated from Amazon.

With Amazon as its backbone, you are sure to be able to get any kind of item provided that the product is available on Amazon.

For its big-backed inventory, this is one of the online tire stores that accept Acima you can almost get any brand, including tires from Dunlop, Starfire, Goodyear, Michelin, and Hankook amongst others.

To even make it easier, you can try using the fetch product functionality provided by Acime. This allows you to copy any Amazon product link and paste it into the Acima search field available on its homepage which pulls the item in for you to buy using your Acima account.

Abunda is an amazing tool for auto parts financing and if you always have good shopping credit provided by Acima, you should have it in your list of tire stores that accept Acima for future use.

Big O Tires

Big O Tires


Physical Store

Tip: Big o Tires is also one of the tire stores that accept Acima for product purchasing. As of now, this option is available at its offline stores.


Big O Tires is a really big platform when it comes to auto parts and a very important one talking of the best tire stores that accept Acima for shopping.

This tire franchising brand is very common and you probably have seen one of its branches around your area. 

As of now, the platform does not support Acima directly when you are shopping on its portal but rather, you will need to walk into one of its retail outlets to finance the tires of your choice.

If you want to check whether there is any of its location around where you live that you can use your Acima credit, try to find it using the locator map on Acima.

Nevertheless, you can still finance on its online portal using the alternatives provided through its own store credit card, and Easypay Finance.

Your Next Tire

Your Next Tire


Direct Checkout

Tip: Your Next Tire is a brand known especially for its sales of truck tires and those for other heavy-duty vehicles.


Your Next Tire is a brand well-known to residents of Nebraska, and popular as being a good destination for getting heavy-duty vehicle accessories like tires for tractors, trailer wheels, and different kinds of tubes.

It is probably more popular for its emblem, Trez Central which is also synonymous with its community.

Interestingly, this retailer could be willing to deliver your order to you at no cost through its free delivery route. Nevertheless, this is a plus if you live in Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, Missouri, and Iowa.

Probably one of the few out of the many online tire stores that accept Acima credit where you will be able to finance tires for your trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles on lease-to-own terms.

This platform has multiple leasing partners which in addition to Acima include QuickSpark (formerly Lease Station), with a boost for its customers who can also get financing through its partnership with Sheffield Financials while shopping via the portal.

National Tires & Wheels

National Tires and Wheels


Direct Checkout

Tip: National Tires & Wheels also allows financing through Acima directly on its portal.


National Tires & Wheels is definitely at the top of online tire stores that accept Acima where you can get some of the best offroad tires.

This company has a very long history in the automobile industry and this can be seen in the number of brands in its amazing inventory of collection.

Popular auto brands like American Force Wheels, Black Rhino, Ball Tech, General Tire, Kenda, Mickey Thompson, and so many others are in its rank hence, definitely a good store to consider if you are a truck owner, especially those targeting rough roads.

Other financing options provided by this tire shop are Afiirm as well as PayPal.




Direct Checkout

Tip: Warp9 allows tire financing for dirt bikes through Acima Leasing.


If you are a big fan of offroad bikes, you probably know about Warp9 which is a popular choice when it comes to customizing wheels for offroad bikes.

This brand whose products are assembled in-house delivers amazing customization and this is evident in the amazing reviews from customers who have used its customization services. 

The Stilleto rim type is one of its models and this in fact is tubeless and allows you to choose between its rotor types Apex and KTM when making your selection.

Apart from the Stilleto, you also have alternatives to choose between the Switch and Rogue model when deciding on the type of rim you prefers for customization.

If you have got some numbers of rough road assets, this is definitely one of the stores that accept Acima you should keep a note about.

Online Car Stereo



Acima App

Tip: you can get items on the Online Car Stereo portal on lease-to-own terms using your Acima credit at the payment page.


This is one of the online tire stores that accept Acima for financing that has products in varying categories when it comes to automobiles.

The retailer sells different kinds of tires and even customized wheel types from OEMs like American Racing, Raceline, Black Rhino, and Helo Wheels amongst others.

You can shop with Acima directly on its payment gateway page hence, easy route as you will need to log in to authorize the purchase or simply sign-up with your SSN and phone number if you do not have an account yet.

Another financing option you might see while shopping this retailer is Progressive and the buy now and pay later provided through Affirm.




Direct Checkout

Tip: WatercooledIND supports lease-to-own financing with Acima directly when you shop through its portal.


This brand has over the years made some amazing products in the auto industry, notably the MT10, credited for being the first directional mesh wheel in the industry.

A vertically integrated brand, handling the manufacturing, assembling, and shipping of its products to quicken its delivery to the market.

From normal car wheels to the forged type, you can source through its line of products to find which suits your vehicle.

It is among the few brands whose online presence grants them a place among this list of online tire stores that accept Acima credit when it comes to item financing.

Get Your Wheels

Get Your Wheels


Direct Checkout

Tip: Get Your Wheels retail and allow financing through Affirm for products from brands like Avante Gard, Vossen Wheels, TSW Alloy Wheels, and more.


From Rhoderic, Vessels, Enkei, and Ace Alloy amongst others, Get Your Wheels has some of the best wheel brands you can get for your car.

While its name seems more like a wheel-focused company, it still has a good collection of tires from popular makers like Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Hankook, Mickey Thompson, Nitto, Nexen, etc.

It is also worth knowing that you can finance custom services from Get Your Wheels and on top of that, a possibility to get any of its products shipped to you at no cost for delivery.

Requirements to use Acima for auto repair product financing

Before you can use Acima for lease-to-own purchases, you need to have an account and be qualified based on its requirements.

The platform requires you to have active employment in the last three months with a minimum monthly earning of $750 before you will be granted shopping credits.

If the required items are not a concern for you, you can create your account directly when shopping at any of the online tire stores that accept Acima.

Simply select the ‘Pay with Acima’ option and you can create your account there. Registration requires your SSN as well as your active mobile number which you need to get the OTP.

Once your account is created, you will be able to complete the order using the assigned credit if the cart total is not more than your Acima shopping power.

What is the limit of credit assigned for shopping?

The limit for shopping varies depending on the level of trust based on the preliminary checks performed by Acima when you were signing up if you are a first-time user or your pre-existing purchasing power if you are a regular user.

Irrespective of the time and when you created your account, you cannot exceed the limit of $4,000 and the minimum cart value required before you will be able to checkout with your Acima account is $300.

Getting your auto parts when you are not financially buoyant at the moment can be a concern, especially considering you need mobility.

To ease the burden and let you get the items required, many platforms provide financing options that let you get the products now and pay for them later.

With even a lease-to-own option like Acima, that allows you a longer time to repay. However, the cost could be a little higher compared to regular BNPL solutions.

Nevertheless, there are several online tire stores that accept Acima at which you can get products for vehicles on lease-to-own terms and you can take advantage of them listed above.

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