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Up to $5,000 credit: where you can buy jewelry with Acima

Through jewelry stores that accept Acima, you can finance items such as engagement rings, watches, to so many others with credit up to $4,000.

When it comes to lease-to-own for consumer products, there are a few providers that have so many merchants than Acima.

The platform has a growing base of retailers where you can get items and pay for them on a payment plan with options to own them at the end of the contract.

Online Jewelry Stores that accept Acima

Here below are the top online jewelry stores where you can use Acima to finance products:


Buy products on Amazon and pay with your Acima account through Abunda, including jewelry. Simply get the product link on Amazon and paste it into the Abunda search field to finance it.


Frost NYC is a popular New York City-based jeweler that sells upscale, custom hip-hop jewelry, including chains, pendants, and bracelets.


ItsHot is another NYC-based jeweler that specializes in selling hip-hop jewelry. They offer a wide variety of chains, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings, all made with high-quality materials, including 14k and 18k gold, diamonds, and precious stones.

Trax NYC

Trax NYC is a custom jewelry store that specializes in hip-hop jewelry. They have been in business since 2003 and have worked with some of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry. They are known for their high-quality work and their ability to create custom pieces.

Dora’s Kisses Jewelry

An independent jewelry brand that creates handmade jewelry inspired by love and romance. Their pieces are made with top materials, including sterling silver, gold, and diamonds. They offer a variety of styles, from simple to statement pieces.

Liori Diamond

Liori Diamond operates a jewelry store in New York City that specializes in custom diamond jewelry and has a reputation for creating high-quality, one-of-a-kind pieces. Liori Diamond works with clients to create custom pieces that meet their individual needs and budget.

Unclaimed Diamonds

Unclaimed Diamonds sells diamonds that have been lost or abandoned by their owners. They have a wide variety of diamonds to choose from, including loose diamonds, jewelry, and even diamond engagement rings. It offers competitive prices and a money-back guarantee.

How to use Acima for buying jewelry online

The below processes describe how you can use your financing credit when shopping on the online jewelry stores that accept Acima:

Select Acima as the payment method when on the checkout page

When you are ready to complete the order process after adding items to your cart, you can proceed to the payment page to locate the Acima option.

Simply select it to start the financing request application to open up the Acima form.

Acima Leasing on Amazon via Abunda

sample pay with the Acima option on Abunda.


Fill in the required details on the form

Once the Acima page is loaded, you will need to provide the information needed including your social security number and phone number.

Once these and some of the other data needed are provided, the platform will take a few minutes to determine your eligibility for financing through Acima.


Review the contract before continuing

Once you are assigned shopping credit, a contract will be displayed to you showing the details of how the repayment will be and the cost of what you will pay on the first day.

The initial payment is usually between $50 to $75 depending on the retailer where you want to buy from.

Once you have read everything and understood it, you can continue to complete the order.

This process is the same for all the online jewelry stores that accept Acima for financing.

Things to know when shopping the online jewelry stores that accept Acima for financing

When shopping at any of the online jewelry stores that Acima for lease-to-own purchases, take note of the below points:

Acima is a leasing company hence, the price of the products will be high when paying with your Acima purchasing power:

This is a very important point you should know as some people ignore the terms while signing the contract only not to understand how financing with Acima works.

The platform provides a lease-to-own solution and just like every other, you may end up paying more than twice the cost of the original item you are buying from any of the online jewelry stores that accept Acima if you see through the 12-month contract.

There are varying payment plans

When buying from any of the online jewelry stores that accept Acima for financing, there are three payment plans you should take note of which include:

  • The initial payment: this order initiation cost is usually charged on the first day of the order request through the payment method you added to your account. The amount could vary between $50 to $75 depending on where you are shopping and the product variation you want to buy
  • 90-day early purchase option: this is the best value option as you will only pay an extra $75 to $95 if you repay within 90 days of signing the lease-to-own contract. Try to use this option if you can as it will save you the funds of having to pay almost twice the item price if it exceeds this period
  • Acima post 90-day payment: this can be expensive and it starts after exceeding the minimum 90 days to enjoy the benefit of early purchase with a very favorable fee. This can be as high as 155% or more of the original product price.

However, you can still use the early purchase option at any point when you are repaying. The earlier the payment, the higher the funds you save on fees.

