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How to use Acima at Big O Tires and where to finance online

You can lease to own with Acima at Big O Tires but since that requires a physical store visit, we have also included online stores that take Acima for tire financing, including Amazon.

Acima is accepted at many automobile and accessories dealers, and while most of them are online, Big O Tires financing with Acima is only when you purchase from its offline stores.

Nevertheless, you can still use your Acima purchasing power to finance tires and other automobile accessories from any of the alternatives mentioned.

Online automobile shops that accept Acima

If you want to get items from Big O Tires with your lease-to-own credits but prefer to buy online, you can check the alternative stores below that accept Acima for tire and other automobile parts financing as Big O only supports offline:

Priority Tire

Priority Tire


Direct Checkout

Tip: Priority Tire sells different kinds of tires for varying types of vehicles. It has a collection of products from many brands you can select from.


Priority Tire is one of the alternatives to using Acima at Big O which has a huge online presence in terms of tires and accessories.

You can buy products from popular brands in the auto parts industry like Hankook, Dayton, Accelera, and Futura, among many others you can think of.

When it comes to financing its products, it allows you to use any of PayPal Pay in 4, and Klarna but the lease-to-own option is provided through Acima.

Shop on its portal by adding items to your cart. Proceed to your checkout page once the total value reaches the minimum required $300, and you can then select the option ‘Pay with Acima’ to make your order on lease-to-own terms.




Through Abunda

Tip: you can finance any tire you see on Amazon through Abunda. Simply copy the link of the product and paste it on the Abunda search field to fetch it and finance with Acima.


There are a few online shopping platforms that come close to Amazon when it comes to the number of products in their inventories.

With such a huge inventory you can access, being able to finance when you are on a budget is a big plus but the platform only supports a few payment plan methods when you want to make payments.

Fortunately, you can still use your Acima to buy any of its items on lease-to-own terms by simply shopping through Abunda, a gateway that allows you to buy products on Amazon and pay with Acima, PayPal Credit, and Klarna.

This Abunda has an amazing tool that makes buying tires and other automobile accessories seamless as you can simply copy the link of the product on Amazon and then paste it on the search field.

Simply hit the search button once you have pasted the link, the product will be retrieved from Amazon into the Abunda virtual inventory and you can then proceed to create an order for it.

You can add as many products as you want and based on requirements, allow your cart value to get to $300 or more (up to $4,000) then, you will have the option to use your Acima shopping credits.

If you want to understand how this works better, you can check the guide on how to use Acima to buy on Amazon.




Direct checkout

Tip: Abunda is simply a shopping gateway that allows you to buy any product on Amazon and pay with Acima and other financing options.


You can finance any product on Amazon and pay with platforms not available directly on Amazon like Klarna, PayPal Pay in 4, and Acima.

To do this, the platform maintains a virtual inventory where you can see many products. The items you see on Abunda are almost all from Amazon as it aggregates them by fetching from the inventory of products available on the Amazon shopping portal.

What this means is that the items you buy on Abunda will directly be shipped from Amazon as it does not have any inventory of its own but rather, relies on that from Amazon.

If you are in need of tires, wheels, and other accessories from brands like Dunlop, Starfire, Goodyear, Michelin, and Hankook amongst others, and being able to pay with Acima, Abunda is a great destination for that.

If you are enthusiastic about the amazing possibilities that Abunda provides, you can even try to copy a product link on Amazon and then paste it into the search field on Abunda. Within seconds, the product will be made available for you to buy on payment plans.

If you regularly use your Acima purchasing power regularly, this is one platform you should have on your list of portals when it comes to shopping and financing with your Acima account.

National Tires & Wheels

National Tires and Wheels


Direct Checkout

Tip: you can buy tires, wheels, and others with your Acima account directly when you shop on National Tires & Wheels.


National Tires & Wheels is another nice option when it comes to the alternative to using Acima at Big O Tires as it has a good collection of products too.

It is a company that has been in the auto parts aftermarket industry for a while and you can opt for it when you want to finance items with your Acima account.

National Tires & Wheels has an inventory that contains products from automobile brands like American Force Wheels, Black Rhino, Ball Tech, General Tire, Kenda, Mickey Thompson, and so many others.

Its amazing inventory has products for varying car types including trucks, especially those targeting rough roads.

In addition to accepting Acima for its lease-to-own financing option, you can also use your Affirm purchasing power on its online shopping portal as well as PayPal Pay in 4.




Direct Checkout

Tip: if you own a dirt bike, Warp9 houses tires, especially custom-built for bikes of such and you can finance its product with Acima.


Warp9 is a popular brand for those that big fans of offroad bikes as the company is popular for its custom-built accessories for improving the performance of bikes in that niche.

Its products are assembled in-house and with tracked reviews, Warp9 delivers good customization for different types of offroad bikes.

The company has varying types in terms of product offerings that include the Stilleto, Switch, and Rogue models for its custom rims.

The Stilleto is a tubeless rim and allows you to choose between different rotor types that include Apex and KTM when you are creating your request.

Warp9 is a good shopping destination if you have an offroad bike or maintain a number of them and also have an Acima account for product financing.

How to use Acima at Big O Tires

If you want to finance tires and other accessories from Big O Tires using your purchasing credit on Acima, use the process below:

  • Visit the Acima marketplace: the marketplace consists of stores that accept Acima, both online and offline
  • Select the ‘Nearby Stores’ option: this will open a page that has a field where you can enter the address of your location to get the nearest store to you that accepts it for lease-to-own financing
  • Search with your zip code or type your address: enter your zip code and you can get all stores around you where you can pay with Acima offline
  • Select Apply Now for Big O Tires: you will need to go through the Acima portal to start the process when it comes to financing requests to use Acima at Big O Tires
  • Fill out the application form: Acima request page will be launched by clicking the Apply Now button. You will need to provide the needed information like your social security number, full name and address to other personal information, salary information, and your preferred repayment schedule on a weekly, monthly, and other periodic basis.
  • Submit for approval: simply submit the application to get a decision within minutes. Once your request is approved, you will be assigned a purchasing power that can range from $300 up to a maximum of $4,000
  • Once this is approved, simply provide your leasing info to the shop attendant for a shop contract
  • You can then review the terms that come with your purchase request and approve it if you are fine with the contract terms
  • Once that is complete, you can then get the items

Acima at Big O Tires


Requirements to use Acima at Big O Tires

Before you will be able to use Acima at Big O Tires, you need to meet-up the minimum requirements hence, you may not be approved for lease-to-own financing requests.

Acima requires that you have been in active employment in the last three months and your minimum monthly earning is not less than $750.

If you have everything required to own an Acima profile and purchasing power, you can register an account by visiting its portal and providing the necessary information.

If you will be shopping online mostly, you can create an account on any of the partnering merchants that accept Acima for leasing within the retailer’s shopping portal.

If you already have an account with Acima, shopping is seamless as you will only need to login and authorize purchase requests through OTP.

How much can I spend when using Acima at Big O Tires?

When it comes to the value you can spend when shopping with your Acima account at any of the Big O Tires stores that accept it for leasing, it varies depending on the result of the soft check performed on your credit history.

But based on its generic terms, you cannot use Acima if your cart’s total value is less than $300 and the maximum cannot exceed $4,000.

Being able to finance your tires and other automobile accessories on lease-to-own terms brings some convenience as you do not have to bother with upfront payments.

If you live within a zip code you can use your Acima at Big O Tires outlets nearest to you, it is a big plus as you can conveniently walk into the store and gets the product with your shopping credits.

Nevertheless, the online alternatives still provide benefits if your location is not within a close range of any Big O Tire stores.

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