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Car Audio Shops that accept Acima Online

Through Acima car audio shops, you can finance sound items for your vehicle and possibly get some other products for personal needs.

Being able to get the audio device you want without having to pay for it upfront can be a convenient way to get that perfect sound setting for your vehicle.

When it comes to handling this through the lease-to-own option, there are a few places you can enjoy this and Acima does have a good collection of audio shops that accept it.

Acima car audio shops

The below online stores accept Acima credits for car audio financing:


Buy car audio devices on Amazon and pay using your Acima shopping credit when you go through Abunda. Simply get the link to the car audio product on Amazon and paste it into the Abunda search field to buy it.

Online Car Stereo

Online Car Stereo is a leading online retailer of car audio products. They offer a wide variety of products, including head units, speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers.


Down4Sound is a company that specializes in car audio products. They also have a wide collection of items, including head units, speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers among others.


SonicElectronix is an online retailer of car audio products as well as bikes with years of experience. They offer a wide range of products from a variety of brands, including head units, speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers.

Audio Apex

Audio Apex is a car audio company that specializes in custom car audio systems. They have years of experience and a team that can help you design and install a system that meets your needs and budget.

Freeman’s Car Stereo

Freeman’s Car Stereo operates an online car audio store. They offer a wide range of products and services, including installation, to help you get the best sound for your car.


You may be able to purchase car audio equipment with your Acima account on the below website when you shop through the mobile app:


Best Buy

Best Buy is a popular consumer electronics platform that sells a wide variety of electronics, appliances, and entertainment products.

How to buy car audio devices with Acima online

The below steps list the processes involved when shopping at any of the Acima car audio stores:

Select Acima as your financing method when on the payment page

Once you have added the items you want to your cart and are ready to pay, you can proceed to the checkout page and select Acima as your payment option.

It will be similar to the image below:

Acima Leasing on Amazon via Abunda

An example screenshot of the Abunda payment page.


Provide the needed personal information in the form

Once the Acima form page completely loads, you must enter the required details, including your social security number, contact number, and others.

After you have provided the required information, the platform will process your application and determine your eligibility for Acima financing within a few minutes.


Ensure to read the contract carefully before proceeding forward

Once you are approved for Acima shopping credit, you will see a contract with the terms of your repayment, including the amount you will pay on the first day.

The initial payment for an Acima lease can range from $50 to $75, depending on the retailer.

After carefully reviewing the instructions, you can proceed to checkout.

This process is the same for all stores that offer Acima financing for car audio devices.


Things to keep in mind when buying at any of the Acima car audio shops

If you have considered a merchant from the list of Acima car audio stores online, the below are factors to weigh before you sign the contract:

Acima is a lease-to-own service, so the price of the products will be higher than if you paid for them outright

It is important to read the terms and conditions of the lease agreement before signing, as some people may misunderstand how financing with Acima works.

Acima offers a lease-to-own solution, which means that you will be paying for the use of the item over time, rather than paying for the entire cost upfront.

However, it is important to note that you could end up paying more than twice the original price of the item if you complete the full 12-month lease.


Acima provides different payment plans

The payment plans it offers can vary depending on the item you are financing, your credit history, and the Acima car audio store you are buying from.

Here are some of the plans you might want to know:

  • Initial payment: This is the first payment to determine the activeness of your payment method and that you have some funds. It is typically between $50 and $75, and it is usually charged on the day of the lease. The amount of the initial payment can vary depending on where you are shopping and the product you want to buy.
  • 90-day early purchase option: This is the best value option, as you will only pay an additional $75 to $95 if you repay the lease within 90 days of signing the contract. This is much cheaper than completing the full lease term, which could cost you almost twice the item price.
  • Acima post-90-day payment: The cost of the early purchase option can be expensive if you exceed the 90-day window. In some cases, it can be as high as 155% or more of the original product price. However, you can still purchase the item at any time during the lease term. The earlier you purchase the item, the more money you will save on fees.

It is important to read the terms and conditions of any lease agreement before signing, as the payment plans and schedules can vary depending on the specific agreement.


Minimum cart value must be $300, but cannot be more than $4,000

When shopping for car audio online with Acima, the total value of your cart must be at least $300.

If your cart value is less than $300, you will not be able to use Acima’s lease-to-own service.

The maximum amount you can finance with Acima is $4,000, but the amount you are approved for will depend on your credit history and the purchasing power assigned to you by Acima.