Minimum purchase price must be $300

When shopping at any of the online jewelry stores that accept Acima, you need to ensure that your cart value is up to its minimum of $300. 

If it is not up to this, you will not be able to use the lease-to-own service it provides on any of the retailers’ portals.

The maximum as well is $4,000 but note that the amount you can use at any of the jewelry stores that accept Acima depends on the purchasing power assigned to you based on the history check conducted on your credit profile.

FAQs about buying at jewelry stores that accept Acima

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding how to finance products on the websites of the online jewelry stores that accept Acima for financing:

I couldn’t pay with my Acima account, why?

When shopping at any of the jewelry stores that accept Acima for financing and you cannot complete the order, the following reasons could apply:

  •  Your credit history has fallen: Acima performs a soft check on your history when you are applying at the gateways of the retailers, a poor credit profile will affect your eligibility for its lease-to-own service
  • The item you want to buy is more than the shopping power available to you on Acima hence, your request was declined

If you feel none of these above items apply to you, you can try to reapply if it will work on a second attempt.

But if that is not successful, you may check with its support center to know the reason why you are unable to pay at any of the jewelry stores that accept Acima.

How can I cancel my jewelry order?

If you were able to make purchases from one of the online jewelry stores that accept Acima for financing and wish to cancel it, follow the steps below:

  • Contact its customer service via email at [email protected] or simply call the contact number (801) 297-1982
  • An instruction will be sent to your email
  • Read through the email sent to you and follow the details to return the item to Acima
  • Once returned and it is accepted, the contract will be canceled and the applicable fee will be applied


How will I know how much to pay when I am buying?

When shopping at any of the online jewelry stores that accept Acima, you will be shown a contract.

This contract usually contains all the things you need to know regarding your request and when reading through it, you will see the applicable fees and early repayment terms for the product you are buying.

Alternatively, you can try the below calculator which gives you an estimate of how much you will pay before you complete your order at any of the online jewelry stores that accept Acima:

What time of the month will I make payments?

Your renewal payments are due on the dates you provided when making the request at one of the jewelry stores that accept Acima.

Acima does allow you to change your payment frequency after you make your first renewal payment but note that your regular renewal payments will not purchase the property in 90 days.

If you want to buy the product and close out the contract through its 90-day purchase option, please contact their customer service.


Will purchasing products from the jewelry stores that accept Acima affect my credit score?

When you apply for a lease at any of the jewelry stores that accept Acima, your consumer report will automatically be reviewed.

This review will not affect your credit score, but it may appear on your credit report as a soft pull. A soft pull is a less invasive type of credit inquiry that does not impact your credit score.

What if I change my mind after being approved?

If you are approved when you apply to shop at any of the jewelry stores that accept Acima and change your mind not to complete the payment with it, there is no contract.

Interestingly, you can use this to still buy at any of the merchants that offer leasing through Acima for up to 45 days. If not used within this window, the shopping power will expire and you will have to make a new request when next you want to make payments.

Where can I see the list of jewelry stores that accept Acima offline?

Acima can be used when you are shopping at a physical outlet.

You can use your purchasing power at a physical store where it is accepted which you can check by visiting its offline locator page and typing in your zip code to get the nearest retailer to your location.

What are the requirements to use Acima for product financing online?

If you are shopping online and prefer to use the lease-to-own option provided through Acima, the basic requirements below must be satisfactory before your application will be successful:

  • Active employment and this must at least be up to three months since you got employed
  • Your last three months’ paycheck must show you have a monthly income of at least $750
  • You cannot apply for and expect to be granted shopping credit if you are below the age of 18
  • A good credit profile could be a plus but not a primary consideration as you can be eligible even with a poor credit rating

If you have the above, you can continue to apply for financing at any of the jewelry stores that accept Acima.

Where can I get more information about Acima?

Acima provides amazing documentation which is available to read through across its pages.

There is also a frequently asked question page it provides which could have answers to some of the information you want to clarify.

But if what you need to understand is not covered, simply use the chat option when you are on its website or send an email to its customer service team.


There are a good number of online jewelry stores that accept Acima for product financing and with up to $4,000 in credit, you may be able to get that item you have always wanted without paying upfront through its lease-to-own option.

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