FAQs about shopping online at any of the Acima car audio shops

Here are some frequently asked questions about buying products from any of the Acima car audio partners:

Why am I unable to complete the order with my Acima account?

Here are some possible reasons why you might not be able to complete an order for car audio financing through Acima at any of the participating stores:

  • Your credit history has fallen. Acima performs a soft credit check when you apply for financing through their partner retailers. If your credit score has recently decreased, you may not be approved for financing.
  • The item you want to buy is more expensive than the amount of shopping power you have available on Acima. Acima assigns each customer a certain amount of shopping power based on their credit history and other factors. If the item you want to buy is more expensive than your shopping power, your request will be declined.

If you believe that neither of these reasons applies to you, you can try reapplying for financing. If you are still unsuccessful, you can contact Acima’s support team to inquire about the reason for your denial.

Here are some additional tips for increasing your chances of being approved for Acima financing:

  • Have a good credit history. Make all of your monthly payments on time and keep your credit utilization low.
  • Be aware of the terms and conditions of the financing agreement. Read the contract carefully before you sign it, and make sure you understand all of the terms and conditions.
  • Be prepared to make a down payment. A down payment will help you qualify for financing and reduce your monthly payments.

How can I cancel my equipment order?

If you have made a purchase from one of the online Acima car audio partners and wish to cancel the order, follow these steps:

  • You can send an email to its support team using the address [email protected] or put a call through by using their contact number (801) 297-1982
  • Once your request is received, an email will be sent to you with the instructions
  • Go through the email you received and follow the guide and processes given in the content to return the item to Acima
  • The contract will be canceled afterward once the item is received with no damage


How will I know how much I will pay when I buy from the Acima car audio retailers?

When you are shopping at any of the Acima car audio portals, you will be offered a lease-to-own contract.

This contract will outline the terms and conditions of your financing, including the applicable fees and early repayment terms.

You can also use the below Acima calculator to get an estimate of your monthly payments to have an idea of how much you will pay.

However, this is just an estimate, as the actual amount you pay will depend on the price of the item, the length of the lease, and your credit history.

How will I know when to make scheduled repayments?

Your renewal payments are due on the dates you specified when you made the purchase at any of the online Acima car audio shops.

You can change your payment frequency after your first renewal payment, but keep in mind that your regular renewal payments will not purchase the item in 90 days.

If you want to purchase the item and close out the lease through the 90-day purchase option, please contact Acima’s customer service.


How will using my purchasing power at any of the Acima car audio stores affect my credit score?

When you apply for a lease at any of the online car audio stores that accept Acima, a soft credit inquiry will be conducted.

This soft inquiry is a less invasive type of credit inquiry that does not affect your credit score. It may appear on your credit report, but lenders typically do not see it.

Can I cancel the request after being approved?

If you are approved for financing through Acima at any of the stores that allow the purchase of audio devices, you are not obligated to complete the purchase. You can change your mind and walk away at any time without penalty. There is no contract involved.

Additionally, you can use your approved financing to make purchases at any other merchant that offers Acima financing for up to 45 days. If you do not use your financing within this time period, it will expire and you will need to reapply for financing if you want to make a purchase in the future.

Where can I see the list of Acima car audio shops that accept it in-store?

You can use your Acima purchasing credit offline when you walk into any of the offline partners.

To see the nearest Acima car audio physical shops nearest to you,  visit its offline locator page and enter your zip code to get the list and contact details of the merchants.

What are the minimum details required to use Acima to finance car audio devices?


To be eligible for lease-to-own financing through Acima when shopping online, you must meet the following basic requirements:

  • Active employment: Acima wants to make sure that you have a steady source of income to make your monthly payments.
  • Monthly income of $750: Acima wants to make sure that you can afford the monthly payments.
  • Age 18 or older: Acima does not allow minors to apply for financing.
  • Good credit history: A good credit history is not required, but it may help your chances of being approved.

If you meet these requirements, you can apply for financing at any of the stores that allow financing for car audio and related items with Acima.


I need some other information, can I get it?

Acima has a comprehensive help center on its website with documentation and FAQs. You can also chat with a customer service representative or email them if you have any questions.


Many online car audio stores accept Acima for product financing, offering up to $4,000 in credit. You can get the item you’ve always wanted without paying upfront through Acima’s lease-to-own option.



